Commitment for Cooperative


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Commitment for Cooperative

  1. 1. A COMMITMENT FOR COOPS IN THE LIFE OF A CEOA Bible passage says... “For you will eat the labor of your hands. You willbe happy, and it will be well with you. (Psalm 128:2)”. This simplydescribes the foundation of the Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives(NSCC) and describes how CEO DIVINA QUEMI works for NSCC and thecoop movement.THE NSCC HISTORYNSCC was conceptualized thru the brilliant minds of Archbishop Orlando B.Quevedo, OMI, DD and Msgr. Ambrose L. Cabildo, MSW, JCC both ofthe Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia. These two church leaders of theArchdiocese created NSCC with the aim to have a viable and integratedprogram among cooperatives and help catalyze the holistic developmentof people within the Barangays and Municipalities of Ilocos Sur. Thefounders were confident at that time to appoint a very young lady at age of24, Ms. Divina Cabunoc now Mrs. Divina C. Quemi as thecaretaker/Manager and now the Chief Executive Officer.The young CEO at that time had to learn what cooperative is, based onexperience, trainings and teachings from the founders and from her mentors.First, she has to undergo a tedious process in registering the Consortium tothe Cooperative Development Authority. Second, the conduct of firstconsultation meeting on June 7, 1992 and the organizational assembly onJuly 5, 1992 to amend/ratify/approve the Articles and By-laws. Finally, itwas registered on September 17, 1992 with the Cooperative DevelopmentAuthority with a Registration Number DAG-2218. NSCC is now re-registered on October 2009 under the RA 9520.Like any organization, to start the operation is the hardest becauseeverything must have to start with a scratch. It was not easy as theCooperative only started with a minimal initial capital of only Thirteen1
  2. 2. Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P13,500.00) and with only two co-employees who are working with her Mr. Rolando Parel and Mrs. FelyTugade. The CEO and two co-employees during its early yearsThough she was new to the cooperative movement, she strived hard to learnand to possess the right attitude as a Cooperative Leader. She did not mindreceiving a salary of P450 a month, she has the willingness to devote herselfto work in the cooperative movement.HER EXPERIENCE TAUGHT HER TO BECOME EXPERT COOPLEADERThe young Manager thanked the guidance and support of the founders andsome of the pioneer officers like Mrs. Virginia Natividad Makil, Atty. MariaEllen Derige Cabatu, Mr. Jaime Gaboy, Jr., Dr. Caridad Tadena and Mr.Bonifacio Rosales who gave their all out support and served as her mentorsin the Cooperative movement. She remembers that she was like a studentlearning a lot from the teachings of these expert cooperative leaders. The CEO while working with her mentors.The CEO also learned the value of networking, she valued much attending todifferent cooperative activities like meetings, seminars and conferences in2
  3. 3. order to learn more on proper handling of coop operation, learn from theexperiences of other cooperative leaders, make new friends in theCooperative movement and of course to promote NSCC to the network.CEO ATTENDING DIFFERENT COOP ACTIVITIES IN AND OUTSIDE THE COUNTRYTHE CEO AS RECOGNIZED COOP LEADER IN LARGE COOPNETWORK, NGOS AND GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONAside from working 24/7 in NSCC, the CEO still find time to network withother big cooperative networks. She made her way to being one of the elitecoop leaders of NATCCO. She was elected as Board of Director for severalyears and she also became an election officer. In the recently concludedNATCCO 35th Annual General Assembly, she was elected as the GenderCongress Representative which brought her back to the NATCCO Board. CEO QUEMI IS ONE OF THE NATCCO OFFICIALSThe name NSCC did not only become popular in the cooperative network,other organizations like NGOs and Government Organizations, have alsoheard NSCC thru the CEO. Now she was even elected as Chairperson of aninternational Non-Government Organization - the Oiko Credit EcumenicalCooperative Development Society’s Philippine Support Association.3
