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Social is the future of recruiting. At the Jobvite Future of Social Recruiting in Atlanta, Georgia, Jobvite executives and customers discussed how social recruiting is changing the way we source and hire candidates. In these presentations, by Dan Finnigan, David Lahey, Bill Glenn, Alex Putman and Michael Nigro, you will learn everything you need to know about social and the future of recruiting.

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Atlanta Future of Social Recruiting

  1. 1. The Future of Recruiting is NowDan FinniganCEO and PresidentJobvite
  2. 2. Only recruiting platform built for the social media eraBy converting all jobs into unique, shareable and trackable Jobvites,customers hire better talent with less time & moneyGenerated 6X customer growth in two years despite worst labormarket in over 60 years
  3. 3. Recruiting ChallengesRecruiting Challengesempty seatscan’t find the right people to hirefriction wastes timelow productivity, accountability, visibilitywasted spendhard to know what works
  4. 4. 66%   hiring managersdissatisfied with candidate 66%   quality or hiring speed recruiters unhappy with hiring manager 77%   responsiveness candidates unhappy with communication 77%   the hiring process is challenging for everyone involved
  5. 5. Top Pressures Facing Recruiters 56%   55%   54%   52%   52%   50%   48%   47%   46%   44%   42%   Shortages  of  required   Pressure  to  meet  the   Trouble  sourcing  enough   skills  available  in  the   companys  growth   qualified  candidates  to   labor  pool   objecEves   fill  openings   Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  Strategic  Sourcing  EARLY  FINDINGS,  February  2012  
  6. 6. 60% OF NEW JOBS WILL REQUIRE SKILLS HELD BY   20% OF THE POPULATION  landing skilled talent is increasingly difficult
  7. 7. Sourcing is THE Priority60%   Top  Strategy  =   of     36%   Organiza2ons  are  Strengthening     36%   the  Ability  to  Iden2fy  Talent  30%   23%   20%   12%   8%   4%   0%   Sourcing   Hiring   Assessment   Employer   Onboarding   Screening   Branding   Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  Strategic  Sourcing  EARLY  FINDINGS,  February  2012  
  8. 8. This evolving marketplacerequires new strategies
  9. 9. Hiring manager CEO HRExecutive Employee Interviewer Recruiter Hiring is everyone’s job!
  10. 10. 800 million 200 million 100 million Share of Time Share of Time % Change inCategory June 2010 June 2009 Share of TimeSocial Networks 22.7% 15.8% 43%Online Games 10.2% 9.3% 10%E-mail 8.3% 11.5% -28%Portals 4.4% 5.5% -19%Search 3.5% 3.4% 1% social behavior overtaking all web activity and transforming many others
  11. 11. Social Network Use is Growing Amongthe Workforce
  12. 12. Referrals Top the List of Job FindingResources
  13. 13. Most Effective Source of HireMost  Effec2ve  Source  of  Hire  Employee  referrals  and  networks  (both  personal  and  professional)   4.23  An  easy-­‐to-­‐use  and  engaging  company  career  portal   3.57  Social  networking  sites  (i.e  LinkedIn,  Facebook  or  Twi]er)  to  find  or   3.42  connect  with  interesEng  candidates  Least  Effec2ve  Source  of  Hire  Blogs  or  wikis  to  share  informaEon  about  your  company   2.40  Banner  ads  on  targeted  websites   2.40  Job  distribuEon  tools   2.39   Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  Strategic  Sourcing  EARLY  FINDINGS,  February  2012  
  14. 14. 83%use or plan to hire 46% will invest more in socialthrough social networks media for hiring this year#1quality hiring source is 14% will invest more in jobreferrals boards this yearJobvite  Social  RecruiEng  Survey  2010     social technologies are changing how companies hire
  15. 15. it’s harder than ever to tell what works
  16. 16.  social sourcing and CRM applicant tracking and recruiting
  18. 18. What’s a Jobvite?
