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Companies have to understand what their employer brand is, what is their pledge and what it means to break that pledge.
Why are some companies the preferred employer whilst others are definitely not?

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Employer Branding Guide

  1. 1. The Social recruitment Guide Employment Branding Part 1
  2. 2. Table of contents Overview Social Recruitment What is Employment Branding? What are the benefits of Employment Branding? Culture Commitment Communication What’s your story? What’s your Employer Brand Promise? Assignment About JobHop
  3. 3. Overview Companies are now realising that sourcing talent can be done using social media, saying that many are not quite sure how. There are so many people using so many types of social media and social networking platforms. For some organisations the fear of the size of Social media and the fear of failing paralyses them. They end up doing nothing because that feels safer than doing something different It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
  4. 4. 2 BILLION SOCIAL PROFILES online... How do you know where the your candidate is? Social recruitment isn’t about taking an old method of job posting & doing the same online! The key word is Social It’s about engaging, communicating and building communities Social Recruitment isn’t a one way conversation it’s two way Don’t broadcast, engage If someone asks a question they want an immediate answer Social Recruitment is about making Employment Human again 2 questions you’ll ask: Why do you want to do it? How do you do it?
  5. 5. Before you go off on your social recruitment mission you have to get your Employment Brand exactly right and this E book covers that. Is your Employer Brand hot or not ? What is Employment Branding? Think marketing branding strategy & apply the same to your employer branding strategy With your brand marketing you want potential customers to see your company as the solution to their needs. With Employment branding you want talented candidates to see your company as their solution to furthering their career. You want to create the same excitement with your Employment Branding.You should want candidates queueing to join your co. you should want them excited about your Employment Brand. Employment branding is about attracting talent, engaging talent and retaining talent You should have your external brand directed at the consumer and future employees and your internal brand for your employees and once again, future employees What’s your employment brand? You have definitely got one, if you’re not sure then ask your employees as they own the employment brand.
  6. 6. What are the benefits of Employment Branding The ability to attract top talent Higher quality talent No more job pushing Reduced recruiting costs Time saving Creates Ambassadors Retains Talent Future talent hear a good message A long term impact Higher offer - Acceptance rates Increased employee referrals Increased employee motivation Attracting younger talent Decreased negatives Increased media exposure A competitive advantage Support for the product brand
  7. 7. Culture * Language * Symbols * Stories * Practises Every work place has a culture The Culture refers to shared, attitudes beliefs, values, and goals The culture of the workplace is it’s “way of life” If you hear “that’s how we do things round here” then that’s what the culture is Are the desks clear?, are your employees relaxed?, lots of chat, no chat, do they work in huddles?, do they work independently? Look at the dress code, the work ethic and the social energy. Culture is the behaviour of the environment, culture is learned from other employees, the right culture can be encouraged.
  8. 8. Commitment Happy workers are committed workers When workers are known for who they are not for just what they do, when they are involved and rewarded, then they are more likely to be committed to the organisation. When your workers are committed they will want to give more to the organisation. For a workforce to continuously perform at it’s best it has to feel continuously committed How well do your employees know the role they play within the organisation? How much passion and energy can they bring and are they getting positivity fed back to them? How meaningful do they see their work to be? Commitment is the fuel to drive your organisation to success
  9. 9. Communication Good communication strengthens the workplace There are many tools to help communication in and outside the workplace Employment Branding communications are now Social Social Media should be embraced and used to enhance the Employment Brand Benefits *Having ambassadors within your organisation communicating using social media can be very powerful *Social media can connect your organisation internally as well as externally *Open communication leads to enhanced information and knowledge *Collaborative communication Tap into the company’s collective brain *Archive conversations to preserve team knowledge How do you communicate your Employer Brand? Why they should join your organisation? Why should they stay? Why should they give their best? Why should they become ambassadors?
  10. 10. Every good Employment Brand has a story Stories are for adults too What’s your story? Make sure your story is genuine, purposeful and emotionally compelling
  11. 11. What’s your Employer Brand Promise? This promise is what your organisation will deliver in return for the contributions your employees make Is it a promise that prospective employees believe? Are you fulfilling that promise to your current employees?
  12. 12. Assignment Describe your company culture Describe what you’d like your company culture to be Are your Employees committed? How will you get them to be more committed? How are you communicating your Employment Brand? How are your employees communicating their Employment brand? Who are your Ambassadors? What Social Media guidelines has the organisation got in place? What is the organisations story? Do all your employees know the story? Do your employees tell the story to others? What is your Employment Promise?
  13. 13. About JobHop JobHop is a Social recruiting platform that allows Employers to attract Candidates and Candidates to attract Employers JobHop helps Employers to: Develop their Employment Brand Create Talent Communities Utilise Social Media Request more information here http://jobhopjulie.co.uk/?page_id=112
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