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A&E - November 19, 2009 A&E - November 19, 2009 Document Transcript

  • These boots were 8 A&E November 19, 2009 G Mount Holyoke News ttention! Boots are some gorgeous, grey and earth colored, suede boots. BY ISABEL HALE ’11 STAFF WRITER Ano longer just for equestrians and fly- fishermen. The world has adopted boots as fast as Brad Just because we are in western Massachusetts, does not mean we can’t emulate our beloved Serena van der Woodsen, sans New York City streets and glamour. The and Angelina adopt their kids. On the runway, at the melange of boots on campus inspired me to write this A BOOTIFUL Liza Parrington ’13 VMA’s, in Gossip Girl and at Mount Holyoke boots have piece. Those who do not have their pair yet will soon be HI ST O RY walked—more like run—onto the scene. enticed by the delicious array of boots in this article. As fall sweeps across campus and winter lingers And those who do, well, you can never have too many ahead, Mount Holyoke women are trading in their san- boots. 1500s dals for sturdy, winter-ready boots. This fall/winter sea- I have included boots that appeal to the price ranges son, sturdy no longer refers to Timberlands and PAC of all shoppers, in the hope that everyone will be clad in boots. Sturdy means leather boots. stylish and affordable boots this winter. We also pro- Spanish vaqueros bring I am recommending mid-calf, knee-high, over-the- vided some recommendations for styling up one’s boots, “cowboy” boots to America knee (for those who are daring). I also threw in some some helpful do’s and do not’s to keep one’s style in- Yo u r a l l - a c c e s s b o o t s g u i d e suede boots; a girl shouldn’t rock the rough leather look check. Since, as the great Coco Chanel said, “Fashion 1600s everyday. I recommend a sprinkle of femininity with can be bought, but style one must possess.” Santa is portrayed wearing dark boots and a matching hat 1700s BOOTIES German Hessian boots be- come popular among Amer- The most important aspect of this season’s ankle booties is to make them the focus of ican civilians your outfit. Combine them with a pair of tight 1800 skinny jeans and a loose fitted casual sweater for day to day wear. Depending on whether your booties are flats or heels, play around with them using leggings and tights if you are Jacques Louis David paints combining them with dresses. Generally flats Napoeleon Bonaparte in di- will look more flattering with skinny jeans rather than leggings and tights. Heels, how- color Hessians ever, will spice up any outfit no matter the leg- 1820s wear. The perfect combination for the fall: a short dress put together with wool tights and heel ankle boots. Elizabeth and James Alton studded stirrup boot 1st Duke of Wellington, Stunt Draped Flat Booties us.topshop.com $145 Shopbop.com S350 Arthur Wellesley, coins the term Wellington boots or “wellies” 1837 MID-CALF BOOTS Mid-calf boots are perfect for those individ- Charles Goodyear discovers uals who are not as height endowed as oth- ers. Combine them with leggings so that rubber and makes Queen you are exposing your legs as much as pos- Victoria a pair of rubber sible. Avoid wearing a very loose top or soled boots sweater, for fear of losing your shape. Try 1840 wearing them with jeggings, a white t-shirt and a cropped bolero to get a lengthening effect. Chelsea boots become popu- lar. Later worn by stormtroopers in the Star Diane Von Furstenberg Alejandro Ingelmo Wars trilogy 1960 Suede flats with Ankle Strap Flat leather buckle boots shopbop.com $395 intermixonline.com $795 Frye company releases the KNEE-HIGH BOOTS “campus boot” 1963 Knee high boots are perfect for showing off those long legs. These boots are fabulous for all of those who love the leggings and casual A descendant of the Chelsea sweater look. Combine a pair of knee high leather boots with leggings or tights and an boot, the Beatles Boots are oversized wool sweater. For a more creative popularized by... the Beatles. and fun touch to your outfit, try a short 1964 waist skirt with a plain long sleeve top. The mix of a waist skirt and knee high boots will put more emphasis on your legs without ex- posing an unnecessary amount of skin. Andre Courreges designs Knee-high boots are the epitome of sexy and sophistication. the first Go-Go Boots 1970s Bentley over-the-knee boot freepeople.com $98 Jeffrey Campbell Lubbock suede over-the-knee Doc Martens become popu- shopbop.com $215 lar among youth subcultures
