Beauty and the beast with twist


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Beauty and the beast with twist

  1. 1. Long, long time ago, there was a man who was being cursed by the witch for he was greedy and wicked man . The curse would only be gone if he could give a real kiss to someone he loved.
  2. 2. Many years later…
  3. 3. There was an old man who was walking in the middle of the forest when he saw a very big mansion. It looked so
  4. 4. But it has a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. The man remembered that his daughter loves flowers.
  5. 5. So, he picked flowers in the garden..
  6. 6. Suddenly, he was scared when he saw a beast who confronted him. Who are you? Who told you to pick flowers without my permission? I’m sorry. I didn't mean to pick flowers in your garden.
  7. 7. But the Beast didn't believe him. I just want to give this flower to my daughter. She loves flowers. So, you have a daughter, right? Yes! In fact, this is her picture!
  8. 8. The old man showed picture of her daughter. The beast was attracted by the picture of a beautiful lady in the first time he saw her.
  9. 9. Therefore, Beast commanded the old man to bring his daughter in the mansion.
  10. 10. I’ll forgive you in what you did and I will let you go home in one condition? What’s the condition? Bring here your daughter, if not, your dead!!
  11. 11. The poor man agreed. He went home doubtfully if would bring his daughter or not..
  12. 12. When he arrived, he talked to her daughter..
  13. 13. Anyway, her name is Belle. She is beautiful but her attitude is bad.
  14. 14. Hey Dad! You’re home! Can you please prepare foods for me? I’m hungry!! Faster!!
  15. 15. He followed her daughter. The man was preparing food when he remembered what Beast told him.
  16. 16. “Bring here your daughter, if not, your dead!!”
  17. 17. He told bell what happened to him in the mansion and now he was begging to her daughter to go there.
  18. 18. Bell got angry, but she had nothing to do. So she just followed her father.
  19. 19. Bell went to the mansion.
  20. 20. “ Eww , what kind of mansion is this? Spider’s web, dusts are seen everywhere, oh my gush!!!”
  21. 21. On the other hand, Beast was sitting when he heard a voice. He went to the place where the voice came .
  22. 22. He walked fast until she saw a beautiful woman. He thought that the woman was the daughter of the old man.
  23. 23. Belle was shocked when he saw the Beast, but she talked to him as if she was not afraid. You! Beast! I’m here now! What do you want?! May I know your name first beautiful lady? Grrr!! I’m Belle!! Just tell me what you need! Can you do me a favor? Me? How dare you ugly Beast! I’ll give you money in exchange. Ha-ha! Really? Ok what favor? Visit me here thrice a week. I just want to have a friend.
  24. 24. Belle agreed. She used to visit him thrice a week…
  25. 25. .. until Beast has been totally felt in loved with Belle.
  26. 26. One day, Beast admitted his feelings to Belle.. Bell, I have something to tell you. What is it, Beast? ? I- I’m in love with you . What?? Ha-ha. Are you in love with me? Are you making out of fool with me?? You?? Who has a scary face? You’re insane! Ha - ha-ha!!!
  27. 27. Beast didn't answer, instead he gave Bell a very passionate and real kiss..
  28. 28. Suddenly, the scary face of the Beast turned into a very handsome man.
  29. 29. But the man didn’t expect what happened to Belle.
  30. 30. A very beautiful lady also slowly turned to a scary lady. She became the beast now.
  31. 31. Belle can’t accept what happened to her. But even she turned to a freak, the handsome man still loved her with all his heart.
  32. 32. THE END…