2012 Annual Review


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Our year in review. We are excited to share the year's highlights, as well as our plans for the coming 12 months.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated or lent a helping hand.

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2012 Annual Review

  1. 1. ANNUALREVIEW 2 012
  2. 2. — PAGE 5 — JODI’S STORYSIT TING YOUR CHILDREN DOWN TO TELL THEM YOU’REGOING TO DIE IS SOMETHING NO PARENT SHOULDHAVE TO FACE – BUT IT WAS THE DEVASTATING TRUTHFOR JODI LEE.Jodi and Nick had been happily together for 10 years when in 2006they embarked on an exciting chapter and moved to Vietnam withtheir two children Jack, four and Arabella, two. They were having thetime of their lives.Nick was away working when Jodi rang complaining of constipation,abdominal pain and some bloating. The next morning, Jodi’s doctorrecognised an obstruction in her bowel and ordered scans. Jodi hadbowel cancer and the tumour had all but blocked her bowel. She wasonly 39 years old.Just before midnight she was airlifted from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok foremergency surgery. She was flown at low level due to the risk of herbowel bursting from altitude pressure.The operation was very successful but three days later Nick and Jodireceived the worst news possible – Jodi was diagnosed with Stage IVbowel cancer and it had spread to her lymph and liver. At best, sheonly had two years to live.The hardest thing of all was telling their children that their mum wasgoing to die. Jodi passed away on 16 January 2010.Before Jodi’s diagnosis she was fit and healthy. She had no symptomswhatsoever, which is typical of bowel cancer.Jodi is deeply missed. Her smile, sparkling eyes and her wicked senseof humour drew people to her. She was a truly special person whogave so much of herself to others. The saddest part of all is that Jodi’sstory could have had a different outcome if her cancer had beendetected early.With that simple fact as the driving force, The Jodi Lee Foundation wasestablished in 2010, in honour of Jodi, with the sole purpose of savinglives through increasing awareness and encouraging early detectionfor the prevention of bowel cancer.
  4. 4. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 9 — CEO’S LETTERONCE AGAIN, I HAVE BEEN OVERWHEL MED BY THE I thank the Foundation’s Directors for their ongoing and tirelessREM ARK ABLE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE JODI LEE contribution and support throughout the year. Their level of engagementFOUNDATION, ALL OF WHICH HAVE SURPASSED MY is very much appreciated. Recent changes have seen Andrew LuckEXPECTATIONS. WE ARE A SM ALL TEA M M AKING A replace Jim Young as our medical expert and Mark Butcher is soon toBIG DIFFERENCE THANKS TO THE L ARGE A MOUNT OF replace Chris Lee. Both Jim and Chris have made significant contributionsSUPPORT WE RECEIVE. TOGETHER WE CAN M AKE A on a personal and professional level from the very beginning and weDIFFERENCE TO THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF SO welcome their ongoing support of the Foundation.M ANY PEOPLE. It is very important to us that we can clearly justify and substantiate how we spend the donations we receive. At $585,659 our income fromIn less than two years we have raised close to $1 million at a time when fundraising and grants exceeded our budget for the year. Although ourmany not for profit organisations are feeling the effects of an uncertain operating costs remain competitive within the industry, at 13 per cent ofeconomic environment. We have a strong and engaged community; gross income it is the one delierable we did not achieve this year. Ourwe’ve implemented initiatives focussed on improving the early detection target was 9 per cent and over the next 12 months we will implementof bowel cancer; and have been recognised by the Australian Federal processes to improve efficiency and look for increased corporateGovernment for our work in this area. support to help keep these costs on target.The success of the Foundation would not be possible without the input of You will see some exciting initiatives from the Foundation as we expandour many supporters who play key roles in our early detection drive. I am our fight against bowel cancer, however rest assured our overridingconstantly amazed at how generous and passionate many organisations strategy and direction for the next year will not change. We know earlyare towards this cause. We owe them our thanks and gratitude. detection is the best way to save lives and for that reason it remains our primary focus.Through our events we not only raise money for our initiatives, butalso awareness of bowel cancer. Personally, I get great satisfaction Above all, I urge you to take a screening test - it might just save your life!from the positive life changing stories told by so many of the athletesparticipating in our events. One which particularly resonates with me isTom’s incredible story which we encourage everyone to read. Hopefullyit will help drive home that age is irrelevant in some cases, and everyoneshould be encouraged to take a simple bowel screening test.Stories like Tom’s and others increase our resolve to save more lives.I am frustrated that we haven’t been able to encourage more people NICK LEEto screen through our Corporate Bowel Screening Program, but willfocus on improving participation in the coming year. I had definitelyunderestimated the enormity of this challenge! Even friends that knowJodi’s struggle well neglect to take the test. It’s hard to comprehend.
