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Emerging Media


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The fusion of media channels has caused convergence of in the digital arena. This presentation highlights brands that have gained brand dominance through big ideation and the use of digital media.

The fusion of media channels has caused convergence of in the digital arena. This presentation highlights brands that have gained brand dominance through big ideation and the use of digital media.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Emerging Media Presented By: Joanna Pena-Bickley VP, Interactive / Group Creative Director A Glance at Emerging Media & Consumer Promotions
  • 2. The way it is: CONVERGENCE
  • 3. con •ve rge [ k uh n- vurj ] verb, to tend to meet in a point or line; to incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel
  • 4. Convergence Is Everywhere
    • Just to name a few…
      • Television + Online Broadband Media (NBC and iTunes)
      • Broadcasting + Podcasting (ESPN TV/Radio and
      • In Store Media + Interactive Narrowcasting (Kroger TV and Shop Buddy)
      • Online + Mobile Media (Sprint and NFL Mobile)
      • Print + Online + Video (CNN, NY Times, AOL)
  • 5. Convergence Demands Change
    • Brands who embraced the convergence of media by shifting their marketing spend in order to create a meaningful dialogue with mobile 18 to 35 year olds
      • Adidas, Secret, Dove, T-Mobile, NetFlix
    • Brands who evolved by innovating in the areas of strategic thought, technology and brand planning while focusing on a new method of media measurement: engagement
      • Nike, Target, Coke, American Express
    • Brands who employed consumer interaction mapping as a tool to tell a cohesive campaign story
  • 6. Convergence Brings Lifestyle Media
    • Many drivers contribute to the rise of lifestyle media
    • All result in a surge of time spent with mixed media and give consumers more control, more choices and more freedom
  • 7. Convergence Is A Lifestyle Approach
  • 8. Dial-A-Donut / Free Coffee
  • 9. Dial-A-Donut / Free Coffee
    • Objective: Increase awareness and foot traffic to its eight new outlets in Rome, Italy
    • How it Worked:
      • Donut lovers were invited to enter an SMS prize drawing, receiving in return a money-off or free coffee voucher sent back to the consumers’ handset for redemption in one of eight new Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Rome.
      • Further interaction was encouraged, with options for additional texting opportunities to obtain store addresses, statistics regarding Dunkin’ Donuts, or to inquire about employment opportunities.
      • Any customer who redeemed the SMS coupon in any of the Rome stores and purchased a donut was automatically entered into a drawing to win a free Piaggio scooter.
  • 10. Dial-A-Donut / Free Coffee
    • Results:
      • 20% increase in sales during the campaign
      • 90% claimed the free coffee and purchased another product
      • More than 50% of respondents continued interaction with Dunkin’ Donuts after the initial response
      • 41% of those who continued SMS interaction requested the address of additional stores
    • Brand Action:
      • The figures tallying the success of the campaign compelled Dunkin’ Donuts Italy to make mobile interaction available to all brand lovers.
      • The majority of coupons and promotional messages for Dunkin’ Donuts Italy are sent directly to consumers who have opted in for the brand communication, ensuring a higher response rate
  • 11. Midnight Gaming Championships
  • 12. Midnight Gaming Championships
    • Objective: Drive awareness that MCD’s was now open 24/7
    • How it worked:
      • MCD’s created a video gaming league that started at midnight
      • Players registered online for a chance to play in one of three different gaming tournaments which culminated in a championship “playoff”
        • The games featured were NCAA Football ‘07, Guitar Hero, and Tekken 5
      • Winners of each tournament won prizes from McDonald’s, Best Buy, and GameZnFlix
    • How they word got out:
      • Mixture of traditional signage, in-store displays, radio and mobile
        • People were directed to text “L8NITE” to a short code for tournament information and a free mobile game demo
  • 13. Midnight Gaming Championships
    • Brand Benefits:
      • Relevance and preference with late-night meal target audience via:
        • Postings on top community gaming sites for NCAA Football ‘07, Guitar Hero, and Tekken 5
        • Site visitors from around the world reposted the information and links to the Championship page, with posting updates and pictures from local events
        • The first ever Midnight Gaming Championship was produced by the Video Gamers League, recognized by most gamers to be the “premier” gaming league.
        • Members of the league discussed the Championship on league forums as well as in other gaming and lifestyle discussion sites.
  • 14. Sports Space
  • 15. Adidas Sports + MySpace
    • Adidas uses an active community to launch sports promotions
      • In Myspace, but only says Adidas
    • Content aggregator for national and global Adidas brand
      • Broadband video
      • Music
      • Live worldwide stats
    Source: Carat Fusion
  • 16. Adidas Sports + MySpace
    • Constantly updated to reflect the sports of focus with exclusive content available to MySpace users
      • Content is also pushed into retail experiences in certain US markets
    • Adidas gathers demographic and lifestyle data from the MySpace member profiles
  • 17. Two-Day Sale
  • 18. Target Two-Day Sale
    • Target used their retail site to distribute a “media” widget that gave consumers the ability to post it on their personal website, blog or desktop
    • Main function was a countdown to the Target Two-Day Sale
  • 19. Target Two-Day Sale
    • But, the widget also:
      • Provided video updates of David Blaine as he’s suspended 5 stories over Times Square
      • Delivered RSS feed for David Blaine news, coupons and timed in store sales
    • It became a piece of free media for Target on websites as it was posted on over 50,000 personal sites
  • 20. Implications
    • Convergence is upon us; Brands should embrace media coming together in new, exciting ways.
    • Mass Media has become Lifestyle Media; Brands should engage the consumer in a conversation, on their terms.
    • Ideas are more important than ever; Brands should then employ the media tactics that can best activate their message.
    • Not enough to simply check the appropriate media box (e.g. “online” or “TV”); Brands should explore innovation within these mediums for new ways to communicate.
  • 21. Presented By: Joanna Pena-Bickley VP, Interactive / Group Creative Director Emerging Media CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION AT HTTP://JOANNAPENABICKLEY.TYPEPAD.COM A Glance at Emerging Media & Consumer Promotions