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Final ott threat_ebook

  1. 1.  Like many consumers, I’m increasingly watching video content on my smartphone and tablet, rather than my TV. And I use multiple services—Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, or and even my cable provider Com- cast’s Xfinity app—to find the video content I want to watch. And I’m not alone. According to Nielsen’s most recent cross-platform report, the amount of time Americans spent watching video via tra- ditional TV rose less than 1 percent year-over-year as of third quarter 2012. Yet time spent watching video via the Internet increased 37 percent, while minutes spent by mobile subscribers watching video on a mobile phone rose 25 percent during the one-year period. I know that the video content I’m streaming eats up a lot of data, so I’m careful to use Wi-Fi whenever I can. But I often am disappointed in the availability or strength of my Wi-Fi connection and I long for a scenario where I could just use my existing cellular connection to seamlessly deliver my content when I want it, wherever I happen to be. That scenario may be unlikely – unless some pretty significant hurdles are overcome. For one, operators have little incentive to let OTT players like Netf- Minimizing lix and YouTube eat up valuable bandwidth on their network without receiving some sort of payment for the delivery of those services. One new business model being debated within the industry is where the OTT OTT providers subsidize the cost of the mobile data consumed by their customers. Although some operators, such as AT&T, have expressed an interest in this, few OTT players seem amenable to the idea. Second, some fear net neutrality issues – particularly if operators appear to favor OTT services that they have billing relationships with over other OTT services, such as giving some higher quality of service than others. threat But there are alternatives. Some operators are deploying platforms and products that promise to make OTT content better and easier for consumers to access and will help operators monetize these content offerings. This ebook will provide an in-depth look at the threat from OTT pro- viders, and examine how operators are making progress in delivering content to their customers. l Sue Marek /// Editor in Chief /// FierceWireless 03 05 06 08 11 13  Thank you to our sponsor: Multi-Screen Counterpath Enables Ott for The Push to Gsma’s Rcs Operators Cultivate Taking aVision Offers New Wireline and Wireless Operators Monetize Ott Gains Traction Relationships with Peek at Opportunities Helping to Disrupt the Disruptors Content with Operators, Ott Providers to viewdini for Operators Despite Slow Start Present United Front Sponsored Content February 2 013 2
  2. 2. Multi-Screen Vision Offers New Even new contracts may not experience more synchronized, per- broaden their source of content to Pay-TV providers’ cloud-based Opportunities for Operators extend across platforms. “Some of the content providers are still sonalized and socialized. There is also a marketing chal- include diversified choices, he said. Though many young adults do multi-screen services closely resemble OTT services in that they By Tammy Parker paranoid about the secu- lenge for multi-screen services. not sign up for pay TV services, or are not tied to a particular delivery rity mechanisms for Not only must customers be edu- at least delay signing up until they network or device. “So it’s not a being able to view con- cated regarding available content Multi-screen is viewed as a tiple screens are tent beyond the set-top and methods for accessing it on way to engage customers becoming. Ameri- box,” said Ron Westfall, multiple devices, but multi-screen “Using basically the same technology across platforms, as well cans’ monthly time research director, service services require an appealing they’ve been using to deliver multi-screen as reduce churn and attract spent watching provider infrastructure, at QUARTER 3, 2012 — US price point. Bachelet’s research of services to their subscribers, operators new users. video via traditional Current Analysis. 17 pay TV operators in six coun- can extend multi-screen services beyond TV rose less than Naturally, there are also tries revealed that three quarters their subscriber base.”  