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Hlc for upload

  1. 1. Joanna FulbrightJeremy NicholsonChris LorchOzarka College,Melbourne, Arkansas Based on a process created by the Des Moines Area Community College System
  2. 2. Session DescriptionThis session will describe how two simple,straightforward yearly writing assessments at onecommunity college with sites at multiple locationscan -capture data at multiple levels, -create opportunity among -address most General Education Outcomes and +students, +full-time English faculty, +adjunct English faculty and +other department faculty for the critical conversations where deep assessment takes place.
  3. 3. The Portfolio:A Circle ofAssessment
  4. 4. Clever Introduction
  5. 5. The Portfolio:A Circle ofAssessment
  6. 6. Semester Begins: Students Write • Teach outcomes • Students typically write five essays. • Essay six is the portfolio assignment. • The portfolio must be completed to pass the course.
  7. 7. The Portfolio:A Circle ofAssessment
  8. 8. Compile Portfolio: Random Selection• Students assemble coursework for portfolio.• Portfolio essays quote coursework to prove outcome accomplishment.• Faculty randomly selects 15-20% of all portfolios for assessment.
  9. 9. The Portfolio:A Circle ofAssessment
  10. 10. Faculty Meets: Score Portfolios• Calibrate scoring with one essay.• Every essay is scored twice.• Third score if the scores differ by a letter grade.• Closest two scores are kept.
  11. 11. The Portfolio:A Circle ofAssessment
  12. 12. What We Know about Data and Assessment We should assess what we value. We will value what we assess. Assessment should influence change. Change should improve student learning. Will that improved learning be reflected in the data?
  13. 13. Student Grade by Objective72% Comp. I Jan 201270%68%66%64%62%60%58%56%54% 1 2 3 4 5 6
  14. 14. Example of Low Performance and Modification to Improve Student Learning Fall 2010: 54% of students achieved the outcome “Address diversity issues.” Modified the outcome to read “Address diverse audiences.” Fall 2011: 73% of students achieved this outcome.
  15. 15. Challenges to Overcome 2008  Received only 13 scorable portfolios.  No variation of grades in sampling.  Unfamiliarity with rubric.  Discussion affecting scoring.
  16. 16. Challenges to Overcome2009 Rubric - 5 point scale, Grades - 10 point scale. Rubric did not match objectives. Some objectives not measurable. Too much focus on letter. APA or MLA? Both? Portfolio overlap in Comp. II.
  17. 17. Challenges to Overcome2010 Students did not understand diversity objective. Completion rates low. Correlation between portfolio and course grades. Acceptable number of grammar errors? Letter format was awkward.
  18. 18. Challenges to Overcome 2011  Low scores on the critical reading outcome.  Need to further streamline the rubric.
  19. 19. Rubrics: Issues Have experimented with multiple rubrics: descriptive, non- descriptive, rating scale, etc. Effective calibration takes more time than the committee feels comfortable requesting from participants. The right rubric might address this issue.
  20. 20. More Challenges Serving needs of ALL other departments or just Arts and Sciences? Serving needs of ALL adjuncts?  (impossible to schedule a “perfect” time) Serving needs of concurrent courses?  (none have participated yet)
  21. 21. Improvements /Changes to the Courses Moved from objectives to outcomes Unified outcomes Unified portfolio directions Instructors more focused more on explaining/teaching the outcomes
  22. 22. Improvements /Changes to the Courses Changed textbooks Began teaching APA in Comp II Revised rubrics Changed the diversity outcome Moved to a capstone essay in Comp II Reworded critical reading outcome
  23. 23. Addressing Administration’s Needs Provides some assurance that different sections of the same course meet course outcomes and rigor requirements. When assessment is faculty-owned, it continues no matter what changes come in administration. What has this meant at Ozarka College?
  24. 24. HLC Acknowledgement  English Assessment was highlighted as a good assessment for the following accreditation needs:  The 2008 Self-Study (no follow-up, no focus report)  The 2012 Distance Education accreditation visit  The 2012 Additional Site accreditation visit
  25. 25. Developed LearningOutcomes:-Involves students in metacognitiveactivities focusing on achievement ofcourse outcomes.-Involves faculty in deep conversationsabout outcomes vs. objectives; nogroupthink occurs.-Involves faculty and administrators inchecking various program outcomes aswell as General Education Outcomes.
  26. 26. Developed LearningOutcomes: -Involves multiple departments and administration in conversations about writing assessment. -Involves meeting the writing needs of both the workforce as well as transfer institutions .
  27. 27. Questions? Contact Us: Joanna Fulbright: jfulbright@ozarka.edu Jeremy Nicholson: jnicholson@ozarka.edu Chris Lorch: clorch@ozarka.edu