  5. 5. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — P A G E 11 — ABOUT THE JODI LEE FOUNDATION OUR OBJECTIVES Our key objectives are focussed on reducing the prevalence of bowel cancer in Australia. We are commtted to: Promoting awareness about the high incidence of bowel cancer in Australia Educating our community about the importance of bowel screening and the tests available Improving the uptake of regular and appropriate screening for bowel cancer by all people from age 40 To achieve these objectives, we channel our resources into the following initiatives: Advertising, public relations campaigns and our events which raise awareness about the high incidence of bowel cancer in Australia and promote early detection as a solution Our Corporate Bowel Screening Program through which businesses and organisations can educate individuals about bowel cancer and distribute bowel screening tests Know Your Risk – a website that allows people to record their family history of bowel cancer and self assess whether their risk of developing the disease is elevated Research projects to improve the early detection of bowel cancer and participation in screening programs
  6. 6. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PA G E 13 — O U R VA L U ES OUR YEAR IN REVIEW VITALIT Y HIGHLIGHTSVitality defines who we are and what we do. As well as the exuberanceand energy expressed by the people around us, vitality is demonstrated J U LYthrough our events in many ways – the challenge to push personal RELAUNCHED THE WEBSITEboundaries; the commitment to train; the support shown by family andfriends and the sense of achievement on completing an event. SEPTEMBER EVENT PAGES GO LIVE ON OUR WEBSITE INTEGRITY NOVEMBER NEW YORK MARATHON RAISESWe commit to act with integrity all times. We will consistently strive toachieve our objectives and will invest in those initiatives we believewill improve the uptake of bowel screening in Australia. It is important $230,174that our supporters, both financial and those providing non-monetarysupport, are confident their money will be invested in the best possible DECEMBERway and will achieve the best possible results. TOM’S STO RY – THANK YO U FO R SAVIN G MY LIFE FEBRUARY LIT TLE BL ACK DRESS PART Y IN ADEL AIDE TRANSPARENC YWe will be transparent about what we do, how we choose to invest MARCHin bowel cancer initiatives and the results expected and achieved. RIDE FOR THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS RAISESThrough transparency we can build public trust and confidence inThe Jodi Lee Foundation. $183,652 M AY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES GRANT OF $50,000 JUNE CORPORATE BOWEL SCREENING PROGRAM O FFI C I A L LY L AU N C H E D I N S A , V I C & N SW
  7. 7. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — P A G E 15 — 2012 WE ARE PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO REPORT A SUCCESSFUL YEAR IN 2012, OUR FIRST FULL YEAR OF OPER ATION. OUR FUNDR AISING EXCEEDED OUR PROJECTIONS IN L ARGE PART DUE TO THE 2011 NEW YORK M AR ATHON FINANCIAL RESULTS & PROJECTIONS AND RIDE FOR THE LIT TLE BL ACK DRESS R AISING AN INCREDIBLE $230,174 AND $183,652 RESPECTIVELY. PROJEC TIONS GROSS YEAR ENDED GROSS 11 MONTHS TO GROSS 2012 INCOME 30 JUNE 2012 INCOME 30 JUNE 2011 INCOME The numbers were also buoyed by the $50,000 grant announced ($) % ($) % ($) % in May by Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, the Hon Wayne Swan MP and Minister for Health, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP. The announcement came as a complete surprise to us and is a wonderfulGROSS FUNDRAISING AND GRANT INCOME 564,000 585,659 298,520 recognition of the work we are doing to raise awareness of bowel cancer in Australia.ALLOCATED TO: Importantly, exceeding our fundraising target for the year meant wePROGRAMS & INITIATIVES 380,000 67% 378,118 65% 27,614 9% were able to fund our initiatives and operations predominantly with money raised through the year resulting in the retention of valuable cash resources at year end. This also ensures the sustainability of TheFUNDRAISING & EVENTS 146,000 26% 149,224 25% 87,449 29% Jodi Lee Foundation into the 2013 year.OTHER OPERATING COSTS 51,000 9% 73,244 13% 19,631 7% As a percentage of gross income, our operating costs were slightly higher than the projected 9 per cent. This is largely due to the rapid increase in our activities. In our second year we have alreadyTOTAL COSTS 577,000 600,586 134,694 achieved some of the milestones set for our third and fourth year of operating. With this has come an increased volume in general office tasks. However, we have made appropriate changes to our resourcing Not e: T he t able includes t he cost of capit alised as set s and excludes interest income and depreciat ion to keep these costs to around 10 per cent of gross income and will monitor them closely during the 2013 year.
  8. 8. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — P A G E 17 — THE YEAR AHEAD INITIATIVES We have set some tough but achieveable targets for the year ahead. Screen 5000 people through expansion of our Corporate Bowel Our income target of $725,000 will be challenging and is dependant Screening Program on us attracting new participants in our events and a greater level of corporate sponsorship for both our events and importantly, our initiatives. Launch the Know Your Risk website We continue to focus on the early detection of bowel cancer as our Stakeholder engagement to expand the network of organisations key message. The message is consistently reinforced through our online supporting the Foundation presence and public relations activities and defines our initiatives – Lobby Federal and State Governments to increase public our research projects, Know Your Risk website and Corporate Bowel awareness of bowel cancer and the importance of early detection Screening Program – all focussed on the early detetcion of bowel cancer. Online campaigns to increase awareness of bowel cancer and Growth of the Foundation’s business to the