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Vote of thanks

  1. 1. Vote of Thanks Inaugural function MTGCE-2013, 27 Sept -2013 Hon. Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. K. Poulose Jacob Principal Prof. Dr. G. Madhu, Prof. Dr. S.R. Gandhi from IIT Madras Er. PIETRO RIMOLDI, International expert of Geosynthetics Er. Ashish D Gharpure, Director, Maccaferri Environmental Solutions My dear Colleges, students and delegates We have assembled here for the inaugural function of one day workshop on Modern Techniques in Goetechnical and Construction Engineering This workshop is meant to disseminate the knowledge in the area of construction engineering with special references to modern techniques in the geotechnical construction engineering The various techniques that are being developed in various research organizations and special techniques that are being practiced in the construction industry will be discussed in this workshop I am sure that all the participants of this workshop will be benefited. Now let me move to the duty entrusted to me. Being the joint convener of this programme, it is my privilege to propose vote of thanks on this occasion. Prof. Dr. K. Poulose Jacob, honorable pro-vice chancellor of this University inaugurated this programme. He is a person speaks less and do many wonders. After having taken the reigns of administration, the campus has achieved a new vigor and vitality. On behalf of civil engineering division, I express our deep gratitude to you sir. Prof. Dr. G. Madhu, Principal, School of Engineering presided over this function. He is a man blended with long industrial experience and good academic profile. He is a constant inspiration for all the activities in the school. On behalf of division of civil engineering, I acknowledge our gratitude to you sir.
  2. 2. Prof Dr. S.R. Gandhi, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras is a well wisher of all our activities. He is not only an academician, but also an expert in the area of geotechnical engineering in the country. When the convener Prof. Dr. K.S. Beena, contacted him for this function, he readily accepted our invitation. On behalf of Civil Engineering division I record our deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to you sir. Er. PIETRO RIMOLDI is an International expert of Geosynthetics and their application. He had developed new testing apparatus and procedures to measure performance of geosynthetics. On behalf of entire civil engineering fraternity of this University, I express our sincere thanks to you sir. Er. Ashish D Gharpure, Director, Maccaferri Environmental Solutions is a man with diversified experience in various projects of civil engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer of California State and Maryland in USA. His company is the major sponsor to this event. On behalf of civil engineering division, I record our sincere gratitude to you sir. I also thank Zuari cements for being one of the sponsors of this programme. An event like this will not happen overnight. The wheels start rolling weeks ago. It requires planning and birds eye for all details. We have been fortunate to be backed with a team of very motivated and dedicated colleges and post-graduate students. I thank everyone for extending their willingness to undertake various responsibilities for making this event a success. I thank all the delegates of this programme for showing their interest to participate this programme. Once again, thank you very much to all who assembled here, thank you. Dr. Job Thomas CUSAT *********