Best iphone App for Video Resumes- Jobma


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Best iphone App for Video Resumes- Jobma

  1. 1. Swipe to Learn more………
  2. 2.  The purpose of designing this incredible Mobile compatible application is to grant the job seekers a platform, where they can search for a right job according to their skills, experience and qualification.  It permits the applicants to search the jobs in a convenient manner irrespective of location, skills and experience.  In order to assist the array of job seekers that are spread across the world, Jobma launched its new Mobile application for Iphone/Ipad users.
  3. 3.        Jobma application is all about creating opportunities for Jobseekers that are spread across the globe. It almost terminates the location and device based constraint via this mobile application Jobseekers can reap benefits of search, share and submission of Video Resume globally. It adds the more glance to your personality development skills. It polishes your hard as well as soft skills. It let you face the fear of initial screening round. It simply gives you instant makeover in your professional as well as personal life.
  4. 4.      Application permits the user to create account on Jobma Portal. Applicants can record, upload and publish the video Resume. Applicants can manage the video profile. Applicants can view of list of recommended jobs as per the matched skills and experience they have. Applicants can check the messages (Read and Unread) and Updates made on the profile.
  5. 5.     Jobs can be searched via location, Keywords, Mile Radius, Job type and posted within ( Days). It permits them to view the job descriptions and apply for the same. Application permits them to share their resumes on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Application can get you the forgotten password via alert on registered email Id.
  6. 6.  This application can be used worldwide for jobseekers, to get efficient and effective job results for their career growth.  In future there will be a new series of features and functionalities will get added to it.  To get benefitted in this recession, Get this Jobma application, record & make your video Resume and get a right job for your amazing career. Download the mobile App 
  7. 7. Visit Our Website: Customer Support: Facebook Page: Twitter Profile: Contact No: 888-952-4774(Toll Free) Contact Address: 6311 Wayzata Blvd STE 150 Minneapolis, MN 55416 United States of America