Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility
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Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility



A STRONG PRESENCE online is so vitally important

A STRONG PRESENCE online is so vitally important

It’s imperative that you know how to market your products and services to the web world.



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Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility Document Transcript

  • SavvyBIZSolutions@NormaDoiron.NET Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility VISIBILITY Blog SEO Blogging Social Media
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 2 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET A STRONG PRESENCE online is so vitally important; I can’t stress enough on how important it is to build and maintain a solid reputation in your area of expertise. It’s imperative that you know how to market your products and services to the web world. Many Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs make the mistake of thinking that it’s simply a matter of: Getting a website up Putting their product or service on their blog Jumping into social media In short, having all the bells & whistles and voila! A few years down the road, it’s not surprising at all to find the very same Preneurs, who once were so excited, motivated, and jumping all over with hope… now crushed, having lost sight of their goals and dreams. They’ve wrongly come to the conclusion that doing business online doesn’t work - and no one has reached out to tell or show them differently. My dear friends, I’m here to tell YOU that it is way more than that. If you want to go to the top, you must have tools, strategies and action steps in place. It’s foolish to think that by simply having done the steps mentioned above, you can now sit back and wait for the clients or customers to come to you. What you’ve actually done so far is baby steps. Now, it’s time for you to move your business up another notch. Where to Begin? Honesty + Integrity = Respect. This is very important to your credibility online. A wise proverb says it very well: “If you cannot be trusted to keep your word in the SMALL things, how will I be able to TRUST YOU in the BIGGER things?” It’s so true. And you know what else? One Life Laws says this: You will NOT be given more or bigger things to work with UNTIL you learn how to work with the small. It will NOT happen!
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 3 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET So be good to yourself! Pick yourself up, do what you must Stand firm and do the hard work. Hold strong in what you believe in. Show the world WHO you are! SHINE…THAT, my friends…is your most valued asset. What Makes YOU Stand Out From The Crowd? Your website/blog is your first point of contact with a new customer; in fact, it’s one of the big determining factor to whether someone will work with you or the competition, the difference between having a prospering business or one with no profits. I’m not especially talking about the prettiness of it; it’s how everything is placed, written and done. I can relate with the Do-It-Yourself-ers. I’ve been there and I know what it is to work extremely hard and not see the results you’ve worked so hard to get. The thing is, are we really working hard on the right things? We try to do everything ourselves because, as new entrepreneurs the dollars are not always there. True. But at one point, we need guidance to move to the next level of success. We can be Jacks- of-all-trades, but can we really be masters at everything? Perhaps… but I can testify that there WINNERS NEVER QUIT ~~~ QUITTERS NEVER WIN… You’ve given your word? Keep it. You’ve commited to something? See it through. Don’t want to because you’re uncomfortable? So what! Do it anyways. Feeling shy? Afraid? Anxious? Do it AFRAID! Yes, that is HOW it WORKS! Don’t feel like it? Who said you have to want to? YUP! Get up and do it anyways. Said you’d play with a team? They’re counting on you. Be there AND participate. If you wait until your body wants to? You won’t GROW. You won’t prosper… and you won’t succeed.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 4 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET are NOT enough hours in the day to know and do everything by yourself. That is where working smarter versus working harder comes into play. How the search engines love WordPress!!! (Not the free version, we’ll talk about this later…) If you want to be found on the first page of Google, WordPress is extremely capable of taking you there. It has a self-pinging feature, where a ping is sent to search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo automatically each time your blog or website is updated with new content. Amazing! There are tons of plugins available to further extend your SEO (search engine optimization) and online visibility. WordPress is a powerful way to market your business online, but it was created to empower you with so much more; it is fantastic with social media strategies like nothing else. There is no benefit to great content if you don’t get organic traffic for it. (Readers coming to your site to read your articles, those that have searched for something they really are interested in) To make sure they are landing on your site for that specific search, you have to optimize your site (SEO) and make it search engine friendly. Many, many entrepreneur DO NOT implement this step and it is a very costly mistake. SEO: the language search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to find you and your content online. SEO: language search engines use to read the content - on your site. Permalinks, keywords, tags, etc… are all part of that language. If you are not using it, the search engines have no way of reading the content you’ve worked so hard for and they cannot index it so people can find you in searches. The Search Guru, Google, likes to crawl WordPress a lot and that’s why the sites using the WordPress platform tend to rank so well in the search results. WordPress has the advantage of being very Search Engine Friendly. Search engines like to see fresh contents on sites and it runs after the regularly updated sites/blogs! Many websites or blogs are built by amateur friends or by the owner. It’s on the wrong platform, the SEO is practically zilch and they are invisible. You see, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site is, how hard you work and how much money you invest – if you’re doing it wrong, it’s still wrong and you won’t produce results. That, my friend, saddens me.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 5 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Create Your Website Intentionally - Do It Right the First Time. Someone with more experience than your cousin or yourself can get you a working website with all the latest online marketing strategies in place – without breaking the bank. But it is imperative that they know how to set things up properly. Even more important than that, know how to continue implementing the strategies to give your blog a growing chance in this vast field of competition. The goal you want to think about and achieve during website creation is how you can be sharing two ways! When someone comes to your site, you engage them with your content and offers so that they can: Sign up for your newsletter / optin Like your business Facebook page Circle you on Google+ Follow you on Pinterest Engage with you on Twitter Follow you on LinkedIn The goal is to create a Social MEDIA Hub: Where your blog is your virtual store. Your content is fresh, relevant and optimized. You have visitors that are targeted and they love what you are sharing with them. Wherever they see you across the board, your branding is intact. YOU are an authority in your field and you present your expertise with finesse and poise. Your audience knows you well and they know when they come to visit, they’ll not be disappointed. They leave your store having learned something of value and cannot wait to return.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 6 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Imagine your hub as a 2-way communication station. You have now built a loyal following! Connecting your social media to your website is a genius way to broadcast your services and products; You share great content with your readers and your readers share your great content with friends and readers. Can you see the win-win both ways? People can find a site they like, sign up for the newsletter, follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all in a matter of seconds. Putting it all together takes attention to detail when creating your content, blog posts, newsletter content, opt-in offer and the creation of your social media strategy. This kind of online marketing strategy and success does not occur overnight and takes several steps or processes to achieve. Your potential clients have to be able to connect with you easily and the best way is for you to take the time to build a powerful online hub. What Can You Do To Increase Your Visibility? As you begin to think differently (yes, being an entrepreneur requires a different mindset!) and implementing, you will be amazed at how your presence will change online. People will begin telling you, “I see your name everywhere!” THAT is a good thing. The more you pop up all over the place, the more credibility you will gain. YOU can do it!!! Make sure you have these things in place: Have a self-hosted website / blog, is the best! Blog, blog, blog. Every time you have fresh content, it alerts the search engines. Write articles of value to your audience so they will want to come back for more. Know how to do your onsite SEO - on your blog posts, images, links, in ALL you do. You can guest post on sites in your niche market to get more exposure. Leave comments on others. Have a great social media presence, branding, etc...
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 7 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Have your own business pages on social sites The 6 major social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest Join online group, forums, hangouts. Engage, build relationships. Lead in your area of expertise, show you know your stuff! Create coaching videos, host seminars, webinars, etc… The more places you appear, the more you will show up in searches. People go to Google search to look for what you have to offer; if you are not using the power of the internet by increasing your visibility, you are losing out. It doesn’t cut it to just have your website sitting there. Build it and they will come to you does not work, never did and never will. So, put yourself out there - do the right things! Build smart. Go!!! Making yourself visible means you have won half the battle… Unlocking the Mystery of Blogging Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself, your business, product or service. Your blog should reflect who you are. Inject your personality into your blog posts and write like you speak. Be unique – use your voice to tell your story. That will make your blog personable and interesting. Don’t be afraid to share your personal opinions. It’s what makes it interesting! Blogging is a tool used to communicate with your customers or potential clients, a place where you share your knowledge, your expertise. All the activities you do on social media should point and direct everyone back to your blog. It is your store on the net. Your Blogging Helps Target Potential Clients & Boosts Your Website Traffic
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 8 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Discuss the industry where you work and the services you provide Talk about issues of interest to your target audience Position yourself in front of clients that may need you Be relatable, honest and real – potential clients may consider your product or hiring you for the services you provide. Blogging lets you target new visitors and move the direct traffic to: Your online store Your contact pages Your landing pages Your sales pages Your free offers Your products and services Your Blog Establishes YOU as the Expert Blogging highlights your expertise, expands your online presence and platform. It helps YOU, the blogger, establish yourself as an expert in a field or topic. Show your area of expertise by sharing high-quality and useful information to your readers. Over time, you will become known as the go-to person who: Provides consistent and useful information Teaches about new tools and resources of value Helps solve challenges that may help their own businesses Your Blog Creates a Community It’s a secret to success; write well and engage your readers. That’s how you build an audience, and the bigger your audience, the bigger your chances to make some serious money. Successful blogging involves communicating and sharing through the comment section. Posting and responding to comments will build a strong community and it’s a great way to study and learn from your audience. If a reader emails you directly with a legitimate question or comment, respond to that person. Make your readers feel important by talking with them, not just at them.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 9 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Update your blog frequently. Readers love the information, commentaries, or conversations happening there. If they can’t rely on you to for fresh content when they visit, they’ll look elsewhere. What do people look for when they visit your blog? Let people know INSTANTLY what your store is all about. Just like any physical store. Stinking thinking says that you don’t talk about business because you’ll be “too pushy” or “too salesy”. Right thinking says, it’s true: you don’t want to be “too pushy” or “too salesy.” But you can talk about it! You can demonstrate the benefits of your services and/or products without being salesy or pushy; just talk about them like you are talking to a friend. If you’re not telling your visitors you have something to sell, how are they going to know? Hiding the fact is hurting your business. Don’t hide your services and products, if you are, you’re missing the point and the sales. TIP: List your services, and yes, you can even include prices.  Proven Keys to Blogging Straight from the heart: The best blogs are those written with soul. Try to write about things you’re passionate about, from experience; that will come from a place of passion that your readers will identify with. Be real & authentic. Useful Information: Whatever topic you write about, give useful info. Create resources & lists to have an impact with your readers. Look for new angles, create new resources, share tips from your own experience. Pound your readers with useful information in each post. They’ll love you for it. Lead with the problem in mind: Focus & communicate that you’re thinking about their problem, not yours. Who are these readers? Who is the target audience? What do you know about them ? What do they want to know? What problems need addressing? What problems are they expressing?
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 10 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Always address the problem if you want your blog to be a success. Choose topics surrounding your niche! Examples: Simplifying your Life Productivity & Organization Health & Fitness Marketing How to setup your blog, etc. Find solutions to problems and people will thank you. Many, many more… Not about YOU. Yes, a piece of yourself should be in your posts, so readers will identify with you, but it should not be all about you. You want people to keep coming back! (-_-) Remember – you’re writing for an audience, not for yourself. Make it mostly about them. Incorporate questions, stories and share what you’ve learned that could benefit them. Conversation. Interaction… It all begins in your post, but it continues with comments from your readers. Get the juices stirred a bit by asking questions, use polls & contests to get people involved on your blog. There’s no better way! The responses you get could be your next Top 10 resource list! Listen to your readers, they will give you the best tips of all. Please Come Back. Why should they come back to your blog? What makes you so different from other blogs? Why should they subscribe to you? You have to make it worth it for them to return. My take? Show them that you have amazing content on a regular basis & they’ll expect nothing but the best from you… that you have unbeatable content and they won’t want to miss out. That’s WHY they will want to subscribe. Catch the fish with headlines. Headlines advertise your posts — if they’re not very good, you will be by-passed. You can have amazing content, but if the headlines suck, you’ve got nothing. You can’t read a book by its cover but the reality is that the cover catches the fish. Guest Posting. Draw new readers to your blog by writing great guest posts for other blogs, especially bigger ones. This showcases what a great writer you are & how useful your posts are. When guest posting, write your absolute best. WHO are YOU? Readers have to relate to you. They will look at your “About Me page” to get to know you, find out who you are & why they should be reading you. In the About Me page & posts, share bits of your personal life – share some info. Get out of the box, give up some of your privacy and build rapport. :)
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 11 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET GET out of the box. Just because you’ve always done it this way doesn’t mean it gets to stay that way forever! Don’t get stale by doing the same things over & over. What are others doing differently? Try some of them out! Use movies, magazines, books, to get ideas from them. Focus on the essentials. Focus on what’s important, what you really need to do, what actions pay off … and spend your best time doing these things. Get rid of the stuff that bear no fruit, let them fade in the background. Place your emphasis on these keys to success in blogging essentials and you WILL succeed… If you don’t have traffic freely flowing to your blog every day, you have NO business… It’s that plain & simple & many blog owners fight with this. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. But not just any traffic – you need targeted traffic. Highly TARGETED blog traffic. Who in the world wants a bunch of people flooding their blog that has no interest in what is being offered? This is important to know: 90% of all businesses on the Internet do NOT generate enough traffic. No traffic = no sales No sales = no money No money = no business. So what to do? How do you increase blog traffic? Get a well planned website, with the right copy. That, in itself is a skill. You need quality techniques to increase traffic to your blog. Your SEO, search engine optimization needs to be done in EVERYTHING your blog does. Inbound links, keywords, tags - all have been chosen and they’ve been carefully placed. You’ve chosen and optimized some great pictures with strategic goals. Etc... POOF! Your new blog post is there for all the world to see and enjoy!
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 12 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Except for one thing. You’ve NOT done all the behind the scenes work? Don’t be surprised if you’re left wondering, where are all the visitors, where are your readers. Simple. They can’t visit or read if they don’t know you exist. To get traffic to your blog post, you’re going to have to tell people about it. You’re going to have to tell the search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) that you have new content. You’re also going to have to tell people all about it. Traffic to your blog will happen through SEO, Social Media sites and promotion. If you don’t do it, the only people who will see your post are those who stumble upon your content… by accident. Blog Traffic is the most important factor to decide your success. Pin to Pinterest! Follow me here: Norma Doiron on Pinterest Create a board where you share your blog posts, etc… Share other’s content and they will share yours. Publicize on Twitter You can follow me here: Norma Doiron on Twitter Post immediately – Post to Twitter immediately when your blog post is ready. If it’s not a good time, schedule it to run at the desired time through Hootsuite, Buffer, whichever you prefer. Posting twice in a day will allow you to reach different time zones, and more people. DMs to Influencers – Nothing wrong in asking people you think would benefit from the post to retweet to their followers. DM them and ask them for some ‘retweet love’ – always offering to reciprocate of course. This will greatly expand your reach to people that don’t follow you. Use wisdom here and don’t over-ask. Expose on Facebook You can friend me here: Norma Doiron on Facebook Personal profile – If many friends on Facebook are business people and your posts are usually business focused, don’t hesitate to post to your profile. This will also remind your friends what it is you do.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 13 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Business Page – Post to your business page. Group – Is your post relevant to the group you belong to? Post it in there too. Usually, there’s an element of loyalty there and everyone supports each other. Give each other some love. Go to LinkedIn You can link with me here: Norma Doiron on Linkedin Post on Your Status – You’ll be surprised how many visits a blog post can get from LinkedIn. If it’s the only thing you do, it will be worth it. Use a plugin on your blog that allows you to do this by clicking a button, or go direct and post. LinkedIn Groups – Look at the groups you’re a part of – is your blog post relevant to that audience? If so, then reference it in there. Just make sure you’re an active member of the group, not just posting links to your blogs, and of course be sure to reciprocate if you can when others ask for link love. Google + You can circle me here: Norma Doiron on Google+ My Circles – Post to all circles that are relevant. Public timeline – Post to the public timeline, if the post deserves a wider audience. Email Send out a Newsletter – if you believe the blog post is of value to be featured in the newsletter. Aweber (or other), add it to the latest draft. It’s a great way of getting and reaching people. Use your mailing lists – if the blog post could be of interest to them. Email Influencers – in the same way you can ask for promotion via Twitter, you can also email a couple of people with a link to the post, explaining that you think it could be of interest to them and asking to forward to their friends if they liked it. I suggest doing this ONLY if you already have an on-going relationship with them. Use Forums If you think a blog post merits it then you can post an extract with a link, depending on their rules. Be sure to check the rules before you do this, don’t get into trouble!
