Various Cooperative Development Activities for 2012


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1st Quarter Meeting 2013
Jan 17th at San Fernando City,La Union

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Various Cooperative Development Activities for 2012

  1. 1. Report on Various CooperativeDevelopment Activities Regional Cooperative Development Council Meeting 1st Quarter Meeting January 17, 2013Office of the Provincial Agriculturist Training Center San Fernando, City of La Union Josefina B. Bitonio Supervising CDS/Chief Planning Unit
  2. 2. Cooperative Tax Compliance Forum Power Forum Launching of Cooperative Membership Expansion Program International Year of Cooperative Show of ForceJanuary
  3. 3. IYC Show of Force at Memorial Circle, Quezon City "The NSCF aims to increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to advance People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace for sustainable development," Fifty thousand cooperative members from different provinces converged in February 18 at Quezon City Memorial Circle for the first salvo of the year-long celebration of the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC).February
  4. 4. 1st National HRD to BoholMarch
  5. 5. IYC launching in Ilocos NorteMarch
  6. 6. Gawad Parangal FormalLaunching
  7. 7. Launching of Cooperative Membership Expansion Program Based on the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) Stat watch data, Region I has a total population of 4,546,789 in which the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) reports that the total registered voters in the region numbers to 2,800,508 and out of which, only 1,068,135 are members of cooperativesMay (CDA DEO: Dec.2012).
  8. 8. Year 10 11 12 TotalTarget 123077 338462 338462 800,001Accomplishment 249,185 409,803 409,147 1,066,327 407339 1,068,135Inc/Dec 126108 71341 68877 266,326Percent Increase 102.46 21.07 20.34 33.29
  9. 9. Cooperative Mapping Cooperative Branching Forum Pilot Test Social Audit Instrument in PozorrubioMay
  10. 10. With Certificate of Authority toBranch Sto Doming Development Coop NSCC St. Lucy MPC Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative SACDECO =23As of December 2012
  11. 11. Forum on Cooperative Branching in La UnionJune
  12. 12. 2nd RCDC Meeting at Lingayen Awarding of the Regional; Winners Gawad Parangal: The Gawad Parangal Awardees for 2012 were the following: 1. SACDECO – Primary Cooperative 2.Candon City Cooperative Development Office – CDO 3.CEO Divine Quimi as Cooperative Leader.July
  13. 13. Conduct of Cooperative Trainers Training in Lingayen Various Other LGUs Partners Various Other Various LGUs Partners Cooperatives LGUs CDA=DAR ConvergenceAugust
  14. 14. No. 5 as Top Performing Region During the recent concluded Management Performance Assessment and Planning Conference (MPAPC)held on last August 15-17, 2012 at Quezon City, CDA Dagupan Extension Office was rated the 5thTop Performing Region for 2012 among the 16 Extension Offices based on the variables set forth by the CDA Planning Division. The other performing regions are: Calamba, Pampanga, Manila and Cebu. A corresponding increase in budget for 2013 was assured to the top 5 performing regions.August
  15. 15. Second Track of CDA Enhancement Program for technical staff at NSCC, Cauayan, Ilocos SurSeptember
  16. 16. Cooperative Month Celebration National, Regional, and Provincial Regional Gender Summit in Cooperatives CooperativeOctober
  17. 17. Pangasinan and Regional CMCOctober
  18. 18. Assisted in the organization of LCDOP, Pangasinan Chapter Conference of LCDOP - Pangasinan Dr. Santiague also inducted the League of Cooperative Development Officers of the Philippines (LCDOP) – Pangasinan and Pangasinan Cooperative Union.October
  19. 19. PCMC at La Union Trainers Training for PGLU/PCUOctober
  20. 20. Cooperative Advocacy RunDecember
  21. 21. 2013 Work Plan Coop Branches/Satellite Laboratory cooperatives Consolidation or mergers Monitoring of Cooperative Banks 3-Point Agenda
  22. 22. Required Regular Reports Cooperative Annual Performance Report (CAPR) Social Audit Report Performance Report Audited Financial Statement duly stamped "RECEIVED" by BIR List of Officers and Trainings Undertaken/Completed
  23. 23. List of Officers and Trainings Undertaken/Completed 2012  Basic Cooperative Course  Governance  Financial Management  Policy development  Leadership & Value Reorientation 2013  Conflict management  Parliamentary Procedure  Strategic Planning  Orientation on Labor and Other Related Laws
  24. 24. What to Look Forward in 2013 and Beyond Ad Hoc Regulatory Unit that is functional and developmental in scope and approach Dissolution and Cancellation of erring tax- shield-users Merger and Consolidation of Small and Weak Cooperatives; MORR to be reviewed by Legal Division; Transform the MORR into several Memorandum Circulars; MOA with academe to conduct the Trainers Training of accredited training providers; Inspection of Cooperatives; National CDA Annual Human Resource Development 2013; CDA Charter to be passed into law
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  26. 26. Like CAPRSocial Audit Performance Report
  27. 27. Meet our New CDA Administrator