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Presentation to the #Media140 Digital Business event in Perth on 26 April.

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  • Marketing - be it advertising or PR - has been focused on controlling brand messages. Days of controlling messages are OVER.
  • social business isn't marketing. Can be used as a marketing tool, but not exclusively a marketing activity.
  • social business a business optimisation tool.
  • quality assurance and business process reengineering can still affect business costs, but biggest cost benefits are from social business - knowledge aggregation, vertical integration, value chain improvement
  • changing consumer behaviour and expectations - more informed customers, powerful consumer voice in social media channels
  • rise of the trust economy, decline in plastic PR.
  • social business a key component in generating and maintaining trust
  • social business conversations: based on stories and advice
  • story-telling and story creation
  • stories don't end - more like songlines - they evolve and augment with each shared experience - of telling or comparative experience.
  • the role of influencers - facilitating learning
  • learning is not just among other consumers but also internal to the business - deploying social tactics for business improvement
  • influencers can be story tellers or they can act as a focus for story telling - the agony aunt of a community.
  • CRM shouldn't exist. Buying isn't the basis of a relationship. Buying is transactional. Buyers think of organisations as a source for goods/services they need. They are remarkably pragmatic and phlegmatic about their connection to brands. The value of stories is that they form the basis of relationships.
  • stories are not created by organisations. they are created by participants in a conversation.
  • the role of technology - facilitating telling and amplifying stories.
  • rise of mobile and its effect on stories
  • the changing shape of storytelling - blogs (long, complete publishing) versus mobile (short, short-lived, evolving)
  • why mobile actually facilitates more participants in conversations
  • why mobile is improving - not challenging - the opportunities for transformation to a social business
  • The death of the consumer. The rise of people and communities.
  • Community advocacy from stories
  • Why a social business isn't an option
  • why mobile is key to social business
  • Media140 april2012 972003

    1. 1. Talk to me. Dont shout at me. Mobilising influencers and stories for a social business Joanne Jacobs Chief Operating Officer, 1000heads Ph: (02) 9809 8966 | Mob: 0419 131 077 Email: Twitter: @joannejacobsImage source:
    2. 2. I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we are meeting on today, the Whadjuk people as well as the Amangu, Yued, Binjareb, Wardandi, Ganeang and Wilmen people of the Noongar region. 2Image source:
    3. 3. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012Session promiseTo articulate the value proposition of a socialbusinessTo show how influencers and stories act asthe focal point for a social business strategyTo show how mobile is a crucial element of asocial business strategy. 3 Image source:
    4. 4. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Controlling the messageImage sources:, 4
    5. 5. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Most organisations consider social in terms of marketing 5
    6. 6. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Social = optimisation 6Image source:
    7. 7. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Optimisation opportunities of social business not just for selling, but for increasing understanding 7Image source:
    8. 8. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Changing consumer behaviour…Image sources:,, 8
    9. 9. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Trust As belief in corporate messages declines, an economy of trust rises in its place… 9Image source:
    10. 10. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Trust arises from social interaction A history of successful interactions forms the basis of loyalty and trust. 10Image source:
    11. 11. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Social interactions… …based on stories and advice 11Image source:,
    12. 12. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Value of stories Stories help to illustrate complex ideas, deepen understanding. Story telling is a skill. 12Image source:
    13. 13. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Stories don’t ‘finish’ Stories evolve over time from shared experiences or direct comparisons of experiences. 13Image source:
    14. 14. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Influencers Not celebrities touting products. Influencers are facilitators of organisational learning. 14Image sources:,
    15. 15. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Learning from influencers External: from audiences Internal: business process improvement 15Image source:
    16. 16. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Locating stories around influencers Influencers can: -tell stories -be the focus of others’ stories Influencers can become the focus of social interactions – telling stories and giving advice 16Image source:
    17. 17. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012CASE STUDY: Nokia Tron 17
    18. 18. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012Nokia & TRONFans wereexpertsThe collectiveexperience wassharedCommunityhelped andtaught eachother 18
    19. 19. CRM shouldn’t exist 19Image source:
    20. 20. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 You don’t own the evolving story 20Image source:
    21. 21. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 How technology affects conversations 21Image source:,
    22. 22. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012CASE STUDY: SAY IT WITH SKYPE 22
    23. 23. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Say it with Skype86 million social impressions across bought, owned andearned channels ($6.9 million equivalent media value)604,000+ visits to campaign landing pageOver 50,000 user generated videos – 500% higher thancampaign KPI of 10,000Average time spent with brand on site increased 400%to over two minutes 23
    24. 24. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Say it with Skype• Technology permits interaction, but reduces message duration• Message personalisation still critical for maximum participation• Interest in brand drawn from experience 24
    25. 25. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 The impact of mobile Messages are shorter, more succinct Sharing is dependent on message complexity and length More participants in conversations due to ‘level playing field’ 25Image source:
    26. 26. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Story styles Blogs: long style stories, complete publication, subject to comments Visual (eg: Pinterest): evolving stories but easily consumed Mobile: short stories, short-lived or evolving. 26Image source:
    27. 27. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Brevity and complexity go together Level playing field of participation Space/time to reply Mutual friends create context for conversations All create vibrancy of communications 27Image source:
    28. 28. Mobiles as instruments for change in business 28Image source:
    29. 29. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 The consumer is dead. Passive consumption is no longer relevant. Buying not the basis of a relationship. People and communities shape ideas. 29Image source:
    30. 30. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Conversations create advocacy Community advocacy embedded in their shared experiences. Conversations can positively affect sentiment, choices 30Image source:
    31. 31. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Social isn’t optional Social surpassing all traditional messaging channels – including email Higher return on engagement than impressions More hours on social than almost any other media 31Image source: http
    32. 32. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Mobile isn’t optional There will be 788 million mobile-only Internet users by 2015. Global mobile data traffic will increase by a factor of 26 by 2015. Source: CISCO Data Traffic Forecast 32Image source:
    33. 33. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Promise delivery Value proposition in social business is in business optimisation Influencers tell stories and facilitate story telling among audiences. Stories and conversations generate trust. Mobile devices facilitate vibrancy and volume of individual participation in conversations. As such, mobile a pivotal tool in social business transformation. 33Image source:
    34. 34. Media140: DigitalBusiness, Perth 2012 Questions Joanne Jacobs Chief Operating Officer, 1000heads p: +61 2 9809 8966 m: +61 2 419 131 077 e: t: @joannejacobs 34