  • made for walking November 19, 2009 G Mount Holyoke News A&E 9 How we wear our boots A style study from class to class 1978 Margot Lowry ’13 Tecnica manufactures “moon boots” 1990s High, thick soled shoes become all the rage among Japanese college girls N ovembe r 2003 Will Ferrell rocks booties in Elf 2003 Ugg Australia patents the 200-year old sheep skin boot and turns it into the winter must have of the decade 2004 TIFFANY SHUTE ’10 Napoleon Dynamite CASSIE RIED-DODICK ’11 sports the moon boots Where did you get your boots? Filene’s Basement Where did you get your boots? At Sketchers in New York City. with black skinny jeans 2005 What do you wear with them?Black skinny jeans, a button up What do you wear with them? Skinny jeans with a plain top. Plain shirt and a black blazer. because there is a lot of detail on the boots. What is the most you will spend on a pair of boots? $150 because What is the most you will spend on a pair of boots? $150. You can I’m on a budget. I don’t have a minimum. It’s get a good pair of boots for that price. Over $200, you just about quality. are paying for the name. Boots less than $50 start to A drag queen brings Suede or leather: Leather because it is more practical. I wear look cheap and are not very good quality. British boot factory into my boots in the rain a lot and suede would not last. Suede or leather: Both. Suede is more dressy, leather is more the future in Kinky Boots July 2005 everyday wear. The New York Times runs an article in the style sec- tion that cowboy boots are back Ju ne 2006 Anne Hathaway wears Chanel over-the-knee boots in The Devil Wears Prada September 2007 Gossip Girl Blake Lively wears grey suede overthe- knee boots Fall 2008 Kate Moss brings back the Minnetonka moccasin Sprin g 2009 NICOLE MOULINIE ’12 FELICITAS GERLACH ’13 Where did you get your boots? Nordstroms. Where did you get your boots? Bartu in Munich, Germany. In the ready-to-wear What do you wear with them? Skinny jeans. What do you wear with them? Either leggings and an over shows, Givenchy releases What is the most you will spend on a pair of boots? $150, sized sweater, tights and a dress or skinny jeans with Suede or leather: Leather. Suede would get ruined too quickly. because I'll probably wear them down pretty quickly. a tight-knit sweater. black leather thigh-high boots. Fall 2009 What is the most you will spend on a pair of boots? On a good day, I will spend 400 Euros. The least I will spend is 70 Euros. That will buy me good quality leather and a good design. Suede or leather: Suede. It looks more elegant and original. Lady Gaga wears white thigh-highs at the VMAs
  • 10 A&E November 19, 2009 G Mount Holyoke News BY SCHUYLER MARQUEZ ’11 ity of the people and living in the city of Nairobi. born and raised in the slums of Lod, a mixed town of Arabs ASSISSTANT A&E EDITOR The culture that is associated with hip hop has also and Jews, 20 km from Jerusalem. The group utilizes a fu- ired of hearing the same old Kanye and Jay spread through Nairobi in other venues such as clothing sion of Eastern and Western influences, taking inspiration T songs on the radio? Venture to new corners of the globe on a musical excursion and get a glimpse of the wealth people around the world who have and Nairobi’s public buses called, matatus. Matatus are frequently spray-painted with images of American hip hop artists, currently, Lil Wayne, T.I. and more. Inside, from both hip hop and Arabic music. Their song “Min Irhabi” (Who’s the terrorist?) was released in 2001 and downloaded by one million people downloaded in one embraced hip hop culture, made it their own and used it to many have full systems with sub-woofers and sometimes month. The lyrics of the song were taught in some univer- express themselves on topics deeper than the stale dis- television and lights, that constantly play American hip sities around the world because of their deep meaning, course of cars and hos. These artists’ music make a sig- hop and reggae. and were also used in pro-Palestinian demonstrations. nificant impact in forming national identities, inspiring DAM are now gaining increased international popularity communities and affecting local politics. Watch: Hip Hop Colony through their unique message and ground-breaking live shows, touring in the United States in 2010. SENEGAL Visit: www.myspace.com/damrap Watch: Slingshot Hip Hop Hip hop emerged in Senegal in the late 1980s and was embraced by the country’s youth. Today the scene is ac- tive, with over 3,000 groups who blend local music and rap JAPAN in Wolof or a blend of French