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  1. 1. These were used to showsubject’s name andrelation to the topic.Always used inprofessionaldocumentaries like „InThe Teeth of Jaws”
  2. 2. GraphicsDocumentary have titles made in a conventional way and related to their topic. Weused our creativity and produced out title in stop motion using coffee beans.For example, documentary about „Jaws” has big red letters connoted with dangerand blood related to the film.
  3. 3. Framing Interviewees are situated on the side and have their ‘space to talk’. They should not look directly into the camera but to an interviewer who asks them questions. We used this convention in our documentary. It is also presented in „Freak Like Me”. These sort of shots are described as ‘talking head shots’
  4. 4. InterviewsInterviews are a vital part of every documentary. We have used this convention in our documentary as well with relevant mise en scene (apart from the interview with the coffee worker).
  5. 5. Authority Figures Authority figures are used in documentaries to make them more conviencing and factual. We used this convention by interviewing an NHS nurse in her office so it looks professional.For example in „Meth Epidemic”an expert is being interviewedabout drugs and environmentlooks scientific just like in ourdocumentary.
  6. 6. Voiceover and Narrative Voiceover in most documentaries should be authorical. In our documentary the voiceover is both authorical and enthusiastic about the topic so the audience gets excited. We also used the same voiceover in our radio trailer so the whole product has its continuity. The narrative structure of our documentary is linear because it starts at one point and reaches conclusion instead of going back to the beginning like in „Devil Made Me Do It”.
  7. 7. We have used voxpops in our documentary to give it more conviencing style as opinion of general public matters to our audience. They will be more likely to believe in facts presented in theproduction and also identify with strangers in documentary (by identifyingwith their views). Voxpops were also shownin „Freak Like Me” to show audiencethat people with weird habits andobsessions are perfectly normal.
  8. 8. In one moment we adjusted speedduration of a number of voxpops soit looks like we actually askedmany people about coffee. Thismakes the content moreconviencing to our viewers.
  9. 9. CutawaysVarious cutaways have been used in ourdocumentary to avoid jump cuts and addvisual stimuli for the audience. This is alwaysused in professional documentaries.In our documentary we used relevantcutaways when needed to show the connectionjust like in „Freak Like Me” In „Freak Like Me” when a woman talks about squeezing spots the audience is presented a cutaway of spots and later – her squeezing out herown spots. This creates a connection between what she says and what is being presented by the director.
  10. 10. For example, when the nurse was talking about teenagers and coffee we presented a teenage girl waking up and someone handing in her a cup of coffee.
  11. 11. En „In The Teeth of Jaws” the director is presented with a relevant mise en scene with Jaws poster on the wall. This reminds people what the documentary is about.We have used this convention in ourdocumentary by putting some coffeerelated objects behind our interviewee –the coffee worker who is in her uniformwith the Cafe Nero sign. We also filmedthe whole interview in the coffee shopwhich is visible in the sequence. We alsofilmed our voxpops in front of the CafeNero coffee shop.
  12. 12. Montage SequenceUsually montage sequences in documentaries show briefly in an energetic way what thedocumentary is going to be about. We did this in our sequence however in aminimalistic way as opposed to the montage sequence in „Freak Like Me”. We showedthe process of making coffee whereas in „Freak Like Me” Russell Kane presents habits ina rather symbolic way, e.g. tidied up socks present an obsession with tidiness.