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Corporate training in Tata motors

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corporate training

  1. 1. Corporate TrainingThe key to any successful business is training. Without proper training people areleft wondering what to do and how to do it. When everyone understands what isexpected of them, they will be more productive and satisfied. Before beginningany training curriculum, it is important to understand the seven key principlesessential to any business training.The first four principles concern the mental aspect of training: building andtraining the mind to think quickly and creatively, and in a way that will benefit thecompany. Flexibility is key to any successful business and is, therefore, a vitalpart of training. Be willing to improvise or adjust for any given situation, not onlyphysically but mentally as well. Be open to the ideas and suggestions of othersand realize that the identified way is not the only way. These ties in with the nextprinciple which is understanding. Explain in detail the purpose behind thecompany, the job, and the training. The more employees understand purpose forthem, the more willing they will be to accept the training. Training can also be agood time to recognize those who are natural leaders and help encourage thoseare not. When they see commitment to them and the responsibility that is giventhem, they will be more loyal as well as more self-motivated; which will makeyour job a lot easier. The fourth principal understands the difference betweena risk and a gamble. For your company and its employees to be successfuleveryone needs to understand when the benefits outweigh the risks and viceversa.The final three principles are more specific to your company and are centered onthe day to day tasks. The first is reality based training. What better way for a newemployee to understand the way the company operates than by learning theactual procedures. This is especially important if the company has a specific wayof doing things. Secondly, understand the goal. Make sure that each of youremployees understands the point that they are working for. This is key if youwant your employees to stay motivated. Finally, make sure that your employees
  2. 2. have a firm understanding of your company’s core competencies. Thisensures that everyone knows what they are doing, how to do it, and that there isconsistency across the board.Training and Development activities of TATA MotorsTATA Motors is committed to building the competences of our employees andimproving their performance through training and development. The focus ofTATA motors is on identifying gaps in our employees’ competencies andpreparing employees for changes in competitive environments, as well as tomeet organizational challenges.Some of the focus areas in training in the last year centered on leadership,innovation management and internationalization besides other trainingprogrammes to drive a change in employees’ outlook as we continue to developas a global competitor. Developmental initiatives for senior leadership wereundertaken through international programs at various premier institutions aroundthe world. The entire senior leadership was also taken through cultural sensitivityprogramme conducted by world renowned faculty. Certain employees have alsobeen selected for the Fulbright fellowships for leadership in management. Inaddition, in order to emphasize the sharing of skills across our locations andfunctions extensive technical training programs were organized in Pune,Jamshedpur and Lucknow. The technical exposure was enhanced furtherthrough international training and participation at international seminars.At Jamshedpur, Pune and Lucknow in India, TATA motors established trainingdivisions that impart basic skills in various trades like milling, grinding andwelding to our young apprentices. We received the National Best TrainingEstablishment award from the Government of India for the eighth time.
  3. 3. Training in TATA motorsAt Tata Motors, employees are invaluable assets and their career and personalgrowth are of prime concern to the Company. Tata Motors provides a congenialatmosphere to work, learn and grow. The Company conducts variousprogrammes to train their staff in the latest and the best technology andmanagement practices.The Company through its in-house vocational training and apprenticeshipprogrammes trains the technicians at Tata Motors. Numerous talentedyoungsters, honed by such rigorous programmes, have received numerousNational Best Apprentice Awards - the highest accolade for excellence in skills, inIndia. Tata Motors expansion projects offer numerous growth opportunities.Structured training programmes, rotational assignments and cross-functionalmobility allow employees to grow. Movement across functions is encouraged tohelp employees develop a wider perspective and gain expertise in manifoldfunctions.TATA motors joints hands with IMETata Motors has partnered with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) todevelop the professional registration of engineers in India, through structuredtraining and development. This association will also provide opportunities forengineers, based in India, to achieve an internationally recognised standard ofexcellence. According to Dr. Tim Leverton, Head - Advanced and ProductEngineering, Tata Motors, “We are delighted that the professional developmentof Tata Motors Engineers can now be formally accredited under the worldwiderecognised framework, offered by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. TataMotors and the Institution will also work together to build networks in industry andacademia that can contribute to raising the standard of engineering across thesubcontinent.” According to Stephen Tetlow, Chief Executive, The Institution ofMechanical Engineers, “India has become a global leader in manufacturing andan international engineering powerhouse. We are delighted to partner with Tata
  4. 4. Motors, one of India’s biggest success stories, and we are looking forward toworking together to provide their engineers with an internationally recognisedaccreditation of training, education and standards, as well as opportunities todevelop their knowledge.” Tata Motors and the Institution of MechanicalEngineers (IME) will encourage the professional registration of engineers, inaccordance with Engineering Council requirements. The Institution will help totrain and support Tata Motors’ engineers, while Tata Motors will encourage itsengineers to undertake programmes of Continuous Professional Development(CPD). The Institution will conduct regular workshops and sessions for TataMotors’ engineers on Professional Registration, Academic Assessment,Assessment of Competence and Initial Professional Development (IPD) andProfessional Review. The Institution will also support the Company to ensurecompliance with UK-SPEC for engineers working towards chartered,incorporated or technician status. ***********