and Wolof. Such artists have recently played a crucial role in national politics, most no- Hip Hop in Japan traveled through film and live per- tably in 2000, when many of the artists were supportive of formances of breakdancing in the 80’s. Takagi Kan, a first presidential candidate Abdoulaye Wade’s campaign. generation Japanese MC, “I couldn’t tell what was with Hip hop artists played a crucial role in his eventual the rap and the DJing...but with the breakdancing and victory, supporting his campaign through music, however graffiti art, you could understand it visually. Break danc- after seven years of Wade’s regime with little results, hip ing represented the foundation for the spread of Japanese hop artists are one of the few groups who are speaking out hip-hop and served as the vehicle for the culture’s translo- against the government. cation.” Some notable artists include Rhymester who ex- Watch: Democracy in Dakar pressed opinions on various global and philosophical is- sues through their lyrics with songs such as “B-Boyism” KENYA which emphasized improving oneself and others and fo- cused on social criticism, songs attacking the Japanese The Kenyan rap scene is vibrant as well. Created in government, as well as the United States for invading Iraq. Nairobi the music is called Genge music, which combines King Giddra who started in 1993 decided after living in the hip hop, reggae and dancehall and means “a mass of peo- U.S. that Japan needed hip-hop as a means of expression ple or group” in Swahilli. In Kenya, the 90’s saw the birth to address social issues. Their song “911” expressed an an- of three revolutionary groups, Kalamashaka, Mau Mau tiwar message and drew parallels between the bombing PALESTINE of Hiroshima and September 11. Another notable artist is Camp and Ukoo Flani who recorded music in both English and Kiswahili. Some current artists include Nonini, Bam- Hime, a female rapper who empower women in Japanese Palestinians living in the Gaza strip also use hip hop to through her music. She calls herself “the voice of the boo, Wyre, Redsan, P-Unit, Madtraxx, Kleptomaniax, Jua- express their struggle for freedom and equality in the Is- Japanese doll,” in attempts to challenge and reinvent cali and Nazizi. Though there is a strong American rael-Palestine conflict and other controversial issues such stereotypes that label women as quiet and obedient. influence, groups and individuals like Mau Mau and Naz- as terrorism, drugs and women’s rights. Palestine’s most izi remain in the “underground” of Kenyan hip hop, which notable group is DAM which includes Tamer Nafar, 27, his Visit: www.myspace.com/dhhime focus on conscious lyrics that strive to expose the corrup- younger brother Suhell, 23, and Mahmoud Jreri, 24. All Watch: Scratching the Surface Japan tion of the government, the hard conditions of the major- members of the group, which was started in 1999, were Skillful acrobatics on display in Cirque Mechanics BY KAYLA LAMBERT ’12 legs all the way around her body so that her BY KIM BOYD ’10 The Brokeback Effect STAFF WRITER feet touched the floor on each side of her head. She stood on one foot or one hand The circus came to town last week, or I should say, “the cirque.” On Tuesday Nov. while her her body contorted into various I am a huge Colin Firth fan. I love his nated for the Golden Lion; Firth won the shapes. The most impressive featof all came Mr. Darcy and I will sit through pretty Volpi Cup, the best actor award). With 10, Cirque Mechanics in a Birdhouse Fac- tory was shown at the Fine Arts Center at at the end of her performance when she much any pile of movie he appears in. the good press came Oscar buzz, and lifted her legs up horizontally and then held (What a Girl Wants, anyone?) So when I with Oscar buzz came a distribution deal the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Professional acrobats performed up her body with just her teeth, which were saw the trailer for A Single Man, I was with the Weinstein Company. But since clamped down on a short pole that extended pretty much ecstatic. A Single Man is then the Weinstein Co, released a differ- impressive stunts in a mind-blowing show of strength and flexibility. The acrobatic up from the platform. Tom Ford’s (yes, designer Tom Ford) ent trailer and by different they took all As the show went on, many more stunts adaption of Christopher Isherwood’s of the gay out of the trailer. If you were show was not a conventional display of agility, but utilized factory equipment that were showcased by