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Groupies, Linchpins and Stalkers: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps
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Groupies, Linchpins and Stalkers: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps


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  • 1. Groupies, Linchpinsand staLkers: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps
  • 2. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple StepsLet’s face it: Full disclosure: Networking IsYou’ve heard the buzz about social media and didwhat you were told to do. You’re on Linkedin, havea twitter account and have even…gasp… startedaccepting professional connections into your private Not of Facebook. Still, it doesn’t feel like much haschanged, does it? You’ve got connections, followersand some activity, but when it comes down to tryingto mine your network for real recruiting results –referrals, recommendations and direct applies toyour open positions – it still feels like 1998, complete You are Not Your Number of connections.with that client server atS you used to rock in era and the flannel shirt left over from whenpearl Jam came through town. Let’s address the elephant in the room as a starting point: Linkedin, twitter and Facebook did not invent networking. Networking is a state of mind and a skill, not a technology platform. Long before we measured you based on the numberGood news. of digital connections you had, cavemen were networking without technology toit doesn’t have to be that way. if you’ve made most check on the location of fire and Woolly Mammoths. Cave drawings indicate thatof the right moves related to the tools (social media large shells and animal horns may have been used to create sounds indicatinginvolvement, a Linkedin account and a decent atS), an incoming message.odds are the only thing standing between you anda network that delivers real recruiting results is anetworking/marketing strategy that makes the mostof who you and your company are. Let’s get started. 1
  • 3. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps • Version 2.0Still, technology is i’m a networking superfreak, a “LiON”, a “Linkedin Open connector”. However, despitehere and it’s hard my 10,000 1st Degree Connections, I have no clue who is actually in my network and my Li home page is more cluttered up than myto be an effective Farmville dashboard.networker without it. • Version 3.0 i’m a networking machine. i’ve successfully made the transition to digital networking, but you could plop me down in the 1920’s andas a result, recruiters look at their deployment of tools like Linkedin, twitter and i’d be a networking machine without LinkedFacebook and find themselves running one of four versions of digital networking: in. that whole prohibition thing might be an issue, however. • Version 0.0 i don’t use Facebook for work – that’s for my private stuff. i like to keep the wall nice and high. it’s scary out there. the Bottom Line: Networking transcends technology. the best • Version 1.0 networkers today make technology work for them, but the behaviors related to networking are more i’ve got a Linkedin, twitter and Facebook account but limited connections – where are all the great candidates? important than the technology used. 2
  • 4. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple StepsA Five-Step Networking Program: 1. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish via aFocus on networking strategy. Who do you want to target with your networkingStrategy, Not efforts? do you need a focused strategy that looks to build a network related to a narrow/ specific set of profiles and skills, or does a general outreach plan to the community you livethe Technology in make more sense? You need to know the answer before you start building the network this point, we’ve established that technology won’t create a great networkwhile you watch Youtube videos all day long (our favorite – Office Space and 2. agree and institutionalizethis classic video from p.O.d. – but we digress). Your network and its success inhelping you get great recruiting results is a direct reflection of your networking how you capture newstrategy. members of your network. the biggest mistake people make as theyWhat strategy you ask? To build a killer network that’s responsive to your calls consider building a network is that they don’tfor referral requests, we recommend the following five-step plan: formalize a “capture” approach. Questions you need to answer related to capture include the following gems: 3
