Jobvite Webinar: 5 Easy Ways for Recruiters to Engage Talent Pools

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Jobvite Webinar: 5 Easy Ways for Recruiters to Engage Talent Pools

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Let’s face it, it’s easy to say you’re going to build talent pools filled with passive candidates—but it’s hard to actually do. And it’s even harder once you’ve built a talent pool in your area of......

Let’s face it, it’s easy to say you’re going to build talent pools filled with passive candidates—but it’s hard to actually do. And it’s even harder once you’ve built a talent pool in your area of need to figure out what to do next. You know how to recruit, but what do you say to a talent pool filled with passive candidates who aren’t ready or willing to buy into the positions you’re selling?

This webinar features:

- A simple definition of what a talent pool is, how you organize it in your ATS, and how to manage the concept of “opt-in” to the people you include in that talent pool. The definition of who gets included and “opt-in” is important, because you’re gong to broadcast a bit over time– which will feel different (in a good way) to candidates included in the talent pool.

- A checklist of information you already have access to in your company that those passive talent pool candidates would love to hear about. It’s a checklist! All you have to do is go find the info we list and you’re golden.

- Data on best practices in thinking like a marketer (do you use email, LinkedIn, snail mail, SMS, etc.) to engage your talent pool– without looking like a stalker.

- Grand Finale: we’ll deliver the top 5 ways to engage talent pools – and for each engagement method, we’ll list what the communication looks like, where to find the information and why doing it the way we recommend is the best practice.

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  • Jobvite is a recruiting automation platform. We only focus on recruiting. Jobvite provides tools and solutions for:Social open web sourcing and searchTalent pool management and collaborationCampaign Management and job marketingFull social referral trackingAll the way through the hiring process with deep applicant tracking, workflow management, dynamic interview scheduling and company branding with hosted career websites.At Jobvite, we believe and provide the tools to make every employee part of the hiring and branding process.
  • Jobvite powers many of the whose who in corporate hiring and talent pool sourcing. From high tech, to energy all the way to healthcare, we cater to multiple industries and recruiting processes. We spend a lot of time with our customers like TWITTER, ZAPPOS, LINKEDIN, and many more to drive our products to be all that they are.Thank you for letting Jobvite be a part of the webinar today.


