Social Media Exchange: Blasting Through Barriers - Applying social media to 3rd sector organisations

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What are the opportunities of social media and what are the barriers to adoption/participation/sustainability of a social media strategy? …

What are the opportunities of social media and what are the barriers to adoption/participation/sustainability of a social media strategy?

NB: 3rd sector are charities, non-profits and government organisations or QuaNGOs.

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  • 1. Blasting Through Barriers: Applying Social Media to Third Sector Organisations Joanne Jacobs Social Media Expert Consultant Email: [email_address] Twitter: @joannejacobs Blog: Mob: (+44) 07948 318 298 SkypeIn: (+44) 0208 144 9348
  • 2. Scope of the Masterclass
    • Questions to address
    • Social media opportunities
    • Barriers to adoption
    • Barriers to participation
    • Barriers to sustainability
    • Costs versus Benefits
    • Questions
  • 3. Questions to address
    • What do we want to achieve with SoMe?
    • What information do we want globally accessible?
    • What resources do we have to support a SoMe strategy?
    • What do we intend to do to keep up with the changes to the SoMe landscape?
    • What if we ignore SoMe?
  • 4. What if we ignore it?
  • 5. This morning...
  • 6. Social media opportunities
    • Community expectation of participation
    • Capacity to access community members in ways never before achieved
    • Can use the expertise of the community to add value to the network
    • Can develop niche problem solving groups for community benefits
    • More creative funding opportunities
  • 7. SoMe channels
    • Blogs:
    • Wiki:
    • Gated communities (eg: Ning):
    • Collaborative problem solving:
    • Twitter channels:
    • Facebook:
  • 8. Barriers to adoption
    • Build it, and they will come... NOT.
    • Need to ensure tools meet literacies of community members.
    • Need to communicate existence of social media strategies.
    • Need to ensure the content is interactive, not broadcasting.
    • Need to educate about contribution and reward useful participation
  • 9. Barriers to participation
    • No content
    • Rhetorical/reporting oriented content
    • Difficult/hard to navigate interface
    • No incentives to add content/participate
    • No follow-up on contributions
    • Poor or limited notifications on updates or new content
  • 10. Barriers to sustainability
    • Single channel strategy (ie: one SoMe tool only or just a few tools used)
    • Getting rid of SoMe staffing or resources in difficult financial times
    • Changing needs of the community
    • Poor conversion of reporting from data aggregated as part of a SoMe strategy
    • Change of management
  • 11. Costs versus Benefits
    • Costs of SoMe are always outweighed by benefits, particularly in community driven organisations
    • SoMe failure usually the result of deployment rather than technological errors
    • SoMe represent simple tools for reporting and inclusion in funding rounds. This element should not be ignored.
    • SEEK ASSISTANCE for sustainability.
  • 12. Questions?
    • Joanne Jacobs
    • Social Media Expert Consultant
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog:
    • Phone: (+44) 07948 318 298
    • Twitter: @joannejacobs
    • SkypeIn: (+44) 0208 144 9348