13 su information book beach baby (uo)


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Paul & Joe Beaute Presents "Beach Baby!" Summer 2103 Limited Edition Collection.

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13 su information book beach baby (uo)

  1. 1. 2013SUMMER
  2. 2. SUMMER 2013BEACH
  3. 3. Release Date Code ProductJPNRetailPriceShade2013/5/1Limited APAAQA EYE GLOSS & LIP GLOSS DUO $34.00 5Limited APAAQB EYELINER WP & EYE CRAYON DUO $25.00 5Limited APABNG NAIL ENAMEL $14.00 5Limited APAAVJ SMOOTHING BASE $30.00 1Limited APACBD FRAGRANT HAIR & BODY MIST $28.00 ―Limited APADZA BLOTTING PAPER 2013 $5.00 ―SUMMER 2013BEACH
  4. 4. EYE GLOSS & LIP GLOSS DUOCreating cool summer styles in eye-popping retro shades has never beeneasier with the new Paul & JoeLimited Edition Eyeliner WP & EyeCrayon Duo. Unique, vintage-inspired pairings of ultra-saturatedcolor to perfect your warm weatherappearance – the eye liner addsdefinition, while the eye crayondoubles as an additional liner or asmooth, glossy shadow.This dynamic duo is water resistantso that you will be picture perfectwherever your seaside travels takeyou!
  5. 5. PAUL & JOE EYE GLOSS & LIP GLOSS DUOAPAAQA5shadesEYE GLOSS 3.3 gLIP GLOSS D 2.5 g001 Santa Monica 002 Nice003 Monaco 004 Maui 005 BahamasFor eyes and lips no less impressive thana shining blue ocean reflecting the mid-summer sun.EYE GLOSSLIP GLOSSEYE GLOSS and LIPGLOSS D: Same basicformula as EYE GLOSSDUO (APABEX) and LIPGLOSS G (APABTB),respectivelySuntanned California girls Purple sky at sunsetBeautiful sand beach Bright orange sunset Flamingos = the Bahamas’ national birdShimmering gold x Coconut beige Sunshine yellow x papaya orange White beach x Flamingo pinkGolden rose x Sun-kissed pink Sunset purple x Hot pink
  6. 6. Creating cool summer styles in eye-popping retro shades has neverbeen easier with the new Paul &Joe Limited Edition Eyeliner WP &Eye Crayon Duo. Unique, vintage-inspired pairings of ultra-saturatedcolor to perfect your warm weatherappearance – the eye liner addsdefinition, while the eye crayondoubles as an additional liner or asmooth, glossy shadow. Thisdynamic duo is water resistant sothat you will be picture perfectwherever your seaside travels takeyou!LIMITED EDITION EYELINER WP & EYE CRAYON DUO
  7. 7. PAUL & JOE EYELINER WP & EYE CRAYON DUOAPAAQB5shadesEYELINER WP 0.7 gEYE CRAYON 0.7 g001 Saint-Tropez 002 Fiji003   Cyprus 004 Las Palmas 005 SantoriniEYE CRAYON EYE LINER WPNude beige x Copper brown Sandy brown x Lagoon pinkOlive green x Sunrise orange Palm leaf x Ocean blue Charcoal gray x Turquoise greenAn exclusive French resort adored by Brigitte Bardot An island nation of OceaniaAn island in the eastern MediterraneanSea, south of TurkeyA city on the island of Gran Canaria, one of theSpanish Canary IslandsA volcanic island at the southernmost point of theCyclades islands on the Aegean Sea (Greece)Turn heads up and down the beach with the magic ofBeach Baby’s playful pop colors.
  8. 8. LIMITED EDITION NAIL ENAMELSRide the tides of the worlds’ mostbeautiful beaches with this sixties-inspired collection of pretty pastelNail Enamels. Retro renditions oforange, aqua, opal, mutedlavender and blush round out thisperfect polish collection that isfresh and fun with a vintage flare.From the art deco beat of Miami tothe ultra-luxurious lifestyle inMauritius, the Paul & Joe Spring2013 Nail Enamel collection issure to have you looking as hot asthe summer sun.
