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Jobvite Webcast: Weird, Authentic and Fun: The Zappos' Family Take on Recruiting and Social Media …

Jobvite Webcast: Weird, Authentic and Fun: The Zappos' Family Take on Recruiting and Social Media

Recorded on April 20, 2011

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Weird, Authentic and Fun: The Zappos Familys Take On Recruiting and Social MediaCheryl Anne Fernandez Drew KovacsHR Project Manager Sourcing, Inc.,
  • 2. Survey…Says!Partial - personal 0-20% - company 0-20%Partial - personal 20-50% - company 20-50%Dedicated - personal 50-80% - company 50-80%(Actual Time Spent/Week X%) 2
  • 3. ZAPPOS AT A GLANCE: Founded in 1999 1887 in Louisville 2953 employees 1066 in Las Vegas© 2009
  • 4. ZAPPOS AT A GLANCE: Fast, FREE FREE return shipping shipping Fast, friendly, expert Customer Fast Loyalty Team 365-day fulfillment return policy SERVICE!© 2009
  • 5. SERVICE CULTURE! How we ensure both with each employee: $2000 incentive to quit 5 weeks of training Open, collaborative Trust© 2009
  • 6. Q: What is Zappos’ social media policy during work hours?A: “Well, we really don’t have a policy…employees are able to log in on their breaks and send tweets or update Facebook.” - Fred Mossler, No Title, Zappos Merchandising, Inc. “Our customers always come first, but employeesA: are free to use Twitter as long as our customers are not waiting to be helped. - Pam Tidmore, VP of Pipeline, Zappos CLT, HR,, Inc. 6
  • 7. Huh…buh…wha?!Q: So, how do you monitor activity?A: "We don’t monitor our employees. We feel that if we focus on the culture, we can trust our employees to make good decisions and we don’t need policies or monitoring of what they are doing.” - Fred Mossler, No Title, Zappos Merchandising, Inc. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. Who are we? What do we want? How do we get there?© 2009
  • 10. Who are we? Figured out values and culture.© 2009
  • 11. 1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and a little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, & Open-Minded5. Pursue Growth & Learning6. Build Open & Honest Relationships w/ Communication7. Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit8. Do More With Less9. Be Passionate & Determined10. Be Humble Who are we?
  • 12. “Zappified” Recruitment Life CycleSkits, Videos Who are we?
  • 13. No tools...Zappos Recruiting 1.0 Who are we?
  • 14. What do we want? Vision Quest!© 2009
  • 15. Original concept: Provide best selection of shoe sizes and stylesThinking big: Provide best service (clothes, accessories, housewares, etc…) What do we want?
  • 16. Original concept: In-house, drive and screen for culture.Thinking big: WOW! service (feedback for all, referrals, exploratory) What do we want?
  • 17. Tony + Twitter…Zappos Recruiting 2.0 What do we want? 17
  • 18. Zappos Recruiting 2.0 What do we want?
  • 19. How do we get there? “P. E. C.”© 2009
  • 20. Personal Emotional Connection Very little constraints (a whole lotta trust) Authentic, personal touches How do we get there?
  • 21. PEC, Mullet-Style! NOT “networking,” or “building relationships” (Individual expression, being real) Specific feedback (Technical and/or culture-based) How do we get there?
  • 22. Zappos Recruiting 2.+Platforms Dedicated Youtube channel, LinkedIn group Iterative upgrades to LinkedIn Recruiter account Jobvite analytics (activity best focused where?)Employees How do we get there?
  • 23. 23
  • 24. 24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. “Be real and use your best judgment.”- Tony Hsieh, CEO,, Inc. 26
  • 27. 27
  • 28. How Did Candidates Find Us This Year? 38321 34883, 91.0%40000350003000025000200001500010000 3438, 9.0% 5000 0 Referrals Non Referrals Total
  • 29. Where Did Our Hires Come From This Year? 2010 Hires 222025002000 1580, 71.2%1500 640, 28.8%1000 500 0 Referral Non referral Total
  • 30. How many referrals from Jobvites? 70, 3% 570, 26% Jobvites Non-Jobvite Referrals Non Referral 1580, 71% 30