  • 5. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps• Would you consider • What’s your tool of choice related to someone you traded formally adding people to your network? business cards with eligible Your atS? Linkedin? can you afford to build a network in multiple locations? to be added to your network? Will that work? Most people say yes to this question. What’s the digital equivalent of trading business cards? that should be the digital cue to capture someone in • Don’t forget about portability issues. your network (examples: email exchange, twitter When team members capture new members of the network, who owns conversation/add, online application, etc.). if you the network? Do they own it or does the company? You need to figure out consistently capture according to this standard, your what you’re comfortable with now before a recruiter leaves with 60% of your network is going to explode. network on her Linkedin account (Linkedin professional, anyone?), then disables the ability for you to view her connections.• Who on your team is responsible for capturing Ouch. new network members? all recruiters and HR pros? key managers? anyone • Think about transparency on the open else? How do you enforce/encourage compliance web, as well as the risk of it. with the capture standard? Is Johnny Competitor watching? Newsflash: They should be, and if they’re not, take advantage and start recon’ing everything they do! Bottom line: When it comes to the open web and the transparency offered, remember that 1. the size of your 2nd degree is much more important than your 1st, and 2. Being a “1st degree connection” is again a state of mind – it’s about a “strong tie”, which only comes from actual relationship building (both online and offline as well). 4
  • 6. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps3. Make Technology work for you related to 4. do proactive outreach to how you capture new members of your grow your network beyond network the “business card” You’re a busy person, so you and i both know you’ll never build a sweet approach. network unless you’ve got technology helping you minimize the work needed Once you’ve reached a steady state related to to invite people to join your tribe. Ways to automate adding people to your capturing those you communicate with as part network include the following: of your network, you need to do some proactive outreach. Go back to your plan and carve out • Killer App: some time each week to go trolling on Linkedin, Jobvite. target, capture and manage all social recruiting in any twitter and Facebook and connect with your network without breaking a sweat. Linkedin Outlook toolbar. You target audience. Give yourself a quota to fill for click, the target gets an invite. they know you because they’ve sent outreach connections. you an email. Shazam. • Good but not great: 5. Have something to say to The auto-add feature for your flavor of ATS. Includes the popular, yet elusive, LinkedIn profile “scrape” and the “email into the system” your network once in awhile. option. Not as dynamic as the Linkedin Outlook toolbar, and the atS Let’s face it, if you connect with thousands of world is all over the map related to functionality that’s available. people but never have anything to say, your network won’t respond when you need it to. a • Your website: cold network generates no recruiting results. If you’re getting traffic, your network should be able to opt-in at your You need to communicate with your network website to some degree. Who cares about eyeballs if you’re not consistently, even if it’s passive in nature. No, capturing them? So are you offering some thought leadership that this doesn’t mean spamming white-box job will entice them to give you their name, title, and email, etc.? How descriptions everywhere you can. We’ll cover this about a cool video series? Your website should be a magnetic funnel more in the next section. in which you’re passively building your network. Most suck, however. 5
  • 7. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Stepsi know that dude! that’s where the concept of conversation comes in. Have 5,000 people in your network? Great!! GotBuilding Trust anything to say to them? No? if you’re struggling with what to say to your recruiting network beyond sending them a link to your openand Recognition jobs, here are some thought starters related to developing your own content plan to prime your tribe:in Your Network 1. content is king. You need to figure out something to say to your network to keep it warm. people don’t referRepeat after me: You are Not Your Number without trust. You can’t expect referrals if people haven’t heard from you in 2 years.of connections. if you take our advice, yournetwork will grow. that’s the good news. 2. content ranges from NerdThe bad news is that unless you find a papers to Status updates.way to consistently engage your network, Hardcore content includes whitepapers and casethey won’t have any clue who you or your studies, which are valuable and build thoughtcompany are. leadership, but both take a long time to produce. Midrange content efforts include blogposts and videos. Light content includes tweets and Facebook status updates related to what’s going on at your company without creating original content. 6
