Fideus Rossejats By Joan


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Fideus Rossejats By Joan

  1. 1. Fideusrossejats<br />SpecialRecipeforyou<br />Joan Roca www.joanphotoroca.blogspot.comDec 09<br />
  2. 2. Ingredients(for 4 servings)<br /><ul><li>600 grs of No. 0 noodles (the thinest ones)
  3. 3. 5 + 1 garlic cloves (1 for allioli or mayonnaise with garlic)
  4. 4. olive oil (not necessarily extra virgin)
  5. 5. vinegar or lemon juice &1 egg (only for the mayonnaise)
  6. 6. fish broth (about 1 liter): the better broth… the finest end result
  7. 7. salt (just if necessary to fine tune the fish broth)
  8. 8. paella pan & woodentools</li></li></ul><li>Process(1)<br /><ul><li>Take the paella pan and pour some olive oil in it (just enough to cover the surface, even less) and heat (max).
  9. 9. Once the oil is heat enough, add the 5 garlic cloves (sliced) until they become toasted.
  10. 10. Once they are toasted (not burnt) take them out and reserve (we’ll use them afterwards)</li></li></ul><li>Process(2)<br /><ul><li>Drop the noodles in
  11. 11. Max heat</li></li></ul><li>Process(3)<br /><ul><li>Keep stirring until they become toasted
  12. 12. Medium heat
  13. 13. You lady/guy! Don’t stop stirring! ;o)
  14. 14. Don’t forget I said toasted (brown) not burnt (black)
  15. 15. Make sure the fish broth is hot enough (almost boiling)</li></li></ul><li>Process(4)<br /><ul><li>Well done! You did a great job!
  16. 16. This is how they should look… toasted (brown)</li></li></ul><li>Process(5)<br /><ul><li>Pour the fish broth on the noodles
  17. 17. Max heat</li></li></ul><li>Process(6)<br /><ul><li>Drop in those garlic slices already toasted we had previously reserved
  18. 18. Max heat</li></li></ul><li>Process(7)<br /><ul><li>Stir again, but this time smoothly and only once, jut to spread the garlic slices
  19. 19. Medium heat… don’t stir at all… don’t touch them! ;o)
  20. 20. They should remain cooking for about 10 minutes
  21. 21. Until they “drank” the liquid
  22. 22. Until most of noodles are “watching” upwards
  23. 23. In the meanwhile move your ass and get ready the mayonnaise with garlic (1 garlic clove is enough) or make a proper allioli</li></li></ul><li>Process(8)<br /><ul><li>Oh yes! Definitely, you did a great job!
  24. 24. They look wonderfully, don’t they?
  25. 25. Let them “rest” for a couple of minutes before serving </li></li></ul><li>Process(9)<br /><ul><li>Don’t forget to add the mayonnaise with garlic or allioli on them
  26. 26. Stir them
  27. 27. And enjoy!!!
  28. 28. Red or White Wine are suitable
  29. 29. Bon profit!</li></li></ul><li>Hope you like it!<br />