GOD's Story
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  • 1. God’s story
  • 2. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…
  • 3. and God created and loved man
  • 4. And man sinned against God
  • 5. God Knowing this in advance, started giving man chances to redeem himself…
  • 6. Knowing this in advance, God started giving man chances to redeem himself… …and in His love He still gives us chances
  • 7. The Bible is about God giving man chances to come back to Him
  • 8. The Bible is the Word of God
  • 9. The Old Testament and the New Testament
  • 10. The old covenant and the new covenant
  • 11. The Old Testament tells about creation
  • 12. God’s chosen people and their history
  • 13. Judges, Kings, and Prophets Laws, Songs, and Words of Wisdom
  • 14. Sacrifices to God through the blood of animals
  • 15. The continued stubbornness and defiance of God’s people
  • 16. God's wrath
  • 17. Yet, in man’s helplessness, God gave hope
  • 18. The New Testament the new covenant, the new Hope
  • 19. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16
  • 20. It’s about God’s love and forgiveness for the whole world
  • 21. It is Jesus Christ's blood instead of animal blood to forgive our sins
  • 22. It’s about being born again
  • 23. Admitting our helpless state and our sins, repenting, and asking for forgiveness
  • 24. It is accepting Jesus Christ as our savior
  • 25. And having eternal life through Him
  • 26. Then… judgment day
  • 27. At the end of time, there will be no more chances to come back to Him
  • 28. It’s not too late to turn back to God
  • 29. JUST ASK HIM
  • 30. God’s All photo’s courtesy of Stock.XCHNG except for Slide no. 4 Photo on Slide No. 4 entitled “RESTRAIN” courtesy story of Bob Lee Keng Siang from flickr.com Presentation by Jack Lazo jo.bless.u@gmail.com