eastern states during 2013 is promote early detection as a solution in line with our five year business strategy. We have already had some success with the Corporate Bowel Screening Program interstate and will Research project in conjunction with the Federal Government’s continue to promote its benefits to businesses in Melbourne and Sydney Department of Health and Ageing to discover why so few people through the 2013 year. aged 45 to 55 participate in home screening programs PROJECTED COSTS EVENTS AUGUST & APRIL OPER ATING EXPENSES RIDE FOR THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS $88,117 VIETNAM COMMUNIT Y AWARENESS NOVEMBER $278,354 NEW YORK MARATHON 11% AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, JANUARY 35% LIT TLE BL ACK DRESS PARTIESFUNDR AISING & EVENTS $210,150 26% VIETNAM, SINGAPORE AND ADELAIDE MARCH RIDE FOR THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS 2% 16% 10% BYRON BAY TO BONDI JUNE KNOW YOUR RISK $17,850 SIMPSON DESERT CHALLENGE RESEARCH PROJEC TS CORPOR ATE BOWEL SCREENING PROGR AM $81,450 $121,300
  9. 9. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PA G E 19 — T HE E ARLY DE T EC T ION OF The thousands of Australians diagnosed and dying from bowel cancer every year is unacceptably high for a cancer that typicallyBOWEL C ANCER SAVES LIVES develops slowly and is 90 per cent curable if diagnosed early. We are determined to reduce the incidence of bowel cancer based on undisputed evidence that early detection of the disease saves lives. E A R LY S TA G E B O W E L C A N C E RONE IN 12 AUSTRALIANS WILL DEVELOP BOWEL CANCER C A N B E S U C C E S S F U L LY T R E AT E DIN THEIR LIFETIME AND 5,000 DIE FROM THE DISEASE EVEY THROUGH SURGERYYEAR. BOWEL CANCER IS AUSTRALIA’S SINGLE MOSTCOMMON INTERNAL CANCER AND IS THE SECOND E A R LY S TAG E D I AG N O S I SLEADING CAUSE OF CANCER-RELATED DEATH AFTERLUNG CANCER. IT IS THE SECOND MOST COMMONLYDIAGNOSED INTERNAL CANCER AFTER BREAST CANCER 90%IN WOMEN AND PROSTATE CANCER IN MEN. PEOPLE CHANCE OF SURVIVING 5 YEARSUNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF FREQUENTLYSCREENING FOR BREAST AND PROSTATE CANCER YET, L ATE STAGE DIAGNOSISDESPITE THE STATISTICS, VERY FEW PEOPLE TAKE ACTIONTO PROTECT THEMSELVES AGAINST BOWEL CANCER. 15% CHANCE OF SURVIVING 5 YEARS Over 14,000 people were diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008 – that’s 274 new cases every week This is projected to increase to 20,000 cases diagnosed annually by 2020Typically, bowel cancer does not present with symptoms and oftenonce symptoms start to develop, the cancer has spread to other partsof the body making it more difficult to treat and cure. Reportedly, up to 15 per cent of patients with a positive screening test result had experienced significant symptoms which they had not acted upon. Knowing the A positive FOB test result doesn’t always symptoms and acting on them quickly is mean cancer. There’s up to 50 per cent equally as important as screening for chance that it’s a polyp and less that the early detection of bowel cancer. 10 per cent chance that it’s bowel cancer
  10. 10. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 21 — OUR RECOM MENDATIONWE RECOGNISE THAT PEOPLE MAY CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE When fully implemented the NBCSP will offer biennial screening to allIN THE N AT I O N A L B OW EL C A N C ER S C R EEN I N G Australians aged between 50 and 74 and will undoubtedly improvePROGRAM (NBCSP) OR PREFER TO SCREEN THROUGH the early detection of bowel cancer in Australia. It is believed thatCOLONOSCOPY FROM AGE 50. WHILST WE FULLY SUPPORT it could save as many as 30 Australian lives every week. However,THESE SCREENING PROGRAMS, OUR RECOMMENDATION the full expansion of the program is not currently scheduled until afterIS THAT PEOPLE SCREEN FOR BOWEL CANCER USING A 2018. We strongly encourage people to take responsibility forFAECAL OCCULT BLOOD (FOB) TEST (*) ANNUALLY FROM their own health now – make the choice to protect yourself againstAGE 40 FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: bowel cancer.1. The risk of developing bowel cancer increases four-fold between FOB TESTS ARE READILY AVAIL ABLE FROM YOUR LOCAL the ages of 40 and 50 and rises sharply after that. Jodi was PHAR M ACY. OUR CHALLENGE REM AINS IN CONVINCING only 39 when she was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV PEOPLE IT IS WORTH TAKING THE TEST. bowel cancer.2. Although a minority age group, almost 1,000 people under age 50 were diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008 representing 7 per cent of all diagnoses. Of the 4,047 lives bowel cancer claimed, 184 people were aged between 15 and 49. 800 20003. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) DIAGNOSES and Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) recommend 600 1500 screening from age 50 at least every second year, but DEATHS DIAGNOSIS preferrably anually. 1000 4004. FOB tests are not conclusive. They can detect 65 to 90 per cent of cancers and advanced polyps. Screening every year improves the likelihood of the test detecting polyps or bowel 500 200 cancer in its infancy.5. Forming screening habits in your 40s will improve your chances of 0 0 early detection in your early 50s. 0-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85+ AGE Gast roenterological Societ y of A ust ralia, Early Detec t ion, S creening and Sur veillance for Bowel Cancer, T hird Edit ion 2003 Regular screening is not the only way to prevent bowel cancer. A healthy lifstyle will help reduce your risk – including regular exercise, a low-fat diet that is high in vegetables and dietary fibre, * FOB tests may not be suitable for people with symptoms or a family history of bowel cancer, no smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol. or people with bowel cancer, polyps, ulcerative colitis or Chroh’s colitis. No matter what their age, we encourage people in this higher risk category to speak to their doctor immediately about appropriate screening.
