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Arpin Group 2009

  1. 1. Arpin Group, Inc. Worldwide Transportation Solutions℠
  2. 2. Who We Are • Founded in 1900, Arpin Group, Inc. is the holding company for Arpin Van Lines, Arpin International Group, Arpin Broadcast Network and Creative Storage Solutions. • Headquartered in Rhode Island, Arpin is a leader in the household goods moving industry with over 335 domestic U.S. agents and Strategic Service Centers located throughout the world. • With a reputation for providing excellent service and a unique focus on preserving the environment, Arpin Group is the only family-owned and operated moving company that has remained dominant and successful for more than a century.
  3. 3. Corporate Overview • Official Mover of the LPGA • Member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) • David Arpin, President & CEO of Arpin Van Lines, is also a member of the AMSA’s Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Treasurer • Marco Uriati, General Counsel & Sr. VP of Arpin Van Lines, is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the AMSA’s Legal Advisory Council • Member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) • FIDI/FAIM Certified (Rhode Island and United Kingdom offices) • Over 335 U.S. agents and one of the largest FIDI/FAIM certified supplier-partner networks in the moving industry • An average of 30,000 relocations annually • Proud sponsor of Save The Children We go beyond moving...
  4. 4. Our People Our most important and valuable resource is our people. At Arpin, we believe the diversity of our staff is one of the key factors that allows us to successfully face the challenges of today and tomorrow. From Germany to Mexico, from Kenya to the United States, we combine the best group of people in the industry with one goal in mind - Superb Customer Service. We also believe that to understand your transferees needs, we need to look beyond the physical move to the emotional aspect. Many members of the Arpin team have lived and worked abroad and are able to empathize with your transferees and their families. We recognize that they could be facing many cultural differences, and our Customer Care Representatives are trained to anticipate their needs to achieve a flawless relocation. And yes, we do regular background checks for your peace of mind and ours.
  5. 5. Customer Care Our Customer Care Representatives continually measure our customer’s satisfaction and service provider’s performance throughout each relocation. In addition, we evaluate the responses received in our Customer Satisfaction surveys, which are conducted by an independent third party, to tailor our continuous improvement program. We also have in place a procedure that allows us to conduct a supplier performance benchmark to ensure our service providers are in compliance with our quality standards and management program.
  6. 6. 10-Step Counseling Points 1) We contact the client within 24 hours of move initiation. 2) We conduct a detailed needs analysis. 3) The Customer Care Representative (CCR) explains the moving process, answers all questions and provides the client with moving literature. 4) In-home, pre-move survey is scheduled, move dates and timeframes are established (pending work permit confirmation, if applicable). 5) If necessary, 3rd party services are arranged and coordinated by the assigned CCR. 6) Client and account are kept updated throughout the moving process. 7) CCR provides full door-to-door service including customs formalities for international moves. 8) CCR coordinates final delivery, unpacking and debris removal at destination. 9) CCR follows up with client. Any post move questions are answered by the CCR. 10) Client provides feedback and measures our services via an online survey.
  7. 7. Excellence Our Arpin ACES (Agents Committed to Excellent Service) program is a tool that we have developed which enables us to formally measure our agents’ performance on an on-going basis. ACES ensures that we partner with the highest quality movers and guarantees our clients receive the same level of service excellence throughout the world. Our Customer Experience Reports (CER) are sent on a quarterly basis to our service partners which helps us monitor and maintain the highest service level possible.
  8. 8. Growth • For the past six years, we have experienced tremendous growth $195,000 with an average annual increase of approximately 8% in revenue. In 2008, Arpin generated over $190M $146,250 in revenue and relocated over 30,000 families. $97,500 • Our dedication and constant desire to provide the best quality service in the industry brought us here, and $48,750 we continue to grow. $00 Approximate Revenue (,000)
  9. 9. Technology where would we be without technology...
  10. 10. Innovate We are proud to have one of the most advanced web-based IT networks in the moving industry. When you partner with Arpin, you can rest assured that you will not only receive the best moving services, but you will have access to a state-of-the-art IT system rarely seen in the moving industry. Imagine, a company that allows you to create web-based videos customized to your needs; from initiation processes to training tools; an assignment briefing to a welcome video. Go ahead, let your imagination fly and join the ever expanding, constantly changing world of Arpin.
  11. 11. Technology Solutions • Arpin’s numerous websites are some of the most user-friendly and advanced in the moving industry, allowing our agents and customers to depend less on corporate resources and minimize paper handling. • Place service orders via our secured client- access portal • View and track shipment status • View detailed Customer Care records • Display Accounts Receivable information • View claims history
  12. 12. Technology Solutions • Arpin AIRE™ is a unique and accurate online rate estimator that allows you to quote international air and ocean shipments in real-time. An excellent tool for cost projections, AIRE provides the user with secure access to the system via any internet portable devise; rates are updated daily at +0500 GMT. • Cognos™ ReportNet is an enhanced information management and reporting system that allows you to customize your reports based on your company’s needs and requirements. With Cognos, you'll get faster results, improving your decision- making time line in a zero-environmental footprint system.
