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Power of Email Marketing, Souhegan Chamber of Commerce
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Power of Email Marketing, Souhegan Chamber of Commerce


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Abbreviated Lunch and Learn presentation for the Souhegan Chamber of Commerce, presented September 26, 2013.

Abbreviated Lunch and Learn presentation for the Souhegan Chamber of Commerce, presented September 26, 2013.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Title: The Power of Social Media Marketing, Leveraging Social Media.
  • RDDs: please include:Your photoYour email addressYour URLYour social media handle informationFeel free to include/delete those tools you are not actively using.
  • Why is engagement marketing critical to your success? Your best source of new business are your existing customers.
  • Engagement Marketing is using technology to make this happen. Email marketing is a critical component of an Engagement Marketing strategy.
  • Email marketing allows you to build trusting relationships and nurture early relationships, while acquiring some new customers from your passionate customersSocial media marketing uses your raving fans to acquire new customers, connect with prospects and begin nurturing deeper relationshipsEmail marketing should encourage broader relationships through social media marketingSocial media marketing should encourage deeper relationships through email marketing
  • There is great business potential with most of the people with whom you engage. However, some relationships are bound to be more valuable than others. Raving fans are the most valuable relationship for a business and worthy of additional time and attention. They will help you create additional relationships with others by sharing with their network of friends and co-workers.There are 5 stages in a relationship, or 5 types of people:(Click) Raving Fans: Customers with a high level of loyalty, trust, & engagement. They willingly refer others to you and your business.(Click) Customers: Those buying from you already. These are people who have engaged as a customer at some point in the past. May be willing to try alternatives if encountered.(Click) Prospects – those that have a connection to you via a person, product, or service, but may not know of you yet. A connection exists for you either directly or indirectly through a Raving Fan or a Prospect. Is likely to need the services you provide in the future.(Click) Suspects – These folks are inclined to do business with you someday, but no connection exists. No direct or indirect connections exist. Is likely to want or need the services you provide in the future.(Click) Disinterested – those that have no interest and who will never buy a product or service from you. It’s better to build credibility here and direct them to what they’re interested inIt makes sense to use your marketing resources wisely… with the people who count!Now you can resourcefully apply new tools to acquire, connect, engage, and grow new customer relationships. (Click) Social media marketing uses your Raving Fans to acquire and engage new customers, [Click] connect with prospects, and begin fostering deeper relationships.
  • People may want to engage with your business one way at the beginning of the relationship, only to change their minds later.Promoting your email communications on your social media sites and your social media sites in your email communications allows your prospects and customers to choose the form of engagement that feels right to them.Easily integrate your Email Marketing efforts with your social media marketing efforts in order to capture contacts wherever your audience is. Make a Join My Mailing List box or link available on all your social media sites and website Include social media icons in a consistent and prominent place in your Emails, so folks will have an easy way to connect with you on your social presences, too.
  • What is the value of a share or a like? It tells you that your content is valuable and engaging to your subscribers. It also tells you that your email content is extending beyond the limited reach of your email list.The average Social media user has over 200 online friends or connections?How many average shares would it take to get your email content to twice as many people on your current email list?In addition to Email Report Tracking, use tools which measure increases in overall “reach” which includes comprehensive tracking on social networks, including: Likes, Follows, Shares, etc.
  • Knowing the category of a returned message can protect you from deleting subscribers who just need to be given a second chance.When your bounce report tells you that an email address is non-existent, or no longer valid:You can check for obvious misspellings. For example, an email address that ends in ‘@hotmail.comm’ can be easily corrected. If it isn’t obvious, don’t guess. Email addresses can be odd and you don’t want to mistakenly send someone an email they didn’t ask for. You can contact the subscriber for new or corrected information or delete him or her from your list if you aren’t able to determine whether the email is misspelled. It’s a good idea to collect alternative contact information from your customers in case they change email addresses without notifying you.When your bounce report tells you that the server was down, the mailbox was full, or the email was blocked:You can try to send the email later and watch for trends.If the emails get through after trying again or making alterations (i.e. sending a text-only version of your email), make note of the changes or start a separate list for email addresses with known issues. If the emails repeatedly bounce, you’ll probably have to obtain a new address if practical.
  • Every time a reader clicks on a link in your email, that click can be tracked, if you know how to write the required HTML code.Tracking at this level gives you a lot of information about what your subscribers think is valuable.How many of you know how to program HTML code for email tracking? That’s OK, Constant Contact will do it for you.
  • RDDs: please include:Your photoYour email addressYour URLYour social media handle informationFeel free to include/delete those tools you are not actively using.