  11. 11. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 23 — TOM’S STORY commitment to the principles of the JLF and the underlying question of what if something was wrong prevailed and led me to complete the test in the middle of October. The test results arrived on October 21st and read positive for showing blood in my stool. This came as a shock especially being only a couple of weeks until the race and overseas travel. I immediately contacted my GP and made an appointment prior to travel in an effort to calm my nerves. My GP had reassured me that it was unlikely that anything was wrong but due to the positive result he had to refer me to a colorectal specialist where a surveillance colonoscopy would be likely. There was no immediate urgency for this to take place and so I made an appointment with the specialist in early December following the race and overseas travel. Early in November I travelled to the United States of America and completed the NYC marathon in 4 hours 28 minutes and 41 seconds raising a total of $4,935 for the JLF. Sponsors included generous family, friends and work colleagues who were all more than happy to support such a great cause. During my two week trip overseas my upcoming specialist appointment was far from my mind as I was enjoying the sights of NYC and Chicago with my girlfriend and having a great time. Running in the NYC marathon and being involved with the JLF was overall lots of fun and a great experience.Dear Nick, After returning to Australia I met with a colorectal specialist who like my GPWhen I was offered a position to run for the Jodi Lee Foundation (JLF) in the reassured me that it was unlikely anything was wrong. However, he explainedNew York City (NYC) Marathon, I could never have imagined I would be the importance of undertaking a surveillance colonoscopy due to the positivewriting you a letter such as this. result of the bowel screen test.Early in April 2011 I was advised of an opportunity to run in the NYC Marathon A colonoscopy procedure was conducted with the preparation routine andfor the JLF. Little did I know at this stage what a profound impact this invitation going under general anesthetic an unsettling experience. For all concernedand involvement with the JLF would have on my life. the results were expected to be all clear with no issues. Unforfunately this was not the case.From this date general preparations commenced such as training, travelarrangements and fundraising; and throughout the year the JLF maintained To my shock, I was advised by the surgeon after the procedure that too manygood communication on all these matters. Amongst the communications from polyps had been found to be removed and counting had stopped at 50. Nothe JLF was a request that as ambassadors for the Foundation we would cancer was identified, however eight polyps had been removed for biopsyundertake a pharmacy available bowel screen test. and it was likely that some of my lower bowel would have to be removed.I was reluctant to conduct this test due to my age (at the time I was 28 years The following week I met with the surgeon to discuss the colonoscopy and theold) and my good health. Furthermore, I had not ever had any symptoms of pathology results. The discussion was confronting and difficult to accept. Inbowel cancer and thought that doing the test would be unnecessary. However, my lower bowel are up to 100 polyps of which some are common and some
  12. 12. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 25 —are a much less common polyp which are more likely to develop into bowelcancer in an accelerated manner. Amongst all the facts, research, pathologyand discussion I was advised that the only course of action was to remove mylower bowel to prevent the highly likely chance of developing bowel cancerin the near future.A second opinion was sought prior to new years eve where a conservativeestimate was that I had a 50 to 100 percent chance of developing bowelcancer in my thirties and that due to the amount of polyps it was more likely tobe closer to 100 percent. The advice was clear and the same as the surgeons,removal of the lower bowel was necessary to prevent bowel cancer.I recently met again with the surgeon and will have major surgery to removemy lower bowel. This operation will see me in St Andrews Hospital forapproximately five days and recovering at home for at least one month.I share my story with you Nick and The Jodi Lee Foundation as a way of sayingthank you.Thank you for saving my life.
  13. 13. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 27 — OUR INITIATIVES COMMUNIT Y AWARENESS RAISING AWA R EN ES S OF B OW EL C A N C ER AND Much of what we do every day is talk … we talk about bowel cancer in person, EN CO U R AG I N G R E G U L A R A N D A P P RO P R I AT E S C R EEN I N G in the media, on our social media platforms and as part of our events. We talk to I S T H E K E Y TO AC H I E V I N G O U R M I S S I O N – TO SAV E L I V ES people every day about how they can help improve the awareness of bowel cancer T H RO U G H T H E E A R LY D E T E C T I O N O F B OW EL C A N C ER . and the importance of screening. WE B EL I E V E T H AT WITH ED U C AT I O N WILL CO M E AN I N C R E A S ED U P TA K E I N B OW EL S C R EEN I N G P RO G R A M S. There is a desperate need in Australia for education about bowel cancer and that T H ER E A R E A VA R I E T Y O F WAYS T H AT W E WO R K TO screening can start by taking a simple test at home. Surveys have shown that only I N C R E A S E T H E E A R LY D E T E C T I O N O F B OW EL C A N C ER I N nine per cent of people nominated bowel cancer as the cancer they new most AU S T R A L I A , M O S T O F W H I C H R EQ U I R E A V ERY H A N D S O N about. Even in a survey of our own community, less than half of the people knew A N D D ED I C AT ED A P P ROAC H . the death rate from bowel cancer ranked above breast and prostate cancers, and only 22 per cent knew the procedure for the bowel screening test we recommend. This lack of knowledge leads to low compliance rates in screening programs. One of the main reasons cited for not participating in the Government’s NBCSP 2012 was feeling well and lacking symptoms, even though we know that bowel cancer generally presents without symptoms. This insight verifies our need to improve the level of bowel cancer awareness in Australia. COST OF INITIATIVES, FUNDRAISING AND EVENTS During 2012 we have developed many valuable communication tools including brochures about The Jodi Lee Foundation, our key messages, initiatives and events, DIREC T COSTS RESOURCING and materials to promote our Corporate Bowel Screening Program in the workplace. GROSS GROSS INCOME HOURS INCOME TOTAL ($) % ($) % ($) WEBSITE Our website is a powerful and important tool in raising community awareness.INITIATIVES We have continued to invest in our website to include important information about bowel cancer, personal stories that inspire us every day and an events page, which provides participants with their own fundraising site. This functionality was importantCOMMUNITY AWARENESS 154,918 26.5% 63,686 915 19% 218,604 to us as it drives event supporters to our website, exposing them to our key messages and leaving them with a little more knowledge about bowel cancer.CORPORATE BOWELSCREENING PROGRAM 69,856 12.0% 46,125 724 7% 115,981 UNIQUE WEBSITE VISITS (JAN – JUNE)RESEARCH PROJECTS 26,500 4.5% 5,829 77 1.0% 32,329KNOW YOUR RISK 790 0.1% 10,414 143 1.7% 11,204 5,934EVENT & FUNDRAISING COSTS 81,430 13.9% 67,794 1,220 11.0% 149,224TOTAL 333,492 193,848 527,340 Not e: Direc t cost s includes capit alised website cost s
