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  • This presentation outlines the planned UI / API enhancements.
  • Twapper Keeper API / UI Enhancements / Work Products

    1. 1. Twapper Keeper UI / API Enhancements 05/5/2010
    2. 2. [API-1] RSS / Atom feed of all archive types Requestor: Andy Powell Add RSS feed to @Person archvies. Update ALL RSS feeds for #hashtags, keywords, and @persons to be Atom compliant.
    3. 3. [API-2] Update API to Match Twitter /Search API input / output include pagination Requestor: Andy Powell Redo TwapperKeeper/tweets API endpoint with a focus on aligning with twitter /search API in both input and output (where possible) to minimize coding differences between platforms.
    4. 4. [API-3] RSS / Atom feed of newly created archives Requestor: Andy Powell Create an RSS / ATOM feed of archives as they are created.
    5. 5. [API-4 / UI-1] Advanced / Refined Search Requestor: Martin Hawksey Advanced Search Form Within Archive(s) From User(s) Includes Text in Tweet Add an advanced search to allow for more arguments to find data. For example: Boolean (thisPerson OR thatPerson) AND hashtag Add capabilities to API where possible. NOTE: one limitation I can see for performance is it may have to be bound to a pre-defined set of archives during search, as wildcarding across the entire database would probably not be possible
    6. 6. [UI-2] Quick Filter Results for a Given Archive Requestor: Martin Hawksey Within archive page, add a filter text input that can further refine the tweets based upon text entered.
    7. 7. [UI-3] Opt-out of archives / delete and filter Requestor: Liam Green-Hughes Delete / Opt-Out Form I want my tweets deleted and I don’t ever want my tweets archived Name __________________ Twitter Username ________ Add form to system to allow users to request to be deleted / opt-out of archiving. (form will goto helpdesk) Create deletion program to be run by helpdesk. Add archiving filter table(s) / routines to archiving process. Create a log of how many tweets are being NOT archived for measurement purposes.
    8. 8. [UI-4] Filter a hashtagged archive via a list of persons Requestor: Tony Hirst Add to filter on the archive page to filter based upon a list of users.
    9. 9. [UI-5] Create a collection of archives and allow permalink to be created Requestor: Cameron Neylon Create Archive Collection Form Pick archive to be bound into a collection. Create a way for users to aggregate archives together and create a new permalink. Allows for results to be “mashed” together. This will most likely result in a new object type called collection.
    10. 10. [UI-6] Filter RTs when viewing an archive Requestor: Kirsy McGill Add additional filter capability to archive to remove RTs.
    11. 11. [UI-7] Analytics Requestor: Brian Kelly <ul><li>Add high level organic metrics similar to WTHashtag </li></ul><ul><li>- Geo Location Metrics </li></ul><ul><li>- Integration with Andy Powell’s Eduserv Summarizr </li></ul>
    12. 12. [UI-8] Tag and Find Requestor: Gary Green Tags library congress loc archive Add ability for anyone to add / edit tags associated to archive, and allow for filter dialog to search on this.
    13. 13. [UI-9] @Person Archiving Changes Requestor: Jeremy Force users to login via Oauth prior to creating @person archives. Update FAQ to explain fact that keyword archives can still be used to see users tweets, and if they wish they can opt-out.