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A Lecture Presentation for the Department of Agriculture, Hotel Ariana, San Fernando City, La Union
Nov. 22, 2012

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DA Enterprise Development Ph

  1. 1. Enterprise DevelopmentARD Jo B. Bitonio CDALecture-Presentation for Department of Agriculture Region IHotel Ariana Hotel, San Fernando City, La UnionNovember 22, 2012
  2. 2. Sanitaaka“dragonfruit”
  3. 3. soap biscuitjam Ice cream tea wine
  4. 4. candle lumpia shampoo wine freshenerjam deodorant Fabric concentrate freshener
  5. 5. What is malunggay?  Its scientific name is called "moringa”. "Moringa" on english name, "Sajina" in Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia and is known as "malunggay" here in the Philippines.  It has 80 other names used worldwide, but you can find it also as horseradish tree more easily. It grows widely in tropical climate areas like our country.
  6. 6. • A powder seed can be substitute for water purification. Malunggay can help on balancing and keeping all important body hormones that contributes for relaxation.
  7. 7.  The part of Malunggay tree are useful from roots to leaves. Biofuels can be made from extracted seeds. Oils are said to be edible similar to olive oil when it comes to composition. he roots can be used to treat snake bites and many other things can be made from malunggay. Perfumes,personal care and therapeutic products are now using malunggay, as well in cosmetics because it contains anti-oxidant properties. Flowers may be used also to make tea or as additives to other food. The leaf is said to be the most nutritious parts, it may be taken cooked, raw and even powdered which we are going to emphasize in this page. Some farmers are also feeding their livestocks with malunggay leaves to increase milk production and make their animals grows more healthier.
  8. 8. mayonnaisePersonal skincare VCOproducts withmoringa oil as Mouthwashone of theessential oils.Product includes teabodylotion, massagecreams, hair pandesalcreams,massagee oil,lipstick, lip balm,night and Coffeeday cream, etc. chips With goat milk Shampoo and conditioner nourishing face with hair growth activator cream
  9. 9. Malungay recipes
  10. 10. Herbal Farming MONEY-MAKING POTENTIAL. For the enterprising gardeners, including housewives who stay at home most of the time, growing herbs can be a good source of additional income. The beauty about these herbs is that they can be grown in the home garden. Almost all of them can be ideally grown in pots and other containers. They don’t require vast spaces. One could come up with various specialty products that could be marketed not only locally but also abroad.
  11. 11. Useful Herbs For Good Health, GoodFood, Good Profit GOTO KOLA The extract from Centella asiatica is made into a popular juice drink in Thailand. Considered as a health tonicis claimed to have cured some serious ailments. One sufferer of arthritis. After religiously taking fresh leaves of Goto Kola to cure athritis
  12. 12. STEVIA The fresh leaves are sweet and are a delight to chew. The leaves could be used to sweeten coffee or tea. The leaves can be dried and used in drinks, preserves, breads and diet foods
  13. 13. Their dried flowers, cut stalks and leaves are used in lavender bags and potpourri. Tea is also made fromLAVENDER the flowers and leaves and is claimed to be effective against headaches and insomnia.
  14. 14. BASIL Basil is a favorite culinary herb that imparts special flavor to various dishes of fish, vegetables, chicken and egg. It is also used to make a special basil vinegar. There are several kinds of basil, including Sweet Basil, Greek Basil, Licorice Basil, and Lemon Basil.
  15. 15. Apple Mint, Eaude-Cologne Mint, Pennyroyal Mint. Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Japanese Menthol Mint, and Vietnamese Mint. They areMINTS used to add flavor to a lot of meat dishes, salads, cakes, drinks and jellies. Crushed leaves are also rubbed on the skin to repel mosquitoes. When planted beside other plants, like roses. they are said to drive away aphids that attack the roses.
  16. 16. GERANIUMPhilippines as Malvarosa and is prized for its delightful smell. Actually thereare at least nine Geraniums with special scents. These include theRoseScented Geranium, the Lemon-Scented Geranium, PeppermintGeranium, Coconut Geranium, Nutmeg Geranium, Apple-Scented Geranium,Lime-Scented Geranium, Orange Geranium and Carrot Geranium. As theirnames suggest, they come in different fragrances. They are used in fragrantsachets and potpourri, cakes and jellies,
  17. 17. pasta honey
  18. 18. In Negros, organic farm turns into ecotourism centerpiece Organic In Negros, organic farm turns into ecotourism centerpiece FarmingThe eco-technology farm, which is the by Carla Gomez Visayas Inquirerrresort proper of May’s Organic Garden,occupies about 2.4 hectares of theproperty.Also, 1.5 hectares have been planted toorganic rice, corn, lettuce and herbs,such as rosemary and mint. Theremaining 500,000 square meters is forlivestock, such as turkey, chicken, hogs,ducks, goats, sheep and horses.At the farm, visitors are taught how toproduce organic crops, as well asmedicinal plants, and how to raiseorganic farm animals such as odorlesshogs. Healthy buffet lunch
  19. 19. http://www.agribusinessweek.com/useful-herbs-for-good-health-good-food-good-profit/#more-821
  20. 20. Herbs of the FieldTawa-tawa -Euphorbia Hirta. for dengue and asthma
  21. 21. PapayaThe papaya does not get the credit it deserves. In the tropics, where Papaya isgrown, it is referred to as the "medicine tree" or "melon of health". Papayas arefilled with nutrients. In fact, a single serving of papaya has 150 percent of yourdaily allowance of Vitamin C, one of the most effective antioxidants in blockingLDL oxidation. Its also associated with high levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.Papayas are a great source of beta-carotene, an important antioxidant that helpsfight free radicals, the beginning of disease. Papayas also supply about 2percent of your RDA for iron, and 4 percent of your daily calcium allowance. Itsalso an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Potassium, Copper,Phosphorus, Iron and Fiber.