  14. 14. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 29 — SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLIC REL ATIONSOur key social media platform and focus to date has been Facebook More than 15 million Australians read or heard about The Jodi Leewhere our community has grown to over 1,500 people. We have Foundation this year. We featured in 110 stories, averaging eight perestablished an engaged community and communicate with them daily month, across print, radio and online media. Images accompanied– posting messages about bowel cancer, our events and updates on 56 per cent of these stories making the stories more likely to be read.our initiatives. Each of our posts are successfully reaching up to 4,000 Just over half of the stories appeared in South Australia, with the othersFacebook users, some even more. interstate and 10 per cent in national print media. Over time this will change as we expand our presence in the Eastern states.These messages reach far in excess of our core group of Facebookfriends and were seen by more than 724,430 people this year. Our We were also thrilled that an interview with Nick Lee on Radio Adelaidemessages were displayed on Facebook pages over 4,800,000 Breakfast with Tim Brunero won an award from the Colorectal Surgerytimes, the most popular posts being during the week following the Society of Australia and New Zealand.Federal Government press conference in May and Ride for the LittleBlack Dress event. We are extremely proud of the strong brand awarenss we have built over the past two years and The Jodi Lee Foundation’s publicOur social media platforms have expanded to include Twitter, LinkedIn, association with bowel cancer. This gives us a solid foundation toFlickr, YouTube, Vimeo and SlideShare pages. Our increased focus on increase community awareness across Australia over the coming years.Twitter has enabled us to deliver our bowel cancer and early detectionmessages to an entirely new online community. We already have over Importantly, we have built relationships directly with four Federal300 followers and are particularly proud of our Twitter Klout (*) score Government Ministers and are working to expand this networkwhich rated as high as 47 during the year. In the last few months, our in 2013. Our Ride for the Little Black Dress event was opened intweets have reached nearly 50,000 people and appeared 289,000 Canberra by Dr Andrew Leigh MP and ACT Chief Minister, Ms Katytimes on Twitter. Gallagher. Andrew Leigh went on to later speak about the event and The Jodi Lee Foundation in his parliamentary address for which we owe him many thanks. FACEBOOK LIKES This relationship had much to do with our invitation for Nick to join 1,522 the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, The Hon Wayne Swan MP, and Minister for Health, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, in a national pre-budget announcement to expand the NBSCP. The Foundation was TWITTER REACH also presented with a $50,000 Federal Government grant to continue 48,989 to promote the importance of early detection. (*) Klout measures engagement with our Twitter content. MEDIA STORIES 110
  15. 15. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 31 — ADVERTISINGThe Porcelain Doll advertising campaign appeared in The WeekendAustralian Magazine, WISH Magazine and The Canberra Times. Thecampaign aimed to raise awareness about bowel cancer and provideearly detection as a solution.We were pleased to hear that the campaign, created pro bono byShowPony Advertising, was a finalist in the prestigeous AdelaideAdvertising and Design Club Awards. NATIONAL ADVERTISEMENTS 7
  16. 16. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 33 — CORPOR ATE BOWEL SCREENING PROGRAM We have set ourselves a huge challenge – to screen 5000 people.SCREEN 5000 The program has been presented to numerous businesses, large and small, and we are confident the Program will be implemented by several of them. Following a successful pilot program in South Australia, the Program was officially launched during Bowel Cancer Awareness Week in June 2012. The multi-faceted launch included a mailout to 250 of Australia’s largest employers; advertising in HR Monthly, the Australian FinancialOUR GOAL FOR THE CORPORATE BOWEL SCREENING Review and Business Review Weekly; online advertising campaigns;PROGRAM IN 2012 WAS TO PARTNER WITH AT LEAST and building relationships with corporate networking groups. On top ifSIX ORGANISATIONS ACROSS SOUTH AUSTRALIA AND this, we took bowel cancer to the streets in Adelaide, Melbourne andDISTRIBUTE 400 TESTS. FAR EXCEEDING OUR EXPECTATIONS, Sydney with 12 lifesized cardboard cutouts in each city, representingA TOTAL OF 1,235 TESTS WERE DISTRIBUTED DURING THE the one in 12 people who will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime.YEAR BY SIX BUSINESS ES IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA ANDVICTORIA. AN ADDITIONAL 400 TESTS WERE PURCHASEDAND DISTRIBUTED BY THE FOUNDATION. NEW VISITORS TO OUR WEBSITEThe Program has been very well received by organisations thatunderstand the importance of investing in the health and wellbeing of 197their employees. Disappointingly, of the 1,235 tests distributed, only112 were completed. This rate is much lower than we had hoped for ONLINE ADVERTISEMENTS APPEARED ON:but with a larger than expected number of positive test results returned,we have no doubt that the program is saving lives. LINKEDINClearly, our challenge is convincing people to complete the test andwe are looking at several ways to improve compliance. Uptake of the 82,467 TIMESNBCSP was reportedly 39 per cent for males and 47 per cent for GOOGLEfemales (in 2008). Our goal is to achieve greater than 60 per centreturn rate on tests distributed through our Corporate Bowel ScreeningProgram and by continuing to raise awarenss of the disease, we’d 503,682 TIMEShope to see similar results achieved by the NBCSP.