  • 1. 5 Easy Ways for Recruiters/HR Pros To Engage Talent Pools <Without Looking Like a Complete Stalker>
  • 2. How to Participate Today • Open and close your Panel • View, Select, and Test your audio • Submit text questions and join in the conversation in the questions box • Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session – please ask them in the questions box • Follow on the back channel via Twitter using the hashtag #Jobvite #Jobvite
  • 3. Presenter Info • • • • Kris Dunn CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting) Founder of Fistful of Talent , The HR Capitalist Hoops Junkie #Jobvite
  • 4. #Jobvite
  • 5. What the Heck Is a Talent Pool?
  • 6. The Definition of a Talent Pool • Talent Pools are a collection of recruiting contacts separated by specific disciplines and other factors • A cohort of candidates/employees selected for various criteria they share in common – for example, functional area, expertise, language, etc. • BROADER – any one you want to connect with so you can communicate with them over time as a means of influencing
  • 7. Who Cares?
  • 8. You Should Only Care About Talent Pools If: • You ever want to make key hires without starting from scratch every time • If you want external referrals that are high quality and qualified by the referral party on your behalf • You have trouble recruiting for a specific skill set in a specific market
  • 9. The Definition of Opt In • Opt-In refers to permission given by individual for a 3nd party to communicate directly with them in the future • Marketers deal with this every day • Good news for you as a recruiter – if someone has connected with you via ATS submission or LinkedIn/Social connection, you’ve already received a form of Opt-In
  • 10. Example of How ATS Systems Help Prep You For Talent Pool Communication <Jobvite> Jobvite Refer Jobvite Engage Leverage everyone’s social connections for faster, higher quality hiring Supercharge your sourcing power when you build a talent pool Jobvite Hire Revolutionize the way you track applicants, from requisition to hire
  • 11. The Jobvite Customer Reach…
  • 12. #Jobvite
  • 13. The Assumption…
  • 14. 5 Pieces of Info/Content You Have Access To That Drives Talent Pool Interest 1. The professional grade quality of your people in similar roles 2. Things potential peers are working on 3. A commitment to learning and development 4. Trench stories that indicate you don’t suck 5. Eye Candy/Photos/Videos
  • 16. #Jobvite
  • 17. THE FORMULA: <btp+cm>=ce** **build talent pools+content marketing=candidate engagement
  • 18. Tools a Marketer Would Use to Leverage and Influence Talent Pools • Nothing works without quality content • Once quality content is there, focus of marketers turns to distribution/promotion, which leads to engagement with your brand. • Best distribution/promotional tools for recruiters include: – – – – – – Email LinkedIn Social Live events Text Snail Mail • Which ones can be delivered by your ATS/LinkedIn or Social Accounts? • Trends…
  • 19. #Jobvite
  • 20. BOOM!! The Top 5 Ways To Engage Talent Pools
  • 21. FIRST: Some Notes On The Thought Process Behind the Top 5 Ways to Engage Talent Pools 1. The list assumes you’ve already built talent pools and know who you’re targeting 2. Remember the formula – btp+cm = ce? This part is focused on “cm” or content marketing. 3. Use our list of the 5 Pieces of Info/Content You Have Access To in order to build our engagement tools. 4. Our list of the Top 5 Ways to Engage Talent Pools includes a content strategy, notes on why it’s important and notes on how to deliver it to candidates. 5. We’ll list the Top 5 in order, from the simplest to hardest to deliver.
  • 22. Strategy #1: Map and Develop Consistent Content Related to What’s Going On In Your Company • The simplest of all the Talent Pool strategies, you commit to creating “x” content pieces per week and do it • Use the 5 Pieces of Info/Content You Have Access To to build unlimited content pieces to share with your talent poo(s) • Why it’s great: You have lots going on to feature • Why It’s Hard to Do: It takes time and you might need someone who can write • How To Deliver: via a company blog that’s linked to your careers page • Weakness: Assumes talent pools are checking your company out regularly, which is incorrect • Best used in combination with some of the talent pool engagement strategies to follow (see content streaming and email newsletter)
  • 23. Strategy #2: Content Streaming on Social Media with Social Mentions • Simple strategy – you are the aggregator and curator of content that your talent pool would find interesting (sets you up as expert) • Content can be 100% external to your company or a mix of external and data in Strategy #1 • Set a goal to stream “x” number of articles per day, add your comments to them • Deliver and distribution happens via LinkedIn and other forms of social media (assumes you have talent pools built in those) • You can aggregate the best article shared for content points in later strategies • To target specific members of a talent pool, use social mentions in each share • See Social Hygiene whitepaper for best strategy (Feedly to Buffer)
  • 24. Strategy #3: Featured Player • Give the gift of recognition • Recurring program that features a member of the external talent pool in question • You ID one member of the talent pool per month and feature them as an expert • Ways to create the profile or content include Q&A, 10 Questions with “x”, a written profile or an audio or video interview • The impact – you’re creating authority for both your company and the talent pool member being featured • Allows the talent pool to connect and learn from and about each other • Implied impact – you’re grabbing authority for your company, and it’s implied that if you care enough to sponsor the series, you must be a decent place to work
  • 25. Strategy #4 – An Oldie, But a Goodie. A Newsletter Focused on a Specific Talent Pool • Newsletters are powerful, especially when used to focus on and target engagement with specific talent pools • Simple path – use the content generated in strategies #1, #2 and #3 and #5 to complete a monthly newsletter focused on specific talent pools • Mixture of things focused on talent pool and a broader view of your company (think 3:1 ratio) • Naming counts – spend time on that • Do a slick HTML version • Distribution – happens through email, with digital version available to promote on Linked in and other forms of social media
  • 26. Strategy #5: Vanity Project (Senior Level Talent Pool Engagement) • To this point, we’ve shared content and used email marketing and social to distribute • For the last strategy, you’re going to create your own vanity group of people with same skills, profession or career interests to engage a talent pool • You create and name the group (example, Newark Number Crunchers, etc) • Once named, as curator of the group you develop the strategy for how the group communicates, what the value prop is in joining (think learning and development, when it meets online and/or in person) • Once you have your platform description in place, you market membership to your talent pool and even jump on the phone with interested parties to tell them your goal in doing it, which is to give the gift to the pool • Create a monthly list of activities and be consistent • Distribution – live events, email, social, LinkedIn groups, webcasts • Make membership exclusive
  • 27. #Jobvite
  • 28. #Jobvite
  • 29. Kris: Twitter: @kris_dunn LinkedIn: More info on Jobvite: xxxxxx Twitter: @jobvite