Knowledge Management in the Department of Defense


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David Hoopengardner (AF/FM CKO) & Jo-Ann Hague (Principal Analyst, Air Force Knowledge Now) delivered this presentation at the ASMC PDI in May 2009.

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Knowledge Management in the Department of Defense

  1. 1. Knowledge Management in the DoD The Future is Now
  2. 2. KM in the DoD Presenters David Hoopengardner Jo-Ann Hague Chief Knowledge Officer OD Architect (Web-Based) SAF/FM Air Force Knowledge Now FM Knowledge Management Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 2
  3. 3. KM in the DoD Agenda 1. What Is Knowledge Management ? 2. The Future of KM Is Now 3. KM Has Many Faces in the DoD 4. The Air Force KM Solution Is AFKN 5. We Have Seen the Future of KM, and It Is … 6. Continue the KM Journey Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 3
  4. 4. Agenda What is KM? … And Why is it important? WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (KM)? 4
  5. 5. Knowledge Definitions What is Knowledge? Information from multiple domains that has been synthesized, through inference or deduction, into meaning or understanding that was not previously known. - Air Force Policy Directive 33-3 Know·ledge (’nä-lij), n. The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary gained through experience or association. Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 5
  6. 6. Knowledge Management Definitions What is Knowledge Management (KM)? The capturing, organizing, and storing of knowledge and experiences of individual workers and groups within an organization and making this information available to others in the organization. - Air Force Policy Directive 33-3 KM comprises a range of practices used by organizations to Knowledge Management (KM) identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge. - Wikipedia Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 6
  7. 7. KM … A Multidiscipline Gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying information Principles governing message Computing systems, languages, handling under varying and mechanical & electronic conditions and capabilities devices (hardware &software) Information Science Communication Computer Science and Science Technology Technical Knowledge Knowledge Social Management Management Social Management Science Science Applying scientific methods Using analytical methods and/or to study society and individual mathematics to make Behavioral relationships within a society better decisions Science Understanding human limits and capacities for information processing 7 and knowledge formulations
  8. 8. KM Pyramid: Data … Information … Knowledge Knowledge enables understanding or wisdom necessary for effective Wisdom decision making Knowledge is information placed in context based on facts and meaning— Knowledge it is actionable Management Information is data with relevance and purpose. It Information “informs” and causes the reader to change state Management Data are discrete, objective facts that have no meaning in isolation Data Management 8
  9. 9. Hurricane Katrina Example FAILURE: People didn’t apply facts and information to situation to meet objectives. Government’s (Federal/State/Local) inability to collaborate and act resulted in catastrophe Wisdom • Personal Practices • Experience • Expertise Knowledge • Management • Projected Path • Wind/Surge Effects • Previous Storm Histories Levy Vulnerabilities Information • Management • Heading • Wind Speed • Storm Surge • Levy Specifications Population Data Management 9
  10. 10. DoD’s Common KM Tools Continuity Book  Standard of Procedure (SoP)  Operating Instruction Knowledge Management Website Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 10
  11. 11. Agenda Web 2.0 … Blogs … Wikis … Tweets & Twitters … Cloud Computing … THE FUTURE OF KM IS NOW 11
  12. 12. Presidential Mandate 12
  13. 13. White House Blog 13
  14. 14. KM Imperative: Now! Future adversaries will continue to employ new, readily available technologies in sinister ways. They will adapt and develop new tactics, techniques and procedures as fast as they can, imagine ways to gain any advantage over us, to get inside our decision cycle. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Army War College, 16 April 2009 14 Transcript:
  15. 15. KM Imperative: Now! That’s absolutely the case on the battlefield Information is power today. And, to stay ahead of our adversaries, we have had to get better at sharing and coordinating knowledge – in order to use it effectively. Vice Chief of Staff – Army, General Peter W. Chiarelli KM Conference, Washington D.C. – April 28, 2009 15
  16. 16. KM Imperative: Now! The reality is that most game-changing decisions are now made by the individual on the ground. And many of these decisions are required in a matter of minutes or hours – not weeks or months as was the case in past wars. Vice Chief of Staff – Army, General Peter W. Chiarelli KM Conference, Washington D.C. – April 28, 2009 16
