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Drywallinformation 12745001391926 Phpapp02


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  • 1. A.S.A.P. Drywall is a commercial and residential drywall company proudly serving North Carolina. <br /> JOE SCOTT<br />New Construction and Remodel<br /> A.S.A.P. Drywall’s skilled professionals are ready to consult with you regarding your construction project. We are anxious to help with your project, no matter how big or small. Remodel, Drywall Installation, Drywall Repairs, Water Damage, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Custom Textures, New Construction, Additions, and Renovations. <br />We are happy to advise and offer a free estimate. All work will be done in a timely manner by professionals.<br /> BEFORECOSMETIC UPGRADES <br />ASAP Drywall specializes in spray (popcorn) texture removal. This fairly inexpensive, fast upgrade is usually a one day process. To get rid of your old texture, we would mask off and cover your furniture, scrape your ceilings and resurface them with joint compound.  After that, if you desire a smooth paintable finish or one of our many custom textures the choice is yours. <br /> SCRAPINGAFTER<br />WALLPAPER REMOVAL<br />If you are going to remove your wallpaper we have a technique that will save you time and money. We will remove all loose paper, seal, coat and sand. If you have already taken off your wallpaper and you could not get all of it off or you damaged the drywall/sheetrock while in the process, we can seal the remaining wallpaper, repair and smooth out your walls so that they will be ready to be painted.<br /> “No Job Too Small”.<br />HOLES<br />With most small holes, you do not have to replace an entire sheet of drywall.  The smaller the hole is, the easier and cheaper it is to fix.  You only need to replace the damaged area 90% of the time.  With small repairs we can generally give you a price over the phone. If you have a larger damaged area, we will be glad to take a look. CEILING DAMAGESometimes we have the unexpected happen.  This could be a small or large leak in your home; generally it is on the ceiling. You might need to do some detective work to see what the most likely cause is.  Please keep in mind if you are going into your attic to be safe and not step on the drywall, it cannot hold your weight and you will fall through.  If you do not feel up to the task, please call an A/C company, Plumbing company, or a Roofing Company to come out and inspect it for you.  Mold Depending on the job there are several options. CCRACKSThe ground and climate mixes in such a way here, that it causes your home to move and shift. ASAP Drywall can repair these unsightly cracks.NAIL POPS  <br />First and foremost, despite the actual cause of the nail pops, you should know that it is unwise to install drywall using nails.  Hammering a nail through drywall is going to break the drywall.  When drywall is installed using nails, the only thing holding up the drywall to the ceilings and walls is nails through broken drywall. Nail pops can be unsightly but they can be fixed. <br />MOVE A WALL<br />If your wall is not a load baring wall. We will be happy to assist you.<br />FLOOD DAMAGE<br /> <br />ASAP drywall along with a professional drying company will work fast to extract the water to prevent more damage. In most cases holes can be cut in the sheetrock, allowing our dryers to get inside the walls. Depending on the amount of damage, insulation may need removed. If you have the time and feel confident to cut out the damaged drywall and take out the wet insulation, you will have a lesser chance of growing mold.  Reason being, insulation holds moisture for a long time. Please don’t delay in calling ASAP Drywall.<br />