  17. 17. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 35 — TESTIMONIALS 1 in 12 Australians will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime Second most common cause of cancer-related SIMON BROWN M ANAGING DIRECTOR, RESOURCECO PT Y LTD The health and wellbeing of our staff is integral to ResourceCo. Understanding the prevalence of bowel cancer, there was no question about providing this screening service to our employees when youWhat are comprehend that this type of cancer may be prevented if detected early. When offering this service to employees we looked at the extendedthe odds? family impact of having a member affected by cancer and subsequently included screening of employees’ partners in the offer. The care and concern offered by ResourceCo through the provision of this service certainly aides in maintaining our employees’ satisfaction and morale. REG NELSON M ANAGING DIRECTOR, BEACH ENERGY LTD 1 in 12 Australians will develop bowel cancer Beach Energy is proud to support The Jodi Lee Foundation and the It’s the second most common cause of cancer-related death in work it’s doing in relation to building awareness around bowel cancer and helping with the early detection of bowel cancer. Beach recently provided all employees, and their respective partners, with bowel cancer screening kits. The feedback to date has been strongly supportive of the screening kits and how easy they are to use. Beach looks forward to continuing to support The Jodi Lee Foundation and the outstanding results it has achieved to date in building bowel cancer awareness. What are
  18. 18. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 37 — KNOW YOUR RISKIF YOU HAVE HAD CLOSE REL ATIVES DIAGNOSED WITHBOWEL CANCER, YOUR RISK OF DEVELOPING THE DISEASEM AY BE ELEVATED. KNOW YOUR RISK IS A SIMPLE ANDINTER ACTIVE WEBSITE THAT WILL HELP PEOPLE SELF- ASSESSTHEIR RISK OF DEVELOPING BOWEL CANCER BASED ON ASERIES OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THEIR FA MILY HISTORY.After working through the website, the user will be provided with a personalisedassessment of their bowel cancer risk which they are encouraged to discusswith their doctor and other family members.We are grateful to the CSIRO for working through the complex algorithms thatcalculate whether a person has an elevated risk. This challenge has delayedthe project but with the development phase now largely completed, we aremoving towards testing the website before it is launched later this year.We also thank the Cancer Council SA for their invaluable knowledge andmanagement of the project. The collaboration on this project has beenenjoyable and we look forward to working with them on future stages ofthe website.
  19. 19. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 39 — RESEARCH PROJECTS THE JODI LEE FOUNDATION PHD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPT H E J O D I L EE F O U N DAT I O N P H D R ES E A RC H FEL LOWS H I PAT CU RT I N U N I V ERS I T Y IS A T H R EE YEAR P ROJ E C TI N V ES T I GAT I N G T H E RO L E O F T H E PH A R M AC I S T I N T H EE A R LY D E T E C T I O N O F B OW EL C A N C ER .Many people approach their pharmacist with symptoms like diarrhoea,rectal bleeding and constipation and unfortunately these complaints are notrecognised as symptoms of bowel cancer by the patient or pharmacists. Infact, 19 per cent of people have lower bowel symptoms and yet only one inthree will consult their doctor.The project will develop an effective method for pharmacists to promotemedical consultation to patients who visit pharmacies seeking treatment forsignificant symptoms of chronic and life limiting lower bowel disease. MARKET RESEARCHThe grant awarded to us by the Federal Government presented a uniqueopportunity to research the behaviour that motivates or prevents people fromparticipating in home bowel screening programs. Working with the BowelScreening Section of the Australian Government Department of Health andAgeing, the project focuses on the behaviour of people aged 45 to 55 andwill give us insight into how we can improve the uptake of screening in thisage group.The research is due to be completed in December 2012 and will no doubtinfluence the communications strategy of The Jodi Lee Foundation as well asthe NBCSP.
  20. 20. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PA GE 41 —OUR PEOPLE AND SUPPORTERS CONSULTANT S We have continued to work with the same fabulous team of public relations, social media and advertising consultants. After two years, they are well OUR TEAM versed in our key messages and business strategy. They have been invaluable and are a joy to work with. NICK LEE As well, Rebecca Dowling has offered her services as our bookkeeper. FOUNDER & CEO Rebecca has her own bookkeeping business but takes time out of her busy schedule to manage our accounts.Nick is primarily responsible for promoting our Corporate Bowel ScreeningProgram and developing stakeholder relationships. So far, he has participated We have been especially overwhelmed by the pro-bono support receivedin every one of our events … the Simpson Desert Challenge might test him! from 50 Kaliber Films. The team at 50 Kaliber have created three beautiful short films to help us spread our early detetcion message and they are working on another to be released soon. The films are invaluable and we TIFFANY YOUNG cannot thank them enough. COMMUNICATIONS & FINANCETiffany’s responsibilities include building and managing our brand andcommunications. She also manages our legal and finance roles. It is hightime Tiffany pulled on a tutu and hopped on a bike! NICOLE ANDERSON FUNDRAISING & PROGRAMS COORDINATORNicole joined us in February 2012 and has been a valuable addition to ourteam. She is busy coordinating our Corporate Bowel Screening Program and THE $20K CLUBliaises with our event participants to make sure they are well equipped tofundraise and build awareness of bowel cancer. These people have individually raised over $20,000 for The Jodi Lee Foundation – an incredible feat. This year’s outstanding achievement came from Sam Fischer, riding over 1,000kms from Canberra to Melbourne and ELISSA O’DONOHUE raising $32,220. EVENTS & ADMINISTRATION COORDINATORAs well as organising our events and performing an administration function, TODD BROWNElissa has taken responsibility for our social media platforms. She also ALISTAIR CAVILLcoordinates the development and distribution of all of our promotional materials. SCOT T ELVISH SA M FISCHER ROSEM ARY HOCKING NICK LEE ANDY AND SA M MCK AY ANDREW POOLE RICHARD TURNER
