Future of Social Recruiting - Dallas, TX


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At the Jobvite Future of Social Recruiting event in Dallas, Texas, Jobvite executives and customers discussed how social recruiting is changing the way we source and hire candidates. In these presentations, by Dan Finnigan, Jason Daniels, Emilia and Bill Glenn, you will learn everything you need to know about social and the future of recruiting.

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Future of Social Recruiting - Dallas, TX

  1. 1. WelcomeTexas Tornadoes: How to Help•  Text "REDCROSS" to90999 to make a $10 donationWifi Connection: Connect to “Kimpton”•  Option 1 (wifimarch@kimptongroups.com)Conference Hashtag:•  #JobviteDAL #JobviteDAL
  2. 2. Social Recruiting Playbook: 10 Winning Strategies for 2012 Jason Daniels Sales Manager#JobviteDAL #JobviteDAL
  3. 3. Social Recruiting for 2012Social recruiting is more than just a buzzword. ALL JOB SEEKERS 19% 7% 9% SUPER 32% 18% SOCIALS 26% Job seekers who modified privacy settings in the last year with work in mind. #JobviteDAL
  4. 4. Social RecruitingStarbucks has dedicated social network channels for recruiting. #JobviteDAL
  5. 5. Œ  Applicant Tracking Nothing slips through the cracks with efficient, responsive candidate management. Easily search, screen and schedule.   Hiring Collaboration Make a real difference in the productivity of your whole team with easy collaboration every step of the way. Ž  Recruiter CRM Bring together leads from all sourcing activities, then engage and communicate with your talent pool.
  6. 6.   Seamless Social Recruiting The easiest way to get the word out. Target and track talent across every popular social platform in seconds.   Viral Employee Referrals Get more high quality referrals by making it a breeze for everyone in your company to refer friends and contacts.‘  Facebook App for Recruiting Tap into the reach of Facebook by automatically sharing open jobs at your company with fans and friends.
  7. 7. ’  Branded Career Site Convert visitors into candidates with an engaging, social career site and inviting application process. “  Recruitment Marketing One intuitive platform integrates all your job promotion activities and metrics wherever they are on the web.”  Powerful Reporting and Analytics Personalized dashboards give everyone the y need – real-time insights into what works.
  8. 8. Effective Hiring CollaborationStart with a plan to get everyone involved, and make sure it iseasy for everyone.1.  Employee engagement is challenging;2.  Identify points of contention in current workflows;3.  Make it easy for everyone. #JobviteDAL
  9. 9. Streamline Workflow to DriveCollaborationYelp has a unique workflow process to keep things on the go. #JobviteDAL
  10. 10. Career Sites that SellHave a roadmap for conversations for potential candidates.1.  Decide the types of candidates you want2.  Plan on how to attract them to apply3.  Make it easy for candidates to find out what they need to apply #JobviteDAL
  11. 11. Career Sites that Sell - RMS #JobviteDAL
  12. 12. Employee ReferralsStart with a plan to get everyone involved, and make sure it iseasy for everyone.1.  Employee engagement is challenging2.  Identify points of contention in current workflows3.  Make it easy for everyone #JobviteDAL
  13. 13. Employee ReferralsChiquita connections can post on Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn or send an email. #JobviteDAL
  14. 14. #JobviteDAL
  15. 15. Facebook Recruiting AppsRecruiting on Facebook should be a section in your overallsocial recruiting strategy.1.  Think about the type of candidate on Facebook;2.  Target them differently than other networks like LinkedIn;3.  Develop a plan of action and benchmark goals. #JobviteDAL
  16. 16. Facebook Recruiting AppsWhole Foods Market Naperville has integrated the JobviteWork With Us Facebook App. #JobviteDAL
  17. 17. Facebook Recruiting AppsZynga has integrated the Jobvite Employee Facebook App. #JobviteDAL
  18. 18. Recruitment MarketingBegin with a clear understanding of your talent brand andwhat candidates you want to attract.1.  Not everyone who is qualified for a position is a good fit2.  After identifying your candidates, build email campaigns3.  Gear your career site towards desired applicants #JobviteDAL
  19. 19. Recruitment MarketingTiVo sends separate recruiting emails twice a month to allemployees with important recruiting information. #JobviteDAL
  20. 20. Recruiter CRMShould be an accent to the plans designed for your talent acquisitioncampaigns.1.  Determine which communication channels to use;2.  Help organize and market to candidate pool. #JobviteDAL
  21. 21. Benchmarks and Recruiting AnalyticsAnalytics are essential to frame what works best and whatneeds to be fixed in your strategy. #JobviteDAL
  22. 22. Benchmarks and Recruiting AnalyticsIt is critical to decide which metrics are best for you and foryour team members. Not every metric matters for everyone.1.  How are the most qualified candidates finding your jobs;2.  What is your career site conversion rate? #JobviteDAL