Pay-TV operators have long 1 percent year over technological challenges. of them make cross-platform Cesar Bachelet, senior analyst sought to deliver content to year as of the third Delivering content to content available for free to their at Analysys Mason. their customers via any device quarter of 2012. Yet televisions is a lot simpler pay-TV subscribers. and any network, but what time spent watch- than delivering content was formerly a desire is now Operators join a necessity for competitive the OTT crowd are a bit older—perhaps once they very big step for them to deliver positioning. Americans’ monthly time spent watching video via There is ongoing debate regard- land a good-paying job or start a their own over-the-top services to “Multi-screen services are traditional TV rose less than 1 percent year over year ing the competitive impact from family—that trend does not appear non-subscribers if they wish to do now becoming table stakes as of the third quarter of 2012. Yet time spent watching OTT content providers, but it to be directly tied to their third- so,” Bachelet said. for pay-TV operators in devel- video via the Internet increased a whopping 37 percent. appears pay-T V operators are not party OTT content consumption. “Using basically the same technol- oped markets, particularly in losing considerable revenue to Further, people who sign up ogy they’ve been using to deliver light of competition from OTT OTT alternatives. for premium pay-TV service are multi-screen services to their video services offering con- “It’s not a zero-sum,” said West- more likely to pay for content on subscribers, operators can extend tent to multiple devices,” said ing video via the Internet increased to PCs, tablets, and smartphones, fall. In fact, people who watch Hulu an iPad while away from home. multi-screen services beyond their Cesar Bachelet, senior analyst a whopping 37 percent, while min- which all feature different operat- or Netflix at home on their TVs do “That’s creating a new opportu- subscriber base,” he added. at Analysys Mason. utes spent by mobile subscribers ing systems as well as a plethora of not necessarily cancel their cable nity that hadn’t existed before,” This is already happening. One Some operators may only watching video on a mobile phone screen sizes. The good news is that or satellite TV service. They just Westfall said. example is UK satellite pay TV pro- have basic multi-screen rose 25 percent during the one- “operators have the tools in place to vider Sky’s July 2012 launch of an services, offering access to year period. not only support multi-screen video IPTV service called Now TV, which some content via the EPG but to scale and enhance it to allow is available for use by non-Sky (electronic program guide) on various devices, typically PCs, Getting over the hurdles Despite inroads made by pay-TV application innovation,” Westfall said. 76% Free to all pay-TV subscribers subscribers on numerous platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox 360, PCs smartphones and tablets. providers in delivering cross-plat- He said new standards will further and Android, Mac and iOS devices. Others are more advanced form content, obstacles continue to help enable delivery of higher-quality Sky also has another IPTV product and enable remote recording plague the industry. multi-screen content. For example, Business 6% Paid-for for non-Sky customers called Sky optional extra on a DVR and more remote One major impediment has been MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive models for Go Monthly Ticket. interaction with the pay TV content rights. Many older con- Streaming over HTTP) will support multi-screen The key challenge for opera- service. But all are working tracts for content delivery were not adaptive bit-rate content for multiple services 18% Only included tors getting into the OTT game is to engage customers across negotiated on a device-agnostic, devices, while High Efficiency Video for higher-value to ensure they do not cannibalize platforms in order to reduce or cross-platform, basis, and those Coding (HEVC) will enable the next subscribers their core user base, Bachelet said. churn and attract new users. legacy agreements prevent most iteration of compression technol- That will likely drive service provid- Nielsen’s most recent pay TV operators from making all of ogy for HD Video. Further, service ers to offer even better premium * based on sample of 17 pay TV operators in Cross-Platform Report their content available on all devices, delivery platform enhancements will France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA content for their traditional pay-TV reveals how important mul- Bachelet said. enable operators to make the viewer subscribers. l Source: Analysys Mason3 February 2 013 February 2 013 4
