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Summit14 - Jobvite Annual User Conference - CEO Keynote. 4.30

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  • Job seekers care about more than just a salaryThey want to work for a company with a compelling culture, autonomy and satisfying work
  • Summit14: Keynote1_TransparencyRevolution_Finnigan

    2. 2. The Geography of Jobs
    3. 3. unemployment getting better – but slowing nonfarm payroll employment, seasonally adjusted | 2007 - 2014 Jul 07 May 08 Mar 09 Jan 10 Nov 10 Sep 11 Jul 12 May 13 Mar 14 unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted | 2007 - 2014 Source: -800 -400 0 200 400 -200 -600 4 7 9 11 Jul 07 May 08 Mar 09 Jan 10 Nov 10 Sep 11 Jul 12 May 13 Mar 14
    4. 4. upheaval everywhere
    5. 5. the world is
    6. 6. upheaval everywhere: timeline Apr 2011 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak detained Feb 2011 Unrest in Iran and Libya Dec 2010 Unrest in Tunisia Aug 2008 Facebook hits 100 million MAUs Jun 2009 Protests in Iran Jan 2011 Unrest in Algeria, Jordan, Ye men and Lebanon
    7. 7. Apr 2011 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak detained Feb 2011 Unrest in Iran and Libya Dec 2010 Unrest in Tunisia Aug 2008 Facebook hits 100 million MAUs Jun 2009 Protests in Iran Jan 2011 Unrest in Algeria, Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon upheaval everywhere: timeline Sep 2011 Twitter hits 100 million MAUs Mar 2014 Facebook hits 1 billion mobile users Nov 2013 Unrest in Ukraine May 2013 Protests in Turkey Jan-Present Renewed unrest in Turkey; protests in Venezuela; Egypt protests return #Sinai_out_of_Coverage #Elect_the_Pimp 500 million impressions in last month “My hashtag encouraged people to reveal what is inside them.”
    8. 8. social media losing momentum? I beg to differ world population China India Facebook Tencent Whatsapp United States Google + Indonesia LinkedIn Twitter
    9. 9. upheaval Oct 2011 22-year-old Molly Katchpole wrote a petition on against the fee, which eventually gathered 300,00 signatures Set 2011 During a $45 billion bailout, Bank of America announced a $5 debit card fee Soon after Bank of America dropped the fee Nov 2011 “Bank Transfer Day” event page appeared on Facebook, attracting 8,900 attendees; U.S. credit unions enrolled $4.5 billion in new accounts in business
    10. 10. Johnson changed logo, banned coupons, “discounts”, sales and the shopping experience JCP‟s core customers were accustomed to Fall 2011 Ron Johnson (former Apple executive) hired to revamp JC Penney Johnson responded by calling for more customer “education” “Penney reported a 20% drop in sales and a $163 million loss in its first quarter under its new strategy Apr 2013 After disastrous holiday sales, he was out by April 2013 upheaval in business
    11. 11. upheaval in business 92,092 tweets 77% of them negative on the change Ill-fated experiment in splitting DVD rental and streaming business into two subscriptions - Netflix and Qwikster Later Netflix CEO backtracked and quashed Qwikster
    12. 12. the relationship between companies and people has changed…customers have the power who do people trust? To what extent do you trust the following? 62% “A person like yourself” 43% Corporate CEO (Source: 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer – 62% Ads on TV 84% Recommendations from people I know 42% Banner ads (Source: Nielsen Global Trust Report 2013 –
    13. 13. we live in an age of instant broadcasting
    14. 14. which would you rather be?
    15. 15. companies have to be great to succeed 62 million views millions of shares #wearebeautiful
    16. 16. companies have to be great to succeed 1.6 million followers 7 million fans 400 million views
    17. 17. companies have to be great to succeed 4.6 million+ views
    18. 18. that means us, too Employees shop for jobs just like they shop for consumer goods
    19. 19. there's no hiding a bad work culture That „distressed baby‟ who Tim Armstrong blamed for benefits cuts? She’s my daughter. Deanna Fei
    20. 20. there s no hiding a bad work culture there s no hiding a bad work culture
    21. 21. great companies and workplaces will rise to the top Fast–paced startup with a great management team and tons of opportunity to grow. The people are just the best. Amazing culture. Always learning something new at Twitter University. Learn a lot about effective ways to lead yourself, lead others, and interact with people in a powerful and meaningful way.
