A Comparison of Conventional & Natural Fibroids Treatment Methods


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There are various options available for treating fibroids these days.

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A Comparison of Conventional & Natural Fibroids Treatment Methods

  1. 1. A Comparison of Conventional & NaturalFibroids Treatment MethodsThere are various options available for treating fibroidsthese days. The treatment options range from conventionalmethods to alternative natural cures. Fibroids tumors inuterus are normally benign. These tumors very rarely showup symptoms especially in the initial stages. However asthe uterine tumors increase in size and numbers fibroidsymptoms like painful and heavy periods will start showingup.The exact cause of fibroids continues to be a mystery.Hence conventional fibroid treatment with the exception ofhysterectomy does not provide a permanent cure. As aresult more and more women are exploring alternativemethods of treating fibroids.Common conventional fibroid treatment methods area) Hormone therapy to shrink the uterine tumors. Researchhas indicated that women who have undergone this line oftreatment have reported a number of undesirable sideeffects. Plus this method provides temporary relief only andthe tumors reappear once the treatment is discontinued.b) There are number of surgical options available forfibroid treatment. Myomectomy involves removal of thefibroid tumor alone and is a painful procedure which doesnot guarantee total relief from fibroids. Hysterectomy or
  2. 2. complete removal of the womb is the only surgical methodwhich provides permanent relief from fibroids.Natural method of fibroid treatmentNature cure for fibroids is non invasive and makes use ofdiet and lifestyle changes to shrink fibroids. This type oftreatment lays emphasis on maintaining ideal body weight,staying away from estrogen-mimickers or xenoestrogens.Consuming of food containing xenoestrogens enhance thelevels of estrogen in the system and boost the growth offibroids. Hence this category of food must be completelyavoided.Natural fibroids treatment methods are absolutely safe anddo not produce any harmful side effects. However thetreatment period involved is longer compared toconventional treatment.For women seriously looking to treating fibroids naturally,it would be worthwhile to consult a qualified naturopathwho can provide clear guidance on natural fibroidtreatment. In the present digital age it is also possible toidentify online herbal guides which will provide step bystep instructions for natural fibroid treatment.I got relief from my fibroids by downloading one suchmanual online. This manual has been has been developedby a renowned alternative medicine practitioner. Since thegeographical distance was too long for this practitioner tobe available for consultancy to all women suffering fromfibroids the world over she has authored an online guide.
  3. 3. This guide basically provides a 7 step treatment method forfibroid cure. It is available for immediate download on theinternet and comes with a complete money back guarantee.