  3. 3. Sponsored Content CounterPath Enables OTT for The Push Further, in mid-January 2013, the head of France Telecom said the appear less than enthusiastic about this business model, claiming Wireline and Wireless Operators between the mobile and Wi-Fi / to Monetize Orange-branded operator has com- operators should simply be glad for Helping to Disrupt the Disruptors Broadband networks. Ultimately, CounterPath ensures that all OTT Content pelled Google to compensate it for Google-related traffic sent across the data traffic generated by OTT offerings and not seek out addi- mobile services will be available By Tammy Parker Orange’s networks. Orange’s tional revenues from OTT players. (within a single app) on PCs, tab- strong market position in Africa, an Netflix spokesman Joris Evers  The 1990’s witnessed the – the phone number. This extends lets and smartphones through our area where Google seeks influence, says Netflix would not participate in birth of the Internet OTT services beyond just voice as well. Wireline exclusive NCG (Network Conver- Can operators entice OTT gave the operator leverage to force a sponsored-connectivity arrange- providers who quickly became and Wireless OTT solutions include gence Gateway) solution. players to pay for the data the first real disruptive threat to a single application that provides An excellent example of operator their mutual customers Wireline and Wireless operators seamless voice, video, messaging led OTT is Rogers One Number consume? “I can understand why operators worldwide. Now the OTT industry and presence applications across service. Rogers, the largest mobile might want [sponsored-connectivity has exploded with services such mobiles, tablets and PCs. operator in Canada, partnered with  More business models will models], because operators feel that as Skype, Viber, Rebtel, iMes- By deploying OTT today, opera- CounterPath to launch Rogers One arise in which over-the-top their networks are being clogged up sage, What’s App and others that tors are creating a clear pathway Number in February 2012. This content (OTT) providers sub- by people streaming Netflix, Spotify, are eroding Wireline and Wire- to an RCS enabled world. Coun- service uses CounterPath’s unique sidize the cost of mobile data YouTube and the like.” less Operator revenues. Skype, terPath’s products are future technology to seamlessly bridge consumed by their customers, Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of arguably viewed as the ‘ultimate proofing a solution that can be mobile services across PCs and but it is unclear how many VoIP provider Rebtel telco disruptor,’ represents over migrated to RCS as soon as the tablets. While operators like TMO, marquee names in OTT con- 30% of all Internet voice traffic ecosystem and related interop- Telefónica, FT/Orange and others tent participate in this trend. and with services like What’s App erability is ready. CounterPath have opted to offer a standalone The concept of subsidized this deal, which apparently cov- ment because operators already and Apple’s iMessage impacting believes there will eventually be OTT service, Rogers recognized data, in which OTT providers ers both Google search traffic and derive benefits from their custom- SMS usage, operators are clearly a mix of OTT and RCS solutions that its greatest asset is the mobile pay mobile operators for the YouTube video traffic, among other ers’ use of Netflix. “We drive being threatened. So what’s the that will ‘work together.’ Coun- number. The mobile network is data their mutual customers things. demand for data services—mostly answer for Wireline and Wireless terPath’s softphones are built to the world’s largest ubiquitous com- consume when accessing OTT Despite Google’s apparent acqui- fixed, usage on mobile is fairly lim- operators? They need to launch support both deployment sce- munity that can be extended with services, has been touted by escence, other large OTT providers continued on page 7 their own OTT solution. OTT gives narios within the same softphone OTT solutions that enrich the user mobile operators around the Wireline and Wireless operators architecture; so operators can experience. Wireline and Wire- world. One pitch is that such the capabilities to compete with a have a single softphone work less OTT led services are the right “sponsored connectivity” solution today that neutralizes the across OTT and RCS deployment approach now because it gives would enable mobile custom- “Skype” effect while creating new simultaneously. greater flexibility that can bridge to ers to use a particular OTT revenue streams. Another important component RCS in the future. service without incurring addi- CounterPath is currently work- to OTT services outside the Today operator led OTT is the tional network data charges or ing with a number of operators softphone is a server to enable best path forward to offer com- having that data usage applied to develop their own OTT offer- convergence. For Wireline pelling services that immediately to their data caps. It would also ing. With a full suite of softphone operators, this typically means a fend off competitive threats and grant operators an additional and server products that enable SIP-based Switch that enables build revenue streams against the revenue stream to offset the compelling go-to-market offers SMS enablement of VoIP num- mobile number. l costs of delivering growing that extends the current pre-IMS bers, VoIP number mapping amounts of data traffic over and IMS cores into the broadband to a mobile number and in-call their networks. SIP environment, CounterPath handover (e.g., PC to mobile). For AT&T executives have stated provides a solution that includes wireless operators, this means that some content providers the elements needed for OTT and a Switch to map SIP and SS7 want the operator to imple- Skype-like services that is cen- services that enable a seamless ment such a toll-free data tered around a universal identity experience of mobile services program.5 February 2 013 February 2 013 6
  4. 4. continued from page 6 ited. Our service is a great driver for on consumers and OTT providers. He also suggested there might converting what would be a variable charge into a fixed charge, he said. GSMA’s RCS Gains Traction with including the development of the RCS 5.0 specification and the demand for ISPs,” he said. be something illegal about an OTT In addition, Amazon’s Kindle and Operators, Despite Slow Start consumer-facing joyn brand. RCS is Similarly, Andreas Bernstrom, player paying a network operator to General Motors’ OnStar already often cited as the mobile operators’ By Monica Alle ven CEO of VoIP provider Rebtel, con- enable people to access the OTT’s provide “stealth” connectivity spon- answer to OTT providers that offer tends mobile broadband access service. sorships by paying cellular providers free or lower-cost voice and mes- should be considered a utility, Not only might there be Net to deliver their OTT services with- saging solutions. much like water or electricity, and neutrality complaints regarding such out end users even being aware At least 19 vendors offer out RCS, whether they are the RCS Simply put, RCS delivers an expe- therefore operators should focus arrangements, but there could be of how the connectivity is being RCS on a hosted basis so far, 5.0 version favored by U.S.-based rience beyond voice and SMS by on making money simply from issues impacting “the competitive accomplished. Such device-specific but many believe 2013 is the MetroPCS Communications or the providing consumers with instant data usage. structure,” Bernstrom said. For plans could set the stage for future year of RCS. RCSe version that European opera- messaging or chat, live video and Nonetheless, Bernstrom empa- example, a carrier could favor OTT business arrangements. tors are deploying, the rollouts are file sharing across any device, on thizes with operators’ desire for services with which it has billing Bowman suggested a company  One of the biggest beefs gaining steam. Is it too little too any network, with all the joyn- sponsored-connectivity models. partnerships, perhaps ensuring such as online photo manage- with the GSMA’s Rich Com- late? The answer depends on who enabled contacts in their address “I can understand why operators them more bandwidth or higher ment site Flickr might consider munication Services (RCS)/ you ask. Right now, both sides of book. might want to do this, because quality of service to the detriment subsidizing the cost of mobile data joyn initiative is it’s taking that coin are betting that they’re Stephen Sale, principal ana- operators feel that their networks of non-partnered OTT services. generated by a consumer who too long. One of the biggest right on the money. lyst at Analysys Mason, said the are being clogged up by people uploads photos to Flickr from Sam- compliments about joyn is how GSMA’s RCS/joyn initiative is streaming Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Thinking outside the box sung’s new Android-based Galaxy much progress it’s made in the RCS: in search of a definition broadly positive—it ticks a lot and the like,” he said. However, Bernstrom said there Camera, which includes cellular past six months. Last year at Mobile World Con- of the right boxes. It responds Rebtel has not been approached might be opportunities for part- connectivity. So it goes. As operators gress, the GSMA announced to the new wave of competition by operators seeking aid in subsidiz- nership arrangements between Yet another possibility for spon- around the world gradually roll significant advancements in RCS, continued on page 9 ing mobile customers’ use of its companies such as audio-streaming sored connectivity could involve service Spotify, which “freemium” service models, in joyn is the consumer-facing brand could tie a year of free which OTT providers subsidize for the RCS 5.0 specification “I think it’s unlikely Spotify access into a limited usage of their service before that Google is mobile service contract. a customer gets assessed by an going to start Similar arrangements operator for premium levels of data forking over have already come into consumption. millions of dollars vogue. In sub-Saharan The “perfect sweet spot” for just to drive the Africa, Facebook pays sponsored connectivity is a ser- network for AT&T,” operators to provide vice that generates high hours of Don Bowman, free Facebook access use and low bytes of data traffic, CTO at Sandvine to mobile customers Bowman said. The worst combina- via the 0.facebook. tion would entail low hours of use com initiative. “They with high bytes of usage, such as VoIP service. “It’s never even been only do this in markets where they streaming video. mentioned. What has been men- estimate otherwise the user would Nonetheless, Bowman, like Ber- tioned is, ‘We’re going to turn you not get Facebook at all,” said Don nstrom, thinks most top marquee off. We might try to block you,’” Bowman, CTO at Sandvine, which OTT names will avoid sponsored Bernstrom said. provides network policy control connectivity deals, particularly in Those efforts have been thwarted solutions. developed markets. “I think it’s by consumer opposition, which Elsewhere, consumers have been unlikely that Google is going to start Bernstrom believes will also prevent given the option to pay extra to add forking over millions of dollars just operators from forcing any unpopu- an unlimited Facebook access pack- to drive the network for AT&T,” lar service-specific charging models age to their regular service, thus Bowman said. l7 February 2 013 February 2 013 8
  5. 5. continued from page 8 an operator community unique are inclined to automatically download The folks at Jibe say they’re and hence, the more networks presence, a step beyond the Euro- the ubiquity and interoperability things if they don’t have to. With seeing a lot more inquiries from ready for RCS. “I’m right now very peans’ RCSe version launched in from OTT communications apps they offer,” he said. solutions embedded in the phones, potential customers thanks to bullish and optimistic for 2013.” Spain, Korea and Germany. by capitalizing on the operators’ The GSMA and its members that the services will be there from the the GSMA’s joyn initiative. In just “We want to work with OTT,” core service model: universality, have joined the RCS initiative – one get-go. the past six months, activity has Working with, not against said Solyman Ashrafi, VP of product native usability and direct avail- that like so many other big endeav- intensified so much that CEO Amir Indeed, gathering together to find management at MetroPCS, who ability, as captured by the phrase: ors started years ago – are finding Playing for keeps Sarhangi sees a huge change in the OTT challenges seems to be a champions RCS as the “new dial “It’s just there, it just works.” reasons to be optimistic. At least In early 2011, the GSMA awarded terms of the number of carriers con- tactic the operators are embracing. tone.” He envisions services and As such, however, it highlights 19 vendors offer RCS on a hosted Jibe Mobile the Best RCS Mobile the more fundamental challenge basis, meaning operators that don’t Client Award for its Smart Address to operator business models. have the means or wherewithal Book. For Jibe, it’s all about mak- “The current services are largely addressing last year’s problem. What OTT providers cater to niches to deploy IMS in their networks ing RCS simpler for end users about next year’s? It might be that the frameworks are now in place for using downloadable apps on an can tap the resources of a trusted and developers. Perhaps the best RCS to deliver on an ongoing basis. They might not. Or it may be that most opt-in basis. RCS/joyn “doesn’t vendor without the up-front costs way to see it in action is through innovation in communication services has already happened. It may not. really answer to the new ways of building their own. its work with game develop- This will be a challenge for the industry.” that the market is being seg- At the same time, handset OEMs ers. With Jibe’s SDK, a game Stephen Sale, principal analyst at Analysys Mason mented,” Sale said. “This is are closer to embedding RCS in developer can download the something of an existential cri- their handsets, so consumers code and “code away,” allowing sis for network-based, typically won’t have to download the apps for interactions between gam- national, communications provid- to reap the benefits – a big selling ers that previously took a lot tacting the company. A year ago, Instead of working against OTT and applications mashing up with one ers. There’s no easy solution.” point because consumers are not