Overview of Geomajas plug-ins and faces


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Overview of the plug-ins and faces which exist for the Geomajas spatial application framework.

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Overview of Geomajas plug-ins and faces

  1. 1. Geomajas faces and plug-ins Geomajas Certified Developer Training1
  2. 2. Plug-ins and faces Geomajas Spatial Application Server Geomajas application Geomajas Spatial Application Framework back-end faces plug-ins Geomajas projects Geometry API Geometry Geometry SLD2
  3. 3. Geomajas Plug-ins Faces: Widgets GWT Advanced views PureGWT Feature Info REST PureGWT core Search and Filter Caching Utility Editing Layers Geocoder GeoTools JavaScript API Google Printing Hibernate Profiling KML Rasterizing OpenStreetMap Reporting TMS Staticsecurity WMS3
  4. 4. GWT face GWT based front-end for Geomajas uses SmartGWT widget library4
  5. 5. PureGWT face Light-weight face No widget library dependences Ideal for mobile devices5
  6. 6. REST faceAccesss the Geomajas system using REST and GeoJSON6
  7. 7. Caching plug-inImprove the speed of Geomajas by caching resulCached data is invalidated when neededPlugable cache storeInfinispan7
  8. 8. Editing plug-in Extension for more powerful editing Easy to use GWT and PureGWT face8
  9. 9. Geocoder plug-in Convert a location description to map coordinates Point or bbox Pluggable providers Yahoo! PlaceFinder Geonames X/Y Offline custom9
  10. 10. JavaScript API Access to Geomajas from within JavaScript Common API for GWT and (planned) PureGWT10
  11. 11. Printing plug-in Printing support by converting the map to PDF11
  12. 12. Profiling plug-in about number of invocations and duration of your G layer infogh JMX (e.g. Jconsole)mance impactuptor 12
  13. 13. Rasterizing plug-inlayers using SLD based styles on the server and se 13
  14. 14. Reporting plug-in Reports with feature information and maps JasperReports, iReports14
  15. 15. Static Security dds XML based security through the Spring configur sers can be dynamic DAPDatabase / custom 15
  16. 16. Advanced Map ViewsProvides theming based layer-tree widgets for the GWT faTheme/layer selection map add-ons 16
  17. 17. Feature Info Toolsgets for the GWT face that provide more details on feature ature info on mouse overture info on click 17
  18. 18. Pure GWT core widgets Additional widgets for the PureGWT face LegendDropDownGadget LayerLegendPanel ResizableMapLayout18
  19. 19. Search & Filter Provides widgets for advanced search and filter Attributes and geometries Buffer geometries Favourites Customizable19
  20. 20. GWT Utility Widgets Collection of utility widgets for GWT Ribbon Wizard CardLayout ...20
  21. 21. Geotools layerdefinition for common vector formats (WFS, DB, Ar 21
  22. 22. Google Maps layerovides a layer definition that connects to the Google 22
  23. 23. Hibernate layerLayer which accesses database thrugh Hibernate SpSupports one-to-many and many-to-one relations 23
  24. 24. Google KML layerKML overlay on the Geomajas mapExternalhttps://github.com/mcenirm/geomajas-plugin-kml 24
  25. 25. Open Street Map layer (OSM)s a layer definition that connects to the OpenStreetMts many renderingsycleMapHomeectiony 25
  26. 26. Tile Map Server layer Tile Map Server layer Just pass the URL to the capabilities document26
  27. 27. Web Map Server layer (WMS)rovides a layer definition that connects to a WMS se 27
  28. 28. Independent projects Geomajas Spatial Application Server Geomajas application Geomajas Spatial Application Framework back-end faces plug-ins Geomajas projects Geometry API Geometry Geometry SLD28
  29. 29. API project table annotations to indicate the API pi( allMethods = false )plicable tossesthods dsed In Geomajas to statically compare API between v 29
  30. 30. Geometry project GWT compatible Geometry DTO objects Geometry DTO objects GWT serializable Only getters and setters Geometry services GWT compilable Geometry conversion To/from JTS30
  31. 31. Profiling project Support library for run-time profiling Register and combine profiling info Allow JMX access to the combined data Uses the LMAX disruptor31
  32. 32. SLD project GWT compatible SLD DTO objects Service to convert to and from SLD 1.0 XML32
  33. 33. SLD editor project Application to edit SLD files Intended for reuse in other applications33
  34. 34. www.geosparc.comwww.geomajas.orgJoachim Van der AuweraContact me :Blog: http://blog.progs.be/Twitter : @joachimvda
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