    22. 22. competition for candidates will increase of HR professionals predict that a shortage of skilled workers will have a major impact over the next five years. 73%
    23. 23. competition for candidates will increase Top three most difficult types of open positions to fill Manufacturing organizations 79% High-skilled technical positions 87% Scientists 92%
    24. 24. working age population shrinking worldwide Source: Deloitte Research, UN Population Division ( demographics (%) 200 100 0 -50 Mexico Brazil India China South Korea Australia Canada US Netherlands Spain France UK Russia Italy Japan Germany 1970 - 2010 2010 - 2050
    25. 25. Source: Bureau of Labor StatisticsSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs in future require education % change employment 2012- 2022 Less than High School 11% High School 8% Some College 11% Associate Degree 18% Bachelor‟s Degree 12% Master‟s Degree 18% Doctoral / Professional Degree 16%
    26. 26. creating a serious shortage education pays Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survery unemployment rate in 2013 (%) median weekly earnings in 2013 ($) doctoral degree professional degree master s degree bachelor s degree associate s degree some college, no degree high school diploma less than a high school diploma all workers 6.1% all workers $827 2.2 2.3 3.4 4.0 5.4 7.0 7.5 11.0 1,623 1,714 1,329 1,108 777 727 651 472
    27. 27. 71%of U.S. labor force is on the job market job “shopping” is the new norm
    28. 28. the job-shopping generation on average, millenials will hold 15-20 jobs in their career Source: median tenure in current job: 6.2 Number of jobs the average millenial holds between 18 and 26 3 yrs californians and millenials 4.6 yrs in the U.S. 18 mostartup engineer
    29. 29. Be authentic and human, or get left behind the most important question is not: Is my price low enough? Is it reliable enough? Do I offer enough features? Am I on the right social media channels? Is the website cool enough? Am I promising enough? the most important question is: Do they trust me enough to believe my promises? Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest. Seth Godin
    30. 30. admit your mistakes
    31. 31. people want to be humans, not just workers Aside from income, workers want: Business to generate social good To work for innovators To be developed as leaders To make a difference themselves (i.e. through charity, volunteering, etc. ) 65% 78% 63% 75% Source: Deloitte Millenial Survey, 2014
    32. 32. Culture eats strategy for breakfast Peter Drucker
    33. 33. create a culture, not just a workplace  Deliver WOW Through Service  Embrace and Drive Change  Create Fun and A Little Weirdness  Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded  Pursue Growth and Learning  Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication  Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit  Do More With Less  Be Passionate and Determined  Be Humble
    34. 34. 27,732 culture and authenticity help you cut through the clutter # of online ads viewed by age range, annually: 18-34 26,544 35-54 21,636 55+
    35. 35. know your candidates and do your homework in one minute online… 3.5 million searches 120 new accounts 100 hours of video 350,000 tweets 243,000 photos
    36. 36. recruiting is marketing Sourcing Insight Collaborative Hiring Nurturing / Talent Pool
    38. 38. 78%of recruiters have made a hire through social media social gives insight and further reach SOURCING INSIGHT COLLABORATIVE HIRING NURTURING / TALENT POOL
    39. 39. use social platforms to appeal to candidates SOURCING INSIGHT COLLABORATIVE HIRING NURTURING / TALENT POOL
    40. 40. 43%mobile has arrived in a big way of job seekers have used a smartphone to search for a job. SOURCING INSIGHT COLLABORATIVE HIRING NURTURING / TALENT POOL
    42. 42. video drives consistency and cost savings SOURCING INSIGHT COLLABORATIVE HIRING NURTURING / TALENT POOL
    43. 43. Jobvite heroes everything anyone wants from a company 4.6 100%approval of CEO on Glassdoor
    44. 44. Jobvite heroes 4.1the best part of this company is the people…no BS and no ego 86%approval of CEO on Glassdoor
    45. 45. Jobvite heroes  mission-driven organization with company culture to match  global recruiting effort appeals to candidates across cultures 100%approval of CEO on Glassdoor
    46. 46. *Source: Gallup: **Source: UN World Happiness Report 2013; include graph from p. 147 here: 0.78 Correlation between job satisfaction and overall life evaluation** you deliver happiness
    47. 47. #jobvite14#jobvite14 Dan Finnigan THANK YOU!