more time and effort to create. there was very little uptake in the trying to banish them from their another, creating whole new differ- U.S.; now, in the last six months, systems, big operators like AT&T entiated services. Where’s the beef “it’s been amazing,” he said. and Verizon Wireless are opening OTT players are very agile Critics say the GSMA’s RCS efforts “We really wanted to make this innovation centers in Silicon Valley. and innovative, but they’re frag- are coming too late, and they point technology very much available to Smaller operators are just as mented with their proprietary to the association’s attempt in anybody, so any vendor that wanted enthusiastic, if not more so. solutions. That’s where operators 2010 to create what was widely to create these types of services, Regional provider MetroPCS Com- can come in and bridge the gap, viewed as operators’ answer to the they can do it very quickly,” using munications, which grew up as a if you will, and allow for services app storefronts operated by Apple Android and iOS, Sarhangi said. As CDMA carrier, was the first U.S. and applications to do mashups, and Android/Google. Last year, more U.S. operators roll out LTE, operator to commercially launch where commerce, dating or travel part of the Wholesale Applications the more IMS will be in the field RCS, the 5.0 version that includes apps meet up with telephony Community (WAC) was folded or non-telephony services. into the GSMA and its technology With RCS finally being launched, assets were sold to Apigee. Rich Communication Suite (RCS) that begs the question of how Graham Trickey, senior direc- future-proof it is. “The current tor at GSMA, said WAC and RCS Pros Cons services are largely addressing are quite different. Having been last year’s problem,” said Analy- involved in both, he said the WAC • Rich feature set • Not yet widely avail- sys Mason’s Sale. “What about was a joint venture, which added • Not limited to those who have able in the U.S.; rollout next year’s? It might be that the another layer of complexity. With downloaded applications just starting in Europe frameworks are now in place for RCS, “I think we are seeing com- • Not limited to phones • Business model RCS to deliver on an ongoing mitments from operators and • Shifts to telecom or SMS network, (e.g., pricing) and basis. They might not. Or it may perhaps new is the collaboration for example, if RCS not available rules unknown be that most innovation in com- between operators who thought • Works on non-smartphone devices • Device manufacturer munication services has already they were competitors with each happened. It may not. This will be other… But the things that make Source: The Future Of Mobile Messaging, Forrester Research, August 15, 2012. a challenge for the industry.” l9 February 2 013 February 2 013 10
  6. 6. Operators Cultivate Relationships with “That’s our tradition, with a solution for Rogers Com- refined business model in mind. Of course, messaging is one of that’s our culture. munications that offers Rogers’ As the dot-bomb days proved, not the biggest OTT headaches for Ott Providers to Present United Front We’re so focused on customers the ability to keep their every upstart has a viable busi- operators. iMessage, Apple’s iOS By Monica Alle ven the network when the wireless numbers but use them ness plan, and offering services messaging service, gets blamed for real innovation and all for single-number reachability via for free doesn’t pay the light bill. a lot of the SMS revenue declines the changes are all talk and text, whether they’re using for operators even though it, too, going to be done in their mobile devices or computers. The race is on has suffered from service disrup- the software world.” Taking a page from Unified Mes- One thing that makes the OTT/ tions. Still, RCS supporters say Slowly, progress is saging, the service enables access operator relationship all the more they don’t see the absence of RCS happening. AT&T and to one inbox and contact list, which complicated is operators may not in Apple’s devices as a big prob- Verizon Wireless are are automatically synced between want to focus too much attention lem; some even express hope that cultivating relation- computer and mobile phone. Rog- to their competitors’ faults because Apple will one day add it to its mix. ships with developers ers configured it so customers can those competitors are also their Yet the time-to-market ques- and others through call any Canadian number and send partners. While RF engineers like tion still remains. Kevin Mitchell, innovation centers. outgoing text messages to other to build for 99.999 percent reli- director of solutions marketing But ask pretty much Canadian wireless numbers from ability, OTT players don’t have