Innovation in a cross-institutional setting<br />Joan Starr, CDL<br />
it’s happening all over…<br />
models<br />
models<br />
questions<br />
questions<br />*anybody back on the ranch<br />
questions<br />Where can I do my work?<br />
an innovation to support innovation?<br />
Joan Starr, CDL<br /><br />@joan_starr<br />Let’s keep talking!<br />
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Innovation in Collaborative Settings


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Slides w/notes for a Lightning Talk on Innovation in Cross-Institutional Setting from Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, 11/12/09; Joan Starr presenter; @joan_starr

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  • Hathi: Michigan, California (all 10 plus CDL),Indiana,Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, University of Chicago, Illinois & Illinois at Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota,Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia JISC: New Virtual Research Environment Rapid Innovation (VRERI) 8-10 projects short-term development projects with multiple institutions partnering.DataOne Leadership Team: Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Lab, CDL, USGS, UC Santa Barbara, Cornell, Duke; When you add the Co-Investigators, another 12 institutions are represented. CDL’s role on DataOne: Trisha Cruse is a member of the Leadership Team. John Kunze is leading the working group on Preservation, Metadata, and Interoperability.  And Trisha is on the Sustainability and Governance working groupHeading West—Planning Grant for a new cooperative distributed shared print repository. Initial focus on retrospective journal holdings. UC Libraries, CDL, Washington, Oregon, OrbisCascade, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon State, Greater Western Library Alliance, others to follow
  • At Hathi, the 2011 plan for a Constitutional Convention… “The Repository Administrators have funded HathiTrust for an initial five-year period beginning January 2008, with a planned process of review and renewal. A review of the model used for funding and management of HathiTrust is scheduled for the third of every five-year period. “
  • Issues: If you are one among many, what are you going to do to be heard, to participate? Why would you NOT want to be heard? Not everyone is well-suited to work on these kinds of teams. Make good choices for yourself, your organization.
  • Decision-making: 1. strategic & long-term; 2. tactical & mid-term; 3. on-the-ground & immediateAt Hathi: Executive and Strategic Advisory Board. One person serves on Exec and is ex-officio on SAB; another serves on SAB and is ex-officio on Exec. The first fellow is also Executive Director with on-the-ground authority.
  • Why should we be paying good money to participate in this (crazy) venture when we can’t get our local projects done? Why are we doing this again??Antidote: clear goals statement, trot it out all the time. Communication plan, implement regularly.BUT ALSO: How do you get the BIG organization to take your LOCAL goals into account? Goes back to representation and governance structure. Somewhere you need a participatory “valve” if resources are going in.
  • How do you get the right people at the table? You have to slow things down enough to establish some safeguards (by actual developers) BUT don’t slow things down too long. It has to be development-need-based. So, you need software version control. Naming conventions. In line documentation conventions. What else? Where is the actual location of the sandbox? How do the firewalls work? Etc. etc.
  • At the 14K Summit Level, you want to be able to ask Portfolio Management kinds of questions: Risk assessment, project diversification, alignment of projects with the goals of the collaboration, aiming for continuous improvement.Which of us are practicing Portfolio Management in our individual shops today? But together, we will be managing much greater financial and human resources, handling much more significant portfolios, and putting much more significant information and cultural assets at risk. So, it will be important for us to develop this capacity as we work together at these higher heights, so to speak.What is the first step? Putting in place a culturally-appropriate structure. With Hathi, the beginnings are within the SAB.
  • Innovation in Collaborative Settings

    1. 1. Innovation in a cross-institutional setting<br />Joan Starr, CDL<br />
    2. 2. it’s happening all over…<br />
    3. 3. models<br />
    4. 4. models<br />
    5. 5. questions<br />
    6. 6. questions<br />*anybody back on the ranch<br />
    7. 7. questions<br />Where can I do my work?<br />
    8. 8. an innovation to support innovation?<br />
    9. 9. Joan Starr, CDL<br /><br />@joan_starr<br />Let’s keep talking!<br />