  19. 19. Jobvite Engages Employees to Power Social Recruiting and Drive ReferralsIf one recruiter has and 1000 employees have500 contacts… 200 contacts each…. 500 200,000
  20. 20. Unique Links and Automatic TrackingHelp You Measure Impact
  21. 21. Applicant Tracking for the Social WebCollaborative platform Targeted social recruiting Real-time recruitingfor applicant tracking and referrals intelligence•  Intuitive for everyone involved •  Viral employee referrals •  Source performance data•  Hiring manager self-service •  Target contacts in social networks •  Integrated recruiting metrics•  Robust process management •  Track results •  Real-time dashboards
  22. 22. Œ  Applicant Tracking Nothing slips through the cracks with efficient, responsive candidate management. Easily search, screen and schedule.   Hiring Collaboration Make a real difference in the productivity of your whole team with easy collaboration every step of the way. Ž  Recruiter CRM Bring together leads from all sourcing activities, then engage and communicate with your talent pool.
  23. 23.   Seamless Social Recruiting The easiest way to get the word out. Target and track talent across every popular social platform in seconds.   Viral Employee Referrals Get more high quality referrals by making it a breeze for everyone in your company to refer friends and contacts.‘  Facebook App for Recruiting Tap into the reach of Facebook by automatically sharing open jobs at your company with fans and friends.
  24. 24. ’  Branded Career Site Convert visitors into candidates with an engaging, social career site and inviting application process. “  Recruitment Marketing One intuitive platform integrates all your job promotion activities and metrics wherever they are on the web.”  Powerful Reporting and Analytics Personalized dashboards give everyone they need – real-time insights into what works.
  25. 25. Sourcing on the Jobvite Platform:Finding New People on Jobvite Canvas hundreds of sites in one easy search •  Social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ •  Hundreds of free and paid resume databases Fresh results •  Your search agents constantly monitor the web to catch the new resumes and profiles that are added constantly Zero in on the best-fit talent for your jobs •  Sophisticated matching, ranking, filtering of results from all sources •  See how resumes from different sources compare Fast follow up •  Add resumes and profile to the CRM with one click •  Conduct email campaigns promoting your jobs
  26. 26. Œ  Live, Social CRM   Candidate SearchŽ  Social Recruiting & Referrals   Real-Time Recruiting Intelligence
  27. 27. Jobvite Results: Applications by Source Type Other 15.8% Notification 0.6% Employee Referral 6.9% Agency 1.6% Job Board 42.9% CareerSite 32.1%
  28. 28. Jobvite Results: Hires by Source Type Job Board 14.6% Other 19.3% Notification 0.4% CareerSite 21.2% Agency 4.6% Employee Referral 39.9%
  29. 29. Apply-to-Hire Conversion by Source: Referrals!8.00% 6.87%7.00%6.00%5.00%4.00% 3.38%3.00%2.00% 1.45%1.00% 0.79% 0.70% 0.41%0.00% Job Board CareerSite Agency Employee Notification Other Referral
  30. 30. Significant Returns for Jobvite Customers in 3 years, TiVo grew referral hires from 23% to social 39% after switch to Jobvite: hiring process time savings of collaborative 15% “helped us quickly reduce spend on intelligent non-performing and costly sourcing channels like job boards”
  31. 31. Increased Referral Hiring Higher Quality Candidateswith Jobvite with Jobvite ReferralsReferrals as source of hire Percent of applicants hired 33% 28% 10% 26% 1% 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR all referral average referral hire = 22% applicants applicantsSample Savings 10,000 3% 300 hires x referral hire = additional per year increase referral hires 300 referral x $3,000 = $900,000 hires savings per hire total savings
  32. 32. Recruiting Intelligence Provides Insightsto Drive Results – Quality, Cost, Speed
  33. 33. Jobvite: Quality, Cost, Speed lower cost •  reduce job board & agency spend •  tap social & employee networks •  target spend based-on what works •  easy-to-use for everyone higher productivity •  reduce administrative time •  shrink reporting time •  automated screening & tracking better talent •  identify strong candidates from known sources •  target & attract relevant passive talent •  improve candidate experience
  34. 34. consumer internet consumer products & retailadvertising & marketing health, sciences & educationtechnology finance & energy
  35. 35. the recruiting platform forthe social web
  36. 36. RECRUITING ON THE SOCIALWEBDavid LaheyVP, Customer Success
  37. 37. Value created for customers actual average Jobvite referral referral referral sample per 2011 total referralcustomer hire rate hire rate upside hire savings hires hire savingsCompany 1 73% 22% 51% $4,000 128 $261,120Company 2 31% 22% 9% $4,000 571 $205,560Company 3 50% 22% 28% $4,000 302 $338,240Company 4 27% 22% 5% $4,000 2315 $463,000
  38. 38. Activation Overview – 4 Easy Steps1 Kickoff 2 Configuration •  Target Go-Live Date •  Account Settings •  Data Fields and Imports •  Approval Workflow •  Career Site Survey •  Candidate Workflow •  Jobvite Messaging •  Evaluation Forms •  Employees and My Account •  Offer Letters3 Testing and Training 4 Go Live •  HR and Recruiter Training •  Activate Career Site •  Test Drive •  Update Job Links •  Video Library on Community •  Invite Employees
  39. 39. Make It Easy for Employees toGet Involved with Jobvite Publisher
  40. 40. Jobvite Your Network – a Viral Way toReach the Right Talent
  41. 41. Engage Employees in Referrals
  42. 42. Target Talent Directly by MatchingContacts to Jobs
  43. 43. Engage Your Fans and Followers
  44. 44. Unique Links and Automatic TrackingHelp You Measure Impact
  45. 45. Case StudyChallenges Solution•  Growing company •  Jobvite Hire for ATS•  Advanced hiring technology needed •  Web 2.0 SaaS solution•  Decentralized offices •  Centralized recruiting data•  Intense competition for talent •  Full access to social media Results •  Employee referrals have doubled •  Easier to achieve 10% growth •  Decreased use of agencies
  46. 46. Top  3  Trends  in  Employment  Screening     Bill Glenn, VP, Marketing & Alliances TalentWise February 28, 2012
  47. 47. Company  Overview    •  Founded  in  2006  •  HQ  in  Bothell,  WA  •  175  employees  and  growing    •  Leader  in  Hiring  Process   Management  SoluEons   (HPM)    •  Recognized  for  innovaEve   soluEons  and  award-­‐ winning  service   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 48
  48. 48. TalentWise  +  Jobvite  Customers   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 49
  49. 49. Trend  #  1  –  Social  Media  Screening   •  80  -­‐  90%  of  companies  use  social  networks  as  part  of  their   employment  screening  process*   •  Growth  of  LinkedIn,  FB,  Twi]er,  Google+   130M   450M   462M     490M   845M   49M   *  Sources:  Jobvite  and  Reppler  2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 50
  50. 50. What’s  Not  Allowable?  Online  content  which  is  deemed  irrelevant  or  unallowable     •  According  to  Title  VII,  the  ADA,  GINA,  and  ADEA,  protected   classes  include:   – age   – race/color   – sex   – naEonal  origin   – religion   – pregnancy     – disability   – geneEc  informaEon     2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 51
  51. 51. What  IS  allowable?   Relevant  and  allowable  online  content     NegaEve   PosiEve         •  Illegal  behavior,  including   •  ContribuEons  to  leading   illicit  drug  use   industry  blogs  and  sites   •  PotenEally  violent  acEvity     •  ParEcipaEon  in  volunteer   •  Racist  or  discriminatory   or  philanthropic  groups   tendencies   •  Improvements  to   •  Corporate  image   corporate  image   disparage-­‐ment     •  Sexually  explicit  material   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 52
  52. 52. RecommendaEons   Embrace  social  media!       Seek  advice     Keep  detailed  records     Go  the  extra  mile  to  ensure  your  candidates  are   treated  fairly     2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 53
  53. 53. Trend  #  2  –  Employment  Eligibility  Compliance   Form I-9s E-Verify 2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 54
  54. 54. ImmigraEon  and  Customs  Enforcement  Trends  In  2009,  ICE  announced  a  new  strategy  focusing  on  worksite  enforcement,  with  drama2c  effects.   ICE Worksite Enforcement Trends ‘08 vs. ‘10 $6,956k 7000 6000 5000 4000 FY 08 2196 3000 FY 10 2000 503 $675k 1000 0 Notices of I-9 Inspections Final Order Fines Issued Issued Source:  DHS,  January  2011  -­‐  h]p://   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 55
  55. 55. E-­‐Verify  Expansion   E-Verify Legislation - 2011                       2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 56  