for the service provider group at anyone in the new their computer at no additional the same service quality require- Acme Packet, stresses a degree generation of develop- charge. It’s an OTT solution offered ments. Some consumers are of urgency as RCS deployments ers where they want via the operator instead of Google, willing to make that trade-off if are just not moving fast enough. to work, and names Apple, Skype or another OTT player. it saves them enough money. That’s in part because it’s based like Apple, Amazon, “We see OTT as a stepping Google and Face- stone into RCS, and they’ll work book come to mind. together,” said Todd Carothers, “We see OTT as a stepping stone into What’s taking so EVP, products and marketing at RCS, and they’ll work together. It’s a long? “I don’t think CounterPath. “It’s a benefit that benefit that it’s not RCS because the there’s reluctance” on it’s not RCS because the ecosys- ecosystem is just evolving… Whether it’s the part of operators, tem is just evolving… Whether it’s RCS or not, operators know they need Bariso said. “They RCS or not, operators know they to do something else that protects their The bond between in their usual attire – suits. They want to do it. Some just move faster need to do something else that revenue base.” operators and OTT providers were joined on stage by a product than others. It’s more of a culture protects their revenue base.” Todd Carothers, EVP, products and is complex, yet necessary manager from Google Voice who thing… You can’t take a big Tier One Likewise, while RCS is nearly marketing at CounterPath as wireless networks strolled out in a T-shirt and jeans. and transform them to the mindset synonymous with IMS, Broad- and services mature. The Google executive admitted that of Google or Amazon overnight.” Soft’s BroadCloud RCS may be he wasn’t sure what OTT stood for; deployed in either IMS or non-  Need proof that over all he cared about was developing No RCS? No Problem IMS network environments. For SAP Mobile Services Group on IMS, which is unwieldy, com- the top forces are front and the best possible user experience. Ericsson is one of about 19 vendors non-IMS networks, BroadSoft Director of Product Bill Dudley plex and expensive, he said. center? One need look no That message resonated with the that offer full or partially hosted supplies the required IMS func- noted that one popular OTT mes- Operators have an advantage, further than the wireless audience, and Bariso says it’s one rich communications services tionality while retaining flexibility saging service boasted a dramatic however, in that OTT players are industry’s own conferences. the wireless industry can learn from. (RCS) platforms, which should for the operator to migrate to IMS number of inbound and outbound building islands that don’t nec- Ray Bariso, VP of operations Granted, the network is important, serve to speed deployment of RCS later, according to Leslie Ferry, messages last year, but there essarily translate well to global and business support sys- but too much of the time, “we’re and help the ecosystem reach vice president of marketing. was a huge discrepancy between service deployments. Operators tems at Ericsson, remembers over-engineering everything,” interoperability that much faster. First-to-market vendors are the two, indicating that millions can seize on their own ubiquity a couple years ago when he he said. Take Mother’s Day, for Other vendors are jumping into not always the market lead- of messages never reached their and RCS helps in that regard. and other panelists convened instance. Networks are designed the fray as well. CounterPath, for ers, she said. Those who follow intended recipients. That sort of That said, “RCS is not a cure- for a session on the topic of to handle the deluge of traffic that one, isn’t waiting for RCS. Last have more time to build a bet- service, or lack thereof, doesn’t all,” Mitchell said. “It doesn’t OTT, and they were all dressed occurs on that one day of the year. year, CounterPath went to market ter service and do it with a more fly in the carrier community. solve all the problems.” l11 February 2 013 February 2 013 12