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 14 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Link to Other Blog Posts A lot of your old blog posts are most likely listed in Google, or linked to from elsewhere. They might already be getting lots of traffic! Go through a few and where you see a fit, add a link to your new blog post. That’s a great way to increase your traffic. Other Blogs Posting comments on other people’s blogs is great because that allows you to get a link to your site. Find 3 or 4 relevant blogs and comment on them. I don’t mean ‘great post John, I agree’ type comments – add to the conversation, state an opinion, agree or disagree, but make sure your comment is worthy of posting. In the space where it gives you the option to post your website link, you can post your latest blog link if you wish. Even better, find blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin – this is a plugin that automatically shows the last blog you posted – so your comment will automatically promote your latest blog post. The Basics for Quality Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic Ensure that your reader can get to every main page of your website, from every other page. There’s nothing more annoying as a user than getting lost in the middle of a site with no way out other than using the back button. A search engine spider doesn’t have a back button so will just give up. Check the links in your site – broken links will also stop a spider in its tracks. Don’t use text contained in graphics or images – spiders can’t read these. Don’t use the front page of your website to automatically redirect the viewer to another page. The spider sees this as spam, and in Google this can get your site banned! Content Is King Think of the phrases you would like people to type into the search engines to find your site and include them in the copy of the site. At heart, a search engine is just a database and works quite logically – make it easy for the spider to know what your site is about. Beware of repeating phrases too often on your page – this is seen as spam and will be detrimental to your listing. Aim for no more than 3 times on a 100 word page.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 15 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET The Links Effect Google is quite unique in that it sees sites with lots of links back to them as quite important. The more links you have from well-trafficked sites, the higher ‘PR’ level it gives you. Although this isn’t the be all and end all of getting high listings, it is helpful. If you can get links to your site from sites that are already in Google listings, then you have more chance of being indexed quickly. Directories Submit your website to the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project – both of these sites directly filter their results into Google and increase your chances of getting into Google listings. This is how you can get “Quality techniques to Increase Blog Traffic” Now, you just need to move over to ACTION. 1. A call to action could be something like at the end of a blog post that tells the reader what you want them to do next. Once the blog post has been read, it’s easy to think “That was nice, what next?” and your reader will disappear somewhere else, never to return. 2. A call to action gives something to think about at the end of reading a post, and people will respond to it more often than not. Think about it, what do you want someone to do when they’re done reading your post? Do you want them to: Subscribe to your newsletter? email or RSS? Comment on the post? Download a document or file? Read another blog? Like or Tweet your blog? You probably have: A newsletter signup top right, Other posts linked to top left. Probably a Twitter / Facebook button at the top somewhere?
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 16 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET And that’s great. But when they’ve finished reading your blog post, they are not at the top left or right, they’re at the bottom. That’s why they need to see the call to action. Not sure? Yup. Try it out. Stats show that by putting ‘Please subscribe to this blog’ you’ll more than double your subscribers. Put ‘drop me a msg for more info’ at the end of a post and you’ll get more messages, comments or emails. People want to be told what they should be doing next. You’ll get far more comments on a blog post if you say ‘I’d love to hear your thoughts / comments in the comments below’ than if you don’t. It’s been proven… As business owners, we must always be sure that we are working smart… vs being busy or working like crazy on things that do NOT bring results. Suppose that you have a physical store and you have it all painted in nice vibrant colors… your products are well displayed in the store and you even have a nice display as your shoppers walk in. Everything is shinny, exciting, brilliant… And you’re waiting. BUT NOBODY IS COMING IN. WHY? Because you forgot to take the scrap paper off the windows so people can see! There is no sign on your building, no name, no visibility. How foolhardy is that??? A big piece of your marketing has been totally ignored, and now you’re wondering where those customers are…. BANG! Well, it’s the same thing with your website. WHY? Because your website is your store. ONLINE. A BIG piece of the marketing for your business is done through the optimization of your website. If it’s not done… done partially… done poorly… YOU are STOPPING clients from finding you, your products and your services.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 17 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Isn’t this crazy? And you keep asking, “Where, oh where… can my clients be…?” And you continue working your butt off, Doing all the right things for your store But missing the most important thing. Visibility for your blog’s content. The ONLY way you will EVER get your Blog VISIBLE Online is with your On-Site SEO + Your Social Media Presence. PERIOD.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 18 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET Get SIMPLE SOLUTIONS with EXPLOSIVE RESULTS: So Simple - Once You Know How! I get asked questions like these all the time: *Where do I go for simple, basic strategies on SEO? *I have a hard time understanding SEO, it’s too complicated for me… *Can I even learn this stuff or will I have to hire for SEO? Let me tell you that: *You can easily learn simple techniques to increase traffic to your website.
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 19 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET It will clarify things up for you & break through the noise / confusion of SEO. No more Losing OPPORTUNITIES TO CONNECT with those LOOKING for your PRODUCTS / SERVICES. VISIT the ONLINE STORE: CLICK HERE
  • Revealing Secrets Between Your Blog, SEO & Social Media: Targeted Strategies to Increase Visibility 20 SavvyBIZSolutionswithNormaDoiron.NET New Brunswick, Canada Are we connected yet? Social Media Contacts Let’s connect all over the net: BLOG: Pinterest Twitter!/NormaDoiron LinkedIn Google+ YouTube Facebook: The Media Champion in YOU