Jobvite Webcast: Sourcing - Got Networks, Nodes and Hotspots?


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Webcast recorded August 25, 2011.
Topic: Sourcing - Got Networks, Nodes and Hotspots?
Featured speaker: Lou Adler

Published in: Technology, Business
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Jobvite Webcast: Sourcing - Got Networks, Nodes and Hotspots?

  1. 1. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Performance-based Hiring The Official Rules for Hiring Top Talent The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting – Connecting Handout: Based on Lou Adler’s Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 2007)( ©2011.  All Rights Reserved.  The Adler Group, Inc. Rev  811 Recruiting Passive Candidates The 6Cs and the Importance of Connecting Topic 1 • The 6Cs PLUS One Topic 2 • Surplus vs. Scarcity Hiring Model Topic 3 • 360° Dynamic Connections Topic 4 • Advanced Networking Topic 5 • Implementation & Next Steps Handout:©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  2. 2. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Recruiting Passive Candidates The 6Cs +1 Handout: Comparing 6Cs by Recruiter 6Cs Ranked Most Important or Essential 80% 70% 60% 50% Corp 40% Agency Retained 30% 20% 10% 0% Compelling Control Career Conviction Connections Closing©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  3. 3. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Top TalentDo your have a formal  Workflow Active Candidate process to “bridge the  Search Engine gap” between  External Recruiter Engagement &  Connecting ‐ ERP Acceptance? Criteria to Engage Title – Company Compensation Do your job postings  Location – Job  Talent Pool & messages  Outbound CRM describe career  Connecting ‐ ERP moves or lateral  transfers? Criteria to Accept Career Opportunity Passive Prospect Job & Impact LinkedIn – Name Gen  Hiring Manager – Team Is your internal hiring process  Outbound Message based on a “scarcity of talent”  Comp – Work/Life Recruiter Network model or a “surplus of  Company/Culture/Mission  Auto ERP Connection candidates” model? Hub & Spoke vs. Point to Point Think Beyond Peer-to-Peer!©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  4. 4. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Inside-Outside Connecting Inside-Out- ERP2: start with open job and find people through your employee’s connections Outside-In: job hunters looking for employees to refer them EXERCISE 3D Dynamic 360° Networking Who knows my candidate? LinkedIn & Groups Project Advisors Team Members Consultants Nodes Vendors Project Customers Managers Mentors Mentees©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  5. 5. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  ERP: Connections ERP2: Automated  Connections PERP: Proactive  Targeted Best  Connections PERP2: Proactive  Targeted Automated  Best Connections©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  6. 6. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Navigating the Network Inside-Out PERP, Hopscotch and Cherry Picking Who in Your Company is Worth PERPing?©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  7. 7. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  The Basic Network Call • Recruit 1st, Network 2nd • Vague title Let me ask you • Ask 99% question candidly, would you • Get candidate to talk 1st be open to explore a new career • Overcome objections opportunity if it was • Engage 5-10 minutes clearly superior to • Get names & org charts of people who aren’t what you’re doing looking! today? Connecting & Control • Establish “conditional” leverage with opening pitch – Don’t lose leverage – Be vague about title – Must only give job pitch AFTER profile • Decide if you should network or recruit in the first 5-10 minutes • Connect on LinkedIn and Cherry-Pick©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  8. 8. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Next Steps – June 22, 2011 Next – “OWN” the 6Cs PLUS 1 Lou – It was terrific bumping into you today at LinkedIn. The training you conducted for my leaders at Yahoo had a tremendously positive - Quickie Audit Review of 6Cs +1 impact on the quality of our hires. I am often lending your "One-Question Interview" CD to - Attend Recruiter Boot Camp others and recommending your book, "Hire With Your Head." LinkedIn would greatly benefit from - Sneak Peek – Aug 26th your teaching. Please let me know if there is - LIVE: Toronto , New York City, D.C. anything I can do to endorse or otherwise progress your engagement with LinkedIn. - ONLINE: Monthly, four 2-hr modules - Full-year “All You Can Take” Training Cheers! GA - Engineering Director - Interactive 24/7 Learning Center LinkedIn - Hiring Manager Taming Course Next Steps – Next – “OWN” the 6Cs PLUS 1 - Quickie Audit Review of 6Cs +1 - Attend Recruiter Boot Camp - Sneak Peek – Aug 26th - LIVE: Toronto , New York City, D.C. - ONLINE: Monthly, four 2-hr modules - Full-year “All You Can Take” Training - Interactive 24/7 Learning Center - Hiring Manager Taming Course©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  9. 9. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Connecting with Talent on the Social Web The Recruiting Platform for the Social Web live collaborative viral real-time social applicant social recruiting CRM tracking recruiting intelligence©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  10. 10. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections  Making connections on the social web Fast, easy sourcing Live, social CRM Targeted social recruiting What’s a Jobvite?©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  11. 11. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections   Recruiter CRM Bring together leads from all sourcing activities, then engage and communicate with your talent pool.  Faster, Easier Sourcing Jobvite does the hard work for you by surfacing relevant passive candidates from profile data on the web.  Targeted Campaigns Match jobs to all relevant contacts at once – and improve response rates with targeted messages.  Seamless Social Recruiting The easiest way to get the word out. Target and track talent across every popular social platform in seconds.  Viral Employee Referrals Get more high quality referrals by making it a breeze for everyone in your company to refer friends and contacts.  Facebook App for Recruiting Tap into the reach of Facebook by automatically sharing open jobs at your company with fans and friends.©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  12. 12. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections   Automated Publishing Convert visitors into candidates with an engaging, social career site and inviting application process.  Recruitment Marketing One intuitive platform integrates all your job promotion activities and metrics wherever they are on the web.  Powerful Analytics Personalized dashboards give everyone they need – real-time insights into what works. Jobvite drives referral hiring Increased Referral Hiring Higher Quality Candidates Referrals as source of hire Percent of applicants hired 33% 10% 28% 26% 1% 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR average referral hire = 22% all referral applicants applicants©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  
  13. 13. The 6Cs of Passive Candidate Recruiting ‐ Connections©2011 All Rights Reserved  The Adler Group, Inc.  