Nick Broomfield


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Nick Broomfield

  1. 1.  Broomfield is a minimalistic documentary filmmaker, as he uses small groups of crew members and records the sound of each events alone. Broomfield usually appears in his documentaries by holding film and sound equipment.  The self-reflexive style used by Broomfield is what he is most famous for. As the subject matter as well as the actual film making are to be seen as important as eachother.  “Broomfield's early style was conventional cinema verite: the juxtaposition of observed scenes, with little use of voice-over or text.”(Wikipedia)
  2. 2.  Broomfield was born on the 30th January 1948, in London, England. Nick Broomfield’s father was Maurice Broomfield, who was a successful photographer. This is arguably where Nick Broomfield received his influence.  During the 1960’s Broomfield was educated at Sidcot School, an all-boys boarding school in Somerset. He also studied Law at Cardiff University and Political Science at the University of Essex. These subjects do take presence in Broomfield’s work.  Finally, Broomfield studied into film at the National Film and Television School, in London.
  3. 3.  Nick Broomfield first appeared on his own documentary back in the production of “Driving Me Crazy” (1988).  Before his role was agreed, several arguments occurred to if Broomfield should be present on screen.  After the budget and nature of the film were finally concluded, Broomfield stated he would only participate if he could include his own experiments such as failed interviews and arguments that took place during the filming process.
  4. 4.  Kurt and Courtney was selected for the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, however, Court ney Love threatened to sue Broomfield, which cancelled the screening.  This documentary is arguable Broomfield’s most famous piece of work to date, as it contained current news of the time and further speculation.
  5. 5.  Broomfield adapted his style in 2006 to Direct Cinema, in which he entailed to use “non-actors playing themselves.”  Secondly, Broomfield created a drama called “Ghosts” broadcasted on Chanel 4. The documentary investigated into the 2004 Morecambe cockling disaster where several Chinese cockle pickers drowned. This documentary in particular won several awards and Broomfield was able to donate money to those who where effected by the disaster.
  6. 6.  Nick Broomfield received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Documentary, as well as other various awards from the honorary doctorates from Essex. He has also received an award from the California State Bar Award, in relation to his activism in the situation of legal reform.