  4. 4. THE OLD TRAINING CENTERHer wit, leadership ability and dedication in the cooperative movement madeher one of the Cooperative Sectoral Council Representative of the NationalAnti-Poverty Commission. CEO QUEMI WITH OIKO PSA OFFICIALS OATH TAKING OF COOP SECTORAL COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES OF NATIONAL ANTI-POVERTY COMMISSIONTHE COMMITMENT TO EMPOWER COOPERATIVES THRUFINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND TRAININGSAnother challenge for the young CEO was to win the trust and support ofPrimary Cooperatives to NSCC. With the heIp and support of its officersshe initiated different programs and services for primary coop members.NSCC provided primary cooperatives with credit services and capabilitybuilding services. NSCC coop members enjoy a low rate of interest in itswholesale lending program. The said fund is being used by thesecooperatives in strengthening their capital build up thereby adding morefunds to support the projects of their members.She initiated for the creation of a Wholesale Cooperative LendingProgram where funds of this shall come from different big financialinstitutions in the country.. The accumulated funds from this program isbeing used to relend to Primary Cooperatives at a very affordable rate ofinterest. The aim of sourcing out funds for the primary cooperatives is toalways be ready at the time these cooperatives need financial assistance.This program shall make primary cooperatives an instrument to alleviatepoverty within communities thru providing them capital to support thelivelihood of their members. The young CEO also mandated for the creation of TRAINING PROGRAM FOR COOPERATIVES. First it established a small training center as venue for cooperative trainings. She made trainings accessible forcooperatives with its affordable training fees just enough to accommodatethe expenses. She also made some trainings free of charge thru writingproposals to some institutions that catered free trainings for cooperativedevelopment like the Agricultural Credit Policy Council, National4
  5. 5. Livelihood Development Corporation, and National TobaccoAdministration.She also provided volunteer coaching services to some primary cooperativesin order for them to succeed in their operation. Two of these cooperativesare the Sugpunan Sisa Magsingal MPC and the IDF CommunityDevelopment Cooperative.NSCC AS A CENTER OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONTHRU THE NSCC PLAZAThe dream of the CEO to make NSCC the center for Cooperative businessand education did not stop from the establishment of the small trainingcenter. She later on conceptualized a bigger training venue for cooperatives,a wide function hall that is fully airconditioned, with hotel amenities andservices in order to give comfort to guests from the cooperative networks.With the CEOs wish to finish this project, she led the sourcing of funds fromlocal and international source. Now, this building is built with all beautyand grandeur in the heart of Caoayan in Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur. The CEOdid not fail in her dream of making NSCC one of the center of cooperativeeducation not only in Region 1 but in the whole country as well. The NSCC PLAZA and THE DIFFERENT LEARNING ACTIVITIES CONDUCTEDAnother achievement was the accreditation of NSCC as anaccredited Training Provider for Cooperatives by the CooperativeDevelopment Authority. Aside from having expert pool ofTrainors where the CEO is one, NSCC have invited one reputabletraining institution, the Social Enterprise DevelopmentPartnerships, Inc. (SEDPI) and Ateneo de Manila University tohelp NSCC capacitate the cooperatives thru providing affordableand effective trainings and seminars.5
  6. 6. Meeting with SEDPI officers for NSCC to become its Training HubCEO Quemi being one of the accredited trainors, she also conductstrainings and seminars for small cooperatives. She helped DAREmployees MPC on their Strategic Planning.THE BOOST OF TOURISM IN THE NORTH THRU NSCCPLAZAOne of the aim of the CEO why the NSCC plaza was built is to help promotetourism in Ilocos Sur. The network of cooperatives can help boost tourism inone place. NSCC Plaza now become the favorite destinations ofcooperatives from different parts of the country. With Coop activities likeLakbay Arals, Forums, Trainings and Seminars, cooperatives in CARRegion, North and Central Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao stays at NSCCPLAZA. During their stay, they have the chance to visit different tourismdestinations in Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and La Union.The delegates of AWCF and St. Jude Cooperative during their stay at NSCC PLaza6
