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  • 1. Harvard Business School • April 26, 2011Maximizing Success: The Early Days © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 2. Communication is the only task you can not delegate - Roberto Goizueta, former CEO Coca Cola © 2011 Great on the Job2
  • 3. 2009 GMAC Alumni StudyValue of Skills for Current Job v. Satisfaction of Skills Learned in B-School 90% 85% 80% Value 75% Satisfaction 70% 65% 60% Knowledge of Managing Generative Managing Interpersonal Gen Business Strategies & Thinking Decision Skills Functions Innovation Making Processes © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 4. It’s Not Taught… © 2011 Great on the Job4
  • 5. GOTJ Goals 1.  To convey competence, confidence and professionalism in every workplace encounter 2.  To become proactive members of your teams 3.  To build your brand through effective, strategic and persuasive communication skills 4.  To stay out in front of workplace issues © 2011 Great on the Job5
  • 6. The GOTJ Process Situational Analysis Action Strategy Example Language © 2011 Great on the Job6
  • 7. GIFT Forward Generosity Initiative Transparency Momentum © 2011 Great on the Job7
  • 8. Agenda 1.  Not sure how to do your work Get Help 2.  Not getting great work Get Good Assignments 3.  Not sure how you’re doing Get Feedback 4.  Screw ups & stumbles Answer a Question & Raise Red Flag 5.  Not meeting the right people Networking Effectively © 2011 Great on the Job8
  • 9. 1. Not Sure How to Do Your Work? Get the Help You Need © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 10. “What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for help.” — Donald Keough, Chairman, Allen & Company former Chairman, Coca Cola Company © 2011 Great on the Job10
  • 11. New Project •  You are a new associate at a small real estate investment firm •  Your manager asks you to put together a business plan for a property management team the firm is considering assembling •  You have never written a business plan before •  You’re not exactly sure where/how to start •  What do you do? © 2011 Great on the Job11
  • 12. Action Strategy Ask for Offer Interim Be Proactive Resources/ Steps / Guidance Milestones © 2011 Great on the Job12
  • 13. Example Language Resources / Guidance Interim Steps / Milestones •  Do you have any recent/ good •  I’d like to put together a list of examples? key sections for you to take a •  Do you have a template or an look at first outline I should follow? •  Why don’t I put together an •  Do you have any outline for you to review before recommendations of people to starting a full draft speak with? •  I’ll put some bullet points together of initial thoughts for us to discuss © 2011 Great on the Job13
  • 14. Sales Memo The Situation •  You have just completed three sections of a sales memo (overview, M&O, operations) •  You are struggling with the key selling points section §  You think the company’s strong same store sales in a down market is the key selling point §  Jonathan thinks the company’s proven track record launching in new markets is most important §  A third option is to focus on the company’s powerful branding campaign You’re not sure what to do. How do you ask for help? © 2011 Great on the Job14
  • 15. Action Strategy Start with State Your Ask for What You Intended Feedback / Know Direction Thoughts © 2011 Great on the Job15
  • 16. Example Language Start with what you know •  We’ve completed the first three sections of the sales memo and they’re in great shape State your intended direction •  I’m not 100% sure about key selling points– my bias is to start with the company’s strong same store sales because…, there’s also an argument to be made re: their proven track record launching in new markets Ask for feedback, thoughts, clarification •  Do you agree with the strong sales story or would you rather focus on the new market launches or the company’s powerful branding campaign? © 2011 Great on the Job16
  • 17. Key Takeaways 1.  Everyone needs help at various points 2.  It’s okay to ask for help, the key is knowing how to ask © 2011 Great on the Job17
  • 18. 2. Don’t Have Great Work? Get the Assignment You Want © 2011 Great on the Job18
  • 19. “A lot of people in business say they have twenty years’ experience, when in fact all they really have is one years experience, repeated twenty times.” — Hugh MacLeod, Author, Ignore Everybody © 2011 Great on the Job19
  • 20. Brand Manager •  You are half way through your summer internship with Unilever and you’re not thrilled with how things are going •  You have been managing a series of focus groups for a new Dove ad campaign •  You’ve interacted with only two other colleagues and haven’t had a chance to get the “brand manager” experience you were hoping for •  What can you do? © 2011 Great on the Job20
  • 21. LEARN Network Learn Redirect Excel Assist © 2011 Great on the Job21
  • 22. Example Language Learn a new skill •  I’d really love a chance to do some strategic analysis while I’m here: please let me know if there’s an opportunity to work on a (marketing campaign, creative brief, breakeven analysis) in the next few weeks Excel at something you’re good at •  I’d be happy to review the draft you’re putting together for the client Assist a teammate •  Why don’t I reach out to the client to see when they want to schedule the next meeting? •  We have a lot to prepare for next week’s meeting, would it help if I put an agenda together or drafted the briefing memo? © 2011 Great on the Job22