  17. 17. Agenda Various platforms & tools … Diverse rules & protocols … KM HAS MANY FACES IN THE DoD 17
  18. 18. DoD Serves Many Customers 18
  19. 19. DoD KM Portals  Defense Connect Online (DCO)  Joint Knowledge Online  Defense Knowledge Online (DKO)  Army Knowledge Online (AKO)  Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) DKO is the DoD version of AKO and supports DoD users  MarineNet  Air Force Portal  Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) 19
  20. 20. Defense Connect Online (DCO) 20
  21. 21. Joint Knowledge Online Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 21
  22. 22. Joint Knowledge Management  JKO features Certified Joint Courseware Learning Management System (LMS) using Advanced  Distributed Learning Technology  Instant messaging, chat, forums and newsfeeds  Lessons Learned/SME Reach Back    JKO currently hosts more than 50 Communities of Interest that provide a customized collaborative work area to share knowledge and experiences  JKO provides numerous links Online reference resources  Services’ distributed learning portals   Academic Institutions 22
  23. 23. Army/Defense Knowledge Online Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 23
  24. 24. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 24
  25. 25. Army Knowledge Management  Department of the Army memo titled, “Army Knowledge Management Principles,” signed 23 Jul 08 by the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Army  First step in developing an enterprise approach to KM  Established 12 Principles to complement AR 25-1 (Army KM and Information Technology Management)  People/culture, process, and technology focused  Memo explicitly  Encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing  Influences changes to organizational structures and business processes that drive KM  Recognizes KM leaders as positive change agents  Demonstrates value and contributes to mission objectives 25
  26. 26. Army KM Structure  Army CIO/G6 has responsibility for KM in the Army  Army KM Advisor to the CIO G-6 position established  New KM positions include • KM sections at Division and Corps HQ • KM Officers at Brigade • Chief Knowledge Officer positions, including • Army’s Human Resources Command with supporting GS KM positions  Combined Arms Center Knowledge Director position created at Fort Leavenworth 26
  27. 27. Army Knowledge Online  Battle Command Knowledge System enables rapid knowledge transfer using full-time facilitators using online professional forums in Knowledge Centers  Leaders’ Forum • Company Commanders • NCO Net o “Trouble at Checkpoint 4” enabled 220 responses in a few days from four different continents  Staff Forums such as S3-XO Net  Functional Forums such as counterinsurgency and Infantry Forum 27
  28. 28. Navy Knowledge Online Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 28
  29. 29. DON KM Strategy: Vision The vision is to create, capture,  Enable effective and agile share, and reuse knowledge to decision-making  Increase the efficiency of task accomplishment  Improve mission effectiveness Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 29
  30. 30. KM Is Integral Part of DON  At the heart of Network Centric Warfare  Knowledge Dominance  Information Superiority  Knowledge Management To be effective, there must be a significantly increased commitment to advance maritime domain awareness (MDA) and expand intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability and capacity. Maritime forces will contribute to enhance information sharing, underpinning and energizing our capability to neutralize threats to our Nation as far from our shores as possible. A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower, October 2007 30
  31. 31. DON KM Approach • Centralized vision executed through decentralized Two Key Aspects implementation • Implemented by commands that recognize its value as an enabler for improved performance 31
  32. 32. Goal 4: Knowledge Dominance Goal 4 Create, align, and share knowledge to enable effective and agile decision- making to achieve knowledge dominance. 4.1 Establish processes within the Enterprise and create functional communities of practice to enable net-centric knowledge sharing. 4.2 Implement a comprehensive standards- based content management strategy Department wide. 4.3 Manage records effectively and continue Department wide implementation of electronic records management. 4.4 Manage bandwidth constraints to support rapid knowledge exchange, particularly for tactical users. Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 32
  33. 33. KM Examples in the Navy  KM officers at PACFLT, C2F, C3F, USFFC, NETWARCOM  KM officers in Carrier Strike Groups  KM officers at NETC Learning Centers 33
  34. 34. MarineNet Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 34
  35. 35. Air Force Knowledge Now Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 35
  36. 36. Agenda Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN)/FM Knowledge Management (FM KM) THE AIR FORCE KM SOLUTION IS AFKN Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 36