  21. 21. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 43 — MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS PROFESSIONAL ADVISERSWe are proud to have the support of some of Adelaide’s most recognised The Jodi Lee Foundation relies on the professional advice provided bycolorectal specialists behind The Jodi Lee Foundation. We work closely with the following companies. Their services are provided pro bono, foreach of them to ensure that the information we provide is relevant, accurate which we are very grateful.and current. Their assistance is provided on a voluntary basis. AUDIT MARCUS LOJSZCZYK, DR ANDREW LUCK RE OUANO & TRISTAN SHAW PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS COLORECTAL SURGEONLY E L L M C E W I N H O SP I TA L A N D P RE S I D E N T O F T H E CO L O REC TA L SURGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND LEGAL GARRY WINTER, CAMILLA MITTIGA PROFESSOR GRAEME YOUNG & DANIEL KILEY PROFESSOR OF GLOBAL GASTROINTESTINAL HE ALTH K E L LY & CO FLINDERS UNIVERSITY ACCOUNTING AND COMPANY SECRETARIAL SERVICES MOYEZ JIWA PROFESSOR OF HE ALTH INNOVATION AT BEN L ATHLEAN, KYLIE OSBORNE CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY & AGNES DOSTAN C AVILL P OWER PRO DUC T S DR TABITHA HEALEY STRATEGIC BUSINESS ADVICE NORTH ADELAIDE ONCOLOGY JULIANNE PARKINSON ERNST & YOUNG
  22. 22. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 45 — OUR DIRECTORSTHE JODI LEE FOUNDATION IS GOVERNED BY A DR. ANDREW LUCKCORPOR ATE TRUSTEE WHICH HAS FIVE DIRECTORS. THEDIRECTORS MEET QUARTERLY AND ARE REPONSIBLE Andrew replaced Dr Jim Young as our medical consultant from MayFOR REVIEWING PROPOSALS FROM THE JODI LEE 2012. He brings to our Board a wealth of knowledge and passion forFOUNDATION EXECUTIVE TEA M, CONDUCTING SAL ARY the early detection of bowel cancer through screening. Andrew is aBENCHM ARKING AND MONITORING THE OVER ALL colorectal surgeon at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide’s north. HeFINANCIAL PERFOR M ANCE OF THE FOUNDATION TO is the President of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia andENSURE ITS ONGOING SUSTAINABILIT Y. New Zealand and currently holds positions on the Training Board in Colorectal Surgery (Australia and New Zealand) and the Federation of Gastrointestinal Societies of Australia. NICK LEENick is Jodi’s husband. He and Jodi were together for 14 years andhave children, Jack and Arabella. He has 17 years experience in thefast moving consumer goods industry and was a Director of Unilever CHRIS LEEAustralasia. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia.Prior to The Jodi Lee Foundation, Nick personally raised over $50,000 After 25 years in private legal practice, Chris served as a judge of thefor cancer by participating in Tour Down Under cycling events and the Industrial Court of South Australia for 10 years and then as a judgeGold Coast Marathon. of the District Court of South Australia for 15 years. Since retiring in 2006, he has served in the part time position of President of the Racing Appeals Tribunal of South Australia. He resigned as a director of The Jodi Lee Foundation in September 2012. Chris was Jodi’s father-in-law. TIFFANY YOUNGA friend of Jodi’s, Tiffany is dedicated to raising awareness about bowelcancer and the importance of early detection for survival. Tiffany has a MARK BUTCHERbusiness degree and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountantswith over 15 years experience in tax advisory and compliance work for Mark was appointed as a director in September 2012, replacing Chrislarge businesses. Tiffany worked for Deloitte for many years and more Lee. Mark is Chair of Ernst & Young’s SA Advisory Board and Deputyrecently consulted to listed and unlisted property funds. Chairman of Minter Ellison. He also an Executive Director at Penmarric Capital, a boutique advisory business providing specialist solutions to corporate and government clients. His commercial acumen and strategic expertise will be invaluable to The Jodi Lee Foundation. A L ISTA I R C AV I L LAlistair is a friend of the Lee family and an active fundraiser for cancerrelated initiatives. In June 2011, he competed in the Gobi March, a250km foot race across China’s Gobi Desert, raising over $33,000for The Jodi Lee Foundation. Alistair is the Managing Director of CavillPower Products Pty Ltd, the Caterpillar Dealer for South Australia.
  23. 23. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 47 — EVENTSTHE PAST YEAR’S EVENTS WERE OUR PRIM ARY SOURCEOF FUNDR AISING BUT ALSO PL AYED AN IMPORTANTROLE IN R AISING AWARENESS ABOUT BOWEL CANCERAND THE PROFILE OF THE JODI LEE FOUNDATION. HALFOF THE STORIES THAT APPEARED IN THE MEDIA ABOUTTHE FOUNDATION THIS YEAR WERE DIRECTLY REL ATEDTO RIDE FOR THE LIT TLE BL ACK DRESS. THE BOYS AREALWAYS HAPPY TO THROW ON A LIT TLE BL ACK TUTUFOR THE CA MER A.In addition to Foundation events, we are thrilled to have a number C I T Y T O B AYof volunteers who don the t-shirt, tutu and tats (fake tatoos of course)and run, hike and swim – sometimes all in the same event – and all Not all of our events involve extreme sport and cocktails! Last year, 30in the name of bowel cancer. A special thanks to Tory Toogood, people (children included) participated in Adelaide’s City to Bay – easyAnthony Hillier, Andrew Read, Ben Williams and Peter Grant for their when you know there’s a yummy breakfast waiting for you at the end. Aunwavering support. special thank you to Graham and Susie Hooper for manning the barbeque.Every event encapsulates the vitality of The Jodi Lee Foundation. Ourevents encourge exercise, health and wellbeing which we know is akey component to reducing the risk of bowel cancer and other diseases. BODY BAL ANCE OUTDOORS On a sunny Sunday morning in October, Tim Jenner from Enjoy Fitness kindly hosted Body Balance Outdoors – a pop-up mix of yoga, tai chi WHY THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS? and pilates that builds flexibility and strength. Around 50 people had fun at this energetic work-out in Richards Park, Magill. Jodi loved a little black dress. In 2009, her friends in Vietnam threw a Little Black Dress Party to raise money for her care. Since then, Little Black Dress parties have been held in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh. All our event participants wear little black tutus in her honour and the little black dress is fast becoming an iconic symbol of The Jodi Lee Foundation.