  23. 23. Benchmarks and Recruiting AnalyticsBenefits:1.  See which tactics work and where to allocate spend2.  Develop goals for continual improvement3.  Get results from different campaigns and test theories #JobviteDAL
  24. 24. Jason DanielsSales Managerjdaniels@jobvite.com @jobvite www.facebook.com/jobvite www.linkedin.com/in/jobvite www.youtube.com/jobvite #JobviteDAL
  25. 25. BreakTexas Tornadoes: How toHelp•  Text "REDCROSS" to90999 to make a $10 donation #JobviteDAL
  26. 26. Jobvite  Event  –  Top  Trends  in  Employment  Screening     Bill  Glenn  -­‐  @williamwglenn   VP,  Marke4ng  &  Alliances   March  23,  2012  #JobviteDAL  
  27. 27. #JobviteDAL#JobviteDAL  
  28. 28. Company  Overview     •  Founded  in  2006   •  HQ  in  Bothell,  WA   •  175  employees  and  growing     •  Single  solu4on  to  manage   the  hiring  process     •  Recognized  for  innova4ve   products  and  award-­‐ winning  service  
  29. 29. TalentWise  +  Jobvite  Customers  
  31. 31. RESUME  MISREPRESENTATION     3  in  10  Source:  Harris  Interac4ve  Survey,  2011  
  32. 32. PEOPLE  THAT  HAVE  CRIMINAL  HISTORIES     65  million  Source:  ESR,  2011  
  33. 33. ILLICIT  DRUG  USAGE  IN  THE  WORKPLACE     1  in  6  Source:  SAMHSA  study,  2010  
  34. 34. COST  OF  ILLICIT  DRUG  USAGE  IN  THE  WORKPLACE   5x  &  300%  Source:  SAMHSA  Study,  2010  
  35. 35. SOCIAL  MEDIA  SCREENING  USAGE   80-­‐90%       130M   450M   462M     490M   845M   80M  Source:  Jobvite  and  Reppler  
  36. 36. The  Alarming  Part!   69%   of  recruiters  admi]ed  sleuthing  a  candidate’s  social  networking  profile  and  later  rejec4ng  their  applica4on  based  on   the  content  they  found  Source:  Reppler  
  37. 37. SOCIAL  MEDIA  SCREENING  LEGAL  PITFALLS  •  No  formal  policies  or  protocols  in  place    •  Must  be  compliant  with  FCRA  •  Mul4ple  online  iden44es  •  Matching  to  the  CORRECT  online  iden4ty    
  39. 39. Best  PracYces  for  Social  Media  Screening  • Embrace  social  media!    • Seek  advice  • Keep  detailed  records  • Go  the  extra  mile  to  ensure  your  candidates  are  treated  fairly  
  40. 40. Leverage  New  Employment  Screening  Tools   TalentShield  –  www.talentshield.com  
  41. 41. DON’T  JUST  USE  TOOLS;  INTEGRATE  THEM  WITH   YOUR  APPLICANT  TRACKING  SYSTEM  Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  2011  
  42. 42. PRE-POPULATED CANDIDATE INFO •  Single Sign-On •  Encrypted Transport •  Intuitive Interface AUTOMATIC REPORT STATUSBenefits:ü  Increase efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entryü  Reduce risk by lowering the probability of manual data entry errorsü  Increase productivity by eliminating the need to work in multiple systemsü  Improve compliance by automating and tracking your hiring process from end to end #JobviteDAL  
  43. 43. #JobviteDAL  
  44. 44. THANK  YOU!  
  45. 45. CASE STUDY: INCREASING EMPLOYEE REFERRALS Emilia D’Anzica Director, Customer Success#JobviteDAL
  46. 46. • Ease of Use• Return on Investment• Brand & Culture• Tracking and Reward WHY HAVE AN EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM?#JobviteDAL
  47. 47. Jobvite Your Network – a Viral Way to Reach the Right Talent#JobviteDAL
  48. 48. Unique Links and Automatic Tracking Help You Measure Impact#JobviteDAL
  49. 49. Make It Easy for Employees toGet Involved with Jobvite Publisher#JobviteDAL
  50. 50. #JobviteDAL
  51. 51. Target Talent Directly by Matching Contacts to Jobs#JobviteDAL
  52. 52. Engage Your Fans and Followers#JobviteDAL
  53. 53. Weekly Job Reminders to the Company#JobviteDAL
  54. 54. Engage Employees and Track Referrals#JobviteDAL
  55. 55. Activation Overview – 4 Easy Steps 1 Kickoff 2 Configuration •  Target Go-Live Date •  Account Settings •  Data Fields and Imports •  Approval Workflow •  Career Site Survey •  Candidate Workflow •  Jobvite Messaging •  Evaluation Forms •  Employees and My Account •  Offer Letters 3 Testing and Training 4 Go Live •  HR and Recruiter Training •  Activate Career Site •  Test Drive •  Update Job Links •  Video Library on Community •  Invite Employees#JobviteDAL
  56. 56. Case StudyChallenges Solution•  Growing company •  Jobvite Hire for ATS•  Advanced hiring technology needed •  Web 2.0 SaaS solution•  Decentralized offices •  Centralized recruiting data•  Intense competition for talent •  Full access to social media Results •  Employee referrals have doubled •  Easier to achieve 10% growth •  Decreased use of agencies#JobviteDAL
  57. 57. Value created for customers actual average Jobvite referral referral referral sample per 2011 total referralcustomer hire rate hire rate upside hire savings hires hire savingsCompany 1 73% 22% 51% $4,000 128 $261,120Company 2 31% 22% 9% $4,000 571 $205,560Company 3 50% 22% 28% $4,000 302 $338,240Company 4 27% 22% 5% $4,000 2315 $463,000#JobviteDAL
  58. 58. Emilia D’Anzica Director, Customer Success emilia@jobvite.com @jobvite www.facebook.com/jobvite www.linkedin.com/in/jobvite www.youtube.com/jobvite#JobviteDAL