  • 23. Example Language Redirect unwanted tasks •  I’m enjoying running the focus groups, but I’d love to engage with the client directly, any chance you need help presenting at the meeting? Create networking opportunities •  I’d really like to work with R&D while I’m here. Do you know if they’re looking for someone to help with reformulation of the body lotion? •  I’ve heard great things about Michael and Andrew, if there’s any opportunity to work with either of them before the summer ends I’d really like to do so © 2011 Great on the Job23
  • 24. Your Matrix Current Wish List What You’d Like to What You’ve Done Do Who You’ve Who You Want to Worked With Work With © 2011 Great on the Job24
  • 25. Key Takeaways 1.  No one cares more about managing your career than you do 2.  There is no roadmap 3.  You have ability to “drive the bus” © 2011 Great on the Job25
  • 26. 3. Not Sure How You’re Doing? Get the Feedback You Deserve © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 27. "Im not going to tell you everything is ok and allow you to be mediocre. I played [football] for a long time; the coaches that drive me crazy to this day are the ones that told me I was good all the time. Well hey, youre doing a great job and I knew I was mediocre as hell. And the guy that was on my ass, that made be good every day is the guy that I appreciate right now." — Jason Garrett, offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys © 2011 Great on the Job27
  • 28. The Goal of Feedback 1.  Make the feedback as useful as possible for you 2.  Make the process as easy as possible for the person delivering feedback © 2011 Great on the Job28
  • 29. Asking for Feedback •  You’re a first year associate at Bain and you’ve just been assigned to a new team to work on a strategic review for big pharma •  This will be your first strategic review •  How / when should you think about asking your manager for feedback? © 2011 Great on the Job29
  • 30. Action Strategy: Phase 1 Plant the Seed Schedule the Conversation Be Specific In Your Ask © 2011 Great on the Job30
  • 31. Example Language Plant a Seed •  Allison, this is going to be my first strategic review and I’d love your opinion on... •  Would it be possible to sit down once we’re underway to get some feedback? Schedule the Conversation •  I know we spoke last month about getting some feedback—could we go ahead and schedule a time to discuss? Be Specific in Your Ask •  I’d love your thoughts on how I’m doing building the operating models? •  How do you think I’ve done managing client expectations? •  What areas of development do you think I should be focusing on? © 2011 Great on the Job31
  • 32. Action Strategy: Phase 2 Solicit Action Steps Say Thank You Wait, Digest, Revisit © 2011 Great on the Job32
  • 33. Example Language Solicit Action Steps •  To improve my financial modeling, do you think I should ask for more technical assignments or just spend more time on the ones I already have? •  Any suggestions of people I should talk to regarding client presentation skills? Say Thank You •  Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me •  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to share your feedback Wait. Digest. Revisit •  That’s an interesting way of thinking about it, I hadn’t considered that angle •  I’d like to think through all of this and come back to you in with some additional thoughts and questions © 2011 Great on the Job33
  • 34. Key Takeaways •  Feedback is a tool you can access to make you better at your job •  It’s your job to solicit valuable feedback; not the other way around •  Soliciting feedback can be a great opportunity to create informal mentor / mentee relationships © 2011 Great on the Job34
  • 35. 4. Stumped? Screwed Up?Answer a Question You Don’t Know the Answer to & Raise a Red Flag © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 36. The CallThe Set Up•  You are interning in the sustainability group at Nike and your team has a meeting with Fred Krupp, president of the EDF tomorrow morningThe Facts•  Allison and James are the co-heads of the sustainability division•  Amit is the director of non-profit partnerships, he is traveling tomorrow and out of pocket tomorrow•  You are the junior member of the teamThe Call•  It’s 6:30 p.m. and Fred’s assistant calls to confirm who will be at the meeting•  You will be there but you are not sure about the others © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 37. Action StrategyThe Three-Step Response1.  Here’s what I know2.  Here’s what I don’t know3.  Here’s how I’ll figure it out © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 38. Example Language•  Here’s what I know •  I will definitely be there, Amit is traveling, so he’s not going to make it•  Here’s what I don’t know •  It will be either Allison, Javier or both along with myself•  Here’s how I’ll figure it out •  I will reach out to them this evening to confirm and will get back to you first thing tomorrow morning © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 39. Key Takeaways•  Nobody knows everything; the key is not to sound like you don’t know anything•  The subtext of this strategy is that: §  I’m smart and on the ball §  I know some things §  I will get you what you want/need ASAP © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 40. Raising a Red Flag “If anything can go wrong, it will.” - Murphy’s Law “Problems don’t age well.” Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase © 2011 Great on the Job40
