Summit14 -T4.2: BadA$$ Career Sites - Nakamura


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Summit14 - Jobvite Annual User Conference - Breakout Session Presentation. 4.30-5.1

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Summit14 -T4.2: BadA$$ Career Sites - Nakamura

  1. 1. Bad A$$ Career Site Mai Nakamura Jobvite, Lead Web Developer
  2. 2. Agenda Best Practices for Career Sites Standard VS Premium Career Site Integration Solutions • Hosted Solution Tips • iFrame Solution Tips • API Solution Tips Mobile Career Site Demo Q&A
  3. 3. Best Practices for Career Sites
  4. 4. Keep It Simple, Keep It Interesting Here are a few simple tips anyone can use for improving their career site: • DO keep your Apply page short and simple • DON’T use redundant forms or duplicate fields • DO personalize the company through employee testimonials, photos, or video • DO emphasize your culture and benefits • DON’T use HR-centric wording in job descriptions • DO list jobs under broad categories • DO make it easy for candidates to find your jobs • DO make an all positions page if you are separating your jobs by category/department
  5. 5. Standard VS Premium
  6. 6. Standard Career Sites All Jobvite customers receive a standard, hosted career site during activation. Our standard career sites only allow a few customizations: • Remove the logo/colored bar to allow the content to be embedded in an iFrame • Edit the introduction text • Add a link to an external CSS file that the customer hosts which will allow overrides of certain styles within the career site (without Jobvite changing the styles) • Add custom fields to the Apply form • Width flexibility to accommodate iFrame • Unique URLs when career site is implemented with an iFrame Examples:
  7. 7. Premium Career Sites With an additional fee, you can receive a custom career site that matches your company’s brand. • Fully branded career site to match your corporate website • Custom layout • Links to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, RSS, etc. • Custom buttons and graphics • Custom job grouping/organization (Category, Location, Region, Department) • Custom style for fonts, links, headers, etc. • Display featured jobs • Search filters for: Location, Region, Category, Department • Basic keyword search Examples:
  8. 8. Career Site Integration Options
  9. 9. Hosted Solution (Basic) The hosted solution is great if you have limited technical staff, will not be making frequent changes to the website, or want your visitors to know you are using an external service. Tips: • Link the logo on your career site to go back to your company website • Customize the introduction wording Standard example: BrightTag: AdRoll: Premium example: Hearst: Carfax: Rue LaLa:
  10. 10. iFrame Solution (Intermediate) The iFrame solution is great if you have access to an IT Admin that can implement the short list of iFrame instructions. Visitors to your site will still see your URL in their browsers instead of, so they’ll know that they’re applying for a job at your company. It allows you to continue to have more control over the design of the page outside of the iFrame, so you can make simple changes on your own. Compared to the hosted solution where you’ll have to work with a Jobvite engineer to make any changes to the hosted pages. Tips: • Request to make career site iFrame friendly • Request to have unique URLs implemented on your requisitions • Request to include your CSS stylesheet link so you can override the basic styles Standard example: Premium example:
  11. 11. API Solution (Advance) The API solution is great if you have the technical resources to implement the career site by pulling in the requisition data from our requisition API provided by Jobvite. With this integration, your web team is required to create your own job listing and description pages. However, you are still required to use our apply page as our requisition API is not open 100%. Tips: • Integrate apply page into an iFrame so you keep the user on your website • Make URL structure SEO friendly Standard example: Premium example:
  12. 12. NEW Mobile Career Site
  13. 13. Coming soon!!
  14. 14. Mai Nakamura Jobvite, Lead Web Developer THANK YOU!