  7. 7. SIGNIFICANT PARTNERSHIPS WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENTUNITS to BOOST COOPERATIVISM ANDMICROENTREPRENEURSHIPWith the humble leadership and effective management, NSCC haveestablished significant partnership with the Local Government Unitsparticularly in the Province of Ilocos Sur, City of Vigan and Municipality ofCaoayan. The partnership with Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur madeNSCC a fund manager of different livelihood programs for cooperatives andmicroentrepreneurs.. The program started in 2002. The partnership waseven nominated for best NGO-LGU Partnership Award by the Senate of thePhilippines. HON. VICE-GOVERNOR DEOGRACIAS VICTOR SAVELLANO HAND OVER CEREMONIAL CHECK SYMBOLIZING FUNDS TO BE TRANSFERRED TO NSCC FOR THE LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS OF THE PROVINCELikewise, the partnership between NSCC and the City Government ofVigan has been running for more than a decade and it has been alsonominated for best NGO-LGU Partnership Award. This 2012, the CityGovernment of Vigan and NSCC won the Best NGO-LGU PartnershipAward in Region 1. The tie-up between the City Government and NSCCaims to empower the Bigueno Microentrepreneurs, improve the potteryindustry, enhance and promote Vigan OTOP Products, empower Viganbased cooperatives, and boost agriculture industry. The whole of this is onepackage for the tie-up livelihood program of the City of Vigan and NSCC. City Government Officials with CEO Quemi handling financial loan assistance to Vigan MicroentrepreneurThe LGU of the Municipality of Caoayan also transferred some of theirlivelihood funds to NSCC to give support to farmers and for theenhancement and marketing of their One Barangay One Product Program.7
  8. 8. Municipal Government Officials with CEO Quemi handling financial loan assistance to Caoayan FarmerWith the different tie-up programs, NSCC is overwhelmed with the trust andconfidence extended by the said LGUS.. Handling these projects is not aneasy task for the Cooperative. However, NSCC still does its best to alwaysbecome an effective partner of the LGUs in their mandate to eradicatepoverty within their respective areas.NSCC AS A MARKETING MEDIUM FOR LOCAL PRODUCTSAnother program that the CEO is giving priority is the marketing of the localproducts. She wanted to make cooperatives as medium to promote theproducts of the members in different market and network. NSCC is active injoining trade fairs either invitation comes from local or national.She also initiated the creation of NSCC MPC, a primary cooperativeorganized by the employees of NSCC. This cooperative is buying localproducts and agri products of members and is selling to the employees ofNSCC, and other patrons. The local product are displayed at the NSCCPlaza and is being offered for sale as pasalubong to the guests of thePlaza.NSCC Plaza also buys products of members like vegetables, fish,breads, kakanins and others. PROMOTION OF LOCAL PRODUCTS thru NSCC MPC PASALUBONG CENTERPart of the marketing program of the cooperative is the establishment of tie-ups between the NSCC and the JOLLIBBEE FOUNDATION, CATHOLICRELIEF SERVICES and the NATIONAL LIVELIHOOD8
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, LGUS OF SINAIT, VIGAN CITYAND CAOAYAN, AND THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERNPHILIPPINES. The program’s goal is to bring the local products like garlic,white onions and corn to the different prominent markets of the country likethe Jollibee Foods Corporation. SEVERAL MEETINGS CONDUCTED FORTHE FARMERS ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM IN TIE-UP WITH JOLLIBBEE FOUNDATION, NLDC, CRS, LGU AND ACADEMENSCC FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSFor only twenty (20) years in operation, NSCC have made a marvelousachievement of increasing its assets from Thirteen Thousand Five HundredPesos (P13, 500.00) to half a billion assets (P548, 514,664.88) as ofDecember 2011. The area of operation also expanded from being aprovincial based to covering the whole of Luzon. The expansion led to thecreation of additional branches in the provinces of I locos Sur, I locos Norte,Banquet, and La Union and helped employed 120 employees in differentparts of Region 1.AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS RECEIVED by NSCCNSCC have already received several awards and recognitions making it asone of the top cooperatives in the whole country. Significant awards includethe following:9