  56. 56. Next  GeneraEon  Employment   Eligibility  Tools  Must  Have…       •  Fully  compliant  electronic     signatures   •  Centralized  I-­‐9  visibility  and   management   •  Email  access  for  employees   and  employers   •  Seamless  integraEon  with  E-­‐ Verify   •  Enforce  compliance  through   simplificaEon   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 57
  57. 57. Trend  #  3  -­‐  Background  Screening  IntegraEon  with  ATS     22%  of  companies  that  perform  background  screening   indicate  that  their  screening  soluEon  is  fully  integrated   with  their  ATS     22% Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  2010   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 58
  58. 58. Trend  #  3  -­‐  Background  Screening  IntegraEon  with  ATS  –  It  Works!    Source:  Aberdeen  Group,  2010   Success! 2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 59
  59. 59. Benefits  of  a  Fully  Integrated,  Turn-­‐Key  SoluEon   PRE-POPULATED CANDIDATE INFO •  Single Sign-On •  Encrypted Transport •  Intuitive Interface AUTOMATIC REPORT STATUSBenefits: ü  Increase efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry ü  Reduce risk by lowering the probability of manual data entry errors ü  Increase productivity by eliminating the need to work in multiple systems ü  Improve compliance by automating and tracking your hiring process from end to end 2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 60
  60. 60. 2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 61
  61. 61.   Thank  you!      Bill  Glenn        Twi]er:  @williamwglenn                              1.877.893.1665   2/29/12 Property of TalentWise 62
  62. 62. Social Recruiting:Talent Acquisition in 2015 Alex Putman Director of Global Talent Acquisition Case-Mate February 28, 2012 @alexputman
  63. 63. AgendaMobile Recruiting o  Mobile Overview o  Mobile Apps o  QR codes o  Augmented RealityTalent Communities o  Where are the candidates? o  What is a Talent Community? o  Build & Maintain Your Community!Recruitment Marketing o  What is it? o  Targeted Strategies o  Branded Pages o  Pay Per Click
  64. 64. What Do You Imagine?“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein What do you hope to accomplish from social recruiting? o  Enhance the candidate experience? o  Build/Grow/Farm a Talent Community? o  Engagement? o  Find candidates?
  65. 65. Mobile Recruiting
  66. 66. Mobile Recruiting Always on, always with us, always connected In an average 1 week period ___% of mobile users will: •  81% browse internet •  77% use a search engine •  48% watch a video •  63% access a social network •  39% use in bathroom •  33% use while watching tv •  70% use while in a store •  74% make a buy decision based on info from smartphone •  95% use to find local info •  71% of mobile search is due to seeing an ad •  42% people click on mobile ads
  67. 67. Mobile Size
  68. 68. Mobile Internet Growth
  69. 69. Mobile Use
  70. 70. Mobile Phone Use Breakdown
  71. 71. Future of Mobile •  91.4 million mobile internet users in US today. •  This will jump to 132.5 million / 41.5% percent of the U.S. population by 2015, according to eMarketer •  CareerBuilder has seen more than a 270% increase in page views on its mobile website, Android app, and iPhone app from March 2010 to March 2011. •  CTIA-The Wireless Association projects that 270 MM US residents use some sort of mobile device (89% of the total population) •  A recent study conducted by Mobile Recruiting News reported that 95% of Smart Phone owners would “consider job seeking on their mobile.” How can you prepare: •  Create an app •  Optimize your site for mobile
  72. 72. Mobile Apps
  73. 73. PepsiCo Case StudyAt a glance, PepsiCo is focused on connecting andengaging, beyond just a job search. Some of thefunctionality of the “Possibilities” app include: o  PepsiCo Twitter feed o  Content for why, the people, the brands, FAQ’s, and ways to connect with Recruiters. o  Scanning their brands with a stickybits partnership o  The Feeds from the lineup of PepsiCo blogs o  PepsiCo YouTube o  Geo-location job search functionality
  74. 74. More Apps 19M monthly visit 15k monthly visits
  75. 75. QR CodesWhat is a QR Code?2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any smartphone. This code will then be converted into a piece of(interactive) text and/or linkHow can I use it in recruiting? o  Drive traffic to career portal o  Provide positive candidate experience o  Create memorable content o  Saves visits to mobile device Looks expensive and technical?
  76. 76. Augmented RealityWhat is Augmented Reality?Why scan a code when we can scan objects, images, face, logos, their natural form and then get redirectedGoogle Goggles•  Scan a business card for easy input•  Scan logo’s for mobile informationLinkMeMobile•  Images instantly become hyperlinks, encouraging consumers to interact.MobiusWorld•  Facial recognition
  77. 77. Talent Communities Build a Community of Talent
  78. 78. Where Are People “Socializing”•  Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)•  RSS Feeds•  Aggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired)•  Virtual Worlds (SecondLife)•  Video (YouTube, Vimeo)•  Podcast (•  Blogs (WordPress, Blogger)•  Micro Blogs (Twitter, IM, Texting)•  Wiki’s•  Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg)•  Location Based Social (Foursquare, FB Places)
  79. 79. Talent CommunitiesWhere do you get your best hires? o  Employee Referrals o  “little black book” o  Pipeline o  Passive SeekersWhat is a Talent Community?an environment consisting of people who canshare ideas for the purpose of careernetworking or social recruiting of candidates
  80. 80. Benefits of Talent Communities •  Easy to reach qualified candidates •  Candidates engaged to your business •  Less dependence on traditional job boards •  Less money spent on job advertisements •  Increased interaction with potential candidates •  Provide insight and clarity of your organization •  Better quality of applicants to job openings •  Creates a talent pipeline for future job openings •  Attracts passive candidates
  81. 81. How to Build A Talent CommunityTurn your “careers” page into a central hub for: o  Past (“alumni”) employees o  Company “fans” o  Leased employees o  Interested candidates o  Recruiters o  Hiring managers o  Current employees Best Practices: o  Incorporate tools for communication and interaction to drive conversations in your talent community. o  Provide an exclusive look into your organization, its employees and the culture behind the company. o  Use video, multimedia, photos, testimonials
  82. 82. Maintain Your Talent CommunityWhen you start engaging candidates through a talentcommunity, it’s important to continue to provide valueon a regular basis.Ways to do so:o  Send updates or an e-newslettero  Providing “VIP” information on new job openings and internship programso  Create contestso  Provide information via blog postso  Communicate and connect via social media.
  83. 83. Recruitment MarketingYes, the Talent Department is a BRAND!
  84. 84. Life @ Case-Mate
  85. 85. What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruitment Marketing is attracting applicants to your brand Attraction Via: o  Talent Communities o  Mobile campaigns o  Targeted postings o  Referrals o  Social Media o  Advertising Remember: You are marketing your company Talent Brand Recruitment marketing is unique in that a company has the opportunity to develop a sub-brand that encompasses employee lifestyle – what we call a talent brand.
  86. 86. Where to Begin•  Clear understanding of your talent brand and what type of candidates you would like to attract.•  Not everyone who is qualified for a position will be a good fit for your company•  Once you know whom you want to attract, you can start o  Build out email campaigns o  Social job promotions o  Developing a community based career site that is geared toward the type of applicants desired.
  87. 87. Organizational Involvement Involve everyone in the company TiVo o  sends a separate recruiting email twice a month to all employees o  providing hiring updates o  interesting articles o  referral incentives. o  Each email includes a specific, personalized message, usually a story or anecdote about a referral
  88. 88. Targeted Social Strategies •  Orbitz has developed a unique social recruiting strategy based on targeting passive candidates. •  The company cultivates a number of leads through o  Social media o  Newsletters o  User groups o  Sourcing o  On-campus events at high schools and universities worldwide
  89. 89. Social Recruiting ATS •  Social Recruiting Platform •  Facebook “Work With Us” app •  Develop social recruiting campaigns •  Interact on all major social platforms •  Everyone in company is a recruiter •  Sourcing tools: integrate paid, non paid and Boolean search. •  Reporting o  What’s working, who is referring etc…
  90. 90. Branded Pages
  91. 91. LinkedIn
  92. 92. Glassdoor
  93. 93. Pay Per Click
  94. 94. What is PPC?•  Pay Per Click is just like it sounds: o Pay when your job is clicked o “bid” on key words you want to use o Choose by o Location o Age o interest
  95. 95. Targeted PPC options Almost  1  billion  users   140  million  users   72  million  unique  visitors  annually   660  million  unique  visitors  annually  
  96. 96. Job Boards vs Aggregators* - comScore Media Metrix, August 2011
  97. 97. Contact Alex  Putman    |  Director  of  Global  Talent  @  Case-­‐Mate­‐
  98. 98. Credits Jobvite’s 2011 Social Recruiting Report – comScore Media Metrix, August 2011
  99. 99. 5 Easy Steps toRecruiting AnalyticsMike NigroSoutheast Sales Manager
  100. 100. Metrics Help Us to: •  Track progress •  Set realistic goals •  Plan for the future
  101. 101. Good Metrics Tell a Story
  102. 102. Make Your Story Easy to Understand
  103. 103. Numbers Don’t Mean Anything…    
  104. 104. Creating a Good StoryMeasure the Right Things:•  Does everyone agree this is important?•  Is this metric for recruiters, hiring managers or executive management?•  Is it easily compiled?•  Is it consistently accurate?    