  24. 24. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 49 — NEW YORK M ARATHON 4 NOVEMBER 2011 THE TEAM: BRENDAN SHARP ANDREW MCK AY VICTORIA TOOGOOD BRIT T HETHERINGTON DONNA HARDING NATALIE BA ACK KEN BASHA M AT THEW BASSO TODD BROW ROBERT CA MERON SCOT T ELVISH TOM HEDDITCH NICHOL AS HOCKING ROSEM ARY HOCKING NICHOL AS LEE LEANNE M ARCH SARA MORBEY RAKESH SINHA JA MES YOUNGOur team included 21 runners this year … and yes they were wearinglittle black tutus! This group of incredible friends of the Foundationraised an astonishing $230,895, far surpassing our expectations.Some, like Nick, were seasoned runners but for most it was their firstever marathon.Since New York, Tory Toogood has challenged herself to run sevenmarathons across seven continents and also regularly blogs aboutwomen’s health and The Jodi Lee Foundation. Britt Hetherington hascompleted in two other marathons with more to come. Keep it up girls!
  25. 25. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 51 — RIDE FOR THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS CANBERR A TO MELBOURNE M ARCH 10TH – 16TH THE TEAM: NICK LEE PAUL HOT TON WAYNE HARDING JUSTIN STEWART- R AT TR AY M AT T Y HOPKINSON SA M FISCHER STEPHEN TILLEY ROB JONES ROBBIE DOL AN RICHARD TURNER PETER MCLUCAS PETER GR ANT PAUL GR ANT MICHAEL LONG LINCOLN HARRIS JUSTIN HOT TON JA MES READ GED WALSH ANDREW POOLE A ARON M AYESOn Saturday 10th March, a team of 21 cyclists and four support crewleft Canberra in little black tutus bound for Melbourne. Dr AndrewLeigh MP joined the team for an honorary lap around ParliamentHouse and at 10.30am ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher cut theribbon and officially sent them on their way.Riders came from overseas and interstate to participate, with manysticking a small picture of Jodi on their handlebars as a reminder ofwhy they were there. These special blokes raised over $183,000 tosupport our initiatives.
  26. 26. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 53 — The route covered over 1,000km and travelled through some of the most spectacular and challenging terrain across New South Wales and Victoria including the Snowy Mountains and a full day on Mount Buller. It finished with a rip-roaring Little Black Dress Party in Melbourne on the final day. The event was kindly captured by 50 Kaliber Films and can be seen on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. This film has been invaluable in raising awareness of bowel cancer – a big thank you to 50 Kaliber Films. A special thank you goes to Andrew Poole for organising this incredible event once again. THE LIT TLE BL ACK DRESS PART Y Over 200 people attended our annual Little Black Dress Party at St Mark’s College in North Adelaide. Jazz band Seventh Day Miracles were fabulous and a great night was had by all despite the ominous February weather. As major sponsor, Art Equity hosted an exhibition of Australia’s emerging artists, including big names such as Ping Chen, Morten Lassen and Jasper Knight. Hamish McLachlan, Master of Ceremonies, kept guests on their toes all night and almost $15,000 was raised through our silent auction which included: A renovation package by ResourceCo Men’s watch by James Thredgold Jeweller Jasper Knight painting by Art Equity AFL footy experience Adelaide Fringe tickets. Once again, we were treated to cocktails donated by Diageo, sparkling by Bird in Hand and Mosquito Hill Wines and delicious canapés prepared by Extreme Cuisine. Wines were kindly donated by Fox Gordon and Reschke.
  27. 27. — T H E J O D I L E E F O U N D A T I O N 2 012 A N N U A L R E V I E W — — PAGE 55 — REPORT FROM THE DIRECTORSOVER THE PAST YEAR, THE DIRECTORS FOCUSSED THEIR are comfortable that the remuneration paid is comparable to similar AT TENTION ON THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES: sized organisations and is commensurate with the value delivered to the Foundation. Our management team and staff have delivered in Reviewing the Foundation’s business strategy to ensure delivery of spades and are unquestionably committed to our cause. our key objectives We are pleased that Nick Lee has agreed to continue to devote his Ensuring we have the right management team in place to deliver time and energy to the work of the Foundation for another year. His the strategy firsthand experience with the devastating consequences of bowel cancer and his determination to see a marked improvement in survival Ensuring the effective investment of money entrusted to us rates make him the very best choice for the CEO position. Ensuring transparency of our activities and performance to key Transparency is one of our core values and we place a great level stakeholders of importance on ensuring we earn the trust and confidence of the community through impeccable governance and transparent activity.We are confident this report delivers information that supports our viewthat the Foundation is delivering results and operating in a way that In the year ahead, we will focus on expanding the geographical basewill sustain its activities in the future. of our fundraising activities and soliciting greater corporate support for our initiatives. The Foundation’s Corporate Bowel Screening ProgramFrom a financial perspective we have had a remarkably successful is successfully introducing screening to a larger number of people thanyear. Income nearly doubled to $585,659 in a tough market for would otherwise have been exposed to the test and we are workingfundraising. This has allowed the Foundation to expand its programs hard on ways to improve participation rates. Positive tests are resultingand deliver some outstanding results. Our activities will save more lives in early action being taken by people to prevent the onset of bowelas we gain momentum. cancer which aligns with our mission.We can only deliver these results with financial support and we will On behalf of the Directors of The Jodi Lee Foundation, I thank all ofcontinue to muster greater levels of support in the year ahead. We were our supporters for their contribution to our success. Bowel cancer isthrilled to be awarded the Federal Government grant of $50,000 to the second leading cause of cancer-related death in Australia despitehelp us further promote the importance of bowel screening. This is a being 90 per cent curable if detected early. The level of awarenessclear vote of confidence in our ability to engage with the community surrounding bowel cancer in the community is unacceptably low, butand spread our key message – the early detection of bowel cancer will be improved with your help.saves lives. We are particularly proud of this recognition and theexposure this success has given bowel cancer screening in Australia.Of course, our bowel cancer initiatives come at a cost. The Directorsare committed to ensuring each initiative is result-oriented anddelivered at a reasonable cost. A key component of our costs is staffremuneration which is reviewed annually by an independent directorcommittee and supported by reports from external consultants. We ALISTAIR C AVILL DIRECTOR