  • 8. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps3. Topical content distributed through social consistent content makes your job postings more attractive and increases distribution of your networks is the sweet spot. openings/referrals that directly result. commit to a manageable content creation schedule as a starting point. cover stuff happening in your company through a blog post or short video, then distribute through social networks. the voice of the content matters, so make it natural and assessable and write like you talk. don’t forget People content titles also matter. Open apis mean you can distribute a single piece of content to Linkedin, Facebook and twitter with one update (this is a bigger key than people think – because it allows to look like you are apply to and everywhere, when you’re not.) if you don’t have your own content, you can keep the flow going with value-added links of interest distributed through refer the employment the big three social networks.4. Provoke Like You’re a Reporter from TMZ. Focus on eliciting some emotional response – make the network laugh, cry, brands they know best. scream, or jump out a window … but don’t put them to sleep. the way to engagement is by shaking trees and actually having something interesting or contrarian to say. Otherwise, you’re just white noise. if there’s one complaint about Social Media, it’s that you can’t pick up a real signal in order to tap into that reality, you not only need anymore. to build a network, you’ve got to build your/your company’s brand to that network through simple, yet consistent content. 7
  • 9. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple StepsGroupies are Good, Stalkers 1. Groupies/Fans.are Bad: these are your fans – either of you, your company or a combination thereof. You’ve opted to engage your network through content, and this group lovesThe 5 Faces what you’re doing. as a result, the “groupie” is highly likely to either apply for an open spot at your company or refer an opening to someone who’s a match. Handle your Groupies with extreme care – treat them like a numberYou’ll See and they’ll go Gangster on you in a hurry. Groupies and Gangsters are a thin line removed from each other – that’s just how it is with extreme You Build Your Network 2. LinchpinsLet’s say you’ve systematically built your networkand Linchpins are the influencers in the talent pools you need most, and theystarted to prime the pump by providing an interesting, hold the key to your success. they don’t need a job, and they’re unlikely toyet manageable, content stream to your tribe. as you apply for your openings. Still, if they like your content stream/overall vibeentertain/educate, here’s the personas you’ll start to and open up their network and refer candidates to your company, you winsee emerge among the members of your network: in a big way. You’ll have to proactively build relationships with these folks to reap the full benefits of what they can do for you from a referral and promotion perspective.keep in mind that Linchpins will often surprise you that they’re as influential as they are – they’re typically more calculated and strategic than the cheerleading Groupie, so your best bet is to remember that anyone might be a Linchpin. 8
  • 10. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps3. Stalkers. 5. Gangsters. Like a groupie, the stalker is your fan. unfortunately, it’s going to be a little a Gangster is someone that hates you and uncomfortable for you. the stalker not only is your fan, but he’s desperately everything your Brand stands for. Just ask trying to get into your company by applying for every open position at your Walmart. A Gangster will hijack your group and company. customer Service Rep? check. cFO? check. He’s applied for both spam every member telling tales of rampant of them. Once he applies for each job, he sends you emails and calls you to illegal alien workers and how the Management talk about it. do you have the restraining order form handy? You may need team intentionally tried to salmonella poison all that. of North America. When you boot them from the group, they’ll create a new profile and find a new way in. While you can’t get rid of Gangsters, the rest of your network can, like a team of ticked-off4. Zombies. white-blood cells. every network is dominated by zombies, who are inactive members of your tribe. The Zombie isn’t really sure who you are or what your company does. If you do nothing to market consistently to your network, 99%+ of your network will consist of Zombies – kind of like the Manhattan Will Smith inhabited in the movie i am Legend. Start marketing with a content plan, and the number of zombies in your network comes way down. Still, it’s common for 50% or more of a network that’s being actively marketed to consist of zombies. Your job is to drive down that percentage so the network is there when you need it most – when you need direct applies or referrals for your open jobs. 9
  • 11. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple StepsIf Time Was Once you have the concept of “capture” down, expect that content activities are going to take a couple of hours per week. Here are some estimates:Money, You’d be • Hardcore content (whitepapers and case studies): Eight hours per paperBankrupt • Midrange content (blog posts and videos): Two hours per week for 3-4 pieces of content • Light content (Tweets and Facebook status updates related to what’s going on at yourHow much time should you be spending on company or in your industry without creatingbuilding and maintaining your network? original content): 15 minutes a day.We can’t say this part too often: Get your game plan around capturing network Our recommendation? Work backward. Start withmembers rolling before you worry about sending content to your network. light content, then as you get in a groove start layingSpending time on content when you don’t have a plan to systematically grow in original content about your company through blogyour network is like eating pop tarts to get ready for the Olympics – it’s pointless. posts and videos, and only move to whitepapers once you get your doctorate. Or you hire a complete nerd who writes like dave chappelle. 10