  105. 105. Most Frequently Measured Metrics Time  to  Fill/Start   18%  Manager  SaEsfacEon   13%   First-­‐Year  Turnover   13%   Cost  Per  Hire   12%  Cndidate  SaEsfacEon   10%   Quality  of  Hire   8%   0%   2%   4%   6%   8%   10%   12%   14%   16%   18%   20%   Source:  RecruiEng  AnalyEcs:  5  Ways    to  Benchmark  Success  
  106. 106. Maturity Over Time…
  107. 107. 5 Ways to Benchmark Success1.  Efficiency2.  Effectiveness3.  Marketing4.  Retention5.  Planning
  108. 108. 1. Efficiency What metrics will help your recruiting program become more efficient?   •  Time to fill •  Cost per hire •  Hiring process/workflow •  Recruiter workload
  109. 109. 1. EfficiencyHow can the metrics be used to improve theefficiency of the program?•  Develop best practices.•  Outsource certain processes.•  Acquire new tools.
  110. 110. 2. EffectivenessWhat metrics will help your recruiting to bemore effective?•  Time to promote•  Quality of candidates•  Hiring manager satisfaction•  Retention rate at 3 and 6 months
  111. 111. 2. EffectivenessHow can we increase recruitingeffectiveness?•  Use targeted keywords in job descriptions.•  Increase hiring managers’ input.•  Focus on the best sources for successful hires.
  112. 112. 60% of new jobs will require skills held by   20% of the populationSource:  American  Society  for  Training  &  Development  
  113. 113. 3. Sourcing and MarketingWhat will help your sourcing andmarketing efforts?•  Candidates per source•  Cost per hire by source•  Career site traffic•  Social recruiting
  114. 114. 3. Sourcing and Marketing•  Are we getting more quality candidates or just more applications?•  Do we need to spend more or change what we are spending on?•  Should we refine the sourcing process?•  Are referrals our number one source for hires?
  115. 115. Best Outside Talent Comes from Referrals, Sourcing and Social Networks referrals 8.6 direct sourcing 8.2 social networks 7.8 corporate career site 7.03rd party recruiters or search firms 6.8 campus recruiting 6.4 job boards 6.1 search engine optimization 6.1 Source:  Jobvite  Social  RecruiEng  Survey  2011    
  116. 116. 4. RetentionDoes the recruiting process have apositive impact on the business?•  Employee retention, engagement and satisfaction•  Percent of employee referrals•  Employer brand ranking
  117. 117. 4. RetentionWe know that hiring the right people isimportant.•  Can we match candidates to jobs better?•  Hire better skill sets.•  Can we increase employee referrals?•  Develop a new job branding campaign.
  118. 118. 61% of Employees Are Actively Seekingor Open to a New Job Source:  Jobvite  Social  Job  Seeker  Survey  2011    
  119. 119. 5. PlanningWhat metrics will help you plan forrecruiting success?•  Critical positions identified•  Hard-to-fill positions identified•  Percent of talent available vs needed•  Percent of successors named, trained and ready
  120. 120. 5. Planning What recruiting efforts are mission- critical for our business? •  Define sourcers and manage their efforts. •  Build the bench strength in the CRM . •  Develop a formal succession management process. •  Increase employee development.
  121. 121. New Jobs That Didn’t Exist Years Ago iPad  Game  Developer   API  Plauorm  Manager   VirtualizaEon  Architect   User  Experience  Analyst   Mobile Applications EngineerOnline  Community  Managers   Search  Engine  OpEmizaEon  Specialist   iPhone Application Developer Director  of  SEM  Poruolio  Strategy  Mobile Marketing Strategist Social  Media  Manager   Android  Developer   Mobile  Sales  Engineer   Blogger   Social  Media  Strategist  
  122. 122. Developments that Make Metrics Easy 1.  Applicant Tracking Software 2.  CRM Systems 3.  Social Recruiting Tools 4.  Cloud Technologies
  123. 123. The Recruiting Platform for the Social WebCollaborative platform Social CRMfor applicant tracking and searchSocial recruiting Recruitingand referrals intelligence
  124. 124. Mike NigroSoutheast Sales @jobviteTwitter: @mnigro1045 In:]p://