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Catálogo Selle Smp


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SMP Evolution strike startos full carbon Selle SMP Tomazzini

SMP Evolution strike startos full carbon Selle SMP Tomazzini

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. designed on your body The central channel of the saddle, 3 to In the lower part of 5 cm wide, prevents the anus, the pros- the saddle there is a con- tate, the pudenda veins the deep dorsal cavity that prevents the vein and artery of the penis, scrotum coccyx from and testicles, and the labia majora and touching the saddle, thus minora, and clitoris, not to be squashed avoiding the counter- at all, allowing a continuous and blow caused by un- completely natural blood. even ground. In the STRIKE saddle the cyclist’s sit- The front part, characterised by the original eagle’s ting position is spread out between beak shape avoids the genitals the buttocks and the lower part of the from being squashed and offers a good bone of the pelvis (the ischiatic tubero- supporting base in the characteristic thrust sities). pedalling. Selle SMP - Via Einstein,5 - 35020 Casalserugo (Padova) - Italy - Tel. +39 049 643966 - Fax +39 049 8740106 - - ISO 9001-2000 Certified
  • 2. full carbon carbon composit ��������� NOpadding Casing: carbon fibre Casing: carbon fibre Covering: nap leather Scafo: fibra di carbonio Frame: carbon fibre Frame: AISI 304 carbonio Scafo: fibra di tubular steel Rivestimento: pelle fiore Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre Dimensions: 263carbonio Telaio: fibra di x 129 mm Dimensions: 263 x 129 mm aisi 304 Telaio: tubo in acciaio inox Frame: nylon 12tubular steel fibra di carbonio Scafo: AISI 304 caricato con Weight: 105263 x 129 mm Dimensioni: gr Weight: 165263 x 129 mm Dimensioni: gr Dimensions: in acciaio inox aisi 304 Telaio: tubo 263 x 129 mm Peso: 105 gr Peso: 165 gr Weight: 200 gr 129 mm Dimensioni: 263 x Peso: 200 gr Colori disponibili nei modello colours: Composit, available in these Composit black yellow red blue white nero giallo rosso blu bianco We decline all responsibility for any errors in this brochure, and we reserve the right to make any changes we consider necessary or useful to the products, without altering their basic features.
  • 3. evolution stratos glider �� �� CUSTOMpadding Covering: nap leather Covering: nap leather Covering: nap leather Padding: foamed elastomer Padding: foamed elastomer Padding: foamed elastomer Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel Weight: 230 gr Weight: 250 gr Weight: 260 gr Dimensions: 266 x 129 mm Dimensions: 266 x 131 mm Dimensions: 266 x 136 mm Evolution, Stratos, Glider available in these colours: Colori disponibili nei modello Composit black yellow red blue white nero giallo rosso blu bianco We decline all responsibility for any errors in this brochure, and we reserve the right to make any changes we consider necessary or useful to the products, without altering their basic features.
  • 4. pro plus Pro e Plus available in these colours: Composit Evolution Composit Evolution �� Composit Evolution �� Composit black Evolution FULLpadding Composit Evolution yellow Covering: nap leather Covering: nap leather Padding: foamed elastomer Padding: foamed elastomer Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre red Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel Weight: 290 gr Weight: 330 gr Dimensions: 278 x 148 mm Dimensions: 279 x 159 mm blue white We decline all responsibility for any errors in this brochure, and we reserve the right to make any changes we consider necessary or useful to the products, without altering their basic features.
  • 5. designed on your body The STRIKE saddle is the pioneer in a new way of conceiving the bicycle saddle: a meticulous study of the positions taken on during the race and the functional analysis of the interactions of the various parts of the body with the saddle. All the models of the STRIKE range have common patented characteristics, such as the original beak of the saddle nose, de- signed to supply a flat base for efforts when sitting for long climbs that have to be faced and as a help in downhill slopes, offering greater thigh control of the bicycle. The central channel of the saddle is an uncommon characteristic because of its dimensions: almost a whole hand can be put in there and this prevents crushing of the anus, prostate, venae pudendae, deep dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles in men, and the labia majora and minora and the clitoris, in women. The cyclist’s seating pattern on the STRIKE saddle is shared between the buttocks and the lower part of the pel- vic bones (the ischial tuberosities) and the position is favoured by the shape of its rear which, besides preventing squashing of the coccyx on uneven ground, allows gentle ins and outs from the rear when the ground requires it. It was actually the users that pointed out how STRIKE is particularly valid in the front ins and outs also making it possible for those that practice extreme bike competitions with wide shorts to use it without any problem. The length of the bars makes installation particularly easy on practically any combination of frame/saddle pillar. STRIKE is produced by Selle SMP, a company founded in 1947 and therefore one of the pioneers of the sector in the world.