different performers novel of the same name. Written in 1964, to watch this second trailer and not such as the German Wheel Act (when one A Single Man tells the story of an Eng- know anything about A Single Man, you decorated the stage. Cirque Mechanics follows a simple plot: man did somersaults and acrobats inside a lish college professor dealing with the can easily assume that the main roman- metal wheel), trampolining (three men loss of his long-term partner after a hor- tic relationship is between Firth and Ju- Factory laborers work in a drudging and monotonous manner until one day a bird jumped off a wall onto a giant trampoline rible accident. The trailer is slick and lianne Moore’s character, not between below and did flips and other stunts not un- edgy, sharply cut with no dialogue, the Firth and Goode. flies into the factory and gets hurt when it crashes into the boiler. While the factory like those of skateboarders), and the aerial sound of a ticking clock and amazing im- I have a love-hate relationship with hoop (when one woman did acrobatics with ages. It instantly made me want to see the Weinsteins. I love what they do for workers take care of the hurt bird, they be- come inspired and begin displaying their a steel hoop that was suspended from the the movie. I would go so far as to say that independent films, and I know that their ceiling). it is one of the best movie trailers since work enables me to see many of the unique talents to one another. Each worker is given the chance to show off his or her The show also included comedy bits be- the teaser for Watchmen. great indie films that I love. But I com- tween the acrobatic acts. One man came on However, one thing about the trailer pletely loathe it when they do something unique and impressive skill during the per- formance. stage, went out into the audience and is that it clearly shows you that this is a like this. I keep having flashbacks to walked across the back of the audience gay movie. There is a kiss between Firth going to see Brokeback Mountain here The acrobatics began with an act simi- lar to that of the Corde Lisse and was per- members’ seats. Then he invited one and Matthew Goode, who plays his lover; in the happy valley and having the woman on stage to dance with him. The there is a snippet of a scene of Firth next posters of a gay movie being so hetero- formed by two women. The women climbed up ropes that were suspended from the ceil- radio, which worked only when someone to an obviously dead Goode following a normative. I know that the Academy is was touching it, turned off each time he car wreck; there are scenes laced with a homophobic (why else would Crash have ing, displaying great strength and grace as they flexed their bodies into various shapes walked away from it in order to waltz with homoerotic tension between Firth and won the 2005 Best Picture Oscar over the woman, the music turning to static. It another male actor, with the camera lin- Brokeback?), but at some point there has with just the rope wrapped around their legs as they performed the act without wasn’t long, however, before the performer gering on the man’s lips as smoke is re- to be a case made about truth in adver- brought the woman’s date onto the stage leased; and there is a nighttime, tising. using their hands. The choreography in this show was amazing; all of the performers and had him touch the radio so that the per- skinny-dipping frolic in the ocean with And here’s the rub. Knowing this, I fomer and the audience member could fi- Firth and Goode’s characters. still have to support their efforts because were stayed perfectly in sync, throughout the show, as they danced simultaneously nally dance. The trailer was released in accor- I want good films to be made and distrib- With all of the incredible choreography, dance with the Venice and Toronto film uted; they need to be. I hate myself for danced and performed acrobatics. The next performer was the well-loved the great comedy and the enthusiastic en- festivals. A Single Man left both festivals saying this, that although in a time when joyment of the audience, Cirque Mechanics with an insane amount of good press, gay rights bills are placed on the ballot, contortionist of the cirque show. The stun- ning display of flexibility shocked the audi- made its audiences’ hearts turn as many most of it heaped upon Firth for his per- it’s a necessary evil. flips as its acrobats. formance (in Venice, the film was nomi- ence. She laid on her stomach, lifting her Photo by Darin Basile