  • 31. Social Media BreakdownSource Candidates Hired Not Hired % Hired % Not HiredNon Social Media 23551 1670 21881 7% 93%Facebook 318 17 301 5% 95%Facebook App 6 2 4 33% 67%LinkedIn 11 0 11 0% 100%Twitter 1 0 1 0% 100%TOTAL 23887 1689 22198 7% 93%Source Candidates Hired Not Hired % Hired % Not HiredSocial Media 336 19 317 6% 94%Non Social Media 23551 1670 21881 7% 93%TOTAL 23887 1689 22198 7% 93%
  • 32. Non-Social Media BreakdownLocation (All)Social Media? NCount of Full Name No Yes Grand 6 6AddThis 1 1Agency Conversion 77 116 193boxesandarrows(UX) 11 11Craigslist 697 41 738DeVry_University 4 4Dice 117 117Email 24 3 27Employee Referral 1305 409 1714External Job Board - LVRJ 1 1External Referral 43 6 49here/a 15 15Hiring Manager 86 42 128Indeed 1661 33 1694Internal Candidate 363 237 600Internal Transfer 2 19 21
  • 33. Non-Social Media BreakdownLocation (All)Social Media? NCount of Full Name No Yes Grand TotalIU_Career_Site 15 15Job Fair 9 9Job Notification 736 30 766Job_News_Louisville 30 5 1 6JustTechJobs 6 6LSHRM 44 1 45Monster 5 982 7 989Oodle 26 2 2Recruiter 53 16 69SHRM 32 32SimplyHired 361 12 373stackoverflow 45 45Staffing Agency 323 15 338Sullivan College of Technology & Design 11 3 14UNLV 11 11Walk In Applicant 51 2 53Wow Through Service 1 1Zappos Career Site 14716 677 15393Zappos Yahoo Group 4 4Grand Total 21881 1670 23551
  • 34. • Expand use of ATS functionalities.Predicting the – Create a video orFuture Age demo for internal PR – Contests – Focus on department or 1 hiring manager. • Increased presence on more platforms. – Blogs, chat, RSS, social networks, message boards, podcasts, video / photo sharing sites, wikis…. 34
  • 35. The Future Age 35
  • 36. Want complete immersionin Zappos social media? jobs, videos, company info), Zappos Family, lifestyles) interface: Jobs tab) The Zappos Family of Companies, Zappos Family Careers
  • 37. Contact Us!(the boring, analytics stuff) (the fun, strategy stuff)Cheryl Anne Fernandez Drew KovacsHR Project Manager Sourcing, Inc., a copy of this presentation?How about copies of our culture book?Any additional questions not addressed today?Tour our offices next time you’re in Vegas! 37
  • 38. P.S. You might be wondering why we need to have a legal and financial disclaimer in this presentation, but you are still reading, so our lawyers, auditors and accountants would really like to make sure we make the following clarifications. Although an audit was underway and almost done, the financial information presented in this slide show was unaudited. We made every effort to present the best information we had at the time. Gross merchandise sales is a non-GAAP metric. We use it to express the total demand across all of our web sites and stores. This number measures the dollar value of the orders placed in the year before accruing for certain items such as returns, and it ignores certain timing cut-offs that are required by GAAP for revenue recognition purposes. So the gross merchandise sales number should be viewed just as an interesting number that we want to share with our friends. This presentation contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, as well as assumptions that, if they ever materialize or prove incorrect, could cause our results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements and assumptions. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risk of economic slowdown, the risk of over or under buying, the risk of consumers not shopping online or at our web site at the rate we expected, the risk of supplier shortages, the risk of new or growing competition, the risk of a natural or some other type of disaster affecting our fulfillment operations or web servers, and the risk of the world generally coming to an end. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements, including statements of expectation or belief; and any statement of assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward- looking statements. Congratulations on making it through all the fine print. If you enjoy fine print, look for openings on our legal and 38 finance team at
  • 39. Q&ADiscussionThank you! 39