  • Thank you again for your time and attention today. What questions do you have for me?Please remember to leave your business card on the way out so you can be sure to receive the Constant Contact Hints and Tips newsletter all about Social Media Marketing in order to stay up-to-date with the latest tips and trends.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. Leveraging Social Media
    • 2. Contact Information Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 2 Joanne Randall Authorized Local Expert (ALE), Constant Contact @LeapYrMarketing Visit: Insight Provided by KnowHow
    • 3. Why Engage? Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 3 Q. Where will the majority of next month’s business come from? A. Existing customers
    • 4. Why Engage? Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 4 Q. What is your best source for new business? A. Existing customers Engagement Marketing is using technology to make “it” happen
    • 5.  Email marketing  Trusting relationships  Early relationships  Encourage broader relationships through SMM  Social media marketing  New relationships  New prospects  Encourage deeper relationships through EM 3 Steps to Building Relationships Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 5 Step 2: Connections that enable ongoing dialog Prospects Customers Step 1: Great customer experience You Step 3: Content that engages and spreads Followers Friends Friends Followers
    • 6. Marketing Today = Building Relationships
    • 7. Suspects Five Types of People Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 7 Customers DisinterestedProspectsRaving Fans
    • 8. $  Time… Money… Energy… Effort  Takes 7 touches, on average, for a sale to occur  Some buy right away  Others research and try  Some show interest but don’t trust you Acquiring Customers Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    • 9. Keep Customers Coming Back  The value of a customer  You’ve already paid for them  It’s 6-7 times more expensive to gain a customer than to retain a customer 1  They spend more  Repeat customers spend 67 percent more 2  They are your referral engine  After 10 purchases, a customer has already referred up to 7 people 2 9 Sources: 1. Flowtown, 2010 2. Bain and Company Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 10. Email Marketing Is Not… 10 Junk email Unsolicited and unwanted email Email from an unknown sender Dubious opt-out (if any) Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. SPAM
    • 11. Email Marketing Is…  Delivering professional email communications  To an interested audience  Containing information they find valuable 11Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 12. Basics of Email Marketing  Setting expectations  How many emails sent  When are emails sent  What type of information  Delivering on promises  Matching expectations  Providing relevant content  Abiding by CAN SPAM Act  Gaining permission  Do they know me?  Do they care?  Utilizing professional services 12Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 13. Regular Email vs. Email Service Provider  Standard email programs (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail)  Limited # of emails sent at one time  No formatting control  List break up more susceptible to filters  No cohesive branding  No tracking and reporting of email results 13Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 14. Regular Email vs. Email Service Provider  Email marketing services automate best practices  Provide easy-to-use templates  Reinforce brand identity  Email addressed to recipient only  Manage lists – adding new subscribers, handling bounce- backs, removing unsubscribers  Improve email delivery, track results and obey the law 14Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 15. Consumers Define Spam 15Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 16. Build Your List Where You Connect 16 Customer & Prospect Database 1 2 3 4 Incoming or Outgoing Calls Events and Meetings Place of Business Guest Book 5 Online Presence 57% of consumers will fill out a card to receive email alerts when asked to by a clerk at a local small business. Source: Transact Media Group Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. Email Signature K Smitheen
    • 17. Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 17 Make a Join My Mailing List available on all social media platforms. Make social media buttons a consistent part of all emails.
    • 18. Using a Permission Reminder 18Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 19. Content Has to Meet Your Objectives  “I want to…”  Promote  Motivate purchases  Increase event attendance  Inform/Educate  Inform potential customers  Differentiate my business  Relate  Increase loyalty  Encourage more referrals 19Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 20. 20 QualityKnowledge Savings Content Has to Have Value to Your Audience Promotional Email Discounts, coupons, offers, incentives. Relational Email Special privileges, acknowledgement Informative Email Advice, research, facts, opinions, tips Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 21. Coming Up With Valuable Email and Social Content  Share your expertise  Use facts & testimonials  Give guidance & directions  Offer discounts & coupons  Exclusivity & VIP status  Hold contests & giveaways*  Acknowledge your audience 21 * Check applicable regulations before deciding to hold a contest or giveaway Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 22. Keeping Email Content Concise  Host large bodies of content…  On your website  In a PDF document  In a longer archived version  Email only essential information  Use bullets or summaries  Link directly to the information  Give instructions if necessary  Repurpose content sound bytes for Social Media  Drive social content back to Email Archive or Website 22Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. Come with Parker Travel Adventure Group and meet fellow travel enthusiasts near you. Join us for our annual rafting trip August 23 _ 26, starting at the base of Glen Canyon. There are still six spaces available for anyone interested in joining the group. Complete package start $399 with flights from New York and Boston.