  22. 22. Spa products candleJuice concentrate Pet food
  23. 23. Corn and its by products
  24. 24. More than100 byproducts Products that use Corn Adhesives (glues, pastes, mucilages, gums, etc.) Aluminum Antibiotics (penicillin) Asbestos insulation Aspirin Automobiles (everything on wheels) xxx- cylinder heads xxx- ethanol - fuel & windshield washer fluid xxx- spark plugs xxx- synthetic rubber finishes xxx- tires Baby food Batteries, dry cell Beer Breakfast cereals Candies Canned vegetables
  25. 25. Products that use CornCarbonated beveragesCheese spreadsChewing gumChocolate productsCoatings on wood, paper & metalColour carrier in paper & textile, printingCorn chipsCorn mealCosmeticsC.M.A. (calcium magnesium acetate)Crayon and chalkDegradable plasticsDessert powdersDextrose (intravenous solutions, icing sugar)Disposable diapersDyesEdible oilEthyl and butyl alcoholExplosives - firecrackersFinished leatherFlour & grits
  26. 26. Recycled cornProducts that use Corn plasticFrozen foods calculatorFructoseFuel ethanolGypsum wallboardInk for stamping prices in storesInsecticidesInstant coffee & teaInsulation, fibreglassJames, jellies and preservesKetchupLatex paintLeather tanningLicoriceLivestock feedMalted productsMargarineMayonnaiseMustard, prepared Corn led lightPaper board, (corrugating, laminating,cardboard
  27. 27. Products that use CornPaper manufacturingPaper plates & CupsPeanut butterPharmaceuticals - The Life Line of TheHospitalPotato chips Corn oilRugs, carpetsSalad dressingsShaving cream & lotionsShoe polishSoaps and cleanersSoft drinksStarch & glucose (over 40 types)Syrup Corn broomTacos, tortillasTextilesToothpasteWallpaperWheat breadWhiskeyYogurts
  28. 28. "The Tree of Life" The Coconut Tree (Cocos Nucifera L.) is called "The Tree of Life" because of the endless list of products and by-products derived from its various parts. Food, shelter, fuel - name it, the coconut has it
  29. 29. PRODUCTS FROM THE COCONUT TREEWoven coconut leaves known locally as cadjan are used as thatch, whilecoconut timber is used widely as rafters and in the furniture industry. Coconutleaves and roots are used as fuel for the hearth. Mats and basketware arewoven from the treated leaves and their spiny ekels (mid-ribs) are used tomake ekel brooms and baskets. Fresh coconut floral decorations are a must attraditional rituals and ceremonials. The young coconut fruit holds within it arefreshing & nutrition packed drink, while the matured kernel is grated andpressed for coconut milk, used in cooking curry. Major multinational companiesare marketing coconut milk in powdered form obviating the need for scrapingor grating the kernel and expressing the milk, an exacting kitchen chore whenmaking curry. Coco shell thai ceramics
  30. 30. The sweet toddy tapped from the spathe of the coconut flower provides a richjaggery (palm Sugar) and palm treacle (honey). Vinegar is a by - product oftoddy while fermented toddy distilled provides arrack, which is the nationalAlcoholic beverage of Sri Lanka. Desiccated coconut kernel is usedextensively in the confectionery industry (for example - bounty bars), whilefrom dried kernel or copra, coconut oil is extracted for use widely as a cookingfat which has a very high omega 3 content and also for the manufacture ofcosmetics, soaps, margarine, and creams. The residue after the oil extractionsis a ready - made poonac or high protein & fat containing animal feed.Handicrafts made out of coconut shells and various other products.
  31. 31. One town one productPhilippineCoconutProducts
  32. 32. Focus on Market: On line shop Mura Ito – http://muraito.com Pakyaw – http://pakyaw.com.ph www.ebuyphilippines.comwww.sulit.com.ph www.spot.phwww.filipino-store.com Tipid ‘To – www.tipidto.com Clever Buy – www.cleverbuy.com.ph