The Ripple Effect - The Power of Your Personal Brand in HR


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Keynote for the HR Star conference in Cleveland & Atlanta
"We are not only the messengers, WE are the message..." Mark Gafni

Do you make the job description or does the job description make you? Do you limit the display of your talent based on your job description?

Personal branding is a powerful concept first introduced several years ago by management guru, Tom Peters. It suggests that each person has the opportunity to make an individual and unique impact within their organization via a personal brand.

In the world of HR, this premise could not be more compelling. Due to ever increasing professional
challenges, HR professionals need to operate from a more individually empowered place -- from intentional branding.

Intentional branding can uniquely position each HR professional to be more effective in executing
their responsibilities and is a critical resource to influence strategic partners and nurture business partner confidence.

Overall, a powerful, intentional personal brand can strategically touch every level of an organization creating a positive, constructive ripple effect! A powerful position coupled with great personal power can greatly impact a company's value and profitability! This is the call of the hour for every HR professional!

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The Ripple Effect - The Power of Your Personal Brand in HR

  1. 1. The Ripple Effect The Power of Your Personal Brand in HR “We are not only the messengers, WE are the message...” Soulprints, Mark Gafni
  2. 2. Power In HR
  3. 3. Power In HR
  4. 4. Do you make the job description or does the job description make you? Does your title dictate the display of your talent?
  5. 5. Me Inc. = Brand You! “You’re not doing a job but building a career and personal-professional brand.” Tom Peters
  6. 6. Think about a company brand that you’re attracted to.. Why?
  7. 7. Individual Brands An idea, a thing, a book, a company, a movement
  8. 8. My Friend Scott & Spark Ventures
  9. 9. My Brand-Image My Picture How others would describe my brand? How I would describe my brand? Any discrepancies?
  10. 10. Is your brand strong enough to meet today’s HR challenges and innovation needs?
  11. 11. Challenges/ Innovations/Trends Building a multidisciplinary workforce Creating a synthesis between professional and technical development Integrating social collaboration and media within people practices and internal communications Hard data, numbers, facts and analytics to lead
  12. 12. Challenges/ Innovations/Trends
  13. 13. ONE of the continuing challenges… the “reputation of HR” Pic credit:
  14. 14. What are the most significant challenges / innovative needs /trends for your organization? What qualities and capabilities will you need to meet those challenges?
  15. 15. SHRM - HR Competencies
  16. 16. Which would you say are the top 3 most important?
  17. 17. HR Competencies -Top Vote Getters… Sharlyn Lauby -
  18. 18. HR Competencies -Top Vote Getters… Sharlyn Lauby - What would the list look like for you as it relates to your organization?
  19. 19. Here’s your chance to assess your own career/brand development plan… Effective talent mgt. => includes both the track and the impact
  20. 20. Intentional Branding • Start thinking like your own brand manager, ask yourself the same question the brand managers at Nike, Coke, Pepsi ask themselves: • What is it that my product or service does that makes it different? Pic credit:
  21. 21. Intentional Branding =>Assess Your Brand Consider:  Your personal values  Unique qualities  Extra curricular competencies, interests…etc.  Your sense of personal mission  G.P.P.S. “guiding professional principles statement”
  22. 22. Intentional Branding… G.P.P.S. = Guiding Professional Principles Statement This is a description of: __how you want to be __represent yourself professionally __what you intentionally want your brand to express and look like
  23. 23. Managing your brand is being your own talent manager. Brand management = talent management “…modeling what we desire in those we hire.”
  24. 24. Time to recalibrate… reinvigor restate recommit re-envision
  25. 25. The position, there is power with the position and POWER… there is personal power, Personal power with a powerful position
  26. 26. Personal branding carries this belief: “It’s not necessarily the what…but the WHO. A powerful who will create a powerful what.”
  27. 27. Why does all this matter? We have soooo much to offer!!
  28. 28. Expanding Your Brand
  29. 29. The Ripple Effect Pebble or Boulder?
  30. 30. We need more ripple effects that are “bolder”.
  31. 31. HR / Talent Management Innovations… Zappos: done away with job boards, uses social next works for hiring | Unlimited time off Community investment - down payments to buy homes No lay-off policy 100% paid sabbaticals
  32. 32. Good Vibrations – Your Ripple Effect Words…or an action Every interaction is a touch, an “imprint” of your brand…
  33. 33. Your (inspired) Personal Brand A powerful ripple effect…