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PA 111 Management Information System

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  • Their service is very poor. Most of the staff are rude and disrestpectful. They don't have a heart and sympathy to their patients who are poor. Since their facilities are improving, it is expected that the employees manners and approach to patients, watchers and visitors are nice and with respect all the time.
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Rimc MIS

  1. 1. REREGION I MEDICAL CENTER Management Information System PA 117 Management Information System 2nd Semester 2011-2012 Professor : Jo B. Bitonio, DPA Lyceum Northwestern University Dagupan City
  2. 2. The Region I Medical Center Region I Medical Center is a hospital which has the capabilities for providing medical care to cases requiring sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and the expertise of trained specialist and sub-specialists. It is located at the heart of the city of Dagupan. It is considered as one of the training hospital in Northern Luzon. A hospital of 300-bed capacity caters to patients not only from Pangasinan but even to its neighboring provinces.
  3. 3. The Management InformationSystem of RIMC The information system of the hospital is hooked to the LAN(Local area network) with a server manned by IT’s. All sections of the hospital are provided with computers to access data for reports and patients’ records. In the foregoing presentation, the registration/admission flow and the reports/records management system is the main focus to show the connectivity of the modern facilities for advantage data gathering of reports and patients’ hospital records.
  4. 4. Registration/Admission1)Get card at Information Desk Flow:2)Old Patient- Retrieve card by computer locator3)New Patient – Issue card Proceed to…4)Different Clinics for consultation and Admission Ward
  5. 5. Get card at Registration Unit
  6. 6. Issue Cards to Patients bylogging at LAN computers
  7. 7. Retrieve old cards by use ofcomputer as data locator
  8. 8. All Patients Records are loggedto Computers connected to RIMCLAN (Local Area Network)
  9. 9. Patient interviewed by Social Workerduring consultation are recorded inthe computers
  10. 10. The Out Patient Department forclinic consultations are providedwith computers for inter-referralnetworking
  11. 11. Out-Patients as well asadmitted patients undergolaboratory tests, radiologyexaminations, Cardiologytests(ECG,2d-echo),as to patients’case and needs. Through these results,physicians may base theirdiagnosis for proper medicationsand dispensing of drugs.
  12. 12. Pathology Center of the Hospital:Laboratory Department, usescomputers to records patients’tests results…
  13. 13. Revenue Center – Pharmacy: itscomputers use to verify patients’ datawhile on admission
  14. 14. Revenue Centers of theHospital Revenue enhancement of the hospital is one of the important activity for its continues operation. The revenue centers are: pharmacy, laboratory, radiology/ultrasound, cardiology center- (ECG,2D-echo), OR/ RR/DR. From these centers hospital cost is generated.
  15. 15. For Confined PatientsAdmitting Section is equipped with modern facilities
  16. 16. Paging system, server to connectat wards for accessibility tocater patient’s needs
  17. 17. Admitting Clerks on 24 hrsduty by three shiftings
  18. 18. Nursing/Medical Staff are on therescue to treat and care…
  19. 19. Records/Reports Management System Registration Admission Feeds information OPD Clinics and Wards Forwards cost Cost Centers ( Lab, Radio, Cardio, Pharma, OR/RR/DR) Billing /Phil heath SectionHealth Information Management Section(Records Unit) Reports Processing/Safety Keeping
  20. 20. LAN connects to processors of hospital costs and records without delay….Thereby hospital billing processing is meet for asatisfactory delivery of service to the clients andreports submission is prompt for immediatediagnostic reference.
  21. 21. Thank you