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Newsletter - Turkey

  1. 1. KARDELEN KOLEJI March 2014 The first step of E-Classroom Project was to introduce yourself. As we have been working with the schools in Poland, Croatia, Greece, Germany and Italy, it was important for the students to get to know each other first. Therefore the children from grade 5, not only wrote short paragraphs about themselves but also prepared a set of additional activities such as crosswords, word search, gap filling, True / False questions. 1. Read the sentences. Are they TRUE or FALSE ? 1. Berke is nine years old. 2. Berke’s favourite animal is lion. 3. Berke’s favourite food is hamburger. 4. Berke lives in Bursa. 5. Berke has got one brother. 6. Berke likes playing football and swimming. TRUE FALSE Prepared by: Ebrar, Şevval, Sena, Öykü from class 5b 1. Berke’s favourite animal a) name is Kağan 2. Berke’s favourite subjects b) is lion. 3. His brother’s c) are Maths and P.E. Prepared by: İsmet, Batuhan A., Ahmet Buğra from class 5b 1. Berke’s favourite animals is _________ . 2. He likes ____________ and _____________. 3. He is ____________ years old. 4. He lives is __________ . 5. His favourite subjects are _________ and _________. 6. His favourite food is __________ . Prepared by: Berkay, Berke, Doğukan, Alp from class 5b 1. His favourite sport is ___________ 2. His favourite team is ___________ 3. He lives is ___________ 4. His favourite day is ____________ 5. His favourite subject is _________ Prepared by: Sezin and Pelin from class 5a Prepared by: Selin, Eda, Ayşenur, Nur from class 5a 1. Uygar lives in ___________ 2. His favourite colour is ___________ 3. His favourite day is ____________ 4. His favourite subject is _________ 5 1 3 2 4 2. Find the words and complete the sentences 1. Do the crossword Answers: Worksheet about Uygar Deniz: 1) 1-basketball 2-Fenerbahçe 3-Urgup 4- Tuesday 5- Maths 2) 1- Urgup 2- dark blue 3- Tuesday 4- Maths Worksheet about Berke: 1) 1-false 2-true 3- false 4- false 5- true 6-true 2) 1b, 2c, 3a 3) 1- lion 2- football, swimming 3- eleven 4- Nevsehir 5- Maths, PE 6- pizza 1. 2. 3. 2. Read and match 3. Find the words and complete the sentences Children from Poland, Croatia and Greece are working on the worksheets prepared by the students from Kardelen Koleji.
  2. 2. This activity was prepared by class 5a. Read the description and try to find the correct monster. Be careful, there are six descriptions but only five monsters. Have fun ! Prepared by: Umut from class 5c Classes 5a and 5c as their first topic chose monsters. During our first lessons we created monsters from the cardboard boxes. We took them home and fed them with the new words we learnt. UMUT: Hi, Monster Tony. How are you today? MONSTER: I’m fine, thanks. And you? UMUT: I’m fine, thanks. Can I ask you some questions? How old are you? MONSTER: I’m twelve years old. UMUT: Which school do you go to? MONSTER: I go to the Monster College. UMUT: What do you eat for lunch? MONSTER: For lunch, I eat people. UMUT: Will you eat me? MONSTER: Of course ! UMUT: Oh, my goodness! MONSTER: No, Im joking. UMUT: How many brothers or sister have you got? MONSTER: I have got no brothers or sisters. UMUT: Who is your best friend? MONSTER: Nobody. UMUT: What is your favourite food? MONSTER: I like monster candy. UMUT: What do you do at home? MONSTER: I watch TV and play computer games. UMUT: I have the last question. What are your hobbies? MONSTER: I like to play football. UMUT: Thank you. Thank you for coming to my programme. MONSTER: It was a pleasure. I’m interviewing a very scary monster Tony. I am blue. I have got two legs and no arms. I have got two eyes and two ears. I have got one nose. My teeth are white and black. I have got a blue head. I have got three eyes and one big nose. I have got six legs and four arms. I have got long green hair. I have got two eyes and a big mouth. I have got a lot of teeth. My head is blue. I have got two arms and two legs. I’m orange. I have got two eyes. I have got a green nose. I have got a lot of yellow teeth. I have got four leg and two hands. I have got short black hair. I’m yellow. I have got short black hair. I have got three eyes an done nose. I have got six arms. I have got a green head and two green ears. I have got three eyes. I have got one mouth. I have got six legs. To celebrate the end of the monsters theme we organize a Monsters Party. We created a lot of monsters out of fruit and candy. Prepared by class 5a Answers: 1E, 2A, 3B, 4C, 5 -, 6D Monsters from Croatia
