Summit14 T1.2: Effective Communication to Talent Network -Ho


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Summit14 - Jobvite Annual User Conference - Breakout Session Presentation. 4.30-5.1

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Summit14 T1.2: Effective Communication to Talent Network -Ho

  1. 1. Courting the Prospects: How to Effectively Communicate to Your Talent Network Stanley Ho Account Manager, Jobvite Engage
  2. 2. Agenda Knowing Your Audience (who/what/when/why?) Email Marketing (Best Practices) Social Media – Recruiting/Marketing (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) Webpage/Branding (Client examples: Evernote/Stanford; JDA/ASU; ExactTarget)
  3. 3. Knowing Your Audience Who: For example: Millennials • Different preferences than other generations • Engagement with brands more extensively, personally, and emotionally • Expect to be heard and have a mutual relationship with companies Where: • Everywhere! Millennials are digital and tech savvy. • The Internet, Social Media on mobile devices have greatly amplify Millennials’ opinions and reach • Millennials are also vocal critics. Taken to social media, reviews, and blogs and that criticism can go viral.
  4. 4. Knowing Your Audience What: • Relevance and Relation: how is the message relevant to them, right now, and how does it relate to them personally? • Information is just a few clicks away • What is my call to action? When/Why: • More than other generations, Millennials desire the opportunity to interact and to be listened to anywhere and anytime • Why should I act on this?
  5. 5. Email Marketing
  6. 6. Email Marketing Subject Line • Short but informative • Most subject lines get seen while only a small percent gets opened Personalized • If possible, research on the person or group, mention something relevant, show that you took the time to get to know your talent pool • Be different and human Templates/Schedules • Automate and schedule • Yet show that you still have a pulse
  7. 7. Email Marketing Call to Action • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid • It’s clear what you want them to do • Give the recipient only one choice Trackable • Now that there’s a call to action – now track it – they might not respond to your email, but instead they might click Check Spelling, Grammar, Fonts, and Colors Signatures – linking to your online assets
  8. 8. Social Media - Recruiting/Marketing
  9. 9. Social Media - Recruiting/Marketing
  10. 10. Social Media - Recruiting/Marketing LinkedIn • Profile searches • Build network • Join groups • Post Jobs (Jobvite Publisher)
  11. 11. Social Media - Recruiting/Marketing Facebook • FB Personal vs. Fan Pages • General Information • Share posts • Work With Us Apps
  12. 12. Social Media - Recruiting/Marketing Twitter • Types of tweets • General Information tweets • Jobs tweets • 140 Characters
  13. 13. Social Media Recruiting/Marketing Glassdoor: Reviews of Jobs/Companies/Salaries/Interviews YouTube/Vimeo: Insight to company culture, product offerings, demos, customer videos • Regardless of the channel - stay active • Maintain engagement with both potential candidates and current employees. • Referrals!
  14. 14. Webpage Campaigns • Event Promotions • Local Community Outreach • Signature Assets • University Career Fairs
  15. 15. Webpage Campaigns
  16. 16. Questions/Feedback?
  17. 17. Stanley Ho Account Manager, Jobvite Engage THANK YOU!