Case Study: Jobvite Enables Law Services Firm to Leverage Social Networking and Referrals to Find New Hires


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Jobvite enables innovative law services firm in Chicago, Total Attorneys, to leverage social networking and referrals to find new hires. Want to see what we can do for you? See a product demo at

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Case Study: Jobvite Enables Law Services Firm to Leverage Social Networking and Referrals to Find New Hires

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Total Attorneys Jobvite enables innovative technology-enabled law services firm to leverage social networking and referrals to find new hires ® Total Attorneys enters a new stage of growth Total Attorneys provides technology-enabled business services to Industry lawyers in solo practice and small law firms. By offering affordable, Legal Services flexible solutions for office management, business development and Location other administrative tasks, Total Attorneys enables lawyers to remain Chicago, IL focused on what they do best - practicing law. Headquartered in Chi- cago, the fast-growing law technology-enabled services firm has more Business Needs than 200 employees and plans to add an additional 75 employees across all departments through the end of 2009. ƒ Power referral hiring for fast-growing company Sarah Widner, Talent Manager at Total Attorneys, had used a variety of ƒ Management of entire recruiting recruiting applications at previous companies, but wanted a solution workflow for Total Attorneys that was simple and intuitive like popular web- ƒ Easy to use web application for based applications employees were using every day. And to run a everyone involved successful recruiting program, the company needed a robust applica- ƒ Cost-effective recruiting program tion to manage, administer and report on the entire talent acquisition process. Jobvite Solution “We’ve always benefitted from hiring people through referrals. As we ƒ Use online social networks for hiring got larger, the referral pot emptied – we had hired everyone we knew,” ƒ Manage the entire talent acquisition said Sarah. “Then we needed a more robust recruiting program.“ process Upon researching recruiting solutions, Sarah found that Jobvite pro- ƒ Easy to use Web 2.0 application vided an easy interface for managing the complete hiring process – ƒ Successful referral hiring for a fraction applicant tracking, sourcing, career site, employee referral and report- of the cost of other channels ing. Jobvite’s social recruiting capabilities fit the company’s emphasis on referral hiring and the employees’ active involvement in LinkedIn, Results Facebook and Twitter. ƒ Dramatic growth in the number of qualified resumes Reaching more prospective employees ƒ 50% of hires made by referral through social networks ƒ 25% of new hires through employees’ social networks within 6 weeks Following a quick activation of the software as a service application, people in every department are now using Jobvite to contribute to hiring Website goals. Total Attorneys uses Jobvite to find candidates who fit its culture by utilizing the valuable – and growing – contacts and information in its employees’ social networks to target job opportunities and spread the word virally. “Now with Jobvite we can reach more prospective employ- ees through these social networks than we could before,” said Sarah. Copyright © 2009 Jobvite, Inc.
  2. 2. Total Attorneys CASE STUDY All employees can send Jobvites, job invitations, to their Social network hires at a fraction of the cost contacts through social networks Facebook, LinkedIn of traditional methods and Twitter as well as through email. The job invitations through social networks can be targeted with Jobvite Six weeks after activating Jobvite, the company has matching technology so it’s easy for people to select the discovered excellent candidates and hired several new right contacts for the particular job opportunity. Recipi- employees through social referrals on Facebook and Twit- ents of the Jobvites can apply for a job or pass along ter. Now, more than half of Total Attorneys’ hires come the Jobvites to their own contacts. Because this chain of through referrals. contacts is tracked through Jobvite, employees receive credit for the referral when someone applies. “Social recruiting has enabled us to hire strong new employees who we would never have connected with via And many employees have installed Jobvite’s Work With traditional recruiting channels – and we are now leverag- Us application on their Facebook profile pages. With Work ing social channels at a fraction of the cost of traditional With Us installed, any visitor to the employee’s Facebook methods,” said Sarah Widner. Total Attorneys employees have taken to Jobvite enthu- Ed Scanlan, the chief executive of siastically. Some departments even have competitions going for who can find the most referral hires. After the Total Attorneys, said: “Friends of our initial six weeks, the marketing department and the sales employees are more likely to have the department were each tied with Ed Scanlan, Total Attor- same characteristics our employees neys Chief Executive Officer. Ed, like other employees, updates his status on Facebook and Twitter with Jobvites do —hard-working, smart—so they’ve to let his network know about opportunities at Total At- gone through a natural filter.” torneys. Everyone likes using the status updates to invite people to apply because it’s so easy to do – and gener- The New York Times, ates quite a few candidates as the referral chain takes Finding New Employees, via Social Networks on a life of its own. Highly qualified recruits for a page can see current jobs at the company and apply or send Jobvites to their own friends. It’s an effortless way highly-functional team for people to share information about job opportunities “I believe the key to building a highly functional team is with their friends. retaining the culture that has made us successful, even as we undergo rapid growth,” said Ed Scanlan, CEO of Immediate impact Total Attorneys. “By using our social networks to recruit, we’re inherently reaching the best-qualified candidates. Sarah kicked off Jobvite usage at the company by focus- Jobvite gives us a powerful and effortless way to maxi- ing first on the marketing department which had some mize our social graph.” key positions to fill immediately. Within two days of in- troducing Jobvite’s social recruitment platform to employ- “Encouraging the entire staff to recruit turns everyone ees, Total Attorneys saw a dramatic increase in applica- into brand ambassadors,” adds Ed Scanlan. “As employ- tions for the targeted positions. The ease of distributing ees spread the word in social networks about our job op- a short and descriptive job link with a one-sentence portunities, they create positive buzz about the company. explanation via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn helped the When you give people tools to be transparent about the company double the number of qualified resumes for that company, they can contribute to the conversation about position in less than a week. The enthusiastic adoption your brand. It’s great when your employees think highly by the marketing department built interest as Sarah intro- enough of the company that they want to talk about it duced Jobvite to the remainder of the company. and want to invite people to work here.” Copyright © 2009 Jobvite, Inc. 2
  3. 3. About Total Attorneys About Jobvite Total Attorneys is a technology-enabled service provider Jobvite is used by companies to manage all aspects of that delivers marketing, back-office and administrative hiring in an easy to use Web 2.0 platform. Jobvite is the support solutions to law firms. Total Attorneys continues only eRecruitment application that powers word of mouth to innovate by providing its clients with a flexible support marketing for jobs. Jobvite engages people to send tar- model that fits the changing needs of small businesses. geted job invitations to contacts in their social networks Total Attorneys revenue has doubled every year since and helps companies make high quality hires at lower it was founded in 2002, with more than 9500% growth cost. Customers of the Software-as-a-Service application in past five consecutive years. It was named #2 on the include leading edge companies like Advent, Infinera, 2009 Crain’s Chicago Business Fast Fifty list and #169 SupportSoft, TiVo and on the 2008 Inc. 500 fastest growing private companies For more information, visit or follow in the United States. Jobvite at For more information visit Jobvite Ed Scanlan Chief Executive Officer 415.946.3660 Sarah Widner Talent Manager LinkedIn® is registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright © 2009 Jobvite, Inc. 3
  4. 4. How Jobvite Works What is a Jobvite? It’s a job invitation you send to your contacts via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. 1 From your career site or Jobvite account, you can send Jobvites to connections in these leading social networks or in your email address book. 2 Choose the contacts you want to 3 Jobvite your contacts in these leading social networks. They can then Jobvite – our matching engine will either apply for the position or send a Jobvite to contacts of their own. even recommend a few. Send a Jobvite via email using contacts in Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail. Copyright © 2009 Jobvite, Inc. 4