  3. 3. During our first lesson we made our favourite animals from the cardboard boxes. We took them home and fed them with the new words we learnt every day. Prepared by: İdil from class 5c Animals was the most popular topic in class 5b. Students chose their favourite animals and wrote short paragraphs about them. They also prepared some additional activities for their friends in Europe. Below you can see a gap filling activity. Read the paragraphs and fill in the gaps with the words from the box. İDİL: Hi! How are you? MONSTER: I’m fine and happy. İDİL: Why are you happy? MONSTER: Because I love interviews. İDİL: What is your name ? MONSTER: My name is Lully. İDİL: Who is your best friend? MONSTER: My best friend is Busy. İDİL: What do you eat for lunch ? MONSTER: Ice cream. İDİL: What do you eat for dinner? MONSTER: Ice cream. İDİL: Which flavour do you eat? MONSTER: I always eat chocolate ice cream. İDİL: Do you g oto school ? MONSTER: No. İDİL: How olda re you ? MONSTER: I’m two years old. İDİL: How can you speak very well? MONSTER: Monsters learn how to speak when they are 1 year old. İDİL: Do you do sports? MONSTER: Yes. İDİL: Which sport do you do ? MONSTER: I do gymnastics. İDİL: Do you listen to music ? MONSTER: Yes. İDİL: Who is your favourite singer ? MONSTER: Taylor Swift. İDİL: What is your favourite song ? MONSTER: ‘Stay, stay, stay.’ İDİL: What can you do the best? MONSTER: I can run fast, ski, dance, and even balance on a ball. İDİL: Thanks for comming to my programme. MONSTER: It was fun. Bye. Prepared by: Berkay from class 5b I’m a _______________ (1). I am small. I am ____________ (2). I have got ______________ (3) and a beak.. I can _________________ (4). I can’t ____________ (5). My favourite food is _____________ (6) and ___________ (7). Prepared by: Yaren from class 5b run tiger stripes four meat tail orange duck wings swim grass climb insects yellow legs monkey jump brown banana fly small I’m a _______________ (1). I am _____________ (2) . I am ____________ (3). I have got two ____________ (4) and big eyes. I can _________________ (5). I can’t ____________ (6). My favourite food is _____________ (7). Prepared by: Selin from class 5b I’m a _______________ (1). I am big. I am ____________ (2). I have got black ______________ (3). I have got ___________ (4) legs and a long ____________ (5). I can __________ (6) very fast. I can’t fly. My favourite food is _____________ (7). Answers: 1- tiger 2- orange 3- stripes 4- four 5- tail 6- run 7- meat 1- duck 2- yellow 3- wings 4- swim 5- climb 6- grass 7- insects 1- monkey 2- small 3- brown 4- legs 5- jump 6- fly 7- banana We are working on the materials from our Greek friends.
  4. 4. ’ Prepared by: class 5b As the final activity of the Animals Topic we decided to have an Animals’ Party. We made many different animals out of fruit and candy. We also prepared a guessing game for you. Look at our photos and match them with the correct words and pictures. While preparing our worksheets and games we made some mistakes. But we were always able to correct ourselves. Can you correct our mistakes ? owl panda cheetah hedgehog lionelephant bear Answers: Guess the animal: 1-cheetah-c, 2-elephant-a, 3-bear-f, 4-owl-e, 5-hedgehog-g, 6-lion-d, 7-panda-b Right or Wrong: 2-wrong-I can run fast. 3-wrong-Her name is Lollipop. 4-wrong-She has got one eye. 5-wrong-She has got two ears. 6-wrong-He likes spaghetti. 7-wrong-Her body is purple. 8-wrong-I can play football 9-wrong-I am from Antalya . 10 - right Editor: Joanna Gürpınar Writers: grade 5 students from Kardelen Koleji