Jobvite Social Recruitment Report 2008


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Jobvite's free report on how companies use social networking to acquire talent.

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Jobvite Social Recruitment Report 2008

  1. 1. Social Recruitment Survey Results
  2. 2. Social Recruitment Survey Results Jobvite, a provider of next-generation recruitment solutions, has published results of its 2008 Social Recruitment Survey. Social recruitment is the practice of leveraging social and professional networks, online and offline, for talent acquisition. The survey shows that companies are increasingly tapping social networks to find employees. But most have yet to implement a comprehensive social recruitment strategy that fully leverages companies’ most valuable social networks – those of their employees. Jobvite’s survey focused on the recruiting habits of small and medium sized businesses. The survey was completed by 115 human resources and recruitment professionals, the majority of which (81%) had between 1-1000 employees at their company. 1. Do you or your company use social networking or 2. Which social networking sites do you or your social media to support recruitment efforts? company use to find candidates? Check all that apply. 80% LinkedIn Don’t Know 36% Facebook 3% 17% Jobster 13% MySpace Yes No 6% Ning 78% 18% 1% Second Life 12% None 7% Other 3. Which social networking methods do you or your company use now to aid recruitment? Check all that apply. 75% Tap employees’ social or professional networks (including employee referrals) 64% Make contacts through online social networks 64% Email own friends and contacts 43% Attend networking events 11% Author a blog 11% Comment on blogs or networks 5% Post recruiting videos online 9% None 2% Other Copyright © 2008 Jobvite, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Social Recruitment Survey Results 4. Which social networking methods do you or your company plan to use more this year for recruiting? Check all that apply. 68% Tap employees’ social or professional networks (including employee referrals) 64% Make contacts through online social networks 43% Attend networking events 42% Email own friends and contacts 17% Comment on blogs or networks 14% Post recruiting videos online 13% Author a blog 14% None 6% Other 5. How do you or your company use online social networks for recruiting? Check all that apply. 60% To make new contacts that might be useful later 60% To promote open jobs 56% To headhunt specific candidates 40% To find out who’s looking 17% I do not use online social networks 4% Other 6. Have you ever had an inappropriate or unusual approach from a candidate via a social network? Yes 10% Don’t know No 12% 78% 7. What are some of the more unusual approaches you’ve seen used by jobseekers or recruiters in social networks? Responses vary widely and range from having people ask for help on certain non-work related issues to lying about knowing you, how they know you and where they know you from. Lying about being an alumni of a certain school or professional network was also cited as well as being contacted via social networks by people who are not at all qualified for the open position. Copyright © 2008 Jobvite, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Social Recruitment Survey Results 8. Which of the following do you think are inappropriate when using social networks for recruitment purposes? Check all that apply. 44% Candidate referencing a mutual contact when applying for a job without that person’s permission 40% Recruiter calling a contact made through a social network without their permission 37% Recruiter using a candidate’s references to find more prospects 35% Candidate calling or emailing more than once after applying for a position 34% Recruiter emailing a social network contact without their permission 32% Recruiter promoting the salary of a specific job to a social network 8% Recruiter asking a contact for an introduction to someone specific in their network 3% Recruiter promoting a specific job to a social network 10% Other 9. How extensively do you use your own social and 10. How extensively do you or your company tap your professional networks for hiring? employees’ social and professional networks (including employee referrals) for hiring? Not at All Not at All 14% 14% Extensively Extensively 36% 30% Somewhat Somewhat 50% 57% 11. What percentage of candidates at your company 12. Is the percentage of candidates from employees’ come from tapping your employees’ social and social networks changing? professional networks (including employee referrals)? Don't Know 23% 23% Increasing 39% 16% 15% 14% 12% 9% About the Same 33% 4% 4% 2% 1% Decreasing 0-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% 51-60% 61-70% 71-80% Over 80% Don’t Know 4% PERCENTAGE OF CANDIDATES Copyright © 2008 Jobvite, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Social Recruitment Survey Results 13. What percentage of hires at your company come 14. Is the percentage of hires from employees’ social from tapping employees' social and professional networks changing? networks (including employee referrals)? Don't Know 25% 19% Increasing 19% 43% 12% 12% 11% 10% About the Same 5% 34% 3% 2% Decreasing 0-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% 51-60% 61-70% Over 70% Don’t Know 4% PERCENTAGE OF HIRES 15. What percentage of employees at your 16. Approximately how much did your company company refer candidates? spend last year on referral bonuses? 25% Don’t Know 25% 21% 18% $0 - 25K Over $250K 44% 2% 10% 9% 7% $101 -250K 5% 4% 4% 2% $51 - 100K 0-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% 51-60% 61-70% Over 70% Don’t Know 5% $26 - 50K 19% PERCENTAGE OF EMPLOYEES 17. How does your company track referral bonuses? 18. What percentage of jobs carry a referral bonus? Don’t Know 13% 61% We Don’t Track Applicant Tracking Referral Bonuses System 8% 32% 20% 10% 7% 2% Manually Employee Referral 45% 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100% Don’t Know Software 2% PERCENTAGE OF JOBS Copyright © 2008 Jobvite, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Social Recruitment Survey Results 20. Does your company offer non-cash 19. What is the average amount of referral bonuses? incentives for referrals? More than $5000 Don’t Know 1% 8% Yes $2501 - 5000 10% 22% $0 - 500 Don’t Know No 23% 10% 80% $1001 - 2500 29% $501 - 1000 17% 21. If yes, what non-cash incentives for referrals are most popular or effective with employees? Vacations and raffles with the grand prize offered being an all-expense paid vacation were mentioned the most followed by gift cards and movie tickets. Other mentions include big ticket items like televisions and smaller items such as iPods and sports tickets. 22. What is your role in recruiting at your company? 23. How many employees does your company have? 5,000+ Director of Staffing 10% 14% 0-100 Recruiter 1,001-5000 21% 30% Hiring Manager 10% 5% 101-250 Vice President of 11% Human Resources Sourcer 9% 3% Other 15% 501-1000 26% Human Resources 251-500 24% 23% Copyright © 2008 Jobvite, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Social Recruitment Survey Results Conclusion To increase hiring success, Jobvite recommends setting up processes and incentives to involve all employees in identifying candidates, as well as leveraging the full suite of available online tools. “In a talent crunch, such as the one many companies with professional staff face today, your employees are the most valuable asset you have for recruitment,” said Jesper Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite. “Recruiters are natural networkers and recognize the value of using new social tools and leveraging their employee networks. However, our survey shows that companies are losing out by not fully communicating recruitment priorities to the whole company. By enabling and motivating employees to participate fully, employers can leverage the connections of the whole company in acquiring talent.” About Jobvite Jobvite creates recruitment solutions that fundamentally change the way companies hire. The company was built on the insight that successful talent acquisition involves all employees. In a recruitment market being transformed by social networking, Jobvite has created one easy platform for all sourcing and hiring activities, including applicant tracking, sourcing, career site, social networking and more. Market-leading companies have adopted Jobvite’s Web 2.0 recruitment application as an easy and cost-effective way to achieve greater quality, speed and control in the recruiting process. For more information, visit or email Jobvite, Inc. 2 Shaw Alley San Francisco, CA 94105 phone 415 946 3660