  • 41. HR Summer Intern The Facts •  You are an executive comp /benefits intern at Honeywell •  You are working on a high-profile offer for a VP of Operations who will report directly to the COO •  Your team came up with a fair and reasonable compensation formula based on the information at hand The Situation •  Upon receipt of the offer, Jonathan is outraged that he is being undervalued and threatens to reject the offer •  You and your team are trying to rework the offer •  You need to tell the head of your group about the situation © 2011 Great on the Job41
  • 42. Action Strategy Highlight State Propose a Issue Rationale Solution © 2011 Great on the Job42
  • 43. Example Language Highlight issue •  I want to post you on the status of Jonathan’s offer– unfortunately, there’s been a disconnect b/w his expectations and our compensation calculation State rationale (reason why) •  Apparently, our number is lower than his current comp and not on par with his peers in the industry •  We didn’t have full information when we calculated his comp Propose solution •  We are reworking the formula and getting additional information right now •  We’re working to get our number in line with his expectations •  I will come back to you as soon as I have more/better information…. © 2011 Great on the Job43
  • 44. Key Takeaways •  Everyone makes mistakes •  Come armed with solutions, not problems © 2011 Great on the Job44
  • 45. 5. Not Meeting the Right People? How to Network Effectively © 2011 Great on the Job
  • 46. To Do List 1.  Have your personal pitch ready at hand 2.  Make the rounds 3.  Formal organizations: have your conversation starters ready 4.  Informal organizations: make the conversations happen on your own •  Ask for quick “sit downs” to learn about what people do •  Suggest coffee/lunch dates 5.  TOUs © 2011 Great on the Job46
  • 47. Personal Pitch Action Strategy 1.  Punch Line §  Who are you? Why are you unique/compelling? 2.  Back Story §  Think relevant not recent §  Skills based versus industry based 3.  Connect the Dots §  Tie it all together © 2011 Great on the Job47
  • 48. Personal Pitch Example • Punch Line •  Hi, I’m Jodi Glickman and I just joined the Treasury group. I’ve always been interested in global energy policy and I’m thrilled to have joined XOM for the summer • Back Story (skills-based) •  I loved my finance and strategy classes and this internship is a great combination of the two • Connect the Dots •  I actually worked at the EPA before business school so I’m looking forward to seeing the energy industry from another angle to really understand the business challenges we face © 2011 Great on the Job48
  • 49. Make the Rounds © 2011 Great on the Job49
  • 50. Conversation Starters Recent / current project •  I just started here at Estee Lauder and I can’t wait to work with the marketing team on the new fragrance launch •  I know you’ve worked in television and media for many years, any advice for a newcomer? Pop culture / sports / news •  Did you make it to the Philly’s game last night? •  Did you see the HuffPo article about Wall Street’s intellectual capital shift? Background comparison •  I played Lacrosse at Lafayette, where did you play? •  Susan mentioned you grew up in Kansas City. I’m actually from the Midwest too © 2011 Great on the Job50
  • 51. The Inquiry: Making Connections •  Keep it simple / relevant (stay away from macro themes) •  Make it genuine •  Personalize it © 2011 Great on the Job51
  • 52. The Inquiry: Example Language Education •  I’m a UCLA alum, where did you go to school? •  Did you find it difficult to learn the technical aspects of the job given your non- technical background? Professional Background •  What did you do before joining Lilly’s corporate finance group? •  What made you leave sales and move into a marketing role at Abbott? Practical Experience •  What do you think helped make you successful over the long-run? •  What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as a new member of the team? © 2011 Great on the Job52
  • 53. Thinking of Yous (TOUs) •  Send a brief email to someone with an article of interest / update on a deal / regarding a topic you discussed •  Send someone from a competitor firm an email about what you’re working on and request a catch up at the end of the summer •  Send a congratulations– (good news, a promotion, high profile deal, sports team win) •  Send someone an email following up on a group conversation you were listening in on (but perhaps weren’t actively engaged in) © 2011 Great on the Job53
  • 54. Putting It All Together •  The sum of all interactions will combine to create a collective impression of you by others •  It is in your control to make positive impressions on your colleagues in every workplace interaction •  Perception is arguably as important as reality © 2011 Great on the Job54
  • 55. Top 10 List 1.  Get an Offer! 2.  Introduce yourself to everyone 3.  Ask people “do you have a moment?” 4.  End every conversation with forward momentum 5.  Don’t wait until the end of the summer to ask for / get feedback 6.  Don’t ask a question in a meeting you can find the answer to online 7.  Come armed with solutions not problems 8.  Reach out once before internship to ask if you should do anything in advance 9.  Stay in touch with people who didn’t hire you via email –  Before summer starts– where you are going –  End of summer – how your internship went –  Fall 2010 – what you’re looking to do when you graduate 10. Email me at jodi@greatonthejob.com with questions © 2011 Great on the Job55
  • 56. Thank You! Summer Intern Boot Camp www.greatonthejob.com/summer jodi@greatonthejob.com www.greatonthejob.com/blogAll rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of this document is strictly prohibited. © 2011 Great on the Job