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Genic Ebook

  1. 1. Genic Co., Ltd.
  2. 2. Company WindowScience meets DreamGenic Co.,Ltd. is an international pioneer in the field of soluble hydrogel cosmetics,Specializing in the development and manufa acturing of cosmeticsface masks, eye patches, And medical bio p patches.Genic has now successfully launched its ow line of beauty care products, wnreaching both Domestic and overseas custo omers.CertificateCGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Pr ractice)ISO 9001Contract Manufacturing ITEMFace mask pack, Eye Patch, Hydrogel patch Film cosmetics, h,Nose Pore Strip, Trouble Patch, Slim patch,Skin care, Body care, Hair Care etc.CGMP FACTORY – Contract Manufacturing (OEM, ODM) www. genic21. com
  3. 3. Genic’s Leading AdvantageResearch InstituteResearch & Development Types s 1.Individual Research & Development - Development of New Formulations & Products ment 2.Request-Oriented Research & Developm - Research & Development for Corporation and National Policies ns Research & Development Fields 1. Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care 2. Face Mask Pack, Eye Patch, Hydrogel Patch, Film Cosmetics, Nose Pore Strip, Slim Patch, Trouble Patch, etc. 3. Functional Cosmetics & MaskAuthorized Products & Patent St tatus 1. Authorized Functional Products 1) Basic Products – Approximately 50 products have been authorized its function (Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care etc) 2) Masks – Hydrogel Mask, Eye Patch, Essence mask e 2. Patent Status 1)Soluble Hydrogel Mask – Patent Registration : Korea and Russia, Patent Application : PCT 2) Film Cosmetic – Patent Registration : Korea, Authorized New Technology in Korea www. genic21. com
  4. 4. Patented Techno ology – Hydrogel Mask[ ] Patent No. 506543 Temperature Sensitive State – Changing e Soluble Hydrogel Mask System Features • Soluble Hydrogel Mask contains marine collagen • Mask Improvement -Superior hydration, Anti-bacterial, Solubility, Flexibility, -Consumer-preferre texture ed -Convenient to use -Patent Technology • Slow evaporation and better hydration vs. cloth • Natural bio-matrix instead o synthetic adhesives of He eat Evaporative Water Soluble Hydrogel Rayon Fabric Skin Example www. genic21. com
  5. 5. Patented Techno ology – Film Cosmetic[ Patent No. 10-0676937 Transdermal Soluble Film fo Skincare and Wound Healing or Approved ‘NET Mark ’ from Korean government, the Ministry of Knowledge & Economic ]Genic succeeded in condensing the anti-wrinkle concentrate onto a thin film,firstly in Korea and the third in worldwid de.This film improves wrinkled skin by ‘filling’ the gap of deep and visible wrinkles. Magic Night Film by Genic www. genic21. com
  6. 6. PureTree product “Pu ureTree” For Relaxing Skin “Puretree” Puretree is a natural therapy skin care product y that engrafts plant ingredie ents extracted from the natural environment and highly a advanced cosmetic research techhnologies of Genic. It provides to users the beauty of the pure and clean nature. e Product ▶ For Relaxing Skin - Puretree Oatmeal Clean Care Green tea & Collagen Clean Ca are Homme Basic Skin CareOatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Green Tea & Collagen Homme Miracle Q10 Homme Revitalizing HommeCreamy Cleansing Cleansing Cleansing Set Skin Care Set Multi-Action Form Milk Cream Tissue Toner 150ml/30ml Toner 130ml/35ml Skin Essence 150ml 210ml 200ml 100 PCS Emulsion 150ml/30ml Emulsion 130ml/35ml 150ml PT-A1 PT-A2 PT-A3 PT-B1 PT-C1 PT-C2 PT-C3 Aloe Basic Skin Care c Aloe Hydrating Toner Aloe Hydrating Emulsion Aloe Silky Vital Essence Aloe Skin Care Gel 150ml 150ml 40g 140ml PT-D1 PT-D2 PT-D3 PT-D4 www. genic21. com