  • 12. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Stepstechnology doesn’t Replace Like albert einstein used to say, “use the tools, but don’t become one.” Or maybe that was Snooky from Jersey Shore…Your Network’s Follow our five step plan on building your network, and start marketing to your tribe via a manageableMost Important content schedule. You’ll get results. and watch out for the stalkers. they’re a persistent bunch.Asset: <You>Here’s the big finish: if you think technology is going to deliver a robust network that providesa steady stream of candidates, you’re wrong. technology can help youautomate how you track and communicate with your network, but it’s a terriblereplacement for having and executing a plan related to building your network. 11
  • 13. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Stepsabout the authorsFistful of Talent (known to followers as FOT) is a multi-contributor blog that Josh Letourneau is the Managing Director of Knightfocuses on all things related to Talent. Founded in 2008 by Kris Dunn and & Bishop, an exec Search and Social Networkknown for its mixture of news, opinion, tips and snark, FOt features 14 HR pros, Analysis firm that helps organizations unlockcorporate recruiters, third party recruiters and industry consultants who share performance by taking a look “under the hood”their views daily on the world of HR, recruiting and organizational talent. FOt of the OrgChart. Josh holds an MBA from Merceris featured at and contributors such as Jessica Lee, kris dunn, university and while not a pHR, thinks elephantstim Sackett, paul Hebert and Josh Letourneau regularly appear at conferences are cool and lives with his wife and their 4 dogs into speak and stay plugged in to what’s going on in the talent industry. put on atlanta, Ga. Follow @jletourneau.your helmet and join the conversation Tim Sackett, SPHR is currently the EVP of HRU Technical Resources, a 400 employee contingentKris Dunn is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix, the RPO IT and Technical Firm based in Lansing, MI. Priorand recruiting firm for growth companies. He’s a VP of HR type who has led HR to HRu, tim has held executive level HR & talentpractices in Fortune 500s and venture capital-held startups. Kris is also among level positions with Fortune 500 companies inthe most transparent HR pros you can find, caring so much about the art of HR Healthcare, Retail and casual dining. Follow @that he’s started two blogs ( and timSackett.with the goal of building a community he could learn from. He’s been puttinghis thoughts down every business day for over 4 years. that means what yousee is what you get. He can’t hide, and if he ever pulled the blogs down, Googlewould probably haunt him forever anyway. Follow @kris_dunn. 12
  • 14. GROupieS, LiNcHpiNS aNd StaLkeRS: Optimize Your Network to Generate Referral Hires in 5 Simple Steps CONNECT WITH US 650 376 7200Jobvite is a complete, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which can all hands on deck. empower employees to helpoptimize the speed, cost-effectiveness and ease of recruiting for any company. you build a larger, more relevant network. Send aThe Jobvite recruiting platform includes social recruiting, recruiter CRM and Jobvite to extend your reach with viral distributionapplicant tracking solutions. through Linkedin, Facebook, twitter as well as email – it’s employee referral on steroids. Want toHere’s how Jobvite can help you optimize your network: build trust and recognition? plugged in employees can help with that.Makes the capture easy. An intuitive recruiter CRM enables recruiting teams toshare data, organize lead generation, and manage email and social network Make the most of what you’ve got. Candidate-campaigns. Live social profile feeds enhance your database and save research friendly, engaging career sites help you optimizetime. that means recruiters can focus more on topical content and real your funnel. And you can drive more traffic byengagement and less on copy-paste. (And your database can’t walk out the extending your employment brand to Facebook anddoor.) twitter with automated Jobvite feeds.Find your target. Matching technology helps you find people in your database, Get better all the time. Built-in tracking and intuitiveyour network, or on the open web who are right for the job you are filling. dashboards keep track of what works, so you canSeamless social recruiting pulls contacts from Linkedin, Facebook and twitter keep optimizing how you spend your time andinto one database – or tap 300 more networks. money.Follow up. Now that you found someone, deliver your unique content through there’s more. come by our website to explore oremail or social networks. Create campaigns that focus on the specific interests of take a tour.important segments in your network. 13