  • 6. Introduction: An increase in the incidence of dimensions, especially in width, parameter consi- What the Physicians say the erectile dysfunction of the penis was observed dered to date as an essential factor in the protec- Abstract from: in those cyclists that cover long distances. All the tion of the compression on the perineal structures. theories converge on the identification of the peri- It is the geometry of this saddle that, by redistribu- “Journal of Sexual Medecine” neal region as the critical point. ting the body weight onto the buttocks, the ischial tuberosities, the ischium freeing the perineal pla- A cycle saddle with a new geometrical conception Objectives: Identification of a bicycle saddle mo- ne, prevents the squashing of the neuro-vascular del suitable for cyclists covering long distances, structures that run medially to the ischial tubero- for maintaining the vascular perfusion of the geni- capable of limiting compression of the structures sities. Furthermore, the depression in the rear part tal-perineal region of the pelvic floor, and thus protecting the blood prevents the coccyx from touching the saddle, perfusion of the penis and preventing possible thus preventing repercussions caused by the une- consequences in erection. venness of the ground that may effect the spine. Breda G. e Lunardon E.: Urologia Osp. S.Bassiano, Bassano d.G. In our study, the SMP saddle has shown to Piazza N.: Urologia Ospedale SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venezia Materials and methods: comparison between be by far the most efficient in protecting the Bernardi V.: Anestesia e Rianimazione, Osp. S.Bassiano, Bassano d.G. the new geometrical conception saddle (SMP) and blood perfusion of the penis compared to one one of the models most frequently used by profes- of the saddles most frequently used by professio- sional cyclists. nal cyclists. Assessment of the degree of compression exerted by the two saddles, on the vascular structures of Conclusions: validation of the efficacy of the SMP the perineum, by measuring the partial pressure of saddle in limiting the compression on the pelvic the transcutaneous oxygen of the penis in 29 heal- floor even though it has dimensions, especially in thy, cyclist volunteers. width, compatible with the needs of the cyclists Readings of the transcutaneous O2 pressure carried that cover long distances. out after 3 and ten minutes of static seating. Subse- quently the values of the PtCO2 were determined for 15 minutes while pedalling with the subject at 60° and in stable haemodynamic conditions. Results: Data analysed statistically (test t Student, examination of the confidence interval). Demon- stration of the net superiority of the SMP saddle in preventing vascular compression of the perineal structures with statistically important results. The true innovation brought about by the SMP saddle is its capacity of interfering scarcely on the blood perfusion of the penis, maintaining limited
  • 7. Thanks to SMP SELLE and the prestigious super STRIKE saddle, I pedal • for hundreds of kilometres without any problems, I am really satisfied I tried it on a flat road and it fits very well into the pelvic area, just think: I with my new purchase. had the feeling I had never replaced my dear, old saddle that I had been Fosco (Rovigo) using for ten years. • The sensation is that of being very comfortable and of still having excel- Since mid March I have covered about 1,000 km with STRIKE also doing lent anchorage during the thrust phase (besides, I get up very little from outings of over 200 km. The saddle adapts very well for a sporting use, the saddle, especially in the climbs, where I need a good support base which means that the necessary pressure is exerted on the pedal by to express the power at its maximum, especially in the very steep clim- “removing the load” from the buttocks. This means that the cyclist does bs. not put all his weight on the saddle and can stay seated for up to eight Luigi G. (Ascoli Piceno) hours or more. The genital area does not become numb. • The form of the saddle takes the cyclist to an aerodynamic position, Next year will be the third year I race as a professional and I have had this means that it is more comfortable to grip the handle bars on the many problems in the past with saddles. lower horn. I tried many kinds, but none