Summit 2013 - Beg4: Supercharging Your Career Site


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In this power-packed session, we’ll explore five critical ways everyone can improve their career sites—from providing employee testimonials to shortening applications. We’ll also showcase real-world examples of standard hosted Jobvite career sites, as well as sites that use iFrames or XML. And we’ll highlight a few advantages to hosting a Premium career site. Got other tips to share? We’d love to hear them!

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Summit 2013 - Beg4: Supercharging Your Career Site

  1. 1. #jobvite13Supercharging yourCareer SiteMai NakamuraJobvite | Web DeveloperScott HernandezKIXEYE | VP of Talent
  2. 2. #jobvite13Mai NakamuraMai has been a Web Developer for the past 8 years.Currently, she manages the career site portion ofJobvite, as well as API and Single Sign Onintegrations. She has been with Jobvite since 2011and her English Bulldog named Pancake is nowJobvites "Top Dog".
  3. 3. #jobvite13Agenda• Best Practices for Career Sites• Career Site Integration Examples– Hosted Site Tips– iFrame Tips– XML/JSON Tips• KIXEYE Site Experience
  4. 4. #jobvite13Supercharge your Standard Career Site• DO Keep your Apply page short and simple• DON’T use redundant forms or duplicate fields• DO personalize the company through employeetestimonials, photos, or video• DO emphasize your culture and benefits• DON’T use HR-centric wording in job descriptions• DO List jobs under broad categoriesAll Jobvite customers receive a link to a standard, Jobvite-Powered career site during activation. Here are a few simpletips anyone can use for improving their career site:
  5. 5. #jobvite13Integration Options
  6. 6. #jobvite13Hosted SiteThe hosted solution is great if you have limited technicalstaff, will not be making frequent changes to the website, orwant your visitors to know you are using an external serviceTips:• Link the logo on your career site to go back to yourcompany website• Customize the introduction wordingExample:
  7. 7. #jobvite13iFrameThe iFrame option integrates content from the Jobvite powered siteto a site hosted by you, so visitors will see your URL. They allow youto have control over design of the page outside the iFrame and makesimple changes on your own.Tips:• Set up link redirects• Request unique URLs for each job opening• Provide CSS style sheet for Standard sites• Make the career site iFrame friendlyExamples:
  8. 8. #jobvite13XML/JSON FeedWith the XML/JSON feed, you have complete control over thedesign and format of how your job listings and details aredisplayed, which will need to be set up by a technical resourceat your company.Tips:• Integrating Apply page with an iFrame for a consistent lookExamples:
  9. 9. #jobvite13Premium Career SiteJobvite’s premium career sites support all integration types and includesfeatures such as branding to match your corporate website, links to socialmedia sites, custom layout and graphics, custom job groupings, and searchfilters.Tips:• Have assets/materials prepared before you start executing• 70% planning, 30% execution• Leverage images and video• Showcase your company’s cultureExamples:
  10. 10. #jobvite13Scott HernandezScott Hernandez, VP of Talent at KIXEYE, is acertified Professional of Human Resources and has20 years of experience in human resources and talentacquisition with early stage and high-growthcompanies. Since joining, KIXEYE has scaled from200 to 460 employees. Aside from this tremendousgrowth, he is also passionate about building culture.KIXEYE was recently awarded “Best Places to Workin Bay Area”.
  11. 11. #jobvite13Thank You!