  7. 7. PureTree product Product ▶ For Relaxing Skin - Puretree Aloe Basic Skin Care Set Pore Skin Care n White & Wrinkle Care Sun Care Aloe Skin Care 3 Set White & Wrinkle Power Serum UV Perfect Anti Wrinkle Pore Tighte ening (+Tea tree Trouble Care Gel Sun Cream Sun Screen (Aloe Hydrating Toner 150ml, Aloe Hydrating Emulsion 150ml, Toner 30ml) SPF 45/PA+++ SPF 40/PA+++ Aloe Aqua Moisture Cream 50g) 140ml 40ml 80g 65ml PT-E1 PT-F1 PT-G1 PT-H1 PT-H2 Total Care Weekly Care Junior Skin Care Nose Cleaning Pack Purifying Lavender Turn-over T Junior Multi Action Solution Clear Multi Action Intensive White Clay Sleeping Con ntrol Peeling (+Tetree Trouble Care Clear Pore Tightening Solution B.B Cream Pack Pack Gel Gel 30ml) Nose Strip Patch 150ml 50ml 170g 120ml 120ml 150ml 10ea 6ea PT-I1 PT-I2 PT-J1 PT-J2 PT-J3 PT-K1 PT-L1 PT-L2 Body Care Baby Skin CareNatural Therapy Body Shower Body-Line Shaper 2 Set Anti-Wrinkle S Solutoin Ato-Maman Ato-Maman Ato-Maman (Body Shower 490ml x 2 (Body Patch 6ea Hand Cre eam Mild Wash Mild Lotion Mild Cream Double Set + Body Mist 200ml) + Body Gel 200ml) 80g 250ml 250ml (Cream 120g + Mild Patch 5ea) PT-M1 PT-M2 PT-M3 3 PT-O1 PT-O2 PT-O3 Jewelry Basic Skin Care Jewelry Platinum Jewelry Platinum Jewelry Platinum Jewelry Pla atinum Jewelry Platinum Jewelry Platinum Toner Emulsion Serum Creamm Eye Treatment Special Care 3 Set 150ml 150ml 45ml 50ml 35ml Toner + Emulsion + Cream PT-P1 PT-P2 PT-P3 PT-P4 4 PT-P5 PT-P6 www. genic21. com
  8. 8. PureTree product Product ▶ For Relaxing Skin - Puretree Hair Care Real Style Real Style Real Style Real Style Real Style Mi-Mo Mi-MoHair Setting Real Style Hair Shining Hair Water Hair Coating Hair Setting Oriental Therapy Oriental Therapy Gel Hair Repair Glaze Essence Essence Spray Shampoo Treatment 500m l 500m l 500m l 250m l 120m l 300m l 500m l 500m l PT-Q1 PT-Q2 PT-Q3 PT-Q4 PT-Q5 PT-Q6 PT-Q7 PT-Q8 www. genic21. com
  9. 9. PureTree product “Pu ureTree” Puretree Esse ence Mask Line Puretree Hydr rogel Mask Line Product ▶ Mask Therapy - PureTree Puretree Essence Mask Line (Cotton 100%) Aloe Coenzyme Q10 Pomegranate Marine-Collagen Lemon Green Tea Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask PT-R1 PT-R2 PT-R3 PT-R4 PT-R5 PT-R6 [For Calming] [For Firming] [For Lifting] [For Moisturizing] [For brightening] [For Soothing] Calming and Elastic and glossy Lifting and moisturizing Deep moisturizing Brightening formula Soothing andmoisturizing formula formula with formula with formula with Marine- with Lemon & Rice bran Brightening formula with Aloe & Swiss CoenzymeQ10 and pomegranate and Collagen which makes extracts which makes with Green Tea & Alpine Herb which Hexapeptide which Hexapeptide which your skin refreshing, your skin brightening, Witch Hazel Extracts makes your soft, makes your skin makes your skin Soft and healthy. moisturizing and which makes your fresh and healthy. firming, nourishing firming, nourishing healthy. skin fresh, clean and and healty. and healthy. pure. Puretree Hydrogel Mask Line (Soluble Hydrogel Mask Type) e Caviar Mela-C Gel Mask Peptide Firming Gel Mask PT-S1 PT-S2 Brightening & lifting formula Firming & moisturizing formula with with Caviar & Lemon extracts. Peptide & Marine-collagen. This Caviar Mela-C Gel Mask This Peptide Firming Gel Mask melts into skin leaving it bright melts into skin leaving it firm and and firm. It lifts up the face and moist. It lifts up the tired face and creates a beautiful complexion. creates a beautiful complexion. Brightening Q10 Eye Patch Firming Collagen Eye Patch PT-S3 PT-S4 It contains nourishing extracts from It contains nourishing extracts from Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C & Swiss Alpine Elastin & Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts which Herb Extracts which make the exhausted eye regain elasticity, moisture and health to the area moisturizing, brightening and elastic. exhausted eye area. www. genic21. com