    • 23. Determine Appropriate Format  Newsletters  Frequency: Regular i.e. monthly / weekly  Lots of educational content (typically non-promotional)  Use bullets, summarize information, be concise  Promotions / Invitations / Surveys  Frequency: Depends on your business and sales cycle  Focus on promotion / limited content  Use content to invite click-through or other action  Announcements  Frequency: Event-driven  Press releases, holiday greetings, thank you cards…  Use content to build deeper relationships 23Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 24. Calling Your Audience to Action  Calls to Action include…  Links to click on  Information to print out  Phone numbers to call  Instructions for reading the email  Instructions for saving the email  Describe the immediate benefits…  What’s in it for your audience?  Why should they do it now? 24Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 25. Frequency & Delivery Time  How often to send  Create a master schedule – be consistent!  Include frequency in online sign-up “Monthly Newsletter”  Keep content concise and relevant to planned frequency  Invest time to repurpose content on social channels  When to send  When is your audience most likely to read it?  Day of week (Tuesday & Wednesday)  Time of day (10am to 3pm)  Test for timing  Divide your list into equal parts  Send at different times and compare results  Re-stimulate social conversations: repost, retweet 25 Get the maximum Impact with Minimum intrusion. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 26. Is Your Email Fabulous or Filtered? 26 Filtering & Blocking (Avg 81% delivered – CTCT 97%**) ESP Email Authenticated **Return Path verified Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. AOL MSN Yahoo other ISPs Image blocking Block-listing Individual filters Friends-listing Bouncing Reputation Challenge responses Sender authentication Blocking Deliverability issues: Email Spam
    • 27. Matt Long Joe Hahn Nancy Feldman Getting Email Opened  The “From” line – Do I know you?  Use a name your audience recognizes  Include your organization name or brand  Refer to your business in the same way your audience does  Be consistent 27 60% of consumers say the "from" line most often determines whether they open an email or delete it. Source: DoubleClick Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 28. Katejohnsonl@verizon,net Match “From” Line and “From” Email Address  The “From” line – use a familiar email address 28Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. Some email programs display From name + email Some email programs display only From email
    • 29. Matt Long Joe Hahn Nancy Feldman Create a Great Subject Line  The “Subject” line – do I care?  Keep it short and simple  30-40 characters including spaces (5-8 words)  Incorporate the immediate benefit of opening the email  Capitalize and punctuate carefully  Avoid copying the techniques inherent in spam emails 29 30% of consumers say the “subject" line most often determines whether they open an email or delete it. Source: DoubleClick Emails with shorter subject lines significantly outperformed emails with longer subject lines. - MailerMailer Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. Email messages that mention Facebook in the Subject Line will have a 32% higher open rate than those that don’t. -Worldata, 2011
    • 30. Avoiding “Spam-speak” The words: free, guarantee, spam, credit card etc. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Excessive punctuation !!!, ??? Excessive use of “click here” $$, and other symbols No “From:” address Misleading subject lines 30 SPAM Example: Typical spam “From” and “Subject” lines Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 31. Extend the Reach of Your Email  Make your content shareable  Encourage readers to Like and Share your Email across their social networks  Use a sharebar to gain insights into your contacts’ preferred channels in order to repurpose and broadcast your content  Use a sharebar to collect contacts wherever your email is shared 31Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 32. Measure Increases in Overall Reach Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 32 Social Stats shows “Shares” and “Likes” for Shared Email Campaigns
    • 33. Deal with Bounced & Blocked Email  Non-existent address  Check for obvious misspellings  Try to obtain a new address  Undeliverable/mailbox full/ email blocked  Try re-sending later  Correct temporary issues  Obtain a new address if a recurring issue is present Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 33 Bounce Management
    • 34. Capitalize on Click-Throughs Use click tracking to determine:  Audience interests  Clicks tell you what topics were interesting  Save clickers in an interest list for targeted follow up  Goal achievement  Use links to drive traffic toward conversion  Compare clicks to conversions and improve Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 34 Reporting Page
