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On how we turn into 100% converged personality. Online-offline is one. And we don't just project our identity - we create online.
Work-Personal is one.

Holistic view - Taylorism is gone!

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Sime 100% (en)

  1. 1. Aristotles lyceum (even if the picture is from another school;) Social media before social media
  2. 2. Human trends and attitudes – as we go online... Facebook focus, but translate to all other social media as well
  3. 3. A typical swedish baby ;)
  4. 4. Iris 11 months old She cant stand straight, but she can handle the iphone. DONT fokus on the hard part first.
  5. 5. 4 years old 50% of the swe population is internet users @ age 4 You’ll get there, one day. It may take some time, or it might go faster than we all dare to hope. Anyway. I want you all to be ready.
  6. 6. FOUR TRE N DS, FO R RE AL Four steps towards 100% • You are your identity • You are your network • You are internet • You don't care. Kind of. As we move to a whole person
  7. 7. 1. ID E NT I TY We take bits and pieces of are ”real” identity and project it online. Google yourself everyday
  8. 8. 1. ID E NT I TY Linkedin
  9. 9. 1. ID E NT I TY Google is getting there /profile
  10. 10. 1. ID E NT I TY And of course - the almighty Facebook
  11. 11. 1. ID E NT I TY Bloggs, youtube, flickr, ”old sites” etc... We use all this services, and wear it like a badge. But that’s not enough...
  12. 12. 2 . N E TWO R K the social graph... discovery, identity, authentication, contacts, network - we are all linked together. The economy of links.
  13. 13. 2 . N E TWO R K ... it's people But once we get tired of collecting friends - we realize that people by them selfs are worth nothing. The social graph is not the shit.
  14. 14. M AKE ME N TA L N OTE content isn't king, conversation is content is just the stuff we talk about [social knots]Cory Doctorow (boing boing)
  15. 15. 2 . N E TWO R K and it always has been... Who cares about sports, really? We just want something to talk about...
  16. 16. 2 . N E TWO R K social knots Kids know this. Toys are social objects. They build bridges, they unite. For as long or as short as it takes.
  17. 17. 2 . N E TWO R K Renny Gleeson
  18. 18. 2 . N E TWO R K ”We aren’t simply projecting identity, we’re creating it.” Renny Gleeson @ TED This is the facebook-fix. We get response, we build are identity online as well as offline. And the interact, seamlessly
  19. 19. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T Sharing is caring And we do it together
  20. 20. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T Creating identity... Johari window. Facebook is the perfect feedback loop
  21. 21. 3 . YO U A RE IN TE R NE T The volume... • +1 billion objects added every day (facebook) • +200 millions Facebook by phone • 35 hrs video / every minute (Youtube) • and so on... Close to 600 million users, net uptake 700K/ day
  22. 22. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T Transparency vs. integrity Pushing the limits
  23. 23. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T Transparency vs. integrity *really* pushing the limits...
  24. 24. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T ”It's not information overload it's filter failure” Clay Shirky @ Here comes everybody A great book.
  25. 25. 3 . YO U A RE I NTE R N E T The sound of a modem is not something you’ll hear when Internet takes of. You need lower barriers for full penetration.
  26. 26. 3 . YO U AR E IN TE R NE T It changes how we consume - but also how we produce...
  27. 27. 4 . YO U D ON 'T C ARE The geeks don't rule Speaking of friction - Internet is now easy. Hassle free. That’s when the real fun starts.
  28. 28. 4 . YOU DO N 'T C ARE ”One machine” Look up Kevin Kelly and One Machine
  29. 29. R E ALT IDSW E BB E N Turn us into super heroes
  30. 30. O N E M AC HI NE And we do it all the time, everywhere. Our identity is one!
  31. 31. M AN Y W I ND OWS all the windows into one machine. All our personalities converge.
  32. 32. 4 . YO U D ON 'T C ARE Ubiqutuous It’s not ”not present”, it’s always present - but in the context you prefer.
  33. 33. 4 . YO U D ON 'T C ARE A new look at knowledge All the worlds knowledge in your pocket. New skills are marking the difference.
  34. 34. 4 . YO U D ON 'T C ARE It all comes together Almost no difference between a ”television-site”, a ”newspaper-site” and yours or mine blog.
  35. 35. 4 . YOU DO N 'T C ARE It's a new way out with the old
  36. 36. 4 . YOU DO N 'T C ARE and we really don't care Without regrets
  37. 37. 4 . YOU DO N 'T C ARE We just do. If it works, we keep doing it. Easy as that!
  38. 38. 4 . YOU DO N 'T C ARE like electricity in the wall or water in the tap when will we proclaim access to fast, everywhere available, hassle free internet a human right?
  39. 39. FOUR TRE N DS, FO R RE AL Four steps towards 100% • You are your identity • You are your network • You are internet • You don't care. Kind of. You *will* pass these steps. Make sure you are in the forefront.
  40. 40. This world grows together with the offline world ( Randall Munroe)
  41. 41. Avoid the big #FAIL Go for the ”easy” #WIN Don’t get stuck on the hardest part go for the lowest hanging fruit first. once you get to the hard part, it may already be fixed – and do it together...
  42. 42. When I get sad I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead Key take away Barney Stinson (How I met your mother) "The Bro Code" ...
  43. 43. T HA NKS! @jocke +46 735 187700
  44. 44. THE END