  10. 10. Sa ante Nouveau product “Sante No ouveau” Sante Nouveau is a mask produc line that contains ct ingredients for skin therapy. It provides solutions according to diffeerent skin troubles. Product ▶ Mask Therapy - SANTE NOUVEAU Tranquilizing, Cl lean Line (20g) Aloe Essence Mask Cucumber Essence Mask Green Tea E Essence Mask Lemon Essence Mask Potato Essence Mask SN-A1 SN-A2 SNN-A3 SN-A4 SN-A5 Elastic, Nutrie Line (20g) entCollagen Essence Mask Royal Jelly Essence Mask CoenzymeQ10 E Essence Mask Red Ginseng Essence Mask Pomegranate Essence Mask SN-A6 SN-A7 SN-A A8 SN-A9 SN-A10 Moisturizing, Soothing Line (20g) Transparent, Energy Line (20g) Acerola Wine Gold Kiwi Arbutin Apricot Sweet pumpkin Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Maskk Essence Mask Essence Essence Mask SN-A11 SN-A12 SN-A13 SN-A14 SN-A15 SN-A16 10pcs in Zipper Bag – 7 kinds r Seaweed Cucumber Aloe Coenzym Q10 me Arbutin Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask e Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask SN-B1 SN-B2 SN-B3 SN-B4 SN-B5 SN-B6 SN-B7 www. genic21. com
  11. 11. Lasante product “L Lasante” Healthy Beauty “Lasante” Lasante is a specia cosmetic line that al aims to provide ‘Beauty + Health + Rest.” It is a highly functional product y that professes healt beauty by using thy skin-friendly n natural ingredients. Product ▶ Healthy Beauty - LasanteCleansing Toner Hydrating Cleansing Purifying Cleansing Refreshing Refining Exfoliating R Rosewater Tonic Witch-Hazel Tonic Lotion 300ml/1000ml Gel 300ml/1000ml Cleansing Oil 300ml Gel 300ml Lotion 300ml/1000ml Lotion 300ml/1000ml H1C9/H3C8 P1C9/P3C5 R2C7 R2E7 R1W9/R3W8 W1H9/W3H8 Gets rid of make up Leaves the skin feel Make up and Remove unnecessary Displays superior Controls the sebum And wastes less oily deep pore horny layer and wastes h Soothing action secretion prevents without stress. and refreshed. Cleansing oil. hidden deep inside maintains the skin Inflammation & smoothes of pores without stress. moisturized. Over the uneven skin with open pores. Phyto CreamSerum Hydro Fresh Purifying Clear Revital Perfect Collagen Serum Hyaluronic Serum Wrinkle Defense Cream Cream Cream 100ml/500ml 100ml/500ml Serum 30ml/100ml 250ml 250ml 250ml C2S7/C5S5 H1S9/H3S8 W2D9/W3D8 H3F2 P3C2 R3P3 Supplies an intense Forms an elastic shield Loses its elasticity as Penetrates into Maintains a balance of Regenerates for amount of moisture over skin and to supply we begin aging with dehydrated skin sebum secretion and the skin which began the loose and rich moisture and stresses such as to offer an instant a protective shield showing the dry skin. nutrition to the skin. environments. relief for the on the skin. aging signs. UV and polution. thirsty skin. www. genic21. com
  12. 12. Lasante product Product ▶ Healthy Beauty - Lasante TreatmentBB Cream Eye Care Intensive BB Cream Revitalizing Eye Moisture Control Repair Massage Repair Massage Self-Heating Mask 50ml Contour Cream 50ml Massage Cream Oil 1000ml Cream 500ml 100ml I2B7 R3C0 500m ml R3O5 R1M5 S1H5 Maintains your skin moist Improves the sensitive M3CC5 Delivers comfort and Delivers concentrated Maintains warming and and light and by delivering and dull skin around Improves the sensitive tenderness to your skin e moisture to the dry hydrating results and your skin metabolic energy eyes and lip into bright and dull skin around and encourages your & dull skin to enhance formulated to clean deep and activity. and elastic skin. eyes and lip into bright skin’s regeneration. the skin’s ability. into pores. and elastic skin. Soothing MaskCream Mask Hydro Moisture Soothing Perfection Revital Double Calmi ing Mask Soothing Gel Soothing Solution Coin Mask Mask 250ml Mask 250ml Effect Mask 250ml 250ml 2 100ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml 10ea / 100ea H2M6 S2P9 R2D9 C2M9 C S1G1 / S7G7 S1S5 / S5G5 C0N2 / C1N1 Supplies moisture Clarifying and Maintains the skin Relieves both internal For very sensitive and troubled skin Used with soothing deep into the skin. soothing actions. slightly acid and and exterrnal stresses with outstanding soothing and solution to sooth and enhance its immune to th skin. he astringent effects. hydrate the skin. system. Special MaskGel Mask Aqua Collagen Mask Aqua Collagen Eye Patch White Aqua Collagen Mask Absolute Rose Pack Aromatic Face Solution 5ea 5ea 10ea a 700g 1000ml A2C5 A0C5 A5C0 0 A4R4 A5S5 For deep facial hydrating. For deep hydrating, plumping For moisturizing and For lifting up, anti-aging and For anti-aging focused on Conditioning and plumping and tightening of the eyes. recycling & tensity. whitening, calming of the face. circulation and drain. of the skin. www. genic21. com
  13. 13. Lasante product Product ▶ Healthy Beauty - LasanteEssence Mask Aloe Green Tea Collagen Red Gins seng Vitamin White Premium Green Tea Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence M Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask Essence Mask 10ea 10ea 10ea 10ea a 10ea 10ea 10ea I2B7 G2E2 C2E2 R2E2 2 V2E2 W3E3 P3E3 For calming and For calming and For superior recycling For superior recycling For revitalizing with For whitening with For calming and recycling recycling with moisturizing & with Collagen extract. with Red G Ginseng Vitamin extract. Albutin extract. with neo fabric called Aloe extract. whitening recycling extrac ct. “Cellulose” with Green tea extract.Modeling Mask Ampoule Brightening Revital Collagen Hydro Soothing Refresh C Cooling Modeling Mask Modeling Mask Modeling Mask Modeling Mask g 800g 800g 800g 800 0g B3N6 R3C6 H3S6 H3S S6 •Brightening (2ml x 10) B1A6 For dull skin Helps brighten and Absorbs harmful Contains Alpha Sooths the sskin which •Rejuvenation (2ml x 10) R1A6 For all skins to be recycled clairfy the dull skin substances to the skin Bisabolol, which adds became sen nsitive due •Soothing (2ml x 10) S1A6 For sensitive skin while Collagen & and provides an intense tension to the skin, to the expo osure to •Water-in (2ml x 10) W1A6 For thirsty skin Cactus extract adds amount of moisture and Licorice Root, sunshine w rapid with •Trouble-care (2ml x 10) T1A6 For acne, sensitive skin luster and elasticity and nutrition to the which brightens action while Menthol e to the dull skin. skin to add more live. the skin tone. and Pepppermint. Body LotionBody Oil Body Oil Body Oil Body Oil Body Lotion Body Lotion Body Lotion S-line Relax S-line Detox S-line Lift S-line Relax S-line Detox S-line Lifting 200ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml 200ml/1000ml O2R2 / O5R5 O2D2 / O5D5 O2L2 / O5L5 L1R5 / L3R3 L1D5 / L3D3 L1L5 / L3L3 Contains the relaxing Contains the aroma Contains the aroma Contains vegetable-based Contains the aroma Contains the aroma aroma essential for essential oil with excellent essential oil with excellent moisturizing ingredients essential oil with excellent essential oil with excellent healthier skin and mind, detox effect. this body oil lifting effect. this body oil that leave your body detox effect. this body lifting effect. this body this body oil helps build a beautiful helps build a beautiful soft and moist. lotion helps build a lotion helps build a relieves tension. body line. body line. beautiful body line. beautiful body line. www. genic21. com
  14. 14. Genic’s Advertising www. genic21. com
  15. 15. Head Office Factory / Research Institute1F, 66 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-dong, 1199-7, Wonnam-ri, Seongdong-myeon,Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-130 KOREA Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 320-944, KoreaTEL : +82-2-579-8265 / FAX : +82-2-3461-8286 TEL : +82-41-733-8269 / FAX : +82-41-733-8268www. genic21. com