  7. 7. Taking a Peek Big expectations Video for newer releases. “They’re Amazon Instant Video, and the has only 10 minutes for a break, he here and in the future, including the When it was announced, viewdini comfortable with knowing which stakes are even higher. or she doesn’t want to spend half of prospect of Verizon broadcasting, at viewdini was widely seen as a strategy for service to select and directly engag- According to research by mobile that time searching for something. via mobile, the Super Bowl in the dealing with over the top (OTT) play- ing with that brand’s application on video ad network Rhythm NewMe- Having all the content aggregated in 2014 timeframe, a remark he made By Monica Alle ven ers, which also happen to supply their smartphones and tablets,” said dia, consumers don’t necessarily one place serves the consumer, so while on stage with NFL Commis- content listed in the app. Verizon Sam Rosen, practice director at ABI. have a lot of time to spend searching long as it’s a fairly quick search. sioner Roger Goodell. A Verizon Verizon’s mobile video executives have publicly talked Applications like viewdini that for content, which can work both for spokeswoman later emphasized strategy is still evolving but about using innovation as part of aggregate content will have a role and against a service like viewdini. Looking forward that McAdam made no firm com- for now viewdini offers a their OTT strategy, saying they need for cord-cutters who subscribe to Rhythm CEO Ujjal Kohli is a big If demos and teasers are any indica- mitment, although he did say it was strategy for dealing with to build their own services that com- multiple OTT video offerings, but believer in the “snackable” version tion, LTE Broadcast will be part of something “we’re shooting for.” OTT players. pete with OTT while also helping most likely, they’ll be used side-by- of content, versus the “meals” that Verizon’s future. Research firm iGR iGR concludes that LTE Broadcast, the OTT players. If that’s the case, require longer periods of free time to released a white paper on LTE Broad- which is most efficient for broadcast-  If you follow Verizon Wire- viewdini would seem the perfect consume. Like food, snackable con- cast in January and while none of the ing the same content to multiple less’ mobile video offerings, vehicle for that. tent is consumed throughout the day, operators interviewed for the paper users at the same time, is a capabil- you’ll notice there’s a lot of It’s difficult to assess how suc- on demand, and the menu can vary had firm LTE Broadcast implementa- ity that will be deployed after initial “evolving” going on. cessful it has been. Verizon Wireless a lot depending on the consumer’s tion plans, they didn’t rule out future LTE networks are loaded. Given For years, the operator has isn’t sharing download numbers for appetite. deployment. that Verizon’s LTE deployment is six offered some form of video. viewdini and while it conceivably Applications like viewdini help During his keynote at CES 2013, months ahead of projections and Late last year, the carrier could be a way for Verizon to get validate consumers’ desire for snack- Verizon Chairman and CEO Low- now covers 89 percent of the coun- announced it was discontinu- additional revenue from content pro- able content, but they also amplify ell McAdam shared some LTE try, it’s not hard to imagine how that ing the VCast Video service viders – likely through referral fees the need for speed. If the consumer Broadcast-enabled scenarios, both could evolve in one year. l about the same time it started – the company doesn’t comment shutting down the Verizon on contractual arrangements with Apps store. “We’re evolving its partners, said spokesman David our strategy to further simplify Samberg. today’s experience and meet Developed with, viewdini the needs of tomorrow,” the reflects what a lot of people already company stated on its web- are doing in front of their TVs at site. home. Watching a movie and want The Verizon Video service more info on the cast and crew? It’s was replaced by viewdini, right there, at your fingertips, via which initially debuted in smartphone or tablet. A search for mid-2012, offering a search- a movie title will bring up a link to and-discovery mechanism download the movie, the amount for all the copyright-protected it costs (newer movie releases, for Verizon’s viewdini service offers a search-and-discovery mechanism content you could hope to example, are $19.99 on pre-order) for all copyright protected content on see on Verizon’s network. The and related content, like trailers, plot Verizon’s network. app, now free for download summary and cast bios. on both Android and iOS, offers video from Hulu+, Net- Challenges and Challengers side with the applications provided flix, Comcast’s Xfinity, mSpot According to ABI Research, North directly by Comcast, Netflix and the and others. The ideal experi- American mobile video consumers, others, Rosen said. Add to the mix ence happens on LTE-enabled by and large, are going for brand the desire for Apple, Google and tablets, but it’s available on names they recognize, such as Amazon to capture pay per view LTE smartphone and 3G Netflix or HBO for their premium (PPV) and electronic sell-through devices as well. movies/series and Amazon Instant (EST) services such as Vudu or13 February 2 013 February 2 013 14