  9. 9. PAUL & JOE LIMITED EDITION NAIL ENAMELAPABNG10 ml    5 shadesEnamel your nails with retro and pop summer shades.They are perfect for beach parties held under thebright sunlight.Same bottle shape as NAIL ENAMEL (APAANH)Different cap colors031 MiamiSame basic formula as NAIL ENAMEL (APAANH/APIANH)032 Caribbean033 Bermuda 034 Mauritius 035 RioSun-bleached purple Aqua greenPassion pink Baby pink Carnival orangeRio de Janeiro, a city in BrazilAn African country that forms part of the MascareneIslands in the Indian OceanLocated south of the Gulf of Mexico, adjacent to theAtlantic OceanA resort city in Florida, USABritish territory in the northern Atlantic Ocean
  10. 10. Achieve the perfect palette this season withthe latest skin refining solution from Paul &Joe. The Limited Edition Smoothing Base is afoundation primer with a pore minimizingformula that instantly erases discolorationand dark spots.Delicate Apricot and White Lily Extract supplyskin with a healthy drink of hydration whileApricot and Jojoba oils help skin retainmoisture. The result is smooth, even tonedskin that is prepped for a pretty face offlawless makeup! LIMITED EDITION SMOOTHING BASE
  11. 11. <How to use><How to use>Take the desired amount onto a fingertip and apply evenly over pores and other tonallyTake the desired amount onto a fingertip and apply evenly over pores and other tonallyuneven areas.uneven areas.PAUL & JOESMOOTHING BASEAPAAVJ30 ml 1 shade001  Natural● A foundation base to cover uneven or dark spots around pores● Smooth, oil-free finish● Goes on smoothly and easily and supplies pores with sufficientmoisture● Hides pores and keeps skin oil-free for long periodsKeeps skin fresh, smooth and moist.With a little technique, this smoothing basecovers pores and keeps the skin oil-free.
  12. 12. FRAGRANCE HAIR & BODY MISTFresh, fruity and floral, oh my! The newLimited Edition Fragrance Hair & BodyMist from Paul & Joe is the must-havemoisturizing fragrance duo of theseason, perfect for the body, hair,everywhere!Finally, fragrance meets hydration withthis sensually scented mist that featureslush herbal top notes of lavender,bergamot and citrus; marine and floralmiddle notes of jasmine, neroli and rose;and earthy bottom notes of amber andmusk. Envelop your body in thisinvigorating mist, which is sure torefresh even the hottest of summernights.
  13. 13. PAUL & JOE FRAGRANCE HAIR & BODY MISTAPACBD50 mlAromatic summer scent makes yoursummer more enjoyable.● A fragrant mist to spray on your hair and body● Containing moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair and skinmoisturizedRefresh your mood with fresh herbal andfloral scents.A blend of lavender, orange, and peachscents offers a natural and refreshingfragrance that envelops the body.ウッディ、アンバー、ムスク 等マリンフローラルネロリ、プチグレン、ローズ、ジャスミン( 等)Top NoteMiddle NoteLast NoteWoody, Amber, Musk, etc.MarineMarineFloralFloral((Neroli, petit grainNeroli, petit grain, rose, jasmine, etc.), rose, jasmine, etc.)Herbal GreenHerbal Green((LavenderLavender, rosemary, cassis, etc.), rosemary, cassis, etc.)CitrusCitrus((OrangeOrange, bergamot, lemon, etc.), bergamot, lemon, etc.)FruityFruity((PeachPeach, apple, melon, etc.), apple, melon, etc.)
  15. 15. PAUL & JOE BLOTTING PAPER 2013 (REFILL)APADZABlotting paper with a charming dolphindesign to lift your mood.Instantly transport yourself tothe bright days of summerwith the adorable dolphin-printed Summer 2013 BlottingPapers from Paul & Joe.This season you can soak upmore than just the sun, Paul& Joe’s super absorbentpapers lift dirt and oil from toreveal shine-free skin. Packthese papers in your purse orbeach bag to freshen upanywhere – even on-the-go! 
  16. 16. For this season, we have a new Paul & Joe promotional– Summer Pouch 2013! (cost $7.00) in the order sheet.SUMMER POUCH GWP