    • 35. Understand Unsubscribe Requests 35  An unsubscribe request happens when your subscriber no longer wants to receive your emails  Offer your subscribers permanent list removal  Best practice is automatic removal with an unsubscribe link Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 36. Reduce Unsubscribe Requests  Why do people unsubscribe?  Over-communication  Irrelevant content  Poor targeting  Enable your audience to leave comments when unsubscribing from your list  Take action on feedback 36Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 37. Customer Spotlight: Atlas Travel 37 List Size: 1,558 Open Rate: 26% Location: Milford, MA Customer Since: June 2002 Website: ■ Different departments use custom templates to maintain brand ■ Sign up box on website and in emails ■ Segments contacts to market content to specific audience “With Constant Contact, I can turn over the process of "list management" and email broadcast campaigns to non-technical staff which frees me up to focus on my tasks at hand.” Rock Blanco, Chief Technology Officer Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 38. 38 Customer Spotlight: Bethany First Church of the Nazarene List Size: 1354 Open Rate: 51% Location: Bethany, OK Customer Since: February 2007 Website: ■ Informs readers about upcoming services and events ■ Links to more information and registration for events ■ Use email to drive traffic to website “As a church, our goal is not selling anything or raising revenue, but Constant Contact helps us keep our community of faith informed of up-coming events and news that they wouldn’t know any other way.” Bob Miller, Communications Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 39. 39 List Size: 2136 Open Rate: 30.1% Location: Suwanee, GA Customer Since: May 2005 Website:  Announce training dates and special offers.  Track sources from sign-ups and review reports to determine what advertisements to repeat  Use results from 3 minute customer satisfaction surveys for quality control to determine bonuses and raises for trainers  Website statistics spike from 20 to 75 visitors when email campaigns are sent  In 3 years, grown from in-home personal training with 2 trainers to 2 studios, franchise locations, 7 trainers and 2 companies, XtremeTransformations & Xtreme Bootcamp Customer Spotlight: Xtreme Transformations “Constant Contact Email Marketing and Survey products are the best bang for the buck…by far.” Pete Peidra, CPT, AFTA, Certified Personal Trainer Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 40. Contact Information Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 40 Joanne Randall Authorized Local Expert, Constant Contact @LeapYrMarketing 724-603-LEAP or 603-344-8843 Visit: Insight Provided by KnowHow
    • 41. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 41
    • 42. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 42
    • 43. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 43
    • 44. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 44
    • 45. Take the Next Step 45 Sign up for a free, 60-day trial of Constant Contact Email Marketing No risk, no credit card required. Get coaching and support, grow our email lists, access to over 400+ templates, and measure and track results Toll-free: 866-876-8464 Attend Getting Started with Constant Contact Email Marketing Get a demonstration of Email Marketing in action. See how easy it is to create an email, manage contacts, track results, as well as send your email, and extend its social reach. [RDD Regional URL] Register for: “Constant Contact Email Marketing Live Tour” Learn more about how professional Email Marketing Newsletters and Communications can help you build relationships and grow your business. learning-center Attend a Seminar Email Marketing 60-Day Trial Email Marketing Live Product Tour Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 46. Visit: Insight Provided by KnowHow Thank You & Questions Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 46 Kelly Flint Regional Development Director | Los Angeles @kellyflint Upcoming Seminars
    • 47. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 47 Blank slide to separate optional examples
    • 48. Customer Spotlight: The Parks Image Group, Inc. 48 List Size: 1016 Open Rate: 42.3% Location: Atlanta, GA Customer Since: April 2006 Website:  Update of current activities.  Tips on current fashion trends.  Etiquette tips & Book suggestions  Tips and articles for Men  Articles on topics related to the current season and related products of interest. Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 49. Customer Spotlight: Bella Web Design, Inc. 49 List Size: 207 Open Rate: 50.1% Location: Marietta, GA Customer and Business Partner Since: 10/06 Website:  Send quarterly emails to announce new clients and services  Uses website sign-up box to increase list size  Includes links to current projects and business tips “Constant Contact has been crucial in communicating with more than 200 clients. We used to use Outlook but could only send 25 at a time and the graphics were unprofessional. Constant Contact raised our customer awareness of our services and has given us a very professional look which comes through with each email we send. It keeps us at the top of our customer’s thoughts when they need online marketing assistance.” Desiree C. Scales, CEO Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 50. 50 Case Study: Jack-Tar American Tavern List Size: 950 Open Rate: 43% Location: Marblehead, MA Customer Since: 2005 Website:  A classic New England tavern that specializes in creatively-prepared American fare  Relies on email to communicate with customers in a timely, consistent, and personal basis  Sends weekly email announcements and/or promotions  Started a loyalty program and has grown “Admiral Club” membership to 1,000 Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • 51. 51 What Creative Promotions Do They Use?  “Beat the Clock” emails  Order at 5:15 pm, pay $5.15  Order at 6:25 pm, pay $6.25  “We’ve missed you” emails to Admiral Club members with coupons for 25% off certain menu items  Announcements about special events and unique dining opportunities Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.