  10. 10. NAME OF AWARD AWARDING DATE GIVEN BODY1. SEMI-FINALIST COOP – LGU Senate of the Philippines July 31, 2003PARTNERSHIP AWARD 2003(PARTNERSHIP WITHPROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT)2. MOST RECEPTIVE Socio-Economic Development September 30, 2003COOPERATIVE Centre for Cooperative Education (SEDCCOP)3. PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION People’s Credit and Finance September 14, 2003FUR SUCCESSFULLY EXTENDED CorporationMICROFINANCE SERVICES TOMARGINALIZED CLIENTS4. PLACQUE OF RECOGNITION People’s Credit and Finance September 14, 2006AND APPRECIATION Corporation5. SIPAG AWARDS National Livelihood Support Fund September 25, 20066. FINALIST COOP – LGU Senate of the Philippines January 23, 2007PARTNERSHIP AWARD 2006(PARTNERSHIP WITH CITYGOVERNMENT)7. EXCELLENCE AWARD Cooperative Development March 10, 2007 Authority Region 18. SIPAG AWARDS – MOST National Livelihood Development September 2007OUTSTANDING PROGRAM CorporationPARTNER FOR REGIONS I,II ANDIII9. CERTIFICATE OF Banyan Academy October 25, 2008APPRECIATION FOR NSCC’SCOMMITMENT TO DEMOCRATICENTERPRISE & MGTEDUCTATION10. 2010 SPECIAL AWARD Cooperative Development October 30, 2008 Authority Region 111. 2008 PROJECTION ACHIEVER Western Union Money Transfer February 18, 2009 Service12, TOP 5 HIGHEST VOLUME OF Noble Printers and Publishers April 30, 2011 & AprilJOB ORDERS Coop 201013. TOP 10 PATRONS AND Northern Luzon Federation of May 22, 2011HIGHEST INVESTORS Cooperatives and Dep’t Centre14. MOST OUTSTANDING COOP IN National Livelihood Development September 28, 2011LUZON Corporation15. TOP 5 SHARE CAPITAL National Confederation of May 27, 2012CONTIBUTOR Cooperatives16. BEST LGU – NGO AWARD National Economic Development February 2012REGION 1 (WITH VIGAN CITY) Authority17. ANNUAL CERTIFICATE OF City Government of Vegan January 2001 -January 25,APPRECIATION FOR NSCC’S 2012PARTICIPATION TO DIFFERENTFIESTAS AND ACTIVITIES OFVIGAN CITY18. CERTIFICATE OF Different Cooperatives from 2011 and 2012APPRECIATION FOR THE Luzon, Visa as and MindanaoCONDUCT OF LAKBAY ARALSAND SEMINARS ACCREDITATIONS RECEIVED BY NSCC 1. Certificat of Commendation PHIL IDEAS COOPERATIVE April 15, 2012 on promoting a Compassionate Conflict Management Mechanism in the Settlement of Disputes by way of hosting the internship component 2. Certificate of Partnership Asian Women in Coop Dev’t Forum Nov. 27, 2010 3. Partnership for the Kapatiran Kapatiran of Netherlands November 8, 2010 Foundation - monitoring of projects in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte 4. Certificate of Accreditation Office of Transport Cooperatives March 1, 2010 5. Certificate of Accreditation – Philippine Coconut Authority August 24, 200710 Accredited Association of Small Coconut Farmers 6. Certificate of Partnership Philippine Health Insurance October 27, 2006 Corporation 7. Certificate of Accreditation UCPB-CIIF Finance & Dev’t October 6, 2006
  11. 11. NSCC recipient of award during the 6th Sipag Awards of the NationalLivelihood development CorporationBelow are Plaques and Certificates received by CEO Quemi11
  12. 12. The NSCC is a product of good leadership and innovative mind of the CEO.With the support of the officers and staff, sheis slowly making NSCC a cooperative thatworks for the poor, empowers cooperativesand inspires coop leaders. NSCC is only twodecades old yet its accomplishments arecountless. NSCC continues to shine as acooperative working for limitless possibilitiesfor the good of all people being served and forthe glory of God. The star of NSCC shinesthru its CEO – MRS. DIVINA C. QUEMI....Prepared byZENAIDA R. REÑOSecretaryNueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives12