Summit14 -T3.4: Time-To-Hire KIXEYE
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Summit14 -T3.4: Time-To-Hire KIXEYE



Summit14 - Jobvite Annual User Conference - Breakout Session Presentation. 4.30-5.1

Summit14 - Jobvite Annual User Conference - Breakout Session Presentation. 4.30-5.1



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Summit14 -T3.4: Time-To-Hire KIXEYE Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Reducing Time-to-Hire in a Growing Field! L. Casey Manning, Jr. KIXEYE, Director of Recruiting
  • 2. How I Got Here . . . ! §  Started as a Office Coordinator in 2003 §  Moved into Technical Recruiting in 2005 §  Supported Fortune 500 companies such as VISA, McKesson, and Google §  Moved into Gaming in 2011
  • 3. Recruiting at KIXEYE! §  Joined KIXEYE in 2012 §  January 2012 – 104 people on payroll §  July 2014 – 500 people on payroll §  200% increase in 18 months
  • 4. How did KIXEYE grow so fast???!
  • 5. Add Video Here
  • 6. History of KIXEYE! §  KIXEYE founded in 2007 §  Pioneer in AAA gameplay for social platforms §  Deep, complex, and unique game experiences
  • 7. KIXEYE’S Products
  • 8. What is Time-to-Hire? A common measure used in Human Resources to evaluate average amount of time it takes to fill an open position. This is normally measured from the point the job request is submitted by the hiring manager to the point the new employee walks in the door. -Workforce Management Magazine (2011)
  • 9. What’s Wrong with Time-to-Hire? •  It places emphasis on speed not quality •  It takes time to recruit top talent •  It takes time to get to know someone
  • 10. Why Reducing Time-to-Hire is Important •  Allows organization to build and scale teams •  Creates an environment of creativity and experimentation •  Increases internal opportunities for employees •  Better planning, productivity, and profit!
  • 11. How Do You Reduce Time-to-Hire? •  Identify YOUR culture •  Build a Recruiting team of specialists •  Develop a team of experts •  Engage Teams and Internal Experts. . . constantly
  • 12. Time-to-Hire Influencers •  Hiring Managers •  Internal Teams and Interviewers •  External Community and Partners •  Deep Industry knowledge and awareness
  • 13. Impact on Time-to-Hire •  Deep and Active Network of Talent •  Highly engaged community of Top Talent •  You know who you’re hiring!
  • 14. Conclusion! •  Identify your culture, and stick to it! •  Hire passionate team members •  Engage with your hiring managers, and get them engaged •  Stay active within the community •  Only settle for the best
  • 15. L. Casey Manning, Jr. KIXEYE, Director of Recruiting THANK YOU!!