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Marketing Your Book (SiWC 2013)

Marketing Your Book (SiWC 2013)



Some tips by author Jodi McIsaac on successfully marketing your book, whether self-published or traditionally published. From the "Marketing Your Book" workshop at the 2013 Surrey International ...

Some tips by author Jodi McIsaac on successfully marketing your book, whether self-published or traditionally published. From the "Marketing Your Book" workshop at the 2013 Surrey International Writers' Conference.



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  • Introduction/stats Welcome Survey audience – self-published? Traditionally published? Fiction? Non-fiction? Introduce myself
  • Food for the Hungry analogy
  • only 500 of them will sell more than 100,000 copies.HAVE I DEPRESSED YOU YET?But wait! You say. I’m going to get a publishing deal from one of the big 5! I won’t need to do any of this stuff!Not so fast…All Authors Must MarketA study by the Bookseller (UK’s trade mag for the publishing industry) that came out earlier this month at the Frankfurt Book Fair revealed some interesting contradictions.
  • 75% of self-published authors want to switch to a traditional publisher because they think they’ll get more marketing support.Over 50% of traditionally published authors have considered moving to self-publishing. Their main complaint? Lack of marketing support. Kristin Nelson told a story about a client who got a lot of marketing support.
  • Need to take your marketing into your own hands.
  • KEEP WRITING – “nothing sells back list like front list”
  • Manuscript Cover Business cards, website, bookmarks, Twitter background Testing – don’t waste time on activities that have little return Pace yourself – you don’t have to do everything we’re going to talk about today
  • Don’t waste time marketing your book to people who don’t read that kind of book
  • If friends/family aren’t interested, what makes you think complete strangers will be? Your wide network: Send a mass email telling them about your book with a link to your website (and buy page)Close friends and family: Send personalized emails not only telling them about your book, but asking them to help spread the word by posting on Facebook, tweet about it, ask their book club to read it, read and review it, host you on their blog, etc. If they ask for more ideas as to how they can help, HAVE IDEAS READY FOR THEM.
  • Make a list of all the blogs in your genre, then contact them individually FOLLOWING THEIR GUIDELINES. Like querying an agent – don’t send out a mass email. Ask them to review your book, offer giveaway copies, or offer to do a guest post. Try to make their lives easier.book tour
  • Contests, Goodreads, reviewers, KDP select
  • DON’T SPAMGoodreads Author Tutorial
  • Pick one to focus on Don’t use it for hard selling Build relationships
  • Marketing Tip #13Optimize your metadata Metadata is “data about data” – everything except the content of the book: cover image, author bio, excerpts, reviews, region codes, prizes or awards, target audience, tables of contents, and more. Data algorithms drive recommendations and placement on Amazon and other online retailers. The online equivalent of front-of-bookstore placement. Your job is to get found by the algorithm and put it in front of the right audience.
  • Metadataa. Category - promise to the reader – make sure your book delivers on expectations (cover design, category)b. Keywords - Google’s Keyword Search Toolonline sales can lift by 11 to 28 percent.
  • Resourceswww.JaneFriedman.comwww.TheCreativePenn.comwww.WriterUnboxed.comwww.goodreads.com/author/how_to

Marketing Your Book (SiWC 2013) Marketing Your Book (SiWC 2013) Presentation Transcript

  • Jodi McIsaac SiWC 2013
  • Know the market.  Last year, 43.8% of books were sold online  31.6% were sold in brick-and-mortar retailers  Market share:  Indie bookstores: 10%  Barnes & Noble: 20%  Amazon: 29%
  • There’s a lot of competition out there.  In 2012, 1.5 million PRINT books were published in the US alone.  347,000 traditional  1.1 million “unclassified”  391,000 ISBNs were assigned to self-published books.  30 million books currently in the market.
  • “Traditionally published authors say they need more marketing and publicity support. But self-publishing authors say they want to get contracts because they think a publisher will give them the very marketing and publicity support the traditionally published writers say they don’t get.” - Sam Missingham
  • “That sort of focused program and marketing campaign happens to maybe ten authors or fifteen in a given year. When a traditional publisher does it, it’s magical. It’s unbelievable what they can do. But it’s not going to happen for every book.” - Agent Kristin Nelson
  • “It’s a crapshoot.” - Jon Fine (Amazon)
  • Marketing Tip #1 Write another book.
  • Marketing Tip #2 Be professional.
  • Marketing Tip #3 Understand your audience.
  • Marketing Tip #4 Yes, you need a website. And don’t stop there.  Website  Amazon author page  Goodreads page  Shelfari/LibraryThing, etc.
  • Marketing Tip #5 Mobilize your existing network.
  • Marketing Tip #6 Build an email list.  Mailchimp  AWeber
  • Marketing Tip #7 Get reviews.  Friends and family  Street team  Goodreads giveaways  Book bloggers  Amazon top reviewers  Ask!
  • Marketing Tip #8 Book bloggers
  • Marketing Tip #9 Give your book away for free.  To get reviews  To build your list  To increase exposure  To sell other books in the series
  • Marketing Tip #10 Goodreads  Author profile  Book description  Giveaways  Features groups  Group discussions
  • Marketing Tip #11 Paid advertising  Facebook ads  Goodreads ads  Google ads  Paid reviews  Ads/reviews on book blogs  Paid promotion like BookBub
  • Marketing Tip #12 Social media
  • Marketing Tip #13 Media and PR  News releases (targeted)  Local media  Topic-centered media  Alumni newsletter  Library newsletter
  • Marketing Tip #14 Optimize your metadata.
  • “You can never sell as many books as Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and the other retailers can sell for you.” - Joanna Penn
  • “Despite the best efforts of authors, however, traditional marketing isn’t necessarily what makes a book break out;…algorithms, metadata, and other online discoverability tools…could be the most powerful marketing tools of the very near future.” - Jane Friedman
  • Optimizing your metadata a. Category b. Keywords c. Compare with Amazon’s search engine d. Put the most popular words into your metadata fields: Title, Description, Keywords, Author Bio, Table of Contents, Reviews, etc.
  • When am I supposed to do all this?  Work-life blend vs work-life balance  Focus on what you love  Get rid of the time-wasters in your life  Be disciplined and organized  Remember: why are you writing?
  • More Resources JaneFriedman.com TheCreativePenn.com WriterUnboxed.com
  • Questions?  jodi@jodimcisaac.com  Facebook.com/jodimcisaac  Twitter.com/jodimcisaac