have really helped me. Stephan S. (Germany) Today I raced for the first time with STRIKE for over three hours and I did • not have any problems! The difference that I noticed compared to the “traditional” saddles, was Kevin V. den S. (Belgium) really enormous and I submitted it to some tests. • Those that have tried it say 1 hr 30 min on rollers (40 Km) - exercise F.DO LONG Unlike traditional saddles, the STRIKE saddle never made any lifting ma- Congratulations for your saddles. They make miracles happen even on people like me who have had very serious accidents (broken pelvis). noeuvre necessary. Marco L. I have recently purchased one of your ergonomic saddles of the STRIKE 2 hr 00 min on rollers (50 Km)- exercise of SFR + agility 100 rpm • range, and I am really satisfied. Having seriously been practicing road I observed a great advantage in the agility exercise where, considering I must congratulate your Company for the STRIKE saddle. I had pro- cycle racing and mountain biking for a long time now, I have had the the high number of pedal thrusts (100 per minute), the under-saddle blems with the above-mentioned saddle, just think that last Sunday possibility of trying a great number of saddles. However, your saddle, undergoes greater work. I could quantify that during the hour’s pedal- after 20 kilometres of competition, I wanted to stop due to the problem STRIKE, has proved to be by far the most superior in both ergonomics of ling in this kind of specific work, with the traditional type of saddle at mentioned above, literally clenching my teeth, I had to lift myself up on the saddle and in and in its performance while pedalling. It is really the least 4 liftings were needed, with the STRIKE only one was really nee- the pedals frequently due to the pain in order to finish the race. best conceived design. Particularly, it should be pointed out that your ded. On Monday I decided (for an amateur it is not easy to change a saddle saddle permits one to keep the pelvic bones at a lower angle, which, 3hr 30 min on rollers (90 Km, about) + outing with carbon racing bike or any other component when he has been using the same make for first of all relieves the back of the fatigue, and secondly, offers a better 1hr 30 min.(45 Km). years) and I bought STRIKE. I trained without any problems and with position when pedalling. Simply by using your saddle, the person can Here the most surprising results were obtained. During the two tests, great satisfaction and to the point that I coined a saying: more easily maintain a lower position when pedalling. only a couple of liftings were necessary and at any rate NOT due to pain “A cyclist’s most delicate point rests on an SMP STRIKE sad- Sebastian B. (Germany) in the area of the genitals but due to a problem of mine (cysts in the dle” • ischial area) and the most surprising thing at the end of the pedalling, I thank you for the well-being given to my “delicate point” . I am sending you my impressions after the first two outings. there were no pins and needles or any anaesthetic type of effect in the Eugenio G. (Treviso) Saturday: a little over 70 km on flat ground done at the usual rhythm, genital area and, apart from a slight tiredness of the legs, it was as if I had never gone cycling that day. Regina Schleicher bland-sustained (85-95 pedal thrusts); for the parts under examination, 2005 Women’s World Champion a great relief, no pins and needles/sleeping of the toes of the left foot 1hr 35 min (40 Km) - outing with mountain bike in an undulating tarred Road Cycling which normally started after a couple of hours. road. Sunday: 85 km mixed (700 metres of total rise), done at a variable The use of the STRIKE saddle made the outing comfortable and confirms rhythm: seems there are no problems at the giblets. that with the passing of time, the initial sensation of greater pressure in Emanuele S. (Rome) the support area, disappears right from the first minutes. • Mauro F. (Verona) Sponsor: Regina S c h l e i c h e r - Ce r a m i c a Fl a m i n i a - OTC _ D O O R S _ L a u r e t a n a - CC V Cyc l i n g C r o s s Te a m - Ju Spor t - V.C. Città di Marostica - G.S. Pedale Larignano Cargo Embassy Albatros - ASD Montani- n i - Fu t u r a Te a m - L o t u s - Te a m P r o F e m i n i n d u G e n e v o i s -Te a m F e m i n i n d u F u t u r o s c o p e - L’ U n i o n SportiveMontalb anaise