  37. 37. Portal Access Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 37
  38. 38. Air Force Portal Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 38
  39. 39. Air Force Knowledge Now Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 39
  40. 40. FM Knowledge Management Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 40
  41. 41. A CoP Is Born … Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 41
  42. 42. Team Living in a Virtual World 42
  43. 43. Team Living in a Virtual World 43
  44. 44. Discussion Forum 44
  45. 45. Questionnaire, Wiki, & More! 45
  46. 46. Unique CoP Personalities from a Single Template FM Combat Comptroller Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 46
  47. 47. Unique CoP Personalities from a Single Template FM Joint Deployment Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 47
  48. 48. Carving Your Place in the KM World My AFKN 48
  49. 49. The Future of KM Build Your Own Interface
  50. 50. Agenda Web 2.0 … Blogs … Wiki … Tweets & Twitters … Cloud Computing … WE HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE OF KM, AND IT IS … Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 50
  51. 51. Innovative: Government 2.0 Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere Government 2.0: Creating Transparency with KM 51 Nate Allen - National Defense University
  52. 52. Visionary & Connected Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere Government 2.0: Creating Transparency with KM 52 Nate Allen - National Defense University
  53. 53. Collaborative & Timely Collaboration: Anytime …for Results Creating Communities of Practice Anywhere 53 Tony Adams - Anteon
  54. 54. Wiki-Enhanced (Intellipedia) JWICS is a system of interconnected Wiki on Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) computer networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State to transmit classified information. It is cleared up to Top Secret. The JWICS is the DoD’s Top Secret version of the Internet together with its Secret counterpart, SIPRNet. JWICS is used primarily within the intelligence community, with SIPRNet and NIPRNet comprising the overwhelming bulk of usage within US DoD. Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 54
  55. 55. Everywhere Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 55
  56. 56. The Twitter Connection Timely 56
  57. 57. News NOW – White House LIVE Timely
  58. 58. The U.S. Army on Facebook Targeted
  59. 59. Second Life (SL) Three-Dimensional MyBase in SL Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 59
  60. 60. Agenda Read … Join … Contribute … Walk in the Clouds … CONTINUE THE KM JOURNEY 60
  61. 61. DoD – KM Sites & Resources Defense Connect Online [Public access via the internet] Joint Knowledge Online [Unclassified access via the NIPRnet] [Classified access via the SIPRnet] Army Knowledge Online (AKO) / Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) Navy Knowledge Online MarineNet Air Force Portal Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) Financial Management Knowledge Management (FM KM) Air Education and Training Command – Lessons Learned U.S. Army Combined Arms Center – Army Lessons Learned 61
  62. 62. DoD KM Voices U.S. Army – Facebook Presence (Become a Fan) TroopTube (DoD’s Response to YouTube) DoD Live (Blogging Platform) Air Force Blue Tube – YouTube Presence Federal KM Working Group (KMWG) Jeanne Holm, NASA (Federal KMWG Chair) on Twitter Dr. Mark Drapeau, (Director of Social Software for Security project at Center for Technology and National Security Policy of the National Defense University) on Twitter 62
  63. 63. U.S. Army / Facebook 63
  64. 64. DoD’s TroopTube 64
  65. 65. DoD Live (Blogging Platform) 65
  66. 66. Air Force Blue Tube (YouTube) 66
  67. 67. Federal KM Working Group 67
  68. 68. Federal KM Working Group 68
  69. 69. Cheeky_geeky on Twitter 69
  70. 70. Online KM Dialogues & Resource APQC’s KM Edge: Where the Best in KM Come Together MIT Center for Collective Intelligence 70
  71. 71. Additional KM Reading The Strategic Corporal: Leadership in the Three-Block War 2009 Knowledge Management Conference Briefings 2009 Cloud Computing Summit Briefings[1].pdf Army Knowledge Management Principles New Media and the Air Force White House: Technology Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ Speech at the Army War College – 16 Apr 2009 71
  72. 72. Network with Us – It’s the KM Thing To Do David Hoopengardner Chief Knowledge Officer, SAF/FM Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) Jo-Ann Hague KM Architect, Financial Management Knowledge Management (FM KM) Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) 72
  73. 73. KM: Get on Board Atlantis Crew Tweets on Hubble “The View Is Awesome” Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 73
  74. 74. KM: The View Is Awesome That little speck in the lower left quadrant is the only image ever taken of a Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope in front of the sun. - 13 May 2009 Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere 74