  13. 13. Arpin TV The Arpin Group welcomes you to Arpin TV, the first web-based television network dedicated to the moving & storage industry. Arpin TV provides you with dynamic images and multimedia support to give you a powerful e- learning toolset to help facilitate the moving process. merging the moving industry Whether you are a small family, multi-national with technology.. corporation or relocation professional, Arpin TV’s interactive network will empower you with valuable industry information and resources that you can use immediately.
  14. 14. Arpin Van Lines, Inc.
  15. 15. Overview • Arpin Van Lines’ business practices continue to provide our customers with the best possible moving services at competitive C.O.D. prices. 28% CORPORATE • Arpin Van Lines’ sustainable business 40% success will be achieved by recognizing and supporting the interdependence among our MILITARY/GS A customers, our team members, and the 32% business and regulatory bodies we deal with, and being socially responsible to the community and environment. Domestic Mix
  16. 16. Service Offerings • Domestic and cross-border moving services • Containerized and palletized storage solutions • Executive relocation • Expert packing • Custom crating • Auto, boat, motorcycle and RV transportation • Specialized transportation services
  17. 17. Elite Fleet of Drivers Arpin's Elite Fleet consists of tractor-trailer units with two-persons teams who must meet the following qualifications: • Excellent driving, customer care, claims and safety records. • Both individuals must be qualified packers. • Units must be less than 5 years old. • Committed to corporate dispatch year- round for exclusive assignments to service Arpin’s corporate clients. • Background checks are compulsory for anyone handling an Arpin Van Lines’ shipment including all drivers and crew members. Process managed by GIS.
  18. 18. U.S. GSA CSI Rating Arpin Van Lines received the highest Customer Satisfaction Index score of 99.65 out of the nations 8 largest van lines scored by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The CHAMP program provides federal civilian agencies a framework for efficiently and economically transporting the household goods of their employees relocating in the interest of the government both domestically and internationally. Arpin 99.65 Graebel 99.14 North American 98.97 Atlas 98.42 Mayflower 95.92 United 94.42 Allied 93.61 Stevens 93.25 00 20 40 60 80 100
  19. 19. Arpin International Group ℠
  20. 20. Overview • Our success lies in our ability to develop and maintain the global staff, networks AFRICA and resources required to handle the 3% complex challenges associated with moving household goods across AMERICAS EMEA international borders. 26% 44% • Our Strategic Service Centers are located in key locations throughout the APAC world to meet the ever-expanding 27% worldwide needs of our clients. Moreover, you have the peace of mind of knowing that our FIDI/FAIM network of global movers will afford your transferee 2007 major traffic lanes first-rate service allowing them to focus on their assignment, and not the actual move.
  22. 22. International Associations • Pan-American International Movers Association (PAIMA) • Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association (LACMA) • Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC) • International Air Transport Association (IATA) • Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI) • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  23. 23. Value-Added Services Lift Van Mode • Perfect service for shipments under 5,000 lbs. • Exact day of packing can be arranged in advanced • Reduces potential of loss or damage • No re-handling of items if storage is needed • No S.I.T. Charges (if delivered within 30-days) • Quicker transit time compared to traditional Van Line shipments • No shipment consolidation • No driver shortage in peak season
  24. 24. Value-Added Services Loose Load Mode • Exclusive use of 53’ air-ride truck • No centralized warehouse for consolidation • Direct service • Shorter transit time • No spread dates • Full international pack/wrap • Reduced potential for loss or damage • Competitive pricing • Service not affected during peak season • Decreased per diem cost for transferees
  25. 25. ☟ as easy as... find your storage 1, 2, 3. Creative Storage Solutions
  26. 26. Overview CSS was established in 2007 and designed to manage global storage data for corporate clients and third-party relocation companies. This service is new to the market and will completely revolutionize worldwide storage handling. Imagine, having the ability to control, budget and enforce policies from anywhere in the world!
  27. 27. How it works Overview • CSS takes the client’s data in any format (paper, excel, electronic) and: • Audits, cleanses and completes data • Imports data into the CSS database • CSS compiles the data and: • Audits supplier rates and practices • Provides information back to the client in the form of a web database • Manages the invoice process • Checks invoices • Receives, records and pays invoices • Supplies expense data to the client in the form of web-based queries • CSS also: • Audits physical warehouses • Manages the storage release process • Administers authorized length of stays • Reports on projected expenses and cost savings
  28. 28. Client Benefits Overview • Allows each client to access storage financial data and activity for any global location, business unit or departmental component from anywhere web access is available • Improves budgeting of international projects that require the movement of personnel • Offers easy access to strategic data pertaining to global spend on storage services, policy adherence, performance quality of suppliers and auditing services • Saves on administrative costs • Reduces number of storage locations in each city and drives efficiency and consistency of rates, decreases administrative processes and overhead costs • Establishes fair-market pricing to drive cost control thereby improving buying power, measurement standards and budgeting accuracy • Institutes simple, effective agreements with all suppliers resulting in enhanced service levels and reduced costs through liability share
  29. 29. WEICHERT MOVE NETWORK – 2009 - 2007 AWARD CEREMONIES HONORED ARPIN VAN LINES •“Balanced Scorecard Supplier Network Champion” received in October 2008 •“Carrier of the Year” award – 2008, 2007 •Winner of “Raving Fan” award (Weichert’s Quality Program) – 2008, 2007 Awards •“Move Coordinator of the Year” award presented to an Arpin employee – 2008, 2007 •Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction by Weichert’s clients – 2007 U.S. GSA - “BEST IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” 2009 – 2005 •For the fourth year in a row, Arpin Van Lines received the highest Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score out of the nation’s eight top van lines as determined by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). For the period 11.01.08 - 10.31.09, Arpin received a CSI score of 99.65 BP - GLOBAL SERVICE AWARD CEREMONY 2007 •“Vendor of the Year” award was presented to Arpin International Group •“Outstanding Service by an Individual” award presented to an Arpin International Group employee PARAGON GLOBAL RESOURCES 2007 •“Certificate of Excellence” award was presented to Arpin Group for providing Paragon and its clients with superior service, visionary leadership and customer- driven excellence CARTUS - 2008 – 2006 AWARDS CEREMONIES •“Voice of the Customer” award was presented in 2008 to Arpin International Group on behalf of Cartus’ client General Electric, that selected Arpin as one of its top 3 suppliers •“Voice of the Customer” award was presented in 2008 to Arpin International Group on behalf of Cartus’ client Raytheon, that selected Arpin as one of its top 3 suppliers •Arpin Group and its employees were recognized in 2007 with the “Delivering More” award for providing Cartus and its clients with outstanding customer service •The “Committed to Excellence” Silver award was presented to Arpin Van Lines in 2008 and in 2006 •The “Supplier Innovation” Silver award was presented in 2008 to Arpin Van Lines for providing innovative moving solutions
  30. 30. Corporate & Social Responsibility Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.
  31. 31. (1) Completely retrofitted Arpin International Group’s Boston, MA location using green building materials and relocated its Garden Grove, CA office to a new, sustainable building. In addition, Arpin has plans to continue these initiatives in all remaining properties. (2) All Arpin Group companies use only recycled paper for printing and buy and distribute only earth-friendly promotional products. (3) By investing over $2M in IT upgrades, Arpin Group has virtually eliminated the need for internal and external printing with our customers and vendors. We are on our way to becoming a paperless company. (4) The company has implemented a “Green Loan” program for Arpin employees, making it possible for them to borrow money for energy-saving home improvements and hybrid automobile purchases. (5) All Arpin Group locations recycle cans and glass. (6) We are working to sign a national and international agreement with a plastics recycling company to take in and reuse all of our shrink wrap and bubble wrap. In fact, Arpin Group’s corporate headquarters has already accomplished a zero waste output from any move we service. Every element (cardboard, paper, etc.) is recycled and does not end up in a landfill. And, the company only purchases those aforementioned materials from companies that support sustainable forestry. Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.
  32. 32. 7. Arpin has formed an R&D unit to create innovative solutions to further reduce its carbon footprint by building global partnerships with experts in education, non-profits and government agencies. 8. Currently, we are working with a roofing company to retrofit our fleet of trailers with solar collection material. The solar energy generated will feed a unit’s batteries and eliminate all idling (an incredible reduction in emissions). Arpin Group is joining the EPA’s Smart Move program as both a carrier (Arpin Van Lines) 9. and logistics company (Arpin International Group) to manage our company owned and outside fleets to reduce and/or eliminate emissions by switching to hydrogen fuel cells. 10. Arpin Group is currently searching for a LEED certified building to house its domestic and international R.I. locations. 11. Arpin has partnered with Terra Pass to purchase carbon offsets. In 2008, Arpin purchased enough offsets to completely eliminate the carbon imprint of all of its offices worldwide including employee travel and commuting. 12. In 2008, Arpin Group hosted four business to business e-waste recycling collections. The collections netted 55,640 lbs. of e-waste which would have otherwise been sent to the Central Landfill. Working in partnership with Office Recycling Solutions, collected items were reused or disposed of properly. Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.
  33. 33. Benefits of Partnering with Arpin Group, Inc. • • A global, quality-driven agency network Committed to continuous improvement • • Over 100 years of industry experience Customer-friendly technology • • Award-winning quality program Superior moving & storage resources • • Trained and certified Customer Care Outstanding people resources Representatives • Solution for expedited shipments • Single point of contact & accountability • Internationally accredited mover • Executive-level involvement • Environmentally-friendly company • Elite driver fleet & certified packers • Cost-effective pricing